We Have Alpha, But Where's Omega"
June 23, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

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Hey, OWW guys and girls. Summer is finally here. I apologize for writing my next column so early, it must be my ego. Anyway, back to summer, for most of you it's the summer of love, but not for me, I'm the type who's never had a girlfriend without a conspiracy in the mix.

My problems getting dumped are not as bad as a certain man, Matt FN Hardy. Sure, he's seeing Ashley right now, but I never dated a girl for six years, just six months to a year. I mean, nobody knows how Jeff is doing with his love life. When Matt was running OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts), he was a chick magnet. Matt, Jeff, Shannon and Gregory were a team that never existed in the WWE. Matt Hardy teamed with Shannon Moore and the late Crash Holly, but It was not that popular. OMEGA had guys like Lita, Christian York and Joey Matthews (Mercury). Hardy was only 22 years old and already running a business with his brother. He even managed to become OMEGA champion as well as his brother. Let's see how the Hardy Boyz are doing from past to present, then in part 2, I'll get to Helms and Moore.

Matt Hardy- They say he was "The Savior of Kayfabe". Matt and Jeff were inspired by just watching wrestling and they would do unbelievable stuff. the Hardy brothers started in WWF/E in 1995 as jobbers. Hardy did manage to face guys like Nikolai Volkoff, Triple H, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. After 2 years of training at the WWF dojo, the brothers finally returned after a year, training under Dory Funk Jr., they won the Tag Team titles beating Edge and Christian.

For a time, they were managed by the likes of Gangrel (due to being betrayed by the brood) and former Free bird, Michael Hayes. In 2000, they got a new manager, Lita, and team extreme was born. Together, the three won The Tag Team Titles, Hardcore, Intercontinental, The Women's title, and the European title. The trio split up in 2002 after Matt feuded with Jeff and Matt went over to SmackDown to beat Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight title in 2003. He was the ultimate CW Heel on SmackDown! After a year on The "B" show, he returned to RAW to be with Lita. In the middle of 2004, Kane started "stalking" Lita and got her pregnant. Kane defeated Hardy at Summerslam to "marry" Lita. Hardy attempted to save Lita, but Kane Power-bombed V1 through a table, putting him out for a year.

In February 2005, Internet rumors started spreading about Adam "Edge" Copeland and Amy "Lita" Dumas. I was surprised, especially after seeing that picture of Matt and Lita bathing together (It makes me wonder if he and Ash would do that, I mean, Ash actually was in Playboy). Well, this outside love triangle got so personal the WWE had no choice but to release Matt Hardy in on April 12, 2005. Hardy started putting up posts on his website, and his phrase "I Will Not Die" as well as V2 was born. Hardy started working Indy shows including ROH and dated some girl named Lori. The world was shocked on the July, 11th edition of RAW when Matt Hardy attacked Edge before his match and then he ran away. He returned after the match and grabbed a mic saying WWE can kiss his ass. I was really marking when that happened. He was resigned to put on a feud with Edge. In the end, Hardy lost a ladder match and left RAW and went back on SmackDown to help ratings up (well, that won't do any good now).

During October, Hardy revealed in an interview he and WWE RAW Diva Search winner, Ashley Massaro, were seeing each other (well, sort of, it's hard to say yes after a long relationship). Matt Hardy's website got cut and he formed were he puts on online reality shows. In January, 2006, Gregory Helms moved to SD! Makes sense and WWE resigned Shannon Moore. These three were close while working in OMEGA, especially, Shannon and Gregory while working in WCW as the backseat boys with Karagias. Mercury is in rehab, so I don't expect much out of him. If WWE resigns the next person I'm getting too, Jeff Hardy, OMEGA powers unite!

Matt Hardy's best story telling match of all time: Matt Hardy vs. Paul London; Velocity 2003 (real shame Velocity is gone)

Jeff Hardy- The Charismatic Enigma we all know in TNA. This man had not only terrific tag team match, but terrific singles matches as well. I remember an article on the greatest match of all time was Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker in a Ladder match. I disagree Undertaker did not have the skills for a ladder match Jeff could have won easily. RVD beat taker for the hardcore title in 2001 in a hardcore match, but Taker beat Hardy in a Ladder match" That's bogus (IMO). I think the biggest upset win was when Hardy beat Triple H for the Intercontinental championship. It only lasted 4 days, but I still think HHH got screwed.

Jeff was released from WWE in 2003 after using drugs. One year later, he signed to TNA and faced AJ Styles for the X-Division title in his debut match. I guess now that RVD is the WWE/ECW Champion, I think Jeff Hardy is the best to never hold a TV World title. Jeff Hardy is a much more superior wrestler than Matt. Jeff won more Hardcore gold than him. He won the Light Heavyweight title while Matt won the Cruiserweight title. Jeff Hardy got more World Title shots than Matt. He got a chance against the Undertaker in 2002, and another chance against Jeff Jarrett in 2005.

Jeff Hardy was getting more recognized with his main event push he got in TNA. He was a fan favorite until he missed his flight twice. It's too bad we never got the chance to see Shannon Moore vs. Jeff Hardy in TNA. We got the chance in UWF, but it isn't the same. Now, WWE is reconsidering bringing Jeff Hardy back along with TNA reconsidering him. If he rejoins, will he be on RAW, ECW, or SmackDown" If he went on SmackDown, I have to tell you, Matt, Shannon, Jeff and Gregory would be awesome. OMEGA is not ECW material. Jeff Hardy's swan ton bomb has been pretty famous since WM 2000 (or 17) when he swan toned off the ladder onto the table of Bubba-Ray. Jeff has more potential in TLC matches than any other match he has come across. I mean, sure, him and Matt almost never win ladder matches and I know they are not going to be money making Vince or Dixie's machines like John Cena or Christian Cage, but they are no doubt fan favorites. What makes Jeff different than Matt is not just his style, but his personality. I mean, c'mon people, when was the last time you've seen Jeff angry" Matt was always angry. But Jeff always cared of putting himself to the max like he was some Anime character. I guess it wasn't always Jeff that got him to wear he is, It's was his attitude, like in his theme song, he will always be to the top.

Jeff Hardy's best story telling match of all time: RVD vs. Jeff Hardy for the hardcore title in a ladder match; Invasion 2001

Thank you for reading everyone. I hope I don't get a lot of negative feedback. If so, I will make my statements on Shannon Moore and Shane Helms more complex.

Remember everyone, when it comes to do or die situations, the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA) WILL NOT DIE!!!

In conclusion, I know this has nothing to do with OMEGA, but it's not the promotion alone, it's the people who started off there that matters.

by Jon Rosaler..

Dartagan67 wrote:
Well Matt is doin his solo thing on smackdown. He still has certain if not equal amont of charisma like his bro Jeff; just not as big currently on WWE. With Jeff on the other hand; he became big in TNA because of his past history wit h the WWE. He just need to makeup his mind & recaputure his passion for the business. For more details read the following column "Crybabies, Punks & Losers" of what was going on with Jeff Hardy. Don't get me wrong; I'm a fan of the Hardy Boys & Jeff included. Like I said it's up to him to get over his hangups & ask himself: How he want to be portrayed within the wrestling community. Espaecially with his fans.
Jesse Lee wrote:
I just have one thing to pick your brain about at the end of your column. You say Jeff Hardy's best story-telling match was against RVD in a ladder match. While it was certainly good, I have to say that him vs. Undertaker on RAW in a ladder match was his best. Sure, he didn't win. So what if Undertaker "wouldn't job to Hardy"" (Which is a different story.)

The reason I believe his match with Undertaker is his best is quite simple, everyone I've spoken to (being about five or six, including myself) screamed and yelled at the TV, cheering for Hardy to win. I could tell by the chatrooms on the Internet that we weren't the only ones.

Jeff's match with RVD may have been awesome for spots, but his match with 'Taker told a much better story through drama and anticipation.
Pedro Guiterra wrote:
When you responded to Graham Kilday's article not too long ago, you said Matt Hardy doesn't rule, the Hardy Boyz do. Yet, you make it sound like Jeff was the best Hardy. Although he probably is, you shouldn't say you like the Hardy Boyz if you only like Jeff.
Lance Crucifix wrote:
Are you serious!"!"! Jeff Hardy pales in comparison to Matt Hardy, when it come down to putting on a scientific match. Anybody with half a brain(Or in this case, no brain) Can jump off of a ladder and do a front flip. Jeff Hardy cannot wrestle, I don't think I've ever seen Jeff lock in a submission move, outside of a sleeper. Being ballsy dosn't make you a good wrestler, it get's you cheap heat, and in tag wrestling, it makes you a glory hog. That is why They where more pron to fire Jeff for the drugs, rather than send him to a rehab(Like the very talented Joey Matthews).Case in point, MAtt is a way better wrestler.
Heather wrote:
I think it is very easy to overrate Jeff and Matt Hardy yet I think they get underrated more and more than they do overrated. I can't emphasize enough on how long it takes to learn or exactly how exact and in shape you have to be to take a bump off of ladders like that. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be saying it's no brainer to fall off a ladder and avoid the major bodily injury that can occur. The human body is not meant to be thrown of to dive off a ladder around 12-16 feet in the air and come crashing down with all your weight. It just simply is not.

As a physician I will tell you that if people without the extreme training and work that those two probably went through, attempted to just jump from a ladder, even around 6 feet, they have a high probability of snapping ankles, jamming knees, and destroying their spinal cord. Now add about 10 feet to that, which increases the risk, add falling on your back, which could do so much damage it isn't even right, and finally add in the actual height that those two jump off at. You think a 16 foot ladder plus the extra 4 feet of the ring, gives you about 20 feet total. Then it's optional, but add in the awkward falling positions that they endure.

The fact they both aren't in wheelchairs now shows just how much they actually do think and actually have to think on the scientific part. Why do you think that moves through tables weren't done in the past" It wasn't because it wasn't customary; it was because of how dangerous it really is to come off from such a high place. As human beings we are capable of flying in air planes and sky diving, but all of those things are assisted. The human body wasn't meant to wrestle nor was it meant to come off of a ladder. It was made to endure those accidents and people have survived free falling from around 1000 feet and have survived and people do survive serious back injury, but those are accidental, think of the ability and nerve to throw yourself off of a such a high place and endure a front flip through the air and through a table at nearly 20 feet. I'd like to see you do it if you think it is so easy and isn't nothing. Chances are you'd break your entire spinal cord.
TatsnTees wrote:
One thing that gets me, not just about your column but among some wrestling fans is that you all believe that Jeff Hardy is one of the best to never hold a World Title. What makes him deserving of that honor" I mean, yes, there have been champions that didn't deserve the belt either, but we all see them as being mistakes. Jeff Hardy was well on his way to be coming something big. He was getting a major push and while he did get beat by the Undertaker, it was in a way that showed Jeff's heart. But why give a man that can't (or won't) stop using drugs. he ruined is own push and lost the heart he once had to wrestle. Then whatever big pushes he was getting from TNA and other organizations, he ruined that by no-shows and lack-luster matches. I am a Jeff fan, but Matt is far better the superior wrestler. While he isn't getting that big of a push on smackdown, I still actually sit and watch any match that he is in simply because he loves the business and has passion (something Jeff lost years ago). I would rather watch wrestlers that have heart (the majority of TNA and ROH wrestlers) then ones that can paint himself in fluorescent colors and takes sick bumps. I think his time has passed and even if he found the love from wrestling again, fans would not receive him as a top-notch wrestler anymore. Now, I don't want a lot of Jeff Hardy fans, getting on me, like I said, I am a fan of his but if think about the word passion, can you put Jeff's name is the same sentence as that word"
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Ok, a few things to clear up. Well, Pedro, It's true, I did say Matt doesn't rule, but I don't think he sucks or that Jeff is better than him. I said Jeff has more abilility and charisma than him. I am a fan of Matt, but Kilday thinks he is better than Cena. He probably is, but if Matt got that much heat at ONS (which he wouldn't) Matt wouldn't avoid it like Cena

Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy, Jesse, was a Jack and The Beanstalk match. It was a good example for Jeff's charisma, but it's not exactly as the story goes.

Just to let everyone know this is Part 1, Part 2 will be about Shannon Moore and Shane Helms of 3 count, continue to write as you will.
Mark Chalmers wrote:
First, I really enjoyed the article. It's always a great read when the topic concerns wrestlers who are not recognized as much or as often as they should be. But I must say, when writing a column, facts should be always be researched, even if you are definitely, 100% sure you know the answer, it doesn't hurt to check. Nothing will destroy an author's credibility more than false facts. Even the most minor will have an audience doubt the author's true knowledge of the subject at hand. I am a journalist, trust me; I know.

Invasion 2001 saw Jeff Hardy face RVD in a regular hardcore title match, not a ladder match. That ladder match took place at Summerslam that same year. Matt and Jeff did not feud before Matt left for Smackdown!. Yes, they had a falling out before the 2002 Royal Rumble, but if you recall, Jeff Hardy faced RVD in a number one contender's match to face Chris Benoit for the IC title at Summerslam on the August 12th edition of RAW. Prior to the match, Eric Bischoff flipped a coin to see whether Matt or Jeff would face RVD. Jeff won the coin toss, but not the match due to Matt's interference. Matt then showed up three days later on Smackdown! So, there really was no feud. Also, Matt and Jeff were not managed by Gangrel. He was the leader of the New Brood, but not a manager. Also, you neglected to mention the Terri Invitational from No Mercy in 1999 where the Hardy Boyz won the rights to the managerial services of Terri.

I am not trying to be rude or put down your article by any means. I thought it was a great piece, but facts in wrestling are like stats in baseball: they mean everything.
AndyCno7 wrote:
I feel the comments about Jeff Hardy are true what a nutter I mean he had it all WWE helping him, Was getting title matchies and everything and so he decides to take drugs" whats that all about. I think Jeff needs to have a long hard look at him self and figure out what he wants to achive now that the WWE have kicked him out. I know he is on TNA but i watched his 1st match and Aj was miles better than him he looked quick and on the ball unlike Jeff but I have to give it 2 him for His lockdown performance Against Raven he was actully trying u could just tell he was.

And about the comment about him only knowing 5 moves JEFF knows plenty of moves But he dosn't know when to use them! he just needs shown when!

About the Drugs Jeff was stupid enough to do drugs but Ive heard wwe have offered him a contract which begins after this summer in 2006 and that they will take him back if he cleans up his act which (I am told) HE IS ACTULLY DOING!


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