Vince Is Holding A Golden Ticket
June 28, 2005 by Jimmy H.

Vince McMahon and the WWE really missed a golden opportunity by not capitalizing on the popularity and success of the ECW "One-Night Stand" PPV. In the past Vince and the rest of the behind-the-scenes brass have missed the opportunity on several storylines that could have been huge ratings grabbers and money-makers for the company (i.e. the WCW invasion angle, who actually ran over Stone Cold, etc.)

There have been countless storylines and angles that have been destroyed or not taken advantage of over the years, but right now Vince and the WWE are sitting on a friggin' hot bed of an angle that could, if done properly be bigger than any other storyline going, and bigger than any angle they've had in recent years.

I am referring the whole Lita/Edge/Matt Hardy saga. Last night, Vince and the rest of the brass got a taste of what could be. When they played Matt Hardy's intro music during the whole "wedding segment" the crowd went absolutely nuts.

Yeah, I'll be the first to agree that for the first time in a long time I completely marked out last night when that music hit. I actually thought for a brief second that this was all some big storyline that duped us all. But, in the end it wasn't. To some degree I think that it was a low blow and a classless act. But, if Vince and the WWE capitalize on this, I believe that Edge, Lita, and Hardy can make a lot of money. This is a real life storyline, which could be placed on television and drawn out for months on in. And Edge and Matt Hardy could have some classic matches. Imagine a Survivor Series or even a Royal Rumble TLC Singles match between the two for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championship, should Edge finally win one of the two.

Obviously Matt Hardy has moved on. Reports are circulating that he currently has a new girlfriend, and Hardy has always been consummate professional in the business. I believe for the sake of business, that Hardy, Edge, and Lita could bury the hatchet and work together. If that were to happen, the possibilities of different matches and directions to take this feud would be absolutely endless.

As of now, they are portraying Kane as the returning monster, going back to his devilish and evil ways, as was mentioned in his promo last night, "I'm Back." I'm not sure of the best way to remove Kane from the angle other that having Snitsky get involved in their match at Vengeance at the end and maybe burning Kane. In this case, Kane could take some time off and come back with the mask...Say this is what does go down, you could leave Edge and Lita in the ring laughing and celebrating, when all of a sudden Matt Hardy's music hits...Again, he doesn't come out. At this point Lita and Edge are pointing and laughing at the TitanTron when the lights go dark - They then come back on with Hardy in the ring behind them..Yeah I know it's been done hundreds of time, but that would be classic..

But I'm just sitting here like every other wrestling fans, and wishful thinking. Hoping that Vince and the WWE could actually do something for once that would light a fire back under the fans and get us excited about the product again.

But the chances of this ever happening are defiantly slimmer than winning the lottery. But to end on a phrase that the WWE made so famous, "You never know what's going to happen in the WWE."

Thanks for reading and any and all feedback, negative and positive is welcome.

by Jimmy H. ..

Flagg wrote:
I've watched televised wrestling for almost 30 years, back when TBS was still a little Atlanta local station and WWE had an extra W and an F. I've seen every silly angle, every stupid gimmick, and continued watching. Yet the day Vince released Matt Hardy is the day I stopped watching WWE.

It just disgusted me that Edge would cheat on his wife, Lita would screw Matt, yet Vince's solution to the problem was to release the one person who did absolutely nothing wrong. Turning the whole sordid affair (no pun intended) into an on-camera angle was even more tasteless to me than the Katie Vick necrophilia thing.

Matt Hardy is every bit as entertaining as Edge, both in-ring and on the mic. Mattitude was most excellent IMHO. But he never got a push as a singles competitor, for whatever reason.

So it took Vince this long to figure out this situation can make him money. That strikes me as odd-since Vince has no concern for common decency, it should have been an abvious money-maker from day 1. Oh well. As long as Matt gets to beat the snot out of Edge, and Lita is suitably humiliated, it'll be worth it. Who knows, I may even start watching again.
Jacob Kuhn wrote:
I think the best thing for Matt Hardy to do is stay as far away from this situation as possible. There are some things more important than money. As someone who has lost someone I loved immensely in a very hurtful way, it's more healthy mentally to stay away from that situation. If Matt goes back to WWE, he will be reopening the wounds.

Also, out of all peoples involved, Matt has acted with the most maturity. He has not yet capitalized off the situation and it seems the majority of fans appreciate that. He is doing the right thing for him and hopefully he will continue to do so.
Owen Prince - Smart Fan since 1988 (from Australia) wrote:
Matt "Freakin" Hardy should do what is best for himself and the business and come home to WWE to make some real money with a fued with Edge.

From all reports Edge and Matt are on speaking terms, Lita and Matt are on speaking terms, Edge and his wife are sorting it out and Lita and Edge are not an item.

Infidelity happens in everyday life. The reason Matt got fired in the first place, was instead of towing the company line her publicly lambasted Edge and Lita on his website. This got under Vince's skin because it is his company and by God he should be allowed to dictate how things are done and how news is let out. If he paid my wage I would agree with him, would you not" If you say no you are not being true tro yourself or anyone else, if Vince asked ANY of you to mow his lawn you would do it for free just to be in his presence.

Now that the seas have settled a little and there can be some distance put between those involved and the situation, Matt should without a doubt go home to WWE and make some real $$, cause every one wants to see Matt hand Edge his ass and on PPV it would be the best place to do it.

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