Triple H: Why He Has Heat
June 11, 2004 by Joe Joe

While it isn't as strong as now as it previously, the amount of heat HHH has been getting over the last couple years is pretty high. I think most of it has been unfairly given and not well thought out. Well I'm going to do a break down of certain issues bit by bit.

In ring talet:
HHH has become more muscular than previous years. This has caused him to slow down a bit. This was not well looked upon because before speed was a good quality about him. Although he did add some more power to his work. Also many injuries(that he continued and worked through), were also a factor in his speed and not being able to work as long in matches. While he isn't as good as times from the past HHH has definitely stepped it up in the ring lately as shown from some of his recent work.

Receving the World(wCw) Title:
Many claim this was undeserved and only happened so he could have a title, but it was neither both storyline wise and real life. Storyline wise HHH had just come off winning a # 1 contenders match with the Undertaker. Then both the current WWE Champ and Undertaker left to Smackdown. Therefore by default HHH is Raw's top guy. Well wouldn't Raw look weak without its own World Title. Bringing in a World Title was to further establish the roster split which through time has shown to be good. Now why HHH deserved the title in real life is because of all his hard work. He did win the WWE title earlier in the year but only for his reign to be cut short because of Hulk Hogan. Then he had a short feud with Undertaker while working through and elbow injury and coming back to a big feud with HBK.

Versus RVD for the World Title:
This is a big one as for why HHH has received so much heat. At the time RVD was feuding over the IC title, and then all the sudden he is thrown into a main event feud. While RVD is a good athlete, he does have his downfalls. Such downfalls being that he at times is sloppy, botches, and bad mouths the company. He also has very little mic skills which is an important thing in WWE. It must also be consider that it wouldn't look good having such a short first reign for the returning title.

Versus Kane for the World Title:
This gets HHH more heat due to the angle that was involved. Well that is neither HHH nor Kane's fault. Sometimes workers are just stuck with bad and in this case really bad angles. You also have to realize that Kane has only held a world title for only a day. After the horrible angle with Kane it wasn't a smart idea to give him the title, and also the reign up to that point had still been relatively short. Oh and you can't forget him going from being a monster to a fan friendly(or should I say Kaneinite friendly) buddy of the Hulkster and the People's Champ.

Dropping the World Title to HBK:
Many claimed this only even happened because HBK was HHH's friend but HHH would later show otherwise in his feud with Nash. It was also disliked that HHH got the title back so soon, but at the time WWE didn't realize HBK was going to be able to work full time like he does now. It also wasn't meant for HBK to have any sort of long length of a reign with the title.

Feud with Scott Steiner for World Title:
HHH can't have any blame for this feud. WWE all knowingly of Steiner's injury still signed him. They then proceeded to make Steiner a face and have him to tests of strength with HHH. HHH had to work not one but two pay per view matches with Steiner. People were heavily dissapointed with Steiner after the first one, but WWE went ahead with another one. Might I add STUMBLE BOMB 03'!!!!!!!

Versus Booker T for the World Title:
Here is another one that gets HHH a fair amount of heat. This is another example of WWE's wrong doings. For all those who read on the internet then you should put more emphasis on the articles about how Booker T was going to win and HHH was going to do the job. Then came along the announcment of the hiring of the horrid Goldberg and the return of the injury prone Kevin Nash. Booker T's spot at the top was haulted because WWE wanted HHH to feud with Kevin Nash and Goldberg.

Feud with Kevin Nash for World Title:
Yet another example of WWE's mistakes. HHH can't have any blame for this. As for HHH jobbing the title to his friends, well Nash never won, so that blows away that theory.

Feud with Goldberg for World Title:
Well it is Goldberg so it is nearly impossible for any good to come out of something involving him. Again showing one of WWE's faults. HHH hates Goldberg, and rightfully so, so he would be much happier for him to not even have been in the WWE especially in the main event.

Not putting over Jericho:
Here is one thing that does anger me a good bit. Although this is just another one of the many examples of WWE's mistakes. HHH has put over Jericho a very large amount, but he has yet to give Jericho that big win he so deserves. It wasn't really HHH's fault because the storylines at the time didn't make a whole lot of sense for Jericho to be victorious. This has shown to be WWE's fault as even when HHH was out with injury or on a different show they continued to not utilize him more.

Backstage powers/Marriage to Stephanie:
This is cause to blame HHH for anything done wrong involving him. It is also cause to blame HHH for using the power too much for his own advantage. Well HHH has shown that these things are false as he has been putting deserving others over as of late.

by Joe Joe ..

Mike Jones wrote:
Everyone likes to complain it seems. Pretty soon everybody's favorite wrestler (Benoit) will be getting heat for not dropping the title. You have to understand Triple H worked his way up to the top. He came a long way from the time he was the Blue Blood, Hunter Hearst Hemsley. He deserved that long title reign. Also half of his opponets did not deserve to wear that title. RVD has a unique style in the ring and the fans do enjoy it. But, lets face it, RVD world champion would be a travesty, because he is even worse on the mic than Benoit. Although he has a better gimmick now, Kane, was a sorry man last year. His gimmick was tired and he being world champion just wouldnt fly. As for Scott Steiner, he is a joke. But there is one man, Jericho, who would be a fine champion, and maybe Triple H should have did him the job, but Triple H's title reign was a success in my book. It was about time somebody kept the title loner than a month. Title's nowadays switch hands everytime you blink. But hopefully WWE stays in this direction and let people hold the title for a lengthy amount of time like they are doing with Randy Orton..
Ben Preston wrote:
First of all you seem to be very biased towards Triple H, while I myself do not dislike or like Triple H I can see all you are trying to do is show him in a positive light, which is really not something you want to do, Triple H does deserve a lot, but he also gets a lot more than his worth through backstage politics.

You were very right about Trippers' talent, he is a great worker, but let's face it, a broken down champion is not what WWE/RAW needed at that time, he should have taken a little time off, Christ they had just bought Goldberg in when he was most injury laden so it could have been used into a perfect angle. HHH should have taken time off to heal and then come back and shown us exactly why he deserved that World Heavyweight title.

The World title receiving, fair enough, he was given that title for a reason and I totally agree with you on your points here, he did deserve the title angle wise and as he was the top guy he definately should have taken the title. I also agree with you on the RVD situation, RVD is unreliable and didn't deserve that push. It doesn't matter how popular a wrestler is if they injure the rest of your headliners.

Now the Kane part is where I disagree strongly, it is widely known that Triple H booked about 60% of those segments, including the necrophelia segment. Triple H was deluded in this and it damaged Kane so badly that he didn't truly recover, although I have to say the removal of Kane's mask was a good way or garnering a lot of heat back despite what everyone said at the time (myself included).

HBK and Steiner feuds, fair enough, these two you were right on... but the Booker T feud was disgraceful. So what if others have been bought in" A good promoter always tries to create headline talent whenever it can appear, Booker had that potential and Triple H squashed him. If you ever saw WCW you would know Booker could have been the next 'one' for RAW. Triple H just brushed him off like dirt on his shoe in one of the most self-obsessed WrestleMania matches I've ever seen.

He didn't job to Nash because Nash could barely move and management knew it, Triple H didn't want to drop the title to HBK, but he did for the good of the company, Triple H knew Nash holding the title wouldn't be for the good of the company, can you say Nash was the worst drawing champion ever" Yes you can.

Goldberg was the first four letters of his name for WWE, Gold, he could have carried RAW himself, while not being great in the ring, his sheer intensity sets a crowd alight. Goldberg should have been pushed as unstoppable as WCW used him, not in the second rate upper midcarder placement WWE used. A wasted talent.

Jericho and Triple H had the potential to be a feud as large as Rock/Austin at one point in time, it was wasted, not HHH's fault though, just bad judgement on WWE's writing staff parts.

Triple H is a great man, he does things for the good of the company, but he does also use backstage politics, not necesarilly Steph because I believe they truly love each other, but he can get his way and when he really wants it he will, because he has that power over others. He gets far too much "X-Pac Heat" for no reason... but he does deserve a little of that heat...

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