Is William Regal's Day Overdue"
November 11, 2004 by James Greasby

William Regal is one of WWE's most underrated talents. Being a fellow Englishman, I've decided to focus on William Regal and argue a case which debates that William Regal's leap into the history books as World Champion is long overdue. Now it can be argued that so many of WWE's current roster could argue the same issue. There are so many impressive superstars on both Raw and Smackdown who deserve an article devoted entirely to them. But with limited research it could be said that no other under achiever has under gone such a career to be cast in the same light as William Regal. This article was actually inspired by what Ric Flair said on Raw, leading up to his tag match with William Regal and Chris Benoit at Unforgiven 2004, "Chris Benoit's has had his day, and William Regal will never have his day". Now being a big fan of William Regal, I have comprised this article to look at whether what Ric Flair said, about William Regal, is in fact true.

Like most 20-year ring veterans, they started competing at a young age, and William Regal is no different. If any one were to doubt William Regal's in - ring talent, then just to simply glance at his biography would prove that those doubters are wrong. Its been well documented that William Regal began wrestling at carnivals in Blackpool, at the age of 15. It was during this time, in which, he developed his "more unorthodox" style of wrestling, which is rarely duplicated by any of the WWE roster today. It was at these carnivals where he learnt how to immediately alter his style to battle a new opponent, and trap foes in unique submission holds. These skills in which William Regal were only a base, in which he developed on, in Japan, India and the Middle East. Whilst touring these different countries and wrestling all that challenged him, Regal developed a submission hold, which has since been brought into the WWE, as The Regal Stretch. Which even some of the best in the business, such as Chris Jericho, have had no other alternative but to submit.

William Regal's style of wrestling and attitude to wrestling, haven't always been a plus side to his career. I'm sure many people will recall the incident, which cost William Regal his job at WCW back in February 1999. During a match with Goldberg, Regal was under the instructions to get squashed by Goldberg, during Nitro. Instead, Regal starting working over Goldberg and made him look a fool before finally letting Goldberg defeat him. Now Goldberg has a reputation to go down the ring, beat an opponent, and be back in the locker room, in less than 7 minutes. With that in mind, the feat William Regal achieved in that match makes him stand out as a legitimate "tough guy" in the business, to have had his way with Goldberg in the ring. To emphasis this point further, William Regal had his way with a man who had beat the best WCW ever had! This point alone, demonstrates that William Regal's day is overdue.

However, one of the best ways in which to determine whether someone has the right to be discussed as having their day, is history. As I mentioned earlier, William Regal is a 20-year veteran and his career thus far, provides some interesting reading. Since appearing on his first PPV card, back in WCW, he made an immediate impact, defeating Barbarian in the WCW Television Title Tournament. However Regal didn't win this tournament, what he did do is realise that he does the potential to star in WCW's PPVs. I won't list ever victory that William Regal has ever had on PPV, because I think the print on my keyboard may run out before I finish it, but what will stand out more is to show you the names that William Regal has beat on PPV. On his 5th PPV appearance, William Regal beat Ricky Steamboat in WCW Fall Brawl '93, to win the Television Title. Also a year later, Regal managed to retain his Television Title at the WCW Superbrawl IV, by defeating Arn Anderson. However Regal's day to date, from my perspective, will be early 2002. It was at the Royal Rumble, a video that for this reason I treasure, where William Regal defeated Edge, for the Intercontinental Championship. However this wasn't just a one night wonder, as a month on, William Regal defeated Edge again, retaining the Intercontinental Championship, in a 'Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match'.

Having watched the match several times, this bout was clear demonstration on what William Regal can do on a good day. His talent in the ring, both mentally and physically, awarded him to retain his Championship. I know that William Regal was the proud holder of the European Championship late 2000, but the European Championship has since gone from WWE, and its fair to say that William Regal was one of the greatest holders of that belt, but to face facts, the Intercontinental Championship is slightly more prestigious, and for William Regal to have his name upon that belt, elevated him even further up the roster.

William Regal has held many different championships in both WCW and WWE, and it's only a matter of time before the World Championship is another addition to that lengthy list. To conclude, William Regal has been in the ring now for just about 20 years, he's been in the ring with some of the best around, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit, Rikishi, Chris Jericho, the list goes on, but win or lose, he has still faced up to these athletes which have held the Championship. For a wrestler to have been one of the most controversial (his commissioner days) and have not had a lengthy rivalry with the Championship at stake is surprising. Like him or not, there is no doubting the fact that William Regal could be the next World Champion at a date he desires. He may not have the backstage power of Triple H or Kurt Angle, or be as recognised as The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels, but William Regal is just waiting in the wings for his time. I mean look whose the Champion on Smackdown, John Bradshaw Layfield that surprised us all! So the final thought would be: William Regal is just waiting for his day, and that day is coming soon!

by James Greasby ..

Jason Weeks wrote:
I agree with you about William. He is one of the many under used talent that the wwe has. His day needs to come soon otherwise, he might end up like another great Lance Storm, who was not used properly by Vinnie Mac, see his WCW/ECW matches for example about how to use him correctly. Thank you and have a nice day.
jordan123 wrote:
you are excactly right William Regal can do things that alot of superstars can not. i would much rather see William Regal Vs Triple H then Randy Orton who is not even ready for the World title. now i am a brit aswell but still. and if me a 13 year old boy can see it then why cant McMahon.
Superman's Pal wrote:
I agree, although if you use the example of JBL, then pretty much anyone can have their name picked out of a hat to be pushed as a main event champ, whether the fans find him believable or not.

Regal's wrestling style is not flashy, I suppose, but even once-good grapplers like Triple H are now coasting on one or two signature moves and a lot of outside interference. One thing Regal has in spades is personality, and that's really what separates the main eventers from the rest of the card. Hogan only had 2 moves. The Rock only had 2 or 3 moves. But they had big personalities. When Regal called out Triple H a few months back, that big speech about how if HHH had corrupted any other person besides Eugene, Regal would have applauded him for it. It was a great promo about the history between Regal and HHH at WCW and boy, it sure could have been spun into a great feud between them, but WWE would rather push Orton or (groan) Maven.

I'm afraid WWE has overlooked Regal for too long. They have a tendency to push whoever is new and hot. Guys who've been in the company a long time and remained at the midcard, they just seem to forget about 'em. Why is Val Venis still around" He's good enough for them to do something with, but they do nothing with him. Or Steven Richards, who at least was a good mouthpiece for RTC but I can't see him ever doing anything but losing on Heat until the day they let him go. The fact is Regal is currently enjoying a relatively high spot, mostly due to his chemistry with newcomer Eugene. I can't see WWE ever using him for more than a midcard talent.

Although, if nothing else, the elevation of Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and especially JBL stand as exceptions to this rule. It would be nice if Regal was one of those exceptions.
Pablomes wrote:
I think that you are rigth Mr. Regals day to be the world champ is way over due. I am a big fan of Mr. Regal. And i think he deserves a shot at the title. He has been through the worst things i can imagine and he also takes the worst hits. He never gets a reconition by Vince or Eric bishoff. Mr. Regal is my hero and it would be a dream come true to see him win the WWE championship belt. Vince needs to take a good look at Mr. Regal and realize that this man has been through hell to get to were he is. William has been a gentleman and stood aside to let others have the belt but it is high time that he stands out from the shawdos and take his place. Represent Engalnd the way it should be with the WWE belt around his waist! Thats my only dream, if I cant meet him then at least I should see him with the title he desevers. There has been wrestlers that have had the tilte for a long time. And it doesnt go to anybody new. IT IS THE SAME PEOPLE! JBL, Eddie guerrero, John cena, kurt angle had their time with the title so now let Mr. Regal have it.I hope some one in the WWE realizes this before its to late.

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