Divine Intervention Vs. Wrestling God
May 9, 2006 by Johnny C.

Judgment Day is right around the corner, and it should be very interesting to see. SmackDown is hosting this PPV, which is usually a solid show. Last year John Cena destroyed JBL in an "I Quit" match. The year before, JBL and Eddie Guerrero fought in a brutal bloodbath. In 2003, Brock Lesnar defeated Big Show in a huge "Stretcher" match. As you can see, every year the main events are gruesome and punishing. This year, however, that doesn't appear to be the case.

Rey Mysterio is scheduled to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the challenger, John Bradshaw Layfield. I believe that Rey Mysterio is a fantastic wrestler. He can get all kinds of fans to love him. Little kids think his mask is cool. Teenagers appreciate the underdog ability. Older people admire his amazing athleticism. He sure knows how to draw fans. Rey is a gifted wrestler, but he is a targeted champion. His height and weight will always be his disadvantage. Plus, injuries should hamper his career pretty soon, with all of his crazy moves. His popularity should keep him around for a while, as fans constantly cheer for him.

However, I can't seriously take him as a champion. He managed to win the Royal Rumble, but so has old Vinnie Mac. Rey pinned Randy Orton in a relatively short Triple Threat match to win the World Heavyweight Championship. His title defenses are pretty pathetic. His only credible win was a singles match against Orton. Then, he thought he could beat Kurt Angle one-on-one. That night would have been his last title defense, because Angle had that "jumping bean" locked in the dangerous Ankle Lock. If not for that giant "Milkdud," Mark Henry, then Mysterio would have tapped out to Angle. Rey's Championship reign is on borrowed time.

Now that the "Wrestling Machine" has been injured by Mark Henry, and that Randy Orton has been suspended for "inappropriate conduct," Rey is clear of two threatening challengers. Undertaker is feuding with the Great Khali and most of the mid-card is competing in the King of the Ring tournament. That leaves Rey with no competition, except for a certain "wrestling god."

JBL has been left out of the title picture for quite a while. He has feuded with mid-card wrestlers and helped establish new stars. He also managed to win his 1st United States Championship. JBL has been keeping a distant eye on the World Heavyweight Championship, and now he's ready to attack. JBL is without a doubt the greatest WWE Champion that SmackDown has ever seen. His style of wrestling is real, and his promos are natural. The people boo and despise him, because he does his job well. He is a great heel in every sense of the word. The stock market knows his expertise, and he knows his wrestling expertise. I am always captivated by his presence, whenever he comes out. Plus, the "Texas Two-Step" is just hilarious.

At Judgment Day, there will be many guarantees. WWE will guarantee a great PPV. I will guarantee that $35 is too much money to watch Taker carry The Great Kalhi through a horrible match. Rey will guarantee he will give it his all, but JBL will guarantee a dominant victory and a massive celebration. SmackDown is desperate, and so is Mysterio. Just like when Eddie Guerrero was the Champion and the pressure was too much, the same will be in store for Mysterio. And just like Eddie, Rey will lose to the "wrestling god" and new World Heavyweight Champion, JBL!

I hope you enjoyed my column. This is just the beginning of a new era in wrestling journalism. Meltzer better watch out!

"Remember; don't believe everything you read, unless I wrote it!"

By Johnny C.

Jon Rosaler wrote:
Johnny, I couldn't agree more. Smackdown is losing more and more superstars by the day. I think it was racist you called Henry a Milk Dude, he will hunt and destroy you if he ever reads this.

Every World Heavyweight Champion since 2002 has only won it once, except HHH. When Rey loses to Bradshaw, who's next" Batista" Lashley" Mr.Kennedy (face turn)" Chris Benoit" Undertaker" Not Chavo, cause they want him to allign with JBL and once again become Kerwin White and get awarded the US Title, kinda similar to when Jeff Jarrett gave Mark Henry the European title. JBL vs. Rey Mysterio will be terrible in my opinion. Rey has yet to win a Smackdown PPV since GAB. JBL has won SD! ppv's since GAB. Smackdown has two hopes at this point:: The HARDYZ! or Test. Brock Lesnar should have resigned.

Raw's main eventers are no different. Triple H and Shawn Micheals are scehduled to take some time off this Summer, Mick Foley has turned heel, probably prior to ECW, and Kane,Rob Van Dam, and Carlito are the only main event faces suitable. I can see it Now. Spirit Squad vs. DX, the night before Raw's main events become no different to Smackdown! main events. Sad to see why TNA,CZW and ROH will be 3 promotions leading to WWE's demise. I better get KFC for that day.
Chi Chi Cardiel wrote:
could your article be anymore racist " and i quote: "because Angle had that "jumping bean" locked in the dangerous Ankle Lock. If not for that giant "Milkdud," Mark Henry, then Mysterio would have tapped out to the ankle lock."

this is wrestlin dude...NOT A MINUTEMAN SHOOTIN or a KKK meeting....stick with their names not their racist nicknames.and wow..your a JBL fan...who is constently using that racist shit too...i dont believe he liked eddie for ONE MINUTE...with his crocodile tears.....I WOULD BOO your ass like REAL fans boo john cena..if u got any problem wit me EMAIL ME ..I DAREEE you [email protected] ...

"I hope you enjoyed my column. This is just the beginning of a new era in wrestling journalism. Meltzer better watch out!"

Kevin Trainham wrote:
Giant milk dud, thats classic! I agree that JBL will win the belt. Your column was right on point.However, wouldnt it be great to see Rey Rey take on RVD at One Night Stand instead of JBL" I guess we will see what happens. Great column, take care.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
Hey Johnny, dont quote me on this, but according to some other wrestling insider sources, Kurt Angle's "injury" is a work and creative is finally going to make him a legitimate face in a few months. If this is true, then I think its a great idea 'cause I think they should hold off on making Kurt champion 'cause that will build him up that much more, plus it keep fans tuning in to see what unfolds. If they put the belt on him too quickly, people would possibly get tired of him 'cause he will have a lengthy title run with no serious contenders. I like John Cena, but its time for him to hand the belt over, he should have done it a long time ago, and I dont want my favorite WWE wrestler to be put in this position. Kurt will be champion, and he wont be a stale champion, so just hold your horses and stay tuned. Oh yeah, be on the lookout for Angle vs. my favorite newcomer ...... Mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennedy. He is the main-eventer of the future and could possibly dethrone Kurt Angle. Bobby Lashley will also be pushed hard, so you see, even if Kurt was really injured, it may turn out to be a good thing 'cause it builds anticipation for his return and gives some of the future stars like Lashley a chance to be pushed hard. I think its very respectable when an older guy steps aside to allow some of the younger guys time to shine, although Booker T and Benoit may be in the mix also. Im not a big Mark Henry fan, but Im glad that he is at least being used for something besides collecting a check, and he is actually having a pretty decent run as "monster" heel. So what if he's not a great wrestler, neither is Khali, but you need those destroyer-type guys that beat up the little people and build up the faces. JBL needs the belt 'cause he is the top heel on Smachdown and his heat will build up a face Kurt Angle for a title run. Rey will go back to being the greatest cruiserweight of all time, Lashley will be U.S. champ soon, and Finlay will still be a fightin' irish bastard!
Linklatter SG wrote:
"His style of wrestling is real, and his promos are natural. The people boo and despise him, because he does his job well." Well that makes me laugh. He is the most boring wrestler I can ever remember. (I have been watching wrestling on and off since before Wreatlemanias had numbers.) His promos are boring, his matches are boring JBL is what is wrong with SmackDown. JBL adds nothing to the program. Whenever he comes on, unless I like his opponent, I channel surf. I truly hope he doesn't win as much as I agree having Rey as "Heavyweight" Champion is a misnomer.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Chi Chi, I don't like you, "Real Fans Boo John Cena" You know how long I've been sick of hearing that" For godssake, Cena CAN wrestled and Real fans boo him for a reason, not for pleasure. You critized my column, calling me a 12 year old, I will never like you, but I am glad you agree with me on JBL, Nothing would make me more happy to see Lashley Crush JBL at the Great American Bash when he wins the KOR tournament. I will bring KFC for that day,too.

I still agree with you on other things, Johnny C, just not The Wrestling God.
Jason Ryan wrote:
i agree i hope jbl beats the masked termite.i hope rey just goes back to the mid-card and staya there he should never have been world champ
Peter Sawyer wrote:
Rey Mysterio is a jumping bean! He's a livewire, a human spring! I love him, he's sensational, but JBL is gonna squash him. Mysterio doesn't have a prayer unless JBL breaks his legs before Judgement Day. That ain't gonna happen. JBL is new Champ. As for the US title, I think JBL should lose it before Judgement Day. Maybe Lashley or Finlay could take it- Finlay could cheat to win, Lashley I think has the power and raw ability to win by himself. A previous column called Lashley a new Goldberg- all hype. Lashley could smash Goldberg and he could mince JBL.
Spiro K. wrote:
I rarely comment on these articles but I just had to give a piece of my mind about your article. First of all this is the most one sided article I have ever read. Did JBL pay you to write this" You believe his hype way too much my friend. He is not a good wrestler and he is just an idiot on the microphone shooting on everything and everyone. Now I haven't watched Smackdown in a long time. (I stopped watching after he became WWE champion) Every time JBL is on TV people should turn the channel. That's what I did. People don't hate him because he is good at what he does. People hate him because he is an idiot and they want him to go away. Now as for Rey Mysterio, he can't even make the weight limit to compete for the title so why should anyone care about him being champion. Why are the rules only there when it's convenient for them"

ps. Rey is not going to lose to JBL and their match is going to be horrible, same as the rest of the ppv.

pps. you must be the biggest WWE mark on this site
Ian James W. wrote:
JBL is basically a 3rd rate heel brawler. Even Cena can brawl better than JBL. Anyway, I think JBL vs Rey is gonna be a beatdown session for the ages. It's the masked midget with crazy aerial moves vs a fat titted rich dude who punches like a sissy. Khali vs Taker might be horrible, but it might be better than the main event. Besides, Rey only became champion because Eddie died. That's the truth. Had Eddie not passed away, Rey would be stuck in the midcard feuding either for the US or tag titles. WWE is also going racial on him. Yeah, he won the Rumble, but he wasn't in the main event. Just the 2nd to the last match. The ff. are the only ones on the SD roster left to contend for the WHC: -- Undertaker -- Chris Benoit -- Booker T -- Finlay --
David Marshall wrote:
Alright, lets cover some points here. First Racism....That's not cool. Vince McMahon won the Rumble, but was not in it for most of the match. Lets see him go over an hour to win. JBL's style of wrestling is real""" He just brawls, and sucks at it. He made his Wrestlemanina match against Chris Benoit look like crap, which is hard to do. Jon, you wrote that "Cena CAN wrestled" Spell check, please. Cena might be able to wrestle, but since he won that WWE title, his matches have gone to hell. He has 5 move matches. The only reason I think JBL might win is because Rey's knee needs surgery, and this will give him a chance to drop the title, then come back for it again.

Kurt's rib "injury" was worked, but he was hurt. It was his neck that was giving him problems again, so they took him off to give him some rest.



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