The Ultimate Hypocrite
February 8, 2006 by John Austin

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Once upon a time, in an era of wrestling far far away from the present, there was a wrestler who stood for all that was looked upon as right in the world. A man whose heroic personality inside the ring made young and old both admire him. A modern-day superhero, who charged to the ring and disposed of villains with incredible ease. A man who told the other superhero of the business at the time, Hulk Hogan, that he would defeat him and that instead of being hated for it, that his fans and Hogan's fans would become one legion of fans. AND HE WAS RIGHT....... As much as I hated any man who so much as challenged Hogan in that era, I could not bring myself to resent the Ultimate Warrior. In fact, I myself, along with millions of others, were enthralled by this enigmatic character. OH, HOW SO MUCH HAS CHANGED.........This man, somewhere along the way, has honestly lost his mind. Somehow, "Superman" has become Lex Luthor, A walking contradiction of everything that he used to claim to stand for and pretend to be, and has become in my opinion, the "Ultimate Hypocrite".

First off, let's take a look at how "The Wrestler Formerly Known as Jim Hellwig" (I'll be referring to him as that from time to time) destroyed his career.

There are many people past and present who have tried to further destroy the legend that is/was the Ultimate Warrior. But there is really no need to bother, because "The Wrestler" has done that on his own. Ok, he was a primadonna backstage, but how many wrestlers are also guilty of such" Bobby Heenan swore up and down that the Warrior was trying to hurt him in every match that they had an altercation in. But being a long-time fan, I saw WrestleMania V, for one, and instead of supposedly "being dropped on his face" like the Weasel claimed, after the Warrior pressed him over his head, he sort of rolled him down his back and Bobby Heenan landed lightly on his side. During Survivor Series 89' the following November, when Heenan and Warrior were the last members of their teams, if you have watched the match it is obvious that the Warrior was pulling his clotheslines and punches in an attempt to take it easy on the manager.

There is no denying in my opinion that Warrior was professional (in that day) when it came to in-the-ring antics. The only truth that Heenan told, that I saw for myself, was when Warrior would try (key words) to get too rough against Andre The Giant, which he paid for in double, because anybody who knows anything about the business knew that Andre was NOT a guy to piss off, and Andre would let him have it until he decided to calm down.

The first obvious signs of Warrior's un-professionalism INSIDE the ring were in 1996 starting off when he was in a storyline against Goldust, when he became the first person to REALLY curse on RAW, when the Ultimate Warrior told Goldust something along the lines of him "not giving a sh*t" what he thought. After that, I had the thought in the back of my mind that Warrior wasn't going to be in the WWF much longer, and I was right.

The push that Vince McMahon was giving Warrior University and the Warrior comic was killed because of incidents like that one, along with Warrior wanting to show up for work when he felt like it.

I think that the biggest mistake Warrior ever made, in my opinion, was burning his bridge with Hulk Hogan. Say what you want about Terry Bollea and his backstage politicking, but at that time in the 80's and early 90's, (key words again) Hogan was the consummate professional when it came to wrestling. Of course, "The Wrestler" would deny that statement (and this next one I will make) all the way to his deathbed, but in my honest opinion, HOGAN MADE THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR. Oh, I'm sure I'll get some arguments on that statement, because yes, us fans are also responsible for making the guy what he became, and there is no mistaking that, but here's my proof to back up that previous statement: ALL HOGAN HAD TO DO TO RUIN THE MOMENTUM THAT WARRIOR POSESSED, AND HAVE HIM REMAIN AS A MID-CARDER, WAS TO SAY "NO" AT WRESTLEMANIA VI. Hogan was the man at that time in the then-WWF, and if he had said to Vince McMahon that he didn't want to lose to the Warrior, do you think he would have gotten an argument" HELL NO. Throughout that year of 1990, it was Hulk Hogan that helped build the Warrior into the legend he was, or (possibly) even is, today. The promo Hogan cut before the Survivor Series 90' "Ultimate Survivor" match, was him again saying how Warrior was the new "Measuring Stick". It was also Hogan who campaigned for Warrior to return after the "SummerSlam incident", as is evident at WrestleMania VIII, when after his match with Sid Justice, Hogan went so far as to get a sign from a fan that said "Bring Back The Warrior", then paraded around the ring with it, in an attempt to show Warrior what he meant to this business. After Hogan's hiatus during the steroid scandal, there is no doubt in my mind that Warrior would have been given the title before Bret Hart if he had kept his head on straight backstage. Could you have imagined Ultimate Warrior feuding with Yokozuna then" it would have been HUGE.

The only two comments that Hogan made on the "Self-Destruction" DVD that seem sketchy is where he talked about it being Warrior's idea in WCW to bring up how Hogan never beat him, when Roddy Piper had came in the year before and said the same thing. Piper was also working for the WWE at the time the DVD came out.

Makes you think, huh" Same thing could be said for the OWN gimmick (which Warrior strangely enough is still clinging on to even today), because thinking about all the storylines that have been killed due to lack of response from the fans, that WCW kept pushing it, even to the point of having the Disciple (Ed Leslie) leave the NWO and join the Warrior. The Warrior came into WCW under a pretty big wave of momentum, which WCW intended to benefit from, no doubt, with fans being nostalgic for him to return, but I do believe that Warrior killed it himself with his backstage attitude.

This man was given SO many chances after his previous mistakes, which he squandered, due to his "diva-like" wants. No one person can be bigger than the business, not even the self-proclaimed "Almighty" Vince McMahon, and Warrior should have kept his ego in check.

That last sentence fragment about "checking one's ego" applies even to present-day, as "The Wrestler" nowadays travels to colleges to give speeches where he chastizes political conservatives for (brace yourself) not being conservative enough IN HIS EYES, which is ridiculous. The guy who stood for truth and justice in the ring, who claims on his website that he still stands for strength, knowledge, and striving to become a better and open-minded individual, contradicts himself by standing for injustices like racism, sexism, and nearly every possible form of intolerance.

The man whose in-ring-persona was known for being the "Ultimate Liberal", as he was the wrestler who was unique and different, that was outside the box, and could not be categorized or compared to any before (or even after) him, has became a mockery of such in his present way of life. In my opinion, the man (and I use that term loosely) that "The Wrestler" represents nowadays is more than likely whom he was all along. I guess in a way he still can't be compared to anybody else, because it takes a unique kind of fool to be the man that the "Wrestler Formerly Known as Jim Hellwig" is or has become. Such is evident from his attack on Darren Drozdov, calling him a cripple. How "intelligent" is that" What part of that cowardice makes you a strong man or a better-minded individual" To pick on a man who lost his mobility trying to entertain us wrestling fans" Also, what part of implying that you want to beat up college kids because they don't agree with you, calling young female students "whores", and picking on paralyzed and gay people makes you a "Warrior"" "The Wrestler" has allowed his ego and his ignorance to blackball himself and destroy the legend that he was, case-in-point that the "Self-Destruction" video was made into a mockery ONLY BECAUSE he couldn't get over himself and once again, check his ego, to be a part of it. I think, that if we could separate "The Wrestler's" real-life persona and the character of the Ultimate Warrior into two people, that the Ultimate Warrior would kick his ass simply for being one of those villains that it was "his mission" to vanquish.

by John Austin ..

James Watts wrote:
I agree with you 100% in your article. Warrior was completely out of line saying the things he said about Darren Drozdov. That was a show of just how much of a prick Jim Hellwig could be. Another fine example of Hellwig's unprofessional backstage behaviour was the night that the British Bulldog was injured on a trapdoor in the ring set up for Hellwig's entrance. If Hellwig had just entered the ring like everyone else, instead of going for an effect, Bulldog wouldn't have been hurt. How did Hellwig explain Bulldog's injury" By claiming he was "stoned". What an asshole! Mind you, Hellwig was never really that bright, was he" Remember back in the Royal Rumble (I think it was the one in '92, but don't quote me on that)" He was being crushed in the corner by Earthquake and another wrestler, and that devious little SOB Curt Hennig (God rest his soul) tied his arm tassels to the top rope. What did Hellwig do to get out of this situation" He tried to pull the tassels loose, hoping to snap them. You can't snap nylon, dumbass!
Jose Aguirre wrote:
You are really in no position to criticize "The Ultimate Warrior," because all you really know about him is that he was an amazing talent. Sure people talk bad about him, but we don't know his side of the story. We are just fans and we really have no clue about what is going on backstage, we might know most of the story that goes on behind the locker room, but we can't know everything, and before making judgments, we have to know what that wrestler is going through in particular.
J Spade wrote:
It seems to me that you have decided to write this particularly bad article using evidence solely on the The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD which is basically Vince Mchmahon, Hulk Hogan and Bobby Heenan (of course they are best sources) talking negatively about him and you seem to have lapped this bulls**t up and put it into this stinking article. If you listened carefuly to the DVD which im sure you did as this article is pretty much a transcrispt of it Triple H makes a negative comment about him and he is the biggest hypocrite of all. Just look at the way he positions himself in the business. Oh and when the warrioir didnt attend a show that was because his father had died but Vince said that they hadn't spoken in ten years and decided to fire him for that. So what! its still blood and thats thicker than water.

On one final note I have been reading the OWW website for a while now and its great but ever since this poor excuse, one sided DVD about the warrior came out there has been nothing but negative articles about the warrior all saying the same thing and ths article is the tip of the ice berg. Can we just look at the positives of this mans career he achieved so much.
David Cohen wrote:
For crying out loud people, the man legally changed his name to "The Warrior!" Do you need any more proof that he is simply an overgrown adolescent" In the old days, wrestlers used to laugh at marks who took the game too seriously. What can you say about a man who confuses his on-stage gimmick with reality"
Sean Spears wrote: Spade, my question is for you. What Positives""""

Jacob Kuhn (directed towards Jose Aguirre) wrote:
As a wrestling fan, the author here is totally in a position to criticize the Ultimate Warrior. It seems that wrestling fans are the only fans in the world that forget that it is US the fans who keep wrestling alive. We pay the money, we watch the shows. Without us, there would be nothing. Many times, we have to defend our sport against other people which is not common for fans of things such as Baseball or Football.

Wrestling fans can say what they want, criticize what they want. We are a loyal breed, watching our sport even when it sucks.

As far as knowing either side of the story, the author can also believe whatever he want. Truth is something that hard to come by in this world. I applaud him for speaking his mind.
Joey Acosta wrote:
I have to agree 100% with this article on Jim Hellwig (sorry folks.. I will call him by his parents-given name); I'm sorry folks... any person who feels they have to legally change their name to "Warrior Warrior" so that his "message" is heard because they feel they won't be heard otherwise, needs professional help. Now, unlike others, I am not speaking based on the "Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD. Hell, I haven't even seen the DVD yet. I am speaking from personal experience.

I was at the University of Connecticut during one of his "speeches". I walked out of there wondering if that guy I just heard speaking nothing but closed-mindedness was really that colorful wrestler I saw defeat Hulk Hogan in 1990 at WrestleMania 6. I wondered if he was that same person I screamed and yelled and partied because he had won the then-WWF Championship. I left wondering "who in the world was that"""

Every time someone gave a point of view that contradicted his, that person was stupid and ignorant. Basically his message was "I'm right. The rest of the world is wrong". The fact that every time he referred to gay people he only used the words 'fag' and 'queer', made me sick to my stomach. The fact that the student organization that brought him to UConn had to issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY to the community for Jim Hellwig's comments and remarks said a lot.

The Ultimate Warrior was indeed a wrestling icon. The Ultimate Warrior was an awesome wrestler that knew how to attract the wrestling crowd and keep them behind him 100%. It is obvious that Jim Hellwig is NOT The Ultimate Warrior. In my opinion, Jim Hellwig is The Ultimate Actor and most definitely The Ultimate Hypocrite, because he definitely had ME fooled.
John Austin (Original Author) wrote:
Jose Aguirre and J Spade: First of all, YOU TWO ARE IN NO POSITION TO CRITICIZE ME, because instead of half-assed reading an article trying to find a reason to defend Warrior just because you are fans, like the two of you, I did my research. It seems that all the two of you know is that he was an "amazing talent." I know that is what he USED to be, but nowadays he isn't even a half-decent human being. If you weren't trying so hard to find something wrong with my article, you would have noticed that I said that for 95% his comments, Bobby Heenan was lying on Warrior. However, I saw most of the matches with Warrior and Andre The Giant as well, and you know how they say some things in wrestling hurt regardless of the fact that it is sports-entertainment" Well I saw Warrior take cheap shots on Andre for myself, and Andre retaliate in kind. I also said that Hogan didn't sound like he was completely telling the truth either. But I stick by the fact that Hogan did try to help him over and over again, if for no reason but making money. I have followed "The Wrestler's" career from the time that he wrestled as the "Dingo Warrior" for the Von Erich promotion WCCW, so don't even try to tell me what I know. The things that I criticize the Warrior for at the end of my article are comments that came from HIS OWN MOUTH on his website posts. Ok, so you're big fans of the Warrior and it's hard for you to accept the truth. So was I, and I would have never thought anything of the kind about him until I did an internet search one night to try to find some info on one of my favorite wrestlers, and read some of the nonsense that he posts on there. Now I don't feel the same any more. It's ok, I understand, But it is time to take the posters down and quit pretending to shake ring ropes. "The Wrestler" is a crummy excuse for a human being and couldn't give a damn about the fact that you sit here defending him just for the sole reason of nostalgia. Why don't you two look it up for yourself" I'm not going to give him publicity, because he doesn't deserve it, but if you're smart (which I highly doubt considering your arguments), his site shouldn't be too hard to find.
John Austin (Original Author) wrote:
James Watts: Thank you very much for commenting on my article. It seems that since I have written it, there are some people like yourself who agree that "The Wrestler" is definitely imbalanced, then there are others, whom don't quite know as much as they think, yet assume that I have looked into the subject as much as they have, which obviously in their cases isn't much due to their similar arguments. For example, I noticed one of the people who commented negatively brought up the Self- Destruction DVD, claiming that I got all of my info from it, which is ridiculous, then started going on about Triple H. It's funny, that in my article, I actually did have an sentence in it that was an implication directed toward HHH, but he completely missed it. "Ok, so he was a primadonna backstage, but how many other wrestlers are also guilty of such"" I never said anything about HHH's comments regarding Warrior because it would be impossible for him to have anything BUT a biased view. The beginning of my article was completely in defense of Warrior for the simple fact that "He was an amazing talent" , and because of the "Positives of the man's career", as the people whom needed reasons to disagree quoted. I'll always have a place in my heart for the Ultimate Warrior persona, as I hoped to get across when I talked about the fantasy match-up between Warrior and Yokozuna. As far as the Self-Destruction DVD goes, I can say this: Bobby Heenan lies about everything except the comment about Warrior and Andre coming to blows, and I saw that happen myself from a wrestling match between the two of them that I personally own. The only person that seemed to be telling anything close to the complete truth was Hogan, because if you notice, he was the only guy who wasn't so much attacking Warrior's person, but more so telling a story. I don't believe that Hogan was completely truthful, as I said about his comments regarding the OWN gimmick, and Warrior saying that Hogan never beat him, but even if Hogan wasnt telling the truth, Warrior made it appear that way because because on the posts on his website he retaliated (quite colorfully, I might add) to everyone's comments about him EXCEPT Hogan's. It seems obvious, from what I read on the post that Warrior has on his site that he is indeed guilty of such actions as the "Summerslam Incident". But that is not the issue to me. My problems with "The Wrestler" have to do with the person he represents NOW, not the character he was in the time of his storied career. It's sad to me how this guy who was a hero to so many has become a pariah because of his own ego, among other things. I was a huge fan of Warrior's back in the day, so one day I did an internet search to find out some info about him and I stumbled across his site. I looked around and did the usual "mmm hmm's" around the opening and looked at some of the different definitions of words he had on there. Then I made the mistake of reading his personal posts. In the first one I read, he talked about when he gave a lecture at a college for young republicans and was chastizing them because he said that their ideals didnt follow true to the constitution. he said that everything would be better if society was the way it was back when it was signed, then bragged about berating some of the people who debated him with questions, which included a young woman that he referred to as a "whore", a young man whom he called a "faggot", and others, saying things like that if they met him outside of that auditorium they wouldn't have the guts (not the word he used) to say those things to him because he would beat them up, then bragged about how he keeps himself in shape for his age, finishing that thought off with more name calling and saying that he hoped to run into them somewhere so he could prove it. I read through a few more of his posts, which ranged from his opinions on Bret Hart calling him a "flash in the pan", the one about his thoughts on the Self-Destruction DVD that WWE made which I commented on earlier, and why he never allowed his likeness to appear on any of the Smackdown games and chose to sign up for the Akklaim game "Legends of Wrestling" instead. I specifically mentioned these three posts, because in them Warrior "Tells his side of the story", which I was told that I didn't know, regardless of the fact that his side of the story was what inspired me TO write the article, and more importantly, that I wrote an article about Warrior that loosely quoted "The Wrestler" himself" Once again, thank you for your positive response to my article. It is people's responses, good or bad, which motivates me to keep writing.
J Spade wrote:
John Austin, First of all I am not a fan of the warrior or the nostalgia as you have assumed. I am infact a fan of wrestling and its storied history in this case the accomplishments of the warrior. You claim to have done your reseach back to the beggining of his career as the Dingo warrior (which has been given a mention in the DVD) so as to whether you researched it ... well the jury is out on that one but that is neither here nor there. As for Warrior's diva like personality dont you think hogan would have done the same the only reason is and that everyone knows is that Hogan got his own way all the time and your probably right in saying he gave the okay to warrior at Wrestlemania but Vince is the boss and ultimately it his decision but after that do you think he was treated the same way as Hogan after he took the torch" I dont think so. After all Hogan was the WWE at the time and you had the warrior step up to the plate and beat him at the biggest wrestling event of the year. As for the comments on his website I agree he has taken shots at peaople who didnt desereve it but please dont tell me you havent done that in anger. A person has a right to defend themselves. When they did the DVD they asked warrior if he wanted to get involved and he said no and rightly so why should he allow a company that has sacked him twice make more money out of him and then what does the WWE do" they did it anyway but in a way which makes you wander why he was given the push in the first place, they make it seem like the peak of this mans career was nothing. Now if we take a look at Bret Hart and ask ourselves what would his DVD have been like if he didnt over see the making of it" When the WWE asked warrior to come and give his veiws on the DVD on Byte this he said no and so they got some idiot mimicking him taking the p**s out of him. You have got to remember for every action there is a reaction. Warrior change his name because he wanted the intelectual property rights to the Ultimate Warrior brand so he could make a living for himslef and his family because Vince didnt want to give it up and I cant see any reason for this as he wasnt selling UW mercahndise at the time as he had long gone from the company.
J Spade wrote:
John Austin, your probably right in saying that the warrior doesn't care about my defense but do you think he cares about your article"
J Spade wrote:
* Beating the Honky Tonk Man in 35 secs for the Intercontinental title who had not been beaten for a over a year.

* Holding the belt undefeated until he was screwed by Rick Rude and then beating him to hold a second time.

* Beating Hulk Hogan for the Heavyweight title clean when nobody else could.

* Holding the title for almost a year.

* Multicoloured belts (ok not so much of a highlight but they looked cool)

* Being able to pull of decent matches with limited wrestling skills. (we notice now that the matches were p**s poor but as kids watching him we though it was great)

* Pulling more fans than Hulk hogan did at Wrestlemania 6.

* Showing integrity and pulling off a good match after the Summerslam incident in which he told Vince to give him more money.

* Coming to the aid of Hulk Hogan when he was being attcaked.
John Austin (Original Author) wrote:
Hmm.......For someone whom claims "not to be a fan of the Warrior", You sure are defending the hell out of him lol. "I guess the jury is still out on that," huh" Doesn't being a fan of the past accomplishments of "The Wrestler" fall under the category of nostalgia" You need to let the DVD thing go, but the fact that you keep throwing it in my face shows that you have at least one similar trait to the guy: The whole "You have to be right; hence I have to be wrong" nonsense, at least in that case. They also mentioned the Blade Runner tag team in the Warrior DVD, so does that mean I had to learn about it from the DVD too" By the way, you ever hear of "Iceman" King Parsons" Brickhouse Brown" Their wars in the 80's could be compared to The Rock and HHH's in 2000. Those two were HUGE stars in the WCCW promotion too...... So was Paul Bearer but he was known then as Percy Pringle.... Seems that if there had never been a DVD you would have no defense on that one huh" If I had written this article, say, two or three months before it came out, what could you say then" That I got my hands on a bootlegged copy" Come on man. I watched the DVD once. I don't agree with the DVD. I believe SOME of what Hogan said on it. Everyone else" I can't say the same. They are all kissing ass to make Vince happy. I can definitely agree with Warrior's comment on his blog regarding the DVD where he says that where Vince commented "he couldn't wait to fire him", he actually meant "hire him". The DVD is obviously biased, to say the least. Warrior obviously wasn't the only "primadonna" wrestler, which I have pointed out in everything I have written in the article, my comments to you, etc. I AGREE WITH YOU THERE, OK" You keep defending the man's career, Which I already did in the article, nonetheless. Case in point of the fact that I respect the impact that Warrior had on the business despite the fact that I have no respect for the man "The Wrestler" is: The "Ultimate Warrior" has been either the first or second character that I created on every Smackdown game I ever owned. SO, FOR THE LAST TIME: MY PROBLEM WITH WARRIOR IS THE MAN HE REPRESENTS TODAY, NOT THE CHARACTER WE ALL MISS. I think you are having a problem separating the two, which once again, was the point of my article, to separate them. By the way, What's with the "Highlight Chart" man" Ha ha......And you claim you're not a fan. You are even talking in some context as if wrestling outcomes are not mapped out. (After all Hogan was the WWE at the time and you had the Warrior step up to the plate and beat him at the biggest wrestling event of the year.) IT'S A SCRIPT! lol. Hogan made Warrior because Hogan gave the Go-Ahead for Warrior to get the duke at Wrestlemania VI. It was a perfect set-up, seeing that it was even on April Fool's day. I'm sure that there were tons of wrestlers that McMahon suggested to Hogan that he lose to, and Hogan said NO. This kind of thing to build up other stars and to say, "pass the torch" has been happening since the beginning of wrestling as we know it. Think about the Champs who have been known as "The Man". Gagne and Bockwinkel in AWA, Flair in NWA/WCW, and whom they turned into stars" The thing about Warrior not wanting to do the DVD simply because of Vince is no excuse: Do you actually think that Bret Hart enjoys working with Vince McMahon, especially considering the controversy surrounding the death of his brother" I would be the most shocked person in the world if he still didnt hate Vince's guts, because honestly he has a HELL of a lot more reason to than Warrior ever could. I think that you are right (That's twice lol) about the fact that Bret would have gotten the shaft if he had not done the DVD, but in all honesty I don't think that was ever an issue because I'm sure in Bret's mind he thought........AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS...........THAT THE FANS AND THE BUSINESS MEAN MORE TO HIM THAN HIS PERSONAL ANIMOSITY TOWARD VINCE MCMAHON. Unfortunately for Bret he couldn't do it himself, seeing that all his archives belong to Vince McMahon, so to have the much deserved broadcast and hype of his legacy, he had to deal with the devil himself. I doubt that very many of the "old schoolers" get along with McMahon, But what other choice do they really have" Say what you want about Vince, but he knows what the fans want, and in this case, we wanted an unbiased view of the career of the Warrior. And for the record, I'm sure Vince wasn't too enthralled to work with Warrior either, but just like Bret Hart was with dealing with Vince, and vice versa, remembering that even before the Owen incident that Vince screwed Bret, and Bret retaliated by spitting in his face and later knocking Vince out backstage, they were willing to put that aside to give the fans what they wanted, of course not without giving Vince himself more money in the process as well, but he ended up making a lot of it with the Warrior "mockumentary" too, now didn't he" To answer a question you sent me, Quite honestly, I think if "The Wrestler" read my article for himself, that it would indeed piss him off, and he would turn the air blue cursing my name, because I am another person saying that he is wrong. and he seems to hate that. That counts as caring in my book, case in point that my article pissed you off enough to engage in a week-long debate about it lol. I hope that despite all this, you don't lose sight of the fact that I do appreciate the fact that you have debated me about this because as I wrote, I expected things like this. See" I unlike him, can still be impartial and complementary to you, even though we don't agree with each other. The last time I just flew off the handle just because of something someone said, I WAS A CHILD, unlike "The Wrestler", whom is at least 20 years my senior. I don't let emotions affect my judgement. But I do think that some of your argument has been pointless, because I agree with you about "Ultimate Warrior" being an icon in the business, and leaving an unforgettable impact. It goes back to how he was the first wrestler to have a personalized belt as you pointed out. But that goes back to MY point that it was intended for him to be even bigger than Hogan, and he squandered his own potential and could have been bigger today than he is/was if he had shown self-control, like with the Summerslam incident. Warrior didn't show integrity there, He only wrestled because he got what he wanted after threatening to walk. I think that "The Wrestler" deserves exactly what he got in the DVD because of the fact that he is a selfish bastard and doesn't care about anything but himself. Doesn't mean that the people that ridiculed him are in the right, either cause they are definitely NOT. I think that Vince and Warrior actually have a lot in common, case in point that they both expect the other one to bend to their will. You do however, continue to prove that you are a Warrior fan through and through because your opinion sticks to his side of the story, and you brought up his highlights and memorable moments, so let me ask you this: If you had some control over the dealings between "The Wrestler" and "The Vince", what outcome would you have had happen" I bet the same as mine, That the DVD would have came out as it was originally intended, and Warrior would be at the Hall of Fame Ceremony April 1st. You can't deny that.
Sean Spears wrote: Spade, let's look at you defense of The "Wrestler"

First there's beating HTM in 35 seconds for the IC belt HTM had held for over a year...HTM though entertaining in a twisted and weird way, was one of the worst IC Champ in history and "Wrestler" wasn't but a step ahead.

Ok Wrestler was undefeated as champ till Rude cheated him outta the belt. So far you're one and one.

Beating Hogan when noone else could....think of who Hogan wrestled and think bout that again. He hid from The Dragon for years.

Wrestler did hold the belt almost a year. Can't say much to that as I really don't remember him defending it much. Then he lost to Sgt. Slaughter...and at that stage of Sarge's career, not a good thing. *Note Mach did help Sarge win.

Multicolored belts...while not a great milestone, they were cool as hell!!

Decent matches without wrestling skill....that's a matter of opinion. I have seen worse and seen better. Hell, I've seen a Masterpeice match so that's a toss up.

Out drawing Hogan @ WMVI....Again true. Hogan was on a downslide.

He showed integrity""" He threated to noshow if he didn't get the cash he wanted!!!

Saving Hogan from Shango and Sid....Well, it was a way to come back to the big time and....he still blew it.

Now, while I think that it is a breath of fresh air that there is someone that will defend The Wres...(Look in order to call someone "The Wrestler" shouldn't the guy actually be able to wrestle" So let's just call him Jim.)Jim. And while I don't agree with all that you said, I think that you thought it through and this was still worth the read.

And for the author, just cuz Spade didn't agree dosen't give him any less right to express hiz opinion. My ex would have had your head for dissing Jim. Hell, she used to get mad @ me for doing it and she loved me!!!
WVCheerJR wrote:
I'm honestly not trying to be confrontational here which is why I'm asking a legitimate question. I personally have never been a fan of The Ultimate Warrior so I have not visited his site nor watched his DVD. But did you just go political and say that all conservatives stand for racism and sexism or (as I said i have not visited Warriors site) these just two things that he himself PERSONALLY seems to stand for"
Marla R. wrote:
I was scanning the headlines, a monthly practice I have here on OWW, and I came across an article written by a Mr Austin about the Ultimate Warrior. To Mr Austin, I say Bravo. Finally someone who isn't afraid to state the truth. What I didn't see in that article, or any of the responses to that article was what background the author used to write his opinion. I have visited "The Wrestler formerly..." site, and read his babble. Yes. This is a man obsessed, a man on a mission, a man with a HUGE ego, a man, in my opinion, who needs ALOT of professional help, or at least a good a$$ kicking.

Back "in the day", when I watched wrestling in it's prime TWFKA.. was an outstanding talent. Legendary matches were as frequent with him as with Flair, Hogan and the like. Back in the "prime of wrestling" he was DEFIANTLY a force to be reckoned with.

AND THEN..... as it does with alot of greatly talented people, his ego got the better of him, only in his case, I think brain damage occurred. As I have said, I've visited his site, and read his ramblings, alot of which still hold MAJOR grudges from his past. I say if Bret Hart can get over his grudge and I'm not saying that I condone holding a grudge, or that Bret is more worthy, but his grudge at least made more sense than TWFKA. I would think, after all these years, that TWFKA would have taken to the phrase "just let it go!" But he hasn't

As for being a Hypocrite, He is. Perhaps the phrase "Hypocritical Bigot" would fit him much better. I am also a "former" fan.. I loved watching a match with Ultimate Warrior against anyone. He made matches. He was a phenomenal talent, with one of the best physiques of the day in wrestling. He could probably even hold his own and dominate today's wrestling talents, with a few personal exceptions.

I just think it's a shame to see such talent squandered into what he has become. At least Hogan still has some integrity with hard core fans. I don't know very many fans that would disagree with me. I have alot of old school fans that I am friends with, and we all agree that the man has for all intents and purposes KILLED the Ultimate Warrior. that's all I have to say 0-----0 Just My Opinion

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