Will JBL Be The Champion After Armageddon"
November 26, 2004 by James Greasby

Armageddon is here once again. The Pay Per View aptly entitled Armageddon, is situation at point in the calendar, in between the autumn extravaganza, 'Survivor Series' and the start of the road to Wrestlemania, 'Royal Rumble'. The Pay Per View, in recent years, has finished off the year nicely by bring all the current storylines together and exploding them all on Pay Per View. Armageddon has a relatively short history compared to the two PPV's surrounding it, and asks a bridge linking the Survivor Series and Royal Rumble.

This Year, is slightly different to others years, in the fact that it is an all Smackdown! PPV. Last year it was an all-raw affair, but due to the introduction of the Great American Bash and Taboo Tuesday, Smackdown! Has now been handed the honour of hosting the end of year PPV. After only announcing a couple of matches, thus far, already it seems that Armageddon could be one for the ages. The match that has backed up this claim is the Main Event:

World Wrestling Entertainment Championship

John Bradshaw Layfield defending the Championship against; Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and The Undertaker, in a Fatal 4 Way

Given the concept of Armageddon as one which brings all the lose ends together, that have gathered throughout the year, this match certainly does that. John Bradshaw Layfield has taken on all the contenders in the match, in single matches, throughout the year. I'm sure anyone reading this, has seen a few of those matches, and know that JBL's performance has been less than impressive, as outside interference and underhanded tactics have given him the win. However, going into Armageddon, JBL will be the champion, but what I want to ask is, Will he be walking out of Armageddon with the Championship" Will Atlanta, Georgia, see a new WWE Champion"

John Brawshaw Layfield certainly has the odds stacked against him in the match. However he knows that he's beaten each of his fellow competitors one-on-one. Starting with Latin Heat, he took him to a blood bath at Judgment Day, and then took the Championship away from him at The Great American Bash, due to the watchful eye of Mr. Angle. JBL, and it pains me to say this, managed to hold on to his Championship against The Undertaker at SummerSlam and No Mercy. And within the past month, Booker T was unable to defeat JBL for the Championship. But how will John Bradshaw Layfield fair when he has to take on this superstars, at the same time. And if JBL is to be defeated, who is likely to be the next Champion"

Eddie Guerrero has only won the World Wrestling Championship only once, and was pinned by JBL in a Texas Bullrope Match at The Great American Bash, which gave the JBL the Championship, which he still holds. Since losing the WWE Championship, Eddie Guerrero hasn't been on the best of form, losing to Kurt Angle at Summerslam. However Eddie Guerrero's fortunes have picked up in recent months, beating Luther Reigns at No Mercy and leading his team to victory over Team Angle at Survivor Series. His Armageddon record is not too impressive, though. At Armageddon 2000 in a Six-Man Elimination Match Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Eddie Guerrero defeated The Hardy Boyz, however the first elimination was Jeff Hardy pinning Eddie Guerrero. Also two years, Eddie Guerrero lost to Chris Benoit at Armageddon 2002, after 16 minutes, 46 seconds.

Booker T, has played a heel for the majority of the year, and has only recently challenged JBL for his Championship. However since turning face, Booker T has been on good form, and may prove a strong "player" (as Smackdown GM would say) and be a serious threat to JBL's Championship reign. Booker T has only competed in two Armageddon PPV's a won them both. Two Years ago, a live crowd of 9,000 saw Booker T and Goldust walk out of the TD Waterhouse Arena, with the Tag Team Championship belts after beating 3 other teams. Also, in singles action, Booker T pinned Mark Henry in just over 9 minutes, which is no easy task. Booker T has a clean sheet at Armageddon and this pattern could continue on the 12th December.

The Undertaker, last but by no mean's least, has been in WWE longer than the WWE Championship, which certainly backs up his experience. Since returned to the much loved, 'Darkside', The Undertaker has re-established himself as one of the most feared competitors on the roster. As Heidenreich found out at Survivor Series, The Undertaker is not a force to reckoned with. The Undertakers record this year is also very impressive beating Kane, few Armageddon competitor Booker T (back at Judgement Day), The Dudley Boyz, and Jon Heidenreich, but to name a few. The current form of The Undertaker would suggest that it would be very foolish to beat against The Undertaker, as he's also in the hunt for his 5th title reign. Since burying Paul Bearer at The Great American Bash in the concrete tomb, The Undertaker has focused his attention to JBL. JBL and The Undertaker have faced off at SummerSlam and No Mercy and The Undertaker, unfortunately, came up short both times. At SummerSlam, The Undertaker disqualified himself, but made sure that the Champion wasn't going to walk away from their match, by Choke slamming the Champ through the Limo roof. Also at No Mercy, in their Last Ride Match, JBL overcome all the odds and put The Undertaker in the back of a hearse, due to interference from Heidenreich. The Undertaker can't be counted out of this match, simply because of his reputation alone. I couldn't recall previous Armageddon's without mentioning the infamous 6 Man Hell In A Cell, now 4 years ago! Although the Undertaker didn't win, 14,920 in attendance at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center will all remember the choke slam off the cell roof, on Rikishi.

In conclusion, will JBL be the champion after Armageddon" Well Yes and No. The fact is that JBL has overcome these three guys in singles and has always come out on top. I'm sure, at this very moment he's giving instructions to Orlando Jordon as to his part in JBL retaining the championship. Therefore, I know you don't want to hear this but; there is a good chance that JBL could walk out the WWE Champion. Although JBL's three competitors are all out to get a piece of the WWE Champion, the match is a Fatal 4 Way and not a 3 on - on - one handicap, which will certainly swing in favour of the Champion. However the no answer is suggested because, hopefully like the fans, WWE will realise that its time for a change in Champion on Smackdown! Past Armageddon records show that the Champion at Armageddon is most likely the same champion who challenges the Royal Rumble winner at Wrestlemania, (i.e Triple H in 2002 and 2003), and therefore can you see JBL headlining a Wrestlemania main event next year" and also past Armageddon records show that the Championship is likely to change hands at this PPV. Kurt Angle beat Big Show in 2002, as did Triple H beat Shawn Michaels. Also last Year, Triple H took the championship from Goldberg in the Triple Threat match. The omens don't look too promising for the current WWE Champion. As a final thought, looking at all the above information, I think JBL's luck has finally run out, he would have to the luckiest wrestler alive (like Kurt Angle retaining his championship in Hell In A Cell, 4 Years ago) to come out of this one with his Championship in tack. I'll be routing for the Undertaker, but as we know in WWE, anything can happen.

by James Greasby ..

Jaeleeblock wrote:
I think JBL will pull the match off at Armegeddon this year. One reson why I think he's gonna win because he has been on a roll so far. After winning the Title, JBL hasn't been pinned 123 in any match except one. That right there is very inpressive. Another reason is because I really follow the storyline and if you watch wrestling 24/7 like I do, you could tell who is gonna win a match, win a title, who will turn face or heel, etc. My guest is that Randy Orton will win the Royal Rumble (which is most likely to happen). And seeing that he is A RAW superstar, the Smackdown roster would have a 15-Man Royal Rumble. Now, the man that would most likely win is JOHN CENA. Then, he will be in the main event at Wrestlemania on the Smackdown side against JBL. Now seeing that JBL would have had the title 'til Wreatlemania, he would lose to Cena. But that's my opinion.
Mr. Evans from Denmark wrote:
It's an extremely hard predict to make, He might lose the title but if he does I don't think he will to The Undertaker and if Undertaker does surprise me and pull it off, I predict 'Taker Vs Angle at Wrestlemania 21 for the title. Both Booker and Eddie would be good choices as the next champ in my opinion, however since Eddie had the title earlier this year I think (and hope) that if a title change occur, it will be Booker T that pulls it off.

The other scenario which in my opinion are just as likely to happen is that JBL will once again overcome the odds and retain the title. Personally I think it's time for a change, but I actually wouldn't mind it if he did indeed defend the title, as I think he has grown into the heel champion role quite


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