I Hate Motorcycles
September 1, 2005 by Jeremy C.

August 19th was a sad day in the world of wrestling. Christopher "Cash" Bauman, and his cousin were killed in a motorcycle accident. Such a great wrestlers life, taken from the world before he had a chance to really shine.

Before I move along with this column, I'm going to ask one thing of the readers. Please, don't leave any comments bashing CZW. Feedback is fine, but I'd prefer to leave opinions about the company he worked for out of this.

I remember the first time I stepped foot in Viking hall. It was a wickedly cold February night. The fifth anniversary show had a black cloud hanging over it from the get go. I remember very few things about the show, mainly because I was drinking. But what I do remember is hearing "Down With The Sickness" and thinking "Who the hell is this guy". I was soon treated to a wonderful match. I learned the name Chris Cash really quickly.

I was privileged to speak with Cash for two or three minutes for one time. He was very respectful and had a warm smile to greet my friends and myself with. I didn't know him as a person, but I could tell just by that brief interaction with him, that he was one hell of a person. I was privileged to see some of his finest matches. I would like to think that he cared about all of his fans a great deal. And I'm sure he knew that all of us cared a great deal about him. I was never disappointed when I heard his music come on.

Cage of Death six was a great show, top to bottom. People could argue for days about what the best match was, but most end up agreeing Team Cash versus the BLKOUT was a great match. The Cashflow off the cage was something I will never forget. I look back at all the memories of Chris Cash I have, and I can't help but smile through the tears and sorrow. He left a great legacy in CZW, and I hope he had an impact on the wrestling world. Chris was a great wrestler, but most of all, from everything I hear and what little I know... he was a great person. And now more than ever, I hear three words. Those words are probably music to his ears in the heavens above. CHRIS F**KING CASH!

Now that he's gone, CZW will never be the same. I can barely sleep or eat. I constantly find myself fighting back tears. There isn't an hour that goes by that I don't think about Cash. I don't know why I am taking his death so hard. I barely flinched when Owen Hart died. I was barely phased when I heard Road Warrior Hawk died. But Chris Cash hit home big time. It hit to the bone. His future was so bright, and it was taken away. God I hate motorcycles.

by Jeremy C...

Will O'c wrote:
i just wanna say R.I.P Chri$ Ca$h.
Ditto Robertson wrote:
I'm so sorry Chri$ Ca$h's death hit a soft spot for you. You sound like you're taking it pretty hard. Personally, I never saw Chri$ Ca$h, but of what I've heard of him, he was pretty talented. Whether or not I've actually witnessed what sounded like an amazing wrestler, I miss Chri$ Ca$h as well. It's always such a shame to hear of a wrestlers death, especially one who was so young and had so much potential. But, above all, Chri$ loved his fans, and I'm sure he doesn't want to see an awesome fan of his like you be as sad as you sound now. Their's always time for mourning, but their's also time to move on and be able to think of Chri$ and smile. I'm sure it's what Chri$ wants.







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