The Rock Says When
May 5, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

Ok, so WWE has decided to get the up-to-date on The Great One's film projects. If The Rock does return, he says he would want a feud with current World Champion, Rey Mysterio. He says to the fans to not ever think he will never return. He has a point. Look at Bret Hart, he came back after almost 10 years (even if it was just for one night). Fans these days do not talk about Rocky as much as they used to ,but why" What makes our 9-time World Champion less time worth the talk" He says he will show up when least expected. Can we really trust Dwayne Johnson, especially with 4 or 5 movies coming out"

The Rock's first feature length film was the The Mummy Returns in 2001 and that built up to Rocky's spin-off playing the same character, The Scorpion King. To be honest, I really like The Rock and not seeing him after two years makes not just me, but anyone, worth the patience. The reason Dwayne Johnson hasn't come to WWE in two years is because even when he's not busy on camera, he still needs to take care of "business". I remember he was at the Spike TV video game awards, leading some controversy seeing long time friend, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles of TNA. The Rock is not in contract with WWE, so there wasn't really much of a twist in that sense (plus, WWE and TNA stars see each other all the time).

The fact that he is making video game shooting movies makes us realize whether he's a wrestler or an actor or whatever, IT DOESN'T MATTER! He is not just the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, but entertainment alone! Look at him, the way Dwayne Johnson has established his career. Football player, wrestler, actor, singer - name it and he has proven to be simply 'The Great One', 'The People's Champ', 'The Rock'.

In the past few months, Johnson has avoided questions about the WWE. I think it's because we have not seen The Rock since the 2004 RAW Diva search and a lot has changed since then, we've even seen Rob Schneider more than Rocky. The Rock is pretty much more technical than Stone Cold Steve Austin or Triple H.

Whether he comes back to WWE or not in the near future, we know one thing. When it comes to marks and jabroni's, you can smell what The Rock is cookin'.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Future WWE Hall of Famer, former World Champion, in the eyes of millions and millions of Rocky fans. One thing is certain, whatever happens, it's been nice have an icon following in the footsteps like Sting, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels (who he hates), Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista and even John Cena.

by Jon Rosaler..

Christopher Powers wrote:
I don't mean to flam at you Jon, but there's a problem with your list of icons at the end there. You listed true icons in Bret Hart, Michaels, Hogan, Sting, etc. But you put Batista, John Cena, and Randy Orton in that list.

Batista- He's good, He'll be great, but never an icon. He's a modern day Kevin nash with more appeal to the fans. But an icon he won't be.

John Cena- Please! Can you not see the fans turning on him. He's got potential, but he's doomed to the WWE's ideas. At best he's an upper mid-carder, not a WWE champ, and hardly an icon.

Randy Orton- He has all the potential in the world. If he'd smarten up, there's no limits as to what he could do. He's already on a good track match wise, but his personal life is getting in the way. He will be an icon one day, only if he gets better and gets some brains.
ChiChi Cardiel wrote:
This was a poor article, you actually said the Rock has more In Ring abilty than Stone Cold" and Triple h" this is just proving your a newbie...and saying that the rock is following the footsteps of..hbk,bret hart,stone cold,hogan OK..yeah maybe, BUT BATISTA"" JOHN CENA"" AND RANDY ORTON """" HOW OLD ARE YOU!"!"!" ARE YOU 12""" YOU SAY THE ROCK IS THE GREATEST AND YOUR SAYING JOHN CENA(HELLLL NO) IS BETTER THAN THE ROCK" AND BATISTA"""" KID, DO YOUR HOMEWORK PLEASEEEE. AND ONLY YOUUUU WOULD SEE THE SPIKE GAMES AWARDS....PROVING ONCE AGAIN HOW MUCH OF A PUNK KID YOU ARE...AND IM OUT
Jon Rosaler (Original Author) wrote:
Yes, there's a little confusion to why I added Randy Orton,Batista and John Cena. I meant The Rock is a Part of that list of Superstars that have made a legacy of themselves. I did not mean that The Rock comes after RKO,Cena, and The Animal. So, to all those wondering why I put those 3 on there, this is it. By the way, this is my first Column.
Ricky wrote:
Well i do have my reservations on the guy calling John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton as legends. Well come on, we all know that they are jus a new crop of wrestlers and they need to go a long way to prove their class and calibre. Though all of them have the potential to make it big but you cant keep 'em in the class of some of the greatests like Hulk hHgan, Bret Hart and Sting. Well Triple H and Chris Benoit might fit in that class better or definitely Kurt Angle but putting the newbies like Orton, Cena and Batista is simply not intelligence.
Charlie Eccles wrote:
First of all, chi chi is about the dumbest name I've ever heard of. Secondly, it was poorly written kid. The article has great potential, just saying that The Rock is great isn't going to convince punks like chi chi that he is. Support your facts, and tell us why you think he's so great. And last, don't call the newer guys like John Cena, Batista and Orton icons of this business, they need to earn their spot as an icon just like everybody else and frankly they haven't.
ChiChi Cardiel wrote:
Charlie think your one of those OLD SCHOOL fans who think they can enlighten us with your history or trying to give tips"" please...your just another old Mark who remembers the good old days of andre the giant and hogan...please..spare me your little remarks like..ChiChi is the dumbest name...and u say im a punk...old fool ...go use some viagra...its apparent your on that guys nuts fagget.
Charlie Eccles wrote:
First of all, im 18 years old and could teach you things about wrestling that would send you for a spin and make your body chong hit up rehab. If you want to down someone, get this, I had a column accepted about freakin' Shane McMahon. I've never read one of your columns and if I did, it was worse than this column. Get a life, and get your facts straight, OWW rules, and I'm surprised they let a little punk like you post comments. And Jon, if you need some help with your next column, shoot me an email.
Mr. Chris wrote:
the rock says.... hmm.... my name is chris i've been hooked on wrestling for seems like ever i remember watching wrestlemania 1 all the way to wrestlemania 23 and i've enjoyed all era's sure it does get stale and we do get tired of seeing vince drop his pants or his rants on god but still there's reasons we still tune in for me its triple h he's not a legend or an icon but he is the game he puts 110 percent each time he goes to the ring whether its in a match or on the mic the king of kings keeps it interesting and always delivers another great reason i tune in is actually for the women trish stratus is by far one of the best female wrestlers today she's got it all and so does her nemesis mickie james there skillful and crafty in the ring and on the mic but too say there legends or icons no perhaps someday trish will be honored in the hall of fame this brings me to the rock yes indeed he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment and is truly an icon with that said it brings me to the showstoppa shawn michaels he is truly gifted in the ring has awesome mic skills sells perfectly but to say he's a legend or an icon when he's still in the business is absurd im not saying he's great cause he is , he is the show stopper but icon not yet this brings me to the man who changed wrestling brought in the attitude era was the the supposed to be heel got the most cheers from a crowd had great mic skill was a roughneck in the ring he defied all and stood second to no one he is an icon of that era he is stone cold steve austin , there are so many others i could list including bret heart icon indeed but to say or even consider john cena, batista,or randy orton as legends is funny but we all have our thoughts and with our three I's integrity,intensity,and intelligence we'll put forward another day .... thanks for reading and hoped you enjoyed sincerely
Jon Rosaler (Original Author) wrote:
Thank You, Everyone for writing to my first column. I don't come up with many things to say, but I try anyway. Wrestling is more than entertainment, it's a way of life. This column is the first of a bunch to come in the near future. I hope that next next one will be better. Everyone of you is a true Wrestling in your hearts and in your minds. Whether the outcome


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