First Ever Matches in WWE
August 17, 2004 by Jen V.01

Is it me or does the WWE have to always have a new "1st Ever" match" I mean they've been pulling "1st Ever" matches outta their asses for the past year. I thought first ever was supposed to be a special thing.The problem is if you look real hard at some of these matches, they aren't the first ever match you think. They are just another match with a new name. Another match that put someone else on the map.

Now, WWE has to have a First Ever match every other week. This new First ever isn't even really a first ever. I mean it is because the rules are slightly changed but if you think about it, it's just like a love her or leave her match. You know, the match that Brain Pillman and Goldust had for Terri. Til Death Do Us Part match is pretty much the same. I mean can't they come up with something better for this storyline. Something that the fans might want to watch"

First Ever matches use to be something great. Guys who participated in alot of the first ever matches deserved the fame they got from them. But now a days with the new matches, yes it's going to be in the history books as a first ever match but is it really going to be one of those matches everyone will remember as one of the greats" I highly doubt it. This first ever til death do us part match will not be remembered 3 years down the road. It wont be as big as the TLC matches or the Ladder matches or the Elimination Chamber matches and I think that's what pisses me off the most. It should be something that no one will forget but sad thing is in about a year no one will ever remember it happened. It's sad to see two great wrestlers be in a match with such, what's the word" In a match that is going to be such a disgrace to their careers. This match wont put them on the map even more. This match wont be historic. It's just gonna be another singles match with another stupid stipulation.

How can anyone say that this is going to be a historic match" Is that all WWE is about now" Is making matches just to get them in the history books" No matter what they say this match isn't going to be great. It's going to be good because of the guys in the match make it good but it wont be something that is set in peoples minds. How many time have we heard the WWE say come back for the "First Ever This" and the "First Ever That" match. You just get tired of hearing it. Because it means NOTHING anymore. Just because it's the first ever match WWE thinks its going to pull in some ratings but the sad thing is it wont. The same WWE fans tune in week after week because they're fans. Not because they think the match is going to be great. The sad thing is no matter how great the two guys in the ring are, if you have a stupid stipulation such as the one at Summerslam, you'll never get ratings.

I'll never understand why the WWE wont listen to their fans. So many fans would rather see Matt Hardy vs. Kane in Hell in a Cell, or Matt Hardy vs. Kane in a ladder match for Lita, or something alittle more interesting then what they got. I understand Matt is injured and that this is his last match for 6-7 months but he could go out with a bangin match like Christian did. But that's a different story. The point is this match isn't going to be anything more then just a "First Ever" in the history books. I hate to say it because both men in the match are great and could and probably will have another great match.

Speaking of first ever matches, here's another one. The stupid Dodgeball match. Is this really going to be anything more then just tits and ass for the men" Sable was right when she talked about sexism in the wrestling world. That's going to be my next article. Everyone has been talking about women in the wwe and wrestling world. But none of them are in the wrestling world themselves and have no idea how hard it actually is. So since I've been there and am there I'm going to give EVERYONE a bit of an insight on what it's actually like to be a woman in the wrestling world. until next time.

by Jen V.01..

Jason Pritchett wrote:
OK, how should i put this. The reason they say 'the first time ever' is to get more ratings. And sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Like when they intoduced the Elimination Chamber match, it was the first time ever. (even though its pretty much the same thing as a Hell in a Cell match, expect theres "bullet proof class" that 4 men stay in until they get unlocked). And yeah, the Til death do us part match, may not really be the first. But you saying that no one cares about it and no one wil remember it in a year, thats were i disagree. I know i will, sure i won't rememeber it the way i remember the milk truck thing with Angle. And i know alot of people that ACTUALLY like the Kane/Lita/Hardy storyline, its like matt said, when their angle is on the ratings for that hour are up. But i do ague with the diva dodgeball thing. It was stupid. And well thats all i got to say about that.



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