WWE In Trouble.. Yikes!
January 31, 2005 by Jesse S.

Ok, this is my first time writing an article and I gotta say, it's tough to come up with something. However, I figured I'll give my opinions on how to help WWE. That's what everyone else has been doing with their own "so and so vs. this guy" right" Well, this is what WWE should do. Humor me and read, then please send comments if you wish.

First off, I've written out the current roster for Raw and Smackdown. This will help me to my main goal of the article, here they are...

Batista, Candice, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Edge, The Coach, Snitsky, Christian, Christy, Chris Nowinski, Eric Bischoff, Eugene, Garrison Cade, JR, Jerry Lawler, Hassan, Ivory, Kane, Daivari, Lilian Garciea, Lita, Maven, Simon, Randy Orton, Rosey, Hurricane, Matt Hardy, Maria, Mark Henry, Mick Foley, Molly Holly, Rhyno, Flair, Conway, HBK, Benjamin, Stacey Keibler, Stevie Richards, Rock, Tyson Tomko, Tajiri, Grenier, Todd Grisham, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Val Venis, William Regal, Victoria

Amy Weber, Akio, Big Show, Al Snow, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Booker T, Hardcore Holly, Billy Kidman, Bill Demott, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Daniel Puder, Danny Basham, Dawn Marie, Doug Basham, Funaki, Heidenreich, Josh Mathews, Luther Reigns, JBL, Miss Jackie, Rene Dupree, Paul London, Orlando Jordan, Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty, Michelle McCool, Mark Jindrak, Micheal Cole, Kenzo Suzuki, Joy, Kurt Angle, Shannon Moore, Torrie Wilson, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Tazz, Teddy Long, Spike Dudley, Undertaker

First thing we need to do is to get rid of some of these people on the list. Yes, I understand they have families and they're loyal emplyees of WWE, but keep in mind, if yo're paying $3 million a year for a wrestler, you're not gonna have much for the Creative team to come up with interesting ideas like they have in the past (anyone remember the rain of blood on Austin")

From Raw, I'd release Mark Henry, Maria, Val Venis, Candice, Nowinski, and Daivari. Reasons" Mark Henry may be the "World's Strognest Man" but how did that help bring in any ratings" Last time I saw Henry, there was really no purpose of him being there except to fill in time. For Maria, we only need one ring announcer per show and my vote goes to Lilian. Besides, I thought that in contests, only the WINNERS get the prize, same goes for Candice. The only interestign thing about bringing her in was for a feud with Christy. Now that they're done, she's done. Val Venis has been a loyal employer for quite a while, but lets face it, there were only two interesting angles he had. The "me choppy choppy your pee pee" and the Right to Censor role. Other than that, he's been reduced to nothing more than a space-waster. Daivari may be a tag partner for Hassan and a manager or translator, but he has no purpose on Raw except to speak gibberish on the mic. Hassan seems to be able to get the crowd hatng him without Daivari's help, so he should continue doing so and leave Daivari behind. As for Chris Nowinski, last I heard, he works backstage. He should stop wrestling part time, if any time, and start earning a different paycheck. He hasn't done anything interesting except for the short angle with Maven and the longer angle with Tommy Dreamer. With these cuts, it wouldn't do much damage to Raw's tv time and actually may help it.

From Smackdown, here are my choices. Bill Demott, Joy, Michelle McCool, and Orlando Jordan. Reasons" Bill Demott hasn't done anythign except train, that's what he should do, open up a school somewhere else. He doesn't get much, if any, TV time so there won't be any damage done. Joy adds eye candy, but she doesn't really do a damn thing. Ok, so she's with Big Show, big deal. She doesn't wrestle and if she does, I'm sure it isn't worth much, she's a waste. Michelle McCool" A personal trainer" Shwoing RVD how to stretch" RVD is most likely the most flexible male on Smackdown! He took gymnastics, he took kickboxing, he knows this stuff. McCool is, again, a giant waste. She lost in the Diva search and WWE decided to fire a few people so they could pay for her. She really shouldn't be deserving of a spot on Smackdown. Orlando jordan" Yes, I like him, I think he has potential. Thing is, he's a waste. He's a jobber who loses to wrestlers who don't want to lose. Whatever happened to the times where two top wrestlers had to face each other and one had to win while the other had to lose" JBL vs. Big Show on Smackdown, not Big Show vs. Jordan, it's a waste of time and space.

I know what some of you are thinking. "Jesse, these guys work in dark matches and on shows like Velocity and Heat." Well, WWE should cancel Velocity and Heat to begin with. Four wrestling shows a week of one company, that's too much. It's different if it were just a review of the past week like Superstars. As for dark matches, they can have wrestlers who arn't going to be on the show wrestle in dark matches. For example, say Rosey was going to wrestle Simon Dean on Raw, but usually when there's Rosey, there's Hurricane. Well, Hurricane can wrestle Stevie Richards in a dark match before the show. So they show get rid of Velocity and Heat and still keep Raw and Smackdown.

As for the brand extension, I love it! I mean, think about it, WWE has no real rival. TNA is no real threat, because their TV time during the day really hurts them. Unless TNA gets itself a better time then WWE has nothing to worry about. What I do think, however, is they should come up with two different teams of Creative. One team is Raw and the other is Smackdown. This way, one team doesn't have to fry their brains by thinking up ideas for both shows.

It also helps if the restrictions the shows get are pulled away. Stop being political and start being controversial. Who remembers the time Pillman pulled out a gun on Austin" That was freaky at the time, yet hilarious now that I look back. We need to stop crying over these different political views and start being RAW. As far as moves go, let the Creative think of how the finish is supposed to go and let the wrestlers decide what they want to do in their matches. I'd much rather see Ric Flair and Shawn Micheals improvise an Iron Man Match rather than watching Kane and Snitsky go through a "chain match" with written out descriptions on paper. Let the wrestlers decide how to go through the match and let the Creative decide the finish. Same goes for the promos. Thank you for your time.

by Jesse S...

Brad Dykens wrote:
I'm aware that this column violated about half of the 10 Commandments for Columnists but I posted it anyway. So I don't wanna be hear any bitching from people whose columns I rejected in the past! I was just feeling generous today.
Josh D wrote:
First of all I agree that the creative team may lose money from paying extra wrestlers, but some of the people you listed and the reasons are way off.

Raw, first of all who is Candice when has she been around. Most of the Diva's went to Smackdown. 2. Maria isn't a ring announcer, that is Lillian and Howard Finkel at times. Maria covers backstage interviews, they moved the coach to a more visual role as Bischoff's assistant.

Smackdown, Bill Demott does training, the wrestlers need the training he has the experience, but he is also a colour commentator. Therefore fills a role.
Zach Adams wrote:
I fully agree, except for releasing Orlando Jordan. If you're going to make the argument that main eventers are going to face midcarders, then why not complain about Matt Hardy" The Hurricane" Rey Mysterio"
BrakY2J wrote:
Okay, it's pretty obvious you have no clue what's happened on Raw. Mark Henry's been injured, that's why he hasn't been on TV; not that I disagree with you saying he should be fired. Like Josh D wrote, Maria is a backstage interviewer, not a ring announcer. Candice never feuded with Christy, that was Carmella. Candice was brought on as Raw's new "Make Up Person." Really, WWE only signed them was to appeal to young males. Daivari, while he may be pointless on Raw right now, is doing dark matches to get better to someday wrestle on Raw. After that, WWE's going to try to push Hassan & Daivari as a tag team, rather than a wrestler and his manager. Also, have you noticed the amount of male managers there are these days" WWE only has Daivari, Flair, and Heyman. I think it's about time we had another male manager on Raw. They tend to do more in the manager role, where as the women just stand there, look hot, distract the ref, and run around and scream when the guy's opponent chases them for distracting the ref. Chris Nowinski isn't wrestling part time. He's been having headaches for almost 2 years now because of a concussion. He's not receiving a wrestling contract, he works backstage.

On to your SmackDown! cuts. Bill DeMott is a trainer at OVW, WWE's replacing him with some new guy on Velocity; I think his name's Steve Romero, but I'm not sure. Joy is actually a pretty good valet. She's got some acting skills, something all the other Diva Search contestants lack; with the exception of Amy Weber. I agree Michelle McCool has to go. WWE uses Orlando Jordan to hype a feud and build heat between JBL and someone else. Big Show beating Jordan, Undertaker crucifying Jordan, Jordan, Jindrak and Reigns losing and Angle blaming it on Jordan, all of those build up heat in a feud. Also, he's the second most over member of the JBL's Cabinet stable so he is needed.

There's no need for WWE to drop Heat and Velocity. Those shows do attract fans as well as advertising. WWE uses those shows to push lower card guys that can't get on TV because the Main Eventers need to be on the main show. They can't push someone in a match that only 20,000 people see as well as a match that Millions of people see.
sfhardrock wrote:
Ah, I see where you're comming from. See, what I did is I went to the WWE website to look at their roster. I noticed that their roster has been kind of, misguiding, so I clicked for the profiles of those I didn't recognize. Maria was one of them and it, it was said that she was a ring announcer. I never said I was right and I thank you for pointing out the mistakes I've made. I don't really pay much attention on who's doing the announcements. As for Candice, I saw her name on the Raw roster and couldn't remember anything about her. So therefore I chose her as one of those to fire, I don't see a problem with Coach being a backstage interviewer and Bischoff's lackey. For Bill Demott, hey, I like the guy and he has tons of training experiences. I don't see much of Bill Demott myself so I never saw him commentate. I guess it was a rather hastey bite at him and I apologize for it. Again, thank you for pointing out your concerns and my mistakes.
Just4given wrote:
The WWE cannot fire Mark Henry because until 2006, he is on a 10 year contract. This was a mistake the WWE made in 1996 and wants to take back. Shawn Daivari is actually a really good wrestler and shouldn't be fire yet. Nowinski, Demott aren't active wrestlers so they aren't on the same type of contract. Heat and Velocity are also great training grounds for up and coming wrestlers and local wrestlers.
ignacio santiago wrote:
wow. IMO the article writer need to do his resource more before writing in the future. also statement saying TNA ain't no threat to wwe. BOy your wrong their " Unless TNA gets itself a better time then WWE has nothing to worry about" many fans are noticing how great Tna is . EVER week the rating for tna is growing. FSN is giving them MORE time for them FOR FREE. in next month there going to have a 2 hour show on Saturday from 10pm-12am.and 12am to 1am would be replay from tna-impact that originally show at Friday 4pm.Many great starts from wwe are appearing at tna. now rumors has it A-train & billy gun would be mystery team in tna.

if tna keep doing great in next few months, i expect them to have a time slot vs a wwe show. there already dueling TNa-impact[Replay time] vs Velocity in ratings if wwe DROPS Sunday night heat & Velocity it would make wwe look weaker in the rating duel.
Smartmak11 wrote:
I agree with jess about some of the dead weight of the wwe, we need to cut the following wrestlers: Orlando Jordan is just a lackey nothing more, he hasn't won a title, or anything. Divari needs to be let go the wwe has enough bone-head managers running around Val Venis has only had 2 great angles other than that he's been a liability to the wwe Melina needs to go as well she has not done anything except the lingerie fashion show do something useful with her or cut her stevie richards really is virtually a money waster he's just there solely for battle royals nothing more Nunzio now that he no longer has the other two f.b.i members with him he's nothing, smackdown! has enough cruiserweights as it is Ultimo Dragon has not made an appearance since wrestlemania xx and needs to be let go Maria, michelle, joy, amy, and candice need to be cut as well they got rid of some good wwe divas to make room for eye-candy nothing more!

I feel however certain wrestlers should be brought back, like Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg their feud barely lasted what three moths before they both left "!

Also I think that they should bring Jackie, luna, ivory, and sable back to pick up where they left off, i know that we do see ivory but she belongs in the ring not as a hostess, they could do some new angles since all 4 women are tough have them and these newer divas battle it out in hell in a cell matches think about it, Trish, Lita, Sable, Luna, ivory, and Jacqueline in a first ever hell in a cell match for the women's title, i am going to write to the wwe board of directors to make my voice heard
Orangashang wrote:
I agree on some of the cuts but not all, Orlando Jones is around only because of who his trainer was, we all know that. As far as other cuts,yes some of the new divas should be bye bye, ok most of'em. If the WWE wants a good cruiserweight division they need to get rid of some of the people. Rey is probably one of the biggest attractions on SMACKDOWN! Right now. Raw has the superior show but though, but anyways. Does anyone remeber when like most of the cruiserweight superstars were like either or over 6 feet tall" Like The Hardys and Christian,X-Pac. Remember those guys" They need A Hardy Boyz like tag team back. Thats another problem they have these make shift Tag Teams, like Jericho and Benoit or RVD and Rey Mysterio. They need a consistant Tag Team. Ok so they have La Resistance, The Dudleys and The Bashams. But thats about long. They also need to bring back a few superstars a couple of mid carders like Test and Sean O'Haire. But, give them a good gimmick, Test's gimmick he had before he left was the worst I've ever seen. WWE needs to get back to basics like in the 90s, which was one of the better decades. It just seems are only getting worse.



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