Why can't Jeff Hardy Fans Admit He SUCKS"
July 22, 2004 by Jen V.01

Well it's time for another random ranting from the one and only Jen.Now all these guys who post columns here have great points and I think I should follow up on theirs right now.

Why pay $10 for a damn PPV everyweek just to see it never change. I didn't even buy it for Jeff Hardy's return but I did end up seeing the match and damn it I laughed because Jeff got winded just walking down the ramp. I mean if they wanted him to come so bad maybe they should have let him get alittle ring rust off. No offense but Jeff had ALOT of ring rust. It's sad to see a wrestler as good as Jeff usta be,get in the ring and perform that poorly. Many might disagree with me but that's fine. Something about a man walking to the ring and getting tired just isn't something I want to pay $10 for. Jeff hasn't been in a ring for like a year. We see a 1 time deal with him and everyone jumps for joy just for seeing him. Yea thats cool. But come on to say he put on a good match is stupid. It was a poor match. He couldn't keep up with A.J. When he went for the Whisper in the Wind he was so tired he barely got off the top turnbuckle. I mean is this what wrestling has come too" You have to call in a guy who hasn't seen a ring in so long just to get buys" It's just like if the WWE brought back Bret Hart without letting him train and get in shape. No one wants to see Bret wrestle when he's not ready. Jeff is what we call in the wrestling world a spot rat. He has to pull off big spots in his matches to get cheered.

Look at ROH he got his ass booed out of the arena. All I have to say is, 'BOUT TIME!!!! The only reason Jeff has fans is because he's a spot rat. I have no respect for someone who can't do anything but 4-5 moves over and over again and they all have to be big high flying stuff. Jeff needs to learn to maybe tone it down a bit. Everyone wonders why he did drugs or whatever but truth be told his stupid ass took so many "amazing" spots and bumbs that he's body is gonna be that of a 60 yr old in like 10 yrs if he keeps doing this stupid crap.So he signed with TNA. Big flippin whoop. Only reason he ain't back in wwe is because they want him to drug test. Anyone who is willing to give up that business when everything was handed too him doesn't get my respect. He's nothing but a piece of trash in my eyes.

Yes, I realize I'm going to get alot of you sloppy Hardy fans out there emailing me bitching me out for him being such a great wrestler blah blah blah blah blah. Whatever dude. People who stick up for their favorite wrestler after a bad match by saying nah he did good he did great he was perfect. arent wrestling fans there a fan of the character or the person but not of the wrestling. If you can't admit when your favorite wrestler did poor, then you shouldn't be watching wrestling. Go back to watching Soap Operas because no matter what's said you'll stick up for them because you have a stick up your ass about how great and wonderful they are. I'll tell you think wrestlers rather have their fans tell them when they have a bad match or when they do good but not just cheer then because they hit a high spot every other move. Jeff Hardy, right now, is NOT a wrestler. He is more sloppy then he was when he was about to leave WWE. If you can't put all your heart and soul into this business then the get the hell out. You don't belong there. We all know he doesn't want to wrestle. That hes only going back because he needs the money. His band isn't going NO WHERE!!! In the past year what have they done" Not a damn thing. OOOO Jeff puts out some sorry ass songs just so his fans know that he didn't quit his job for nothing.

Everybody will be emailing me saying "what about the TLC matches"jeff was amazing" or "jeff was WWE" or my favorite "jeff is better than Matt". Well let me tell all you people something. Matt Hardy never walked out on his fans!!! Matt Hardy doesn't have to hit high spot after high spot to get the fans to cheer him. And Matt Hardy is actually a wrestler!!!!! He has more then 5 moves in his aresinal!!!! Anyone who just walks out on the fans doesn't deserve to be back in wrestling. I mean look at Jericho. He is deep into wrestling but look he has his own band and well how bout that they actually have an album or two out. He didn't turn his back on his fans. He stayed with it. Stuck it out. He didn't pussy out and walk away. Yes yes yes, I know Jeff Hardy was fired or whatever. Who cares" He's still not willing to do what he has to do for the fans. I'm tired of people defending him. You only defend him because you love him or whatever. I can straight tell you when Matt Hardy or Y2J or Hurricane have bad matches. Doesn't make me any less of a fan. God for bid any Jeff Hardy fan admit he's not good in the ring. That he did turn his back on his fans. None of you will. Everyone defends him saying hes one of the best. No he's not. The best didn't leave the business. The best didn't give up on a career that could have been the best. Maybe thats what gets me so pissed off. Jeff had it all. He was probably on his way to the top and just didn't give a damn anymore. So what was the point in all the hard work"All those crazy bumps" All those stupid risks" if he was just going to throw it all away" Yes yes yes, I know no point in emailing me bitching me out because I know what you'll say. Jeff didn't turn on us. Jeff didn't You don't know what you're talking about. Well you know something, sometimes wrestling fans are just plain stupid. Don't everyone take offense to it. Cuz not all fans are. If I get an email from you on this then it's going to look like you think of yourself as one of those stupid wrestling fans. So be it. A stupid wrestling fan to me is, 1:someone who watches for the guys;not the wrestling. 2:Someone who can't admit when their fav. does bad and 3:someone who can't get it through their head that it's NOT FAKE!!!!! Only the storylines are fake. IT DOES HURT TRUST ME I DO IT!!!!!!! I'm not about to fork out $10 a week just to watch Jeff do his Swanton Bomb or his Wisper in the wind or his jaw breaker or his double leg drop. oooo a whole 4 moves and thats all he does. I'm not gonna watch someone who gets tired after a 30 second walk to the ring. You die hard Jeff Hardy fans will because YOU HAVE TO WATCH JEFF OR ITS THE END OF LIFE ITSELF!!! But can any of you say you watch it for the wrestling" sit back and watch. Just like his last 4 months in WWE he's going to be the same in TNA. Sloppy and poor and hes not gonna be able to keep up. You wont admit it but that's alright because I think most of us already know Jeff Hardy Sucks!!!!

by Jen V.01..

Sean Stein wrote:
I totally agree with what was said. Jeff Hardy in my book is the currently most over rated wrestler in world today. It's like no matter were I go weither is a message board or Yahoo chat rooms. There always people prasing Jeff Hardy like he some kind of god and that he the greatest wrestler Alive. They also called him the great High Flier in the world. which again is the biggest Load of crap I have ever seen. I can name 10 High Fliers wrestling today who are better then him and always have been.

Jeff Hardy is nothing but a spotfest wrestler as you said. That all he does and knows. You never see him do a real wrestling move. You never see him in a classic wrestler master piece like Benoit and Angle did. Or Steamboat and Flair. Bring up the TLC match. Wow he took and did crazy spots. Good for him. Yes it was entertaining. But guess what" Take away that ladder and tell me what you get" Nothing. Jeff Hardy is not a great High Flier because he messes up so many moves. RVD, Mysterio, Styles, Lynn, and Hurricane. Bam right there 5 wrestlers who are better then Jeff at High Flying mainly why there better because they don't screw up there moves that much. RVD was sloppy in the early days in the WWE but has came around big time and became very good at hitting his moves.

Hardy I have yet too see pull of a basic move. Can he even do a Suplex" Can he do your basic arm drags or Headlock take downs. I know RVD can. He did in ECW. If any Hardy can think he worth spending 10.00 on is crazy. Hell, I don't know if he was worth the 10 min or whatever of my time on raw on his last 4 months. He was that bad. I can admit it. I can admit when any wrestler was having a bad match. even if it is may favorites.

Roddy Piper is my all time Favorite wrestler. I know that he last year run in the WWE was crap. Not because Piper's pit ro his promos. But he matches are horrible. Mainly because he wasn'tin shape at all too wrestle. Being that 00 I believe was his last match and a car accident that nearly killed him a year before he returned in the WWE. Yea you have a lot of rust. Piper wasn't ready. You can tell by look at him with his gut.

Hardy was rusty and putting him in a 5 sided ring that he never been in ever for his frist match. Didn't help things. How get out winded was BS for a person that paid too see it.

Well That my thought about Hardy. I agree with everything you said in the column.
Shreffj13 wrote:
Finally someone who fells the same way I do!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lita fans are the same way but Lita is trying to improve and loves the fans so much that she is trying to adapt a new style and she (hopefully) does not do drugs. Just so you know I'm not a pro-wrestler I don't want to be a pro wrestler so I try not to point mistakes out unless if they are so blatantly obvious like Jeff's. You are also very right about fans not willing to admit when their favorite wrestler blows a spot. I am a Victoria fan I always recognize a blown spot you see were all human so we all make mistakes and I don't want to talk about the dancing!!!!!!!!! Also Shannon Moore is in his band as well but I think that's more of hobby then a job I don't know because I don't know the man but with hardy the band is his job not a hobby and the band is going no were you see no one can pronounce the name!!!!!!!! By the way great article.
Jason Pritchett wrote:
i have to agree. I was a jeff hardy fan untill he left the WWE. And everything you said about him was so true. And if he ever came back to the WWE i think no one would care and he'd be gone again in 4 months.
XtremeFalls43 wrote:
My only problem with Jeff Hardy is not that he has ring rust is the fact that TNA would let someone who has a drug problem come back into the ring with out getting help first, All Hardy has do is go to rehab. He has refused to and now he is in the WCW of today. To me its Sad to see him go down like he has i mean think about what he could be but he went down the wrong path. I just hope he doesn't turn into Scott Hall a great talent but lets his Demand hurt him in the long run
Brendan Rhyno wrote:
Bravo! That mentioned every last point I wanted to here about how much Jeff Hardy SUCKS!!! I give it an A plus. Also everything you said about a stupid wrestling fan I totally agree with that, people should watch wrestling for the wrestling not only to see a crapy wrestler like Jeff Hardy or just for another wrestler.

Also you talked about Jeff being a spot rat and that also true. JEFF LEARN HOW TO WRESTLE!!! Now the next point I'm going to make will make alot of people angry at me. It involves "the Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Although to many he is considered the greatest wrestler of all time because of his accomplishments he is deffinently not. Sure he has a long list of accomplishments but that doesn't make him the greatest and here's why.

Ric Flair is just the most accomplished Spot Rat in wrestling history. Just like hardy he does 5 things in the rings 1. he gets hit and falls over in a funny fashion 2. he gets thrown off the turnbuckle 3. he begs for mercy and then does a thumb to the eye 4. he'll do his chops 5. and last he does the figure four leg lock. I used to like Ric Flair too until I read a collum on another site that showed what Bret Hart thought of Ric Flair, after reading it, it made me think I found out I DON'T LIKE RIC FLAIR!

I'm getting off topic here, once again Bravo! Hopefully instead of people posting email's about how Jeff Hardy Rules they'll post email's about how he sucks because it's the Truth. Simply Jeff Hardy YOU SUCK!!!
Bret619 wrote:
Great column I agree with you all the way. Jeff only does like five moves and goes for the swanton bomb which isn't really that exciting. With Matt he is an all around wrestler. If Matt had a better gimmick he would probably be going after the intercontinental title in a few months. Also tna is getting boring too. It is not as cool as it was back in 02. Back then they had star power wrestlers like Scott hall [even though he's lazy],x-pac,curt henning. Now all they have dumb wrestlers like jeff hardy[crack head],ken shamrock,jeff jarret,monty brown[who is getting a goldberg push} and a buch of talented wrestlers who have the worse mic skills. By the way Jeff jarret is giving him self title to much. I don't know about anyone else,but I advise all wrestling fans to watch tna once in a while. Another then that just watch wwe The world's best wrestling company ever this your boy [email protected]
Damian Blunt wrote:
Ok, as a Jeff Hardy fan I will admit that his form has not been that great as of late. To be perfectly honest I had no Idea that he got fired for doing drugs. The story that I was told is he was simply released for personal reasons. I knew he wanted to pursue music but once again I didn't realise he was in a rough spot. I have to admit when he hade his appearance on TNA I was excited beyond anything. Now for the bit that's going to hurt me as I am a BIG Jeff fan. You guys are right when i've watched most of Jeff's matches, I have to admit he only does a few moves and then the big Swanton...I mean in all of the wrestling video games that jeff has been included in he plays like a better wrestler than he does in real life. I remember way back when Jeff used to do standing moonsaults and exciting aerial moves. But now he just relies on the same moves...just like Ric Flair. But to be honest I don't blame him...the amount of bumps he's taken in the years he was in the wwf/e. In closure i have to say that Jeff doesn't exactly suck...but he isn't exactly as exciting as he use to be.
Adam Roberts wrote:
Ok, before i sart, i haven't seen jeff hardy in TNA yet, it hasn't been shown in the UK, we're about 6 months behind, this week we just saw the tournament between the mexican's and the x-division. jeff was great whenever i saw him in WWE, and for the record, he left temporarily to persue his musical career, and a few months later he was permanently fired for drugs. (as for people being against drugs in TNA""" Raven is a full on junkie, and admit's it in his shoot interview) Now, Jeff, although he wasn't all that good a wrestler, he was damn good at raising the bar as to what is an insanely dangerous stunt, and what isn't, and let me tell you, doing a swanton off a 20ft ladder through a table hurts, a lot, i've tried it, and i couldn't move for about 20 minutes, and for the next week i struggled to walk, so i fully respect him for handling that. Also, i know he doesn't do many moves, but the ones he does do, he does well, have you seen anyone swanston as perfectly as jeff"" Yes, I am a jeff hardy fan, but i'll admit when he does bad, like when he tried to walk across the 3 ladders in one of the TLC matches, good idea, badly done... So, in conclusion, jeff wasn't exact a good wrestler, he was just really good at hurting himself, and maybe he quit wrestling at the right time, before he got too stale, but as i say, i haven't seen his comeback...
Kryonix 987 wrote:
I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for someone to actually rise up and tell the TRUTH about Jeff Hardy.

Well, I'm glad that more and more people realize how over-rated and untalented Jeff Hardy really is. Ever since the Hardy Boys (which I hated) separated, I've been given a chance to see just how wrong I was about Matt Hardy being a bad wrestler...and just how right I was about Jeff Hardy being a horrible wrestler. When the Hardys were a team, it was almost impossible for many people to realize that Matt was more than just a prima-donna sissy boy...he was actually an excellent in-ring technician, who wrestled much better by himself than in a team and who always had to carry his useless brother by the hand. When Matt struck it out by himself, I finally saw how well he could actually wrestled and how the Hardy Boys team weighed him down and held him back. And nowadays, Matt is one of my last remaining favorite wrestlers in the cesspool that is WWE.

Jeff, on the other hand, was always one of the most over-pushed, deadweight wrestlers in the WWE. Even if I hated the Hardy Boys, I still managed to see how Matt was carrying Jeff by the hand throughout all their matches and how Jeff only did a very limited number of aerials, nothing more. Jeff never deserved the "success" he got. He only got it through shock value, not through talent. Jeff has about as much wrestling talent as a sack of potatoes. He CAN'T wrestle. He only has a very limited arsenal of flying attacks (Swanton Bomb, which is horrible, and Whisper in the Wind, which he got from La Parka), most of which he botches up anyway (he doesn't even manage to land with his back on the opponent during the Swanton Bomb, he lands on his damn shoulder). Other than those "high spots" if they can be called that way, he can't do ANYTHING other than that crappy move where he lands with his feet into the opponent's crotch (what an awe-inspiring move ! Worthy of Bret Hart !) and the Twist of Fate, which he stole from Matt. Jeff can't do ANY complex moves, has no technical skill and his entire offense is composed of cheap punches, the legdrop-to-crotch, a handful of SLOPPY high spots and the travesty known as the Swanton Bomb (Sean O'Haire did a better Swanton Bomb (Seanton Bomb) and he was well over 245 pounds). He is NOT a wrestler, he's a damn freakshow.

And people wonder why WWE almost went bankrupt so many times. Because they pushed worthless "wrestlers" like Jeff Hardy while treating REAL talented wrestlers like SHIT. Jeff Hardy has not been, nor will he ever be, a good Cruiserweight or a good High-Flyer. Want to know a bunch of GOOD Cruiserweights and GOOD High-Flyers " Here's a short list of good Cruiserweights and/or good high-flyers: -Ultimo Dragon -Juventud Guerrera -Psicosis -Jushin "Thunder" Lyger -Tiger Mask -Hayabusa -Super Delfin -Dean Malenko -Jerry Lynn -Essa Rios -Rey Mysterio Jr. -A.J. Styles -TAKA MICHINOKU (Yeah, ESPECIALLY Taka Michinoku !)

That's right, the same Taka Michinoku who the IDIOTS at WWE were JOBBING day in and day out to worthless wrestlers like Jeff Hardy instead of having him win Title after Title ! The same Essa Rios who they held an entire year on Saturday Morning Metal before sending back to Mexico ! The same Ultimo Dragon who McMahon virtually abandoned a week after his first match, who was kept on Velocity for almost a year and who now "has taken a leave of absence" and is back in Japan ! THESE guys deserve all the glory and respect ! They are true Cruserweights and true High-Flyers ! Not people like Jeff Hardy, who can't even spell "Quebrada", let alone use it correctly !

And what can be said about Jeff Hardy's fan base when it's 90% composed of retarded teenage fangirls who scream like hysterics whenever their "dreamboy" comes out with that terrifying, glow-in-the-dark face paint on " You know, nothing says "sexy" like facepaint that makes you look like a zombie ! Sorry, Vampiro !

And TNA does not need Jeff Hardy. They've got so much better with the likes of A.J. Styles and the Amazing Red. Keep Jeff Hardy out of wrestling and on his schedueled World Tour with his band Pheroxygen or how in God's name it's written.

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