We Have Alpha, But Where's Omega" (Pt 2)
July 18, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

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In part 1 of this, I was taking us back to the days of the Hardy Boyz. They have an idea for a Hardy Boyz reunion. What I don't understand is why they put Shannon Moore in ECW" It would have been great to see Gregory Helms longest reign end to his former OMEGA partner and they could have their own OMEGA reunion. The history these two have together - tag team champions, 3 Count. I'm going to do something a little different with Moore and Helms, they don't have much of story telling matches, but they have had big breaks, which I will get to momentarily.

Shannon Moore:
This is the only member of OMEGA that has never held a WWE title and they are misusing him again by putting him in ECW. He had the skill to become WWE cruiserweight champion, but they brought him over from TNA to become a lousy heel jobber in ECW. Everyone has been buzzing about it for awhile. People think Shannon is a sell-out for leaving TNA for WWE's version of ECW. Is he really" Even though all 4 of the OMEGA crew won't be together on the same show, they will still go to the same places, since ECW and Smackdown are on two shows in one. These two men have known each other for a long time. Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore and Gregory Helms made a vow in the 90's that they would always be known as the OMEGA crew.

Growing up in North Carolina isn't always fun, but neither is being a jobber. Shannon Moore arrived in the WWE in 2003 as he aligned himself with Matt Hardy and the late Crash Holly and became "Team V1". Shannon Moore was given the name "prince of punk." When he started wearing jewellery and having a mohawk in 2004, he would job on Velocity for 3 years. When JBL made him wrestle for the Cruiserweight title in 2004, Shannon Moore was recognized as a jobber, but a prostitute jobber more like. When he was released from WWE, he was like a dog toy, chewed up and was ready to throw away. He worked in indy circuits for awhile and turned heel again. He got a call from TNA. They gave him a mid-card heel push, by debuting in TNA holding a sign up that said "THE X DIVISION NEEDS TO GET PUNK'D" and he immediately began a feud with AJ Styles, stealing his third Mr. TNA award (which I don't think he ever got back.) Then, he re-signed with WWE in March 2006. I thought he would get a push on SmackDown, but now he is going to be in ECW, it would not make any sense if Moore won the ECW Television title. We can only hope that ECW will launch a new title and that title could make sense for more.

Shannon Moore's big break in his career:
- Getting two shots at the WWE championship; 2003 against Brock Lesnar and 2004 against JBL.

- Defeating AJ Styles in a tag team match.

Gregory Helms:
There is no better way to say it. Gregory Helms is god of all cruiserweights; he is the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in the past 5 years. The first time I saw this man, I knew I had the right idea to watching wrestling. As many of you know, I like reading comic books, DC especially. The fact that Helm's gimmick, "The Hurricane" was based on a DC character like guy, was why I enjoyed watching him since he made his debut as a heel with the alliance in 2001. Over the years, he's had feuds with the likes of Molly Holly, Bradshaw, Jamie Noble, and La Resistance. He managed to win the world tag team titles with Kane in 2002 and after that, he was on his own. In 2003, he made fun of The Rock and later that evening, he defeated The Rock with help from Austin. Later in 2003, 3MV split after Jamal was released and his partner Rosey, was left behind, this left Hurricane to find a new protégé'. Over the past several weeks in 2003, Hurricane and Rosey have been cutting S.H.I.T (superhero in training) promos and then they started winning and losing matches on Heat.

In 2004, Rosey got a new red costume, and they became like Batman and Robin. The duo have become fan favorites through out the year. Then finally, in 2005, the two defeated La Resistance in a tag team turmoil match that involved themselves, the champions Regal & Tajiri, Maven and Simon Dean, and The Heartthrobs to win the titles and this got comic book fans marking for this team. After 4 months with the title, losing them to Cade & Murdoch, Hurricane turned heel and picked up a Punisher-like gimmick, only looking out for himself. After dominating RAW, he left after winning the Cruiserweight title in the Invitational match-up and pinned Funaki for his third reign as champion. Even though he appeared to be turning face at first, Kid Kash did not show up at the tapings and that left Helms to act like Kash. In March, he had a broken nose that put him out for two months, but they never stripped Trish Stratus out of her title and she was out for five months. When Helms returned to SmackDown, he would beat the likes of The Hooliganz (L&K), The Mexicools (Psi & SC) and The Pitbulls (K&N). He managed to make it six months with the title, which is unbelievable and without being a superhero I must add. In my opinion, his superhero gimmick was not exactly something you would expect to be believable today, maybe in the 60's, but Gregory Helms makes more sense with this gimmick. If fans would just cheer this talented cruiserweight, they can make him a good guy again. Seriously, if fans can cheer Edge with Lita, they sure as hell can cheer the non-superhero, Gregory Helms.

Gregory Helm's big breaks in his career:
- Defeating the Rock in 2003 on RAW

- Becoming the longest cruiserweight champion in the past 5 years.

Well, there won't be a part 3, unless you guys want me to write about Joey Mercury, Ashley and Lita, which I don't think you do. Stay in touch, if I missed something important with this half of the OMEGA crew, be free to say it at any time, I guess when it comes right down to it, we don't really need an OMEGA.

by Jon Rosaler..

Maryann wrote:
I agree they should make a title in ECW thats more fit for Shannon Moore.And I acually would be Interested in a Part 3.This in my opioion is a good topic to talk about.
Sweet Daddy Bugg wrote:
You know, it's kind of blowing your nose to spite your face when WWE crows about about Gregory Helms being the longest-reigning Cruiserweight Champion and they don't promote the belt worth a crap, not to mention not letting the wrestlers that have matches for the belt cut loose in the ring. If a tree falls in the woods... As for Shannon Moore, that look has gotta go. Seriously.
Robert F. wrote:
the persone that said that the WWE kept Joey Mercury because he has more tallent, Joey Matthews is Joey Mercury. So Jeff Hardy trained him, so in the long run Jeff Hardy is way better
Micael Holm Karis (Finland) wrote:
I hope they bring Jeff Hardy back home to the WWE , to reunite the Hardy Boyz , win the WWE Tag Team Titles and after a while Gregory Helms joins them and they officially reunites OMEGA and then OMEGA goes to ECW and interfere in a match that Shannon Moore's in , take Shannon to WWE , and OMEGA is back 4 real .
Adam wrote:
This was a good column, i've always enjoyed the work of the OMEGA boys, through WCW and in the WWE. Before i continue, a couple of corrections, Helms is actually the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion ever, and Moore was lucky enough to get two shots at JBL in 2004 if i remember correctly. I am ashamed that Moore was always misused on Smackdown, its good to see at least Helms getting a break. I wouldnt mind a column on Joey Matthews and Lita for some reason, wouldnt be a bad column.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
I'm glad you all want me to make a part 3, but I hate to tell you this, I can't do it next time. Plus, I won't call 'We Have Alpha,but Where's Omega" Part 3, becuase Matthews,Lita, or anyone else in that promortion was no where near ranked a founder. I would call it 'OMEGA rejects', considering the fact that Lita DUMPED Matt and Mercury/Matthews is in Drug Rehab,

As for Miceals comment on OMEGA in ECW...Bull. If you hadn't noticed, man, Smackdown is seriously in bad shape. Just this month, we lost The Great Khali,Mark Henry, The Pitbulls, Super Crazy, Matt Hardy, Tatanka, Referee Jimmy Korderas and we almost lost Bobby Lashley and Kristal (Not that I rreall care about her). Plus, Gunner Scott and Paul Burchill were sent back to OVW and we still have a few Superstars still inactive for at least 3 weeks.. The Hardy boyz, If not all 4 of the OMEGA crew should be on Smackdown and Stay on SD! If your not a SD! fan, tough. Because the fact of the matter is, Smackdown is Plaugued, and an OMEGA reunion on SMACKDOWN, would be better off.

Anyway, thank you all for writing to Part 2, I hope i get to see all of your names in my next column, it may not be about OMEGA, but it's still nice to have plan ALPHA.

Oh, and one more thing. Adam, Shannon Moore got one shot at JBL, not two. You're thinking of Spike Dudley (Brother Runt) before he turned heel that month.






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