Jen V.01's Top Ten Wrestlers
July 6, 2004 by Jen V.01

Hey Everyone. My name is Jen and I have a couple topics to get out. So why don't we just get started. I've decided for my first column I want to do something of a top ten. So I decided to do the top ten guys from Smackdown and the top ten from Raw who are the future of the WWE. So lets get started.


10:Maven:Yes I know what you’re thinking. Why would I, in my right mind, put Maven on this list. Here’s why. Maven is one of the most humble and dedicated rookies that have come along in awhile. He may have won his contract and not worked his way into the WWE but for him to still be here, he has to have some talent and I think given the right amount of time and some more moves, he could be at least a good IC Champion.

9:The Hurricane: Simple fact is that Hurricane has the skill and the talent to be a decent IC Champion. When the older guys start leaving the WWE, he will still be there and he’ll be in the prime of his career. He hasn’t suffered any major injuries and has proven that he can keep up in a match with guys like The Rock and Triple H. If he could just drop Rosey or at least use him in a tag team title match and get some gold around his waist he might just prove a lot of the WWE officials wrong.

8:Tyson Tomko: Given the right opportunity and a little more training, he could very well be one the top men in the WWE in 4-5 years. If he could just get outta this storyline with Trish and Christian and maybe put into a storyline with Evolution, I feel he could be shaped into the next Rock. He's a damn powerhouse and is just being used as show right now but when he gets out of the gate, I think he's going to show the WWE and it's fans just what he's made of.

7:Matt Hardy: The simple fact is, Matt Hardy is one of many that are the future of the WWE. He has talent. Matt has stepped up to the plate the past year since the departure of his brother Jeff Hardy. I feel Matt was in the shadow and still is in the shadow of Jeff but if they were to put the title around this man's waist eventually, I think he would prove himself to be one of the best. For a man to go this long with an injury and not take time off just shows how dedicated he is to the wrestling world and that’s just proves that he’s not afraid of doing what he loves.

6:Randy Orton: I have to give this man some credit. He has proven himself time and time again to be the future of the WWE. I believe he can be the next Triple H. He proved himself in the match against Foley that he could hold his own. If he’s this good as a heel just imagine how good he would be if he had the fans behind him. He has to be doing something right for the WWE to have put that title around his waist for this long. He is one hellva athlete and is going to get better with age.

5:Shelton Benjamin: We have yet to see this man with a title around his waist, other then the tag team title, but even as a Tag Champion he held his own. Just like Orton, he has proven himself as a good singles competitor. Shelton is an amazing athlete and he has worked his ass of as a Tag Team Specialist. Given the right push and the right amount of time as a champion, he may just shock us all.

4:Christian: He has been around awhile but when he was IC Champion and given amazing fueds with people, he was one of the best. After 6 years of never being sidelined with an injury he hurt his back but I think that’s going to make him even better then ever. With this 2-3 month rest, he’s going to be in the prime of his career. He’s an amazing heel and just like wine, it’s going to get that much better with time.

3:Batista:This is man is simply amazing in the ring. I feel that given the right amount of time and the right gimmick, Batista would make an amazing champion with the ability to hold his own against pretty much anyone who comes his way. He could be one of the best. His sit down powerbomb is getting better every week and it's just a matter of time before he innovates more moves into his arsenal and becomes bigger and badder then ever.

2:Y2J Chris Jericho: Yes, Jericho has been around a long time but this man is in his prime and will be around a lot longer then you think. Being the very first undisputed Champion, he has proven time and time again he deserves it back around his waist. But something tells me as soon as guys like Triple H, Flair and the older wrestlers leave the WWE, Y2J will be there to bring the WWE back up to the top. With the Lion Tamer and The Walls of Jericho, there’s no holding him back when he gets going.

1:Edge: That’s right. I pick Edge to be the top man in the future of the WWE. In 2-3 years he’s going to be on the top the business looking down on all the men who don’t believe he can do it. He proved himself as a tag team champion and he’s proven himself as an amazing IC champion and its just a matter of time before he gets his hand on the prize. If only we could get HHH out of the main events, we could see Edge shine the way he can.


10:10:Billy Kidman: Kidman is a damn good athlete and deserves a little more credit then what he’s getting on Smackdown!. I think that if Kidman was put on the main Smackdown roster he would step up a notch and help make Smackdown a top show. Though I feel Kidman is the future of the WWE Smackdown Roster, honestly, if he doesn’t step up soon, I feel he may not be around to have a future in the WWE.

9:Spike Dudley: How many times does Spike have to prove that he can go up against heavyweights" Spike has been hurt time and time again but yet, comes back for more. Something tells me, this man is going to be around for a long, long time and is going to show the world that he deserves the title around his waist. Who knows. Maybe he could be the first 150lb WWE Champion.

8:Rico: Even though he is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, Rico has shown that he can improve and that he can step up and take care of business. He makes a great face and tag team champion. He is a great athlete even with his weird ways. He has proven that he can take on top guys like the Dudleys. I think we have yet to see the start of his title reigns in the WWE.

7:Shannon Moore: This kid is only 24 and has a lot of time in front of him. He has shown that, even as a squash match, he can tango with the biggest and baddest that the WWE has to offer. He’s amazing at this age and given time to improve and given time to show what he can do, he could just be on the top of the WWE in 5-6 years.

6:RVD:As we've all seen, RVD is one of the best in the WWE right now. Given the right amount of time and work, he could very well show the WWE that they have to give him the WWE Championship for the simple fact of him being good enough to have it. As many times as I’ve seen him wrestle, he seems to get better as the years pass. ECW was a great place for him yes, but soon, he’ll get his chance in WWE and perhaps we’re seeing a new RVD in the making.

5:Booker T: Booker is 5 time champion and numerous tag team champion. He hasn't been given the chance in WWE but when the time comes he will kick it up and show that he’s here to stay for a long time. He hasn’t been injured in a long time and it’s only a matter of time before Booker spinaroonies his ass all the way up the ladder. I’d give him 2 years before he gets there.

4:Rene Dupree: I have gotta give this kid some credit. He is a very talented wrestler. He has proven that he can be a great champion. He’s been in some good fueds and has proven that he can be one of the best on the Smackdown roster. It’s just a matter of time before he gets another title around his waist. Whether it’s a tag title or the world title, he can prove himself as a great champion.

3:Billy Gunn: Gunn has been in the WWE for years. He is like 8 time tag team champion and each time has proven that he deserves the title. I think Gunn is in a new prime of his career and could make a great US Champion. If only he could get away from Holly, he could make an amazing champion once again.

2:Charlie Haas: Haas was supposed to get a contract with his brother Russ, but after his brother died, Haas came into the game a new man. He has proven that he is a great tag team wrestler and a great singles competitor. Given the right title he could defiantly show the world what he is like and show the world that he has the balls to be on the top of the ladder.

1:Rey Mysterio Jr.: Rey has proven that he deserves to be more then a Cruiserweight Champion or just another Tag Team Champion. Seeing Rey as the US Champion or even better the WWE Champion would be something great. Rey is an amazing athlete and has jumped to the top of the ladder in the past few years and it’s time he got the chance to prove it.

That's all for this column. Check back in 3 weeks when I go for another top ten of the worst storylines in the past 4 years in the WWE. Sorry, I don’t have enough time for all the worst storylines.

by Jen V.01..



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