The Next Big Thing's Next Bad Move"
August 23, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

When wrestling isn't on, I would either watch UFC or Anime. I am not the biggest fanatic on Ultimate Fighter. I do know a few of those fighters, but I also know it isn't fake. One man has tried everything in his journey to be a great success. He has tried Pro Wrestling, Football and Amateur Wrestling throughout his legacy. This man has been through a lot in the last six years. Who is this man" Quite simply, the most hard to deal with free agent around today, Brock Lesnar and he is going to do something very few pro wrestlers switch do, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Brock Lesnar, a former 3-time WWE Champion dominated the business and gained the fans trust in a matter of months. What could have happened to the man we all have seen get one the most enormous pushes in WWE history" It all started when Brock left the WWE. He wanted to pursue a career with the NFL Minnesota Vikings, despite not having any experience at all. After a 3-month tryout, he was cut from the team and that same month, Rena "Sable" Mero (his girlfriend) was released from World Wrestling Entertainment. After a hiatus from the public, he got to spend some time with Rena and his child. Announcing his engagement to Mero in January 2005, he filed a lawsuit to the WWE that would not let him compete anywhere else until January of 2010. Negotiations were underway in July and in August; Brock withdrew any involvement with the company. The lawsuit was not yet dropped though. The next month, Lesnar announced that he would arrive at the NJPW Tokyo Dome on the 13th. Another month later, Lesnar captured the IWGP-NJPW World title becoming the 5th American to hold it. The lawsuit however did not stop there as he would be forced to miss New Japan shows because of WWE's damn lawsuit.

In early 2006, Rena and Brock got married in Japan and the lawsuit was finally dropped as Lesnar cannot compete with TNA, but still has no intention of returning with World Wrestling Entertainment.

In July, controversy struck Lesnar as he was stripped of the title and was suppose to lose it at the 7/17 show to U-30 champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He ended up winning it in a tournament, but it took awhile considering Lesnar refused to give up the title. After he was done with NJPW, it was time to do something new. He is always welcome to return to WWE, but right now he has something else in mind, MMA. Is this the right path" Is he truly going to follow in the footsteps of great Wrestlers who did MMA like Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz" I also hear that Tough Enough 4 winner, Daniel Puder is currently doing MMA. I wouldn't mind seeing BL in The Ultimate Fighter, it's basically a pro wrestling reality show, and with the drama he's been through so far it could not surprise me if it made sense.

Brock Lesnar is still under 30 and look at his highlights. NCAA champion, 3-time WWE Champion, NJPW Champion, and there is no guarantee that he will be back on Raw, Smackdown or even ECW, because not many people want him back. There is one thing that is indeed a fact about the fate of Brock Edward Lesnar. Whatever he future holds, it will be his own choice, not an agent or even management would be able to hold his destiny (Unless you're Vince McMahon). From Amateur wrestler to MMA fighter, what will come of Brock Lesnar" The Next Big Thing has his "Next Big Choice". Will it be the right choice" Only we can decide that.

by Jon Rosaler..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Brock lesnar is kinda guy who you can respect the hell out when he returns to pro wrestling in 4 years. Lesnar is building a legacy no doubt about it, 3 time WWE champion, NCAA Champ, NJPW Champion and it doesnt end there. Say what you will but i think Lesnar will eventually win the MMA heavyweight championship(or whatever they call it).
Mike Siggia wrote:
I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing Brock Lesnar compete in the world of MMA, but not for the same reason as most people. I don't care for people like Mr. Lesnar. You know, those who are cut from the same cloth as Bill Goldberg. Individuals who get a free pass on paying their dues, given monster pushes that wind up with undeserved championships and then proceed to shit all over the business without giving back to it. They don't just bite the hand that feeds, they bite the hand off. Somehow, I do not care for these types one bit.

That said, I am looking forward to seeing what happens to Brock when he enters MMA. If I'm correct, he's currently training with Royce Gracie to compliment his well documented wrestling background. He's going to need it if he expects to succeed. I don't know about Pride or anywhere else, but in the early days of UFC, fighters who based most of their repertoire off of greco-roman wrestling (Dan Severn, Don Frye, etc.) were able to establish themselves as legitimate threats. But the sport has evolved and you don't find too many wrestlers at the middle, nevermind the top, of this game using this style of discipline exclusively. You know, sometimes, I really appreciate the law of averages. What I'm getting at here is that I'd love to see Brock Lesnar get his clock cleaned. And I'm sure that there are going to be plenty of guys in the WWE locker room who had to be company men and do the job to that ungrateful punk who will leave with a smirk on their face at the sight of Brock getting laid out.

If there is a God, I pray that the massive ego of Goldberg will allow him to follow Brock's lead. His head is swollen enough that he probably does believe he could dominate MMA like he did WCW. And his semi-pro career as an Atlanta Falcon means jack squat in that world. And if not" Hey, then at least there will finally most likely be retribution for the tactless, selfish acts of a shallow ingrate named Brock Lesnar.
Joe Tobin wrote:
I doubt WWE will want Brock Lesnar back anytime soon. Backstage he was a crybaby once his title push ended as he couldn't grasp the fact that he was only WWE Champion because the company wanted him to be.

Lesnar had his future handed to him on a silver platter - a long term WWE contract that was worth more than most wrestlers on the roster were earning - and he threw it all away.

Lesnar was a great wrestler but his attitude sucked. He could have been one of the greats if he stuck with it but now he'll be remembered like the Ultimate Warrior - a mercenary with no loyalty to their fans or the business.
Charles Lalonde wrote:
I think Lesnar would do greater than other pro wrestlers that turned to MMA such as Giant Singh formerly of the Oddities, or Mike Barton formerly Bart Gunn, even Vader had a few fights in the PRIDE FC promotion in Japan, and I wouldn't mind if he went to either PRIDE, UFC OR KOTC For that Matter and perhaps be on the top of the MMA World and be one of those people mentioned in the same sentence as Don Frye, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn and Royce Gracie or even Tito Ortiz and Tim Sylvia. As a matter of fact that would be an ultimate test for the UFC Heavyweight Champion Lesnar vs Sylvia
Ryan from Vegas wrote:
I totally agree with what you wrote. Brock Lesnar was at the top of the world with the WWE. I have no idea what exactly went wrong between him and Mr. McMahon, but it ruined Lesnar's entire career. He was on the verge of re-capturing the WWE Championship until he got released. The move to the NFL was a total joke I think. And now he wants to be in the UFC" You have got to be kidding me. Thanks.
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Honestly, I think Lesnar should have stayed in the WWE. No wrestler in WWE got a greater push then Brock Lesnar. He was the youngest heavyweight champion to ever step into a WWE Ring, of course Randy Orton changed all that. But to tell you the truth, if Brock Lesnar would have stayed with the WWE he would have never of lost that privilege. I truly feel to this day that Randy Orton would have never been the champ that early if it wasn't for Brock Lesnar leaving.

Lesnar needs to wrestle. He is a born wrestler. He is one of the most talented big men I've ever seen in the squared circle. Even the Brock Lesnar of today, which is Bobby Lashley, doesn't compare to Brock Lesnar. I hope, for his sakes, that his MMA career is a success, but if not, he needs to come back to the WWE. Imagine how dominate he would be. He could add the skills that he develops from the MMA into his current wrestling arsenal.
Roland Gilbert Matanza wrote:
I'm going to have to agree... everything will be up to Lesnar if he wants things to be straightened out... I actually loved watching him wrestle because he was one of the few big men who could really move and can do chain grapples without making any mistakes, plus the fact that he is arguably the strongest professional wrestler I've ever seen. He has a lot to offer in his arsenal, even though his mic skills suck because of his "little boy" voice, but WWE compensates with great manager. Anyway, it was actually puzzling to me when he left WWE right after the 20 th year of Wrestlemania... then I learned he went to some football team for a tryout... then it all went down like a downward spiral... now the latest is the K-1 contract signing and his debut in October... I don't have doubts on him since, compared to the others mentioned by Charles Lalonde, he is the only one with actual technical skills that can be used in mixed martial arts competitions, plus of course the techniques that Royce Gracie will teach him... But the idea of him entering another world, outside his familiar territory, is already ludicrous! The time he was supposed to go back to WWE, I understood well when he said he wouldn't forgive himself if he didn't try the things he always wanted to do, than live in regret, because that is the truth and for me, the right thing to do. But the fact that he suddenly backed out from WWE, without any explanation of his sudden turn, made him unreasonable... and yes, I wouldn't be surprise if 5-10 years from now, we see a burying DVD of him like the Ultimate Warrior has, or like what Bret Hart almost had.
Eric from Gresham, OR (Team Quest) wrote:
Ok, I will have to put my money on brock failing in K-1 and any other MMA venture he plans to try and take on. For anyone to compare him to the likes of ortiz or shamrock is outragious. Both of those men had MMA background way before stepping into the wrestling world. the went to wrestling because of injuries sustained in MMA. So they didnt transform from pro wrestlers to amazing MMA fighters. Further more, ITS ROYCE GRACIE!!!! does anyone watch pride anymore! Wow, look at his fight with hughs. I'm sorry but if lesnar is learning all he knows from him, He's doomed to fail. Not that I dont respect the gracie family, But they consistantly lose these days because they wont change their styles! Now, for those who dont know Brock also trains with the Miletich camp. Reports inside the camp suggest he is not ready for his K-1 career. He has a lack of stand up and focuses to much on wrestling. He is also to big. Way to big for that matter. His muscle mass slows him way down and winds him to quickly. He is no were near as in shape as his NCAA days. and for anyone to say that hes been wrestling so he is still in shape knows nothing about the conditioning for MMA. A pro wrestler in no way can step to an MMA fighter with the same amount of conditioning. I know, I do it. I compare this to WFA's Kit Cope. Sad, one of the best mui thai fighters in the world. At one time considered the best. 13-0 in the world. wrestling back ground. Went 1-3 in Ufc and has still failed to make his name heard after so miuch hype for his arrival. Just watch and see. He needs to stick to the fake stuff.




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