Please Don't Bring Back The nWo
September 20, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

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We've all heard the rumors from the internet. We heard the possibility of what may go down at Survivor Series. We may see a bad idea return to the WWE. That's right, the New World Order may come back, but the question is, do we want them to come back" With Scott Hall's drinking problem, Kevin Nash making his excuses in TNA, and don't get me started Hulk Hogan and his busy schedule. Following up to the Survivor Series pay-per-view, I will write individual columns on the founding members. I'm going to write about Kevin Nash first. Then, Scott Hall will be next month, and in the month of November, I'll talk about the man in yellow.

Kevin Nash started his career in WCW known as a character named "Steel". Later in his career he signed with the WWF and became Shawn Michael's bodyguard Diesel. In 1994, though, after winning the IC and tag team titles in the past 2 years, he would feud with Shawn Michaels, leading him to turn face and winning the WWF Heavyweight Championship by defeating Bob Backlund in 8 seconds! He held onto it for close to a year when he lost it to Bret Hart. He spent the next few months thinking about re-signing with WCW, along with Razor Ramon (aka Scott Hall). He lost to Undertaker at WrestleMania 12. It was his last match in The World Wrestling Federation. After that, he left WWF and re-signed with WCW as himself.

He and Scott made their way to World Championship Wrestling as heels named 'The Outsiders. One night, they had a match with Sting's men. They were supposed to have a mystery partner. After losing to them, they attacked them and Hulk Hogan made his way to the match, turning him heel and the New World Order was born. After just 2 years, Kevin Nash separated from nWo and formed nWo Wolfpac with the likes of Sting and Konnan. Meanwhile, Hogan was busy forming nWo Hollywood.

After a year, nWo reformed and things went topsy turvey with the group from there. Kevin Nash was the only founder left in the final nights of WCW before being bought to WWF. He had guys like Jeff Jarrett, Bret Hart, Goldberg and Sting in his group. After that, he would re-sign with the WWF in 2002, hoping that Mr.McMahon wouldn't have to bring them back, which wasn't the case, because of some controversy with Ric Flair.

No Way Out 2002 was their first WWF PPV. Things were pretty much the same. At WrestleMania 18, The Outsiders turned on Hogan after the match with the Rock. Hogan turned face, but the nWo wouldn't stop there as X-Pac, Big Show, Booker T and even Shawn Michaels were recruited into the group. nWo was disbanded in July, causing Kevin Nash eventually to feud with Triple H in 2003, but due to injuries later that year, he was released and signed with TNA in early 2004.

Currently, he is out of action. He was feuding with the X-Division, but he may re-sign with WWE, along with Hall.

Stay tuned for more on the nWo.

by Jon Rosaler..

The Mac wrote:
I think you have a couple of misstakes Mr.Rosaler --- in 1993 Nash became Shawn Michael's bodyguard "Diesel", in his 2nd year in the WWE (WWF at that time) he won the IC, Tag Team and World Title all in the same year. Nash's last WWE televised match was NOT against Undertaker at WrestleMania 12, its was against Shawn Michaels at In Your House 7 : Good Friends, Better Enemies
Jesse Lee wrote:
Personally, I think it'd be a dud move to make. Hiring three guys who are prone to not delivering the best in the ring (Scott Hall could do a lot more when he's sober.) They're going to pay these three a ton of money for angle with DX, completely ignoring the past. Y'know, the fact that they already had Hogan dropping from nWo, Michaels being the spokesperson, Nash injuring himself after four seconds being in the ring, and Hall.. being Hall.

Other than that, everyone knows Trips, Shawn, Nash, and Hall are pretty much the best of buds and I doubt that everyone would get into it as WWE thinks they will. I'm not looking forward to it, if it happens.
John Nelson wrote:
The fact that someone in WWE even thinks that this is a good idea only shows how fargone they are. NWO was played into the ground in WCW where it was a fresh angle that died due to overexposure and eventual lack of originality. In 2002 it flopped and died. The idea of bringing back Hulk (dear Lord no) Nash (someone once called him the most mediocre bigman in the business, what does that say) and Hall (haven't read enough about him, but I hear he's trouble) sounds bad and would stink on ice. Unless it's some sort of DX vs NWO idea, then I will leave the TV off for a the time this is on.
Gareth Chapman wrote:
Dont tell us that bringing these guys back will be bad for wrestling! Im a DX fan and at the moment they need somebody to feud with and who else can they feud with" nWo is the answer, the roster for raw and smackdown is small so its going tobe great, why cant we just sit back and enjoy"
Jon Rosaler (Original Author) wrote:
Gareth Chapman, Do you know why they brought nWo back in 2002 in the first place" They were a "threat" to Ric Flair due to pay cut. Hell, they only lasted for 6 months. Frankly, I would rather see John Cena team up with Lashley and Batista against King Booker and his court than I would a 2 on 3 Handicap Match or if they bring back X-Pac (which I doubt). So, IMO, if there's anyone DX should feud with it's 2 or 3 members of the 4 hoursemen. That would be interesting.
Mike Timko wrote:
Arguments can be made for both sides of this issue. Honestly, the fans would probably get behind a DX/nWo feud. With Monday Night Football dominating the ratings in the last couple weeks, RAW could use a boost. On the other hand, both are in their late 40's. Neither Hall or Nash like doing house shows. They're also skeptical because Hall has had a drinking problem in the past. Vince cares about the bottom line, though. The fans overall will love the feud, and re-selling New World Order shirts would bring in a lot of cash.
Hazmat 12 wrote:
I see and respect the points that you make in your column. First off I will say that if The NWO/DX angle were to take place, WWE's buyrates would go through the roof. I am and still are 1 of the biggest NWO fans today. I know you were channel surfing also during the Monday night wars. WCW was in the lead for many reasons but the main reason was the formation of the NWO. There is no real wrestling fan on this planet today that cannot say that they were a little bit interested to know what was going on over on TNT on Monday night. Let me explain something to you. There are still WCW fans that are still out there. A lot of people gave up on wrestling because of the immature skits and divas who couldn't wrestle with mannequins. WCW had a very large following. I don't care if this offends the ECW nation or even the TNA fans. WCW had the talent everyone wanted to see in the mid 90's. The NWO, The 4 Horseman, Sting, Randy Savage, Goldberg, Guerrero, Melenko, Jericho and the list goes on. The NWO and the 4 Horseman alone was enough for me. The WWE is smart if they are going to play this angle out. They can grab talent like Waltman, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. You cannot tell me that DX wasn't at their best with those 3 and HHH. They were at a very high peak. If the angle were to go down, you can go many directions with it. Sean Waltman was a member of DX and the NWO. Shawn Michaels was a member of DX and the NWO. Now there is a question who is really true friends or allies within each faction. Last but not least, Vince is no idiot. He knows what it takes to get fans to return to the product. Raw could go back to the way it was when it was on USA in the early 90's and fans would still tune in to watch. So, if Scott Hall is an alcoholic, Nash complains and Hogan is busy than so what. Everyone has demons to fight. They are out there to entertain. Not to let fans know that they have personal problems. This is a different generation of fans. When I was a child watching Tony Atlas, Iron Sheik, The Von Erich's just to name a few, I could care less what was going on in their personal lives. I just wanted entertainment in the ring. Now the internet reports everything and anything. To sum this up, You said you don't want to see The NWO return. I guarantee you that you will be one of millions to tune in to Monday Night Raw to find out how it all went down.
Carlos Rossi wrote:
Big Daddy Cools last match in the WWF before leaving to WCW was a House show against Shawn Michaels in 1996 at MSG. If you're gonna continue this series, please make sure to get your facts right! Also The NWO won that six man tag when Hollywood came in and Leg dropped Randy Savage for the pin!
Aaron.Cox wrote:
I agree with the author to an extent. I think maybe a "one night stand" type of deal might be cool, but leave Hogan and the nWo out of it. It would be cool to see HBK & HHH vs Hall & Nash because they were all part of "The Kliq" backstage in the WWE. I wouldn't want to see Hall and Nash on a regular basis, though. Also, you might want to check your facts, because WM12 was NOT Nash's last match with WWE. His last match was actually at MSG in May 1996, and at the end of the night HBK, HHH, Hall, and Nash all celebrated together in the middle of the ring to show the fans that they were indeed friends backstage (which royally pissed off Vinnie Mac, and that's rumored to be one of the reasons HHH was held back while guys like Rock and Austin were winning their first world titles). Nash's last PPV was in April 1996 where he faced HBK in a no holds barred match for the world title. Also, you forgot to mention his other gimmicks in WCW before he came to WWE (Vinnie Vegas, Oz).
Brian Bertrand wrote:
I'm kind of in the middle on this one. I loved how the nWo started out in WCW in 1996-98. I liked how they starteed with their slight push in 2002. Hogan slamming the diesel into the ambulance with The Rock inside was something a lot of fans loved to watch. Then again, DX is awesome and they make more sense in returning now than the nWo.

But here's something to think about. If nWo DID come back, then there can be a little bit of the OLD nWo put into it because now the writers can see what tne nWo was all about. Not just running in and taking out wrestlers even though they did do some of that. The biggest thing that kept the nWo alive was their sphere of influence by collecting the biggest badasses in WCW. Scott Norton, Masa Chono, Great Muta, Scott Steiner, etc. were really well known but since they didn't get the biggest pushes the nWo utilized them and made them huge and a part of the group. They can do that this time around by picking up people from all three brands in WWE. With RAW: Snitsky, Edge (yes, Edge), and maybe Cade and Murdoch (they can make them bikers instead of rednecks). With Smackdown: London (to show that they can say they know what good wrestling is), Finlay, Kennedy, and Mark Henry. ECW: Maybe not as much because of a conflict with the amount of talent (or lack thereof) on the roster. Maybe Test and Knox but I'm not too sure. I AM sure of the fact that Heyman would kiss their asses every week.
Jack Rippy wrote:
to be honest I think it is a good idea because they can make a fued between the nWo and D-X And plus if they re-sign Nash and Hall who are buddys of HBK and HHH it could make a new and improved D-X.So I disagree with you and say I hope the nWo does come back!
1CaptainCharisma wrote:
with great interest i've read this article about the latest rumors about the whole nwo vs. dx thing. as already mentioned above arguments can be made for and against it. but all in all me myself would go for it. why" well it is very plain and simple, of course there is no doubt that both, nash as well as hall (the last one a whole lotta' more!!!) have gone far beyond their "best days" when it comes to their "in ring performances" and undoubtedly we're not suppose to see any greatness as far as the wrestling goes. and now comes the big BUT, as all of us can see the WWE already has captured our interests on this just by "planting" some rumors. and that's exactly what it's all about. if they are able to set aside their individual problems for a lil' wh ile, this will become extremely entertaining to us. of course one would have no idea of what wrestling is all about today, if thinks that it would last longer than, let me be generous and say a few weeks or maybe even months, but if one would deny the entertaining potential of that, then it would mean even less than NO idea of what wrestling (sports entertainment stressed) is all about. so if they are able to put together a bit of ambition, they will deliver great and very entertaining moments, .....which are needed a lot nowadays !!!

and to end it up, let's not forget about a guy who could take "revenge" on the WWE with his nwo guys from the good ol' days....who was taken out of the card so thanklessly let me remind you more clearly "time to take out the trash".. ;) Eric Bishoff would rund up on that whole story if it happens ! ;)
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Well for Starters, you forgot about Nash's other characters that he played which was Oz and Vinnie Vegas. And actually, to make some corrections to "The Mac", Nash's last match in the WWE was not against Shawn Michaels, it was against Triple H in the Hell in the Cell. And to be honest, I will admit that the whole thought of bringing back the .NWO is obsurd. I mean that faction has been ran to the ground and its like beating a dead horse now, but anything is better than seeing DX beating up on Shane, Vince, and the Spirit Squad. If anything they should bring Kennedy, Regal, and Finlay to war with them for a little while considering that they had so much involvement of helping out the McMahon's in beating them down.
Kevin P. wrote:
I think i'm right in saying the the original NWO storyline went along the lines of Hogan Nash and Hall feeling that WCW failed to deliver on their promise of more money fame and power, so they decided to form the NWO in order to get that money fame and power.

I beleive that a new NWO could use the same storyline, and doesnt even need Hogan Nash or Hall at all. Eric Bicshoff is back and it was he who created the original NWO (although I can't remember if he was with them from the start, but it was his idea) and he could form it again, recruiting wrestlers who feel they deserve more. Shelton Benjamin has played the race card the last couple of weeks on RAW, he obviously feels he isnt getting the push he deserves. Randy Orton has got attitude and feel that he would fit in with any heel faction, even though he does work well as a loner, to be honest any of the current intercontinental contenders could be recruited, Masters is powerful etc etc but may work better under guidance and with back up of a faction to mask his lack of charisma and spontinuity on the mic. Going along with this idea, Jhonny Nitro could prove a good leader of the group (if he speaks a little more confidently on the mic) with his and Melinas so called hollywood friends etc they could be the stepping stone for other members quest for power fame and a bigger push.

Of course this is just a quick idea, but I am just showing a way in which the NWO can be reformed, keeping its original intentions and creater but using fresh wrestlers so we don't have to watch Hogan Nash and Hall making a mess of things.
Jon Rau wrote: Actually, if done right, this angle would be HUGE, and here's how/why.

A. Raw and Smackdown are separate "brands" and if Vinny Mac was smart he'd do the following

1. DX - Re-hire X-Pac, Road Dog and Mr. Ass are on bad terms due to an interview where they said some not cool things about HHH so they are out, to see the interview you can hit up

2. nWo - Hall, Nash and maybe Hogan, or even any of the other 300 people that were in the stable at the time, I'd vote for Show, I don't like him on ECW

B. DX being the big stable on Raw, you could bring nWo in on SD and have some great inter-brand feuds

1. DX - Doing what DX did by invading SD territories, like they did by going to where WCW was holding shows and making fun of WCW

2. nWo invading Raw shows and beating people down, like nWo did to everybody in WCW that wasn't "with us"

C. In the ring and out:

1. Hall and Nash in ring promos in the ring were rivaled only by DX inring promos.
a. "are you guys here to see wcw, or are you here to see the more for the good guys.

2. DX promos, now I own the DX video from back in the day, on VHS, those old cassette tape things, and DX doing the Nation parody.
a. "DO you smell what the crock is cookin"" x-pac as mark henery "Smells like shit but i think i'll eat some anyway"
Michael Cuozzo wrote:
First off, Hazmat 12, i think it's funny you called Waltman, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn talent. Don't you know Waltman has one of the most negative things a wrestler can get named after him, as in X-Pac heat. I am a little in the middle, but more towards no, b/c it could be an interesting feud. If Hall is sober, he can get it done in the ring, but he's the only one. Nash is more of a cancer than they claim Jarrett is in TNA. Remember when CHrisitan and Jericho were wondering who (i think it was HBK) would get as his partner. Christian wondered if it would be Nash and Jericho said Nash wold probably sprain his wrist answering the phone. He and Hogan are way too boring, but it might draw and make money, which is what matters.

What the better idea is, as someone suggested, to to have DX feud with the 4 Horseman. you could have Flair, Benoit, pick up another wrestler or too and have Arn Anderson and Malenko lead them. Or even bring Malenko out of retirement- NOW THOSE WOULD BE GREAT MATCHES! as in the kind that feature wrestling.
Jon Rosaler (Original Author) wrote:
1CaptainCarisma, you make an interesting point about Bischoff. He said some harmful things to Raw when he was plugging the release of his book. "If it wasn't for nWo, there would be no DX" That is full of monkey piss right there. If you read my first feedback, I mentioned the Four Horsemen. They were a very rigourous intellignet faction, nWo making a scene pushed WWF/E to go to extreme measures by creating Degeneration X. D-X made both those WCW factions look like Bikers which would make people go "N-W-HOE!" (J/K). I do give Credit to Nation of Domination for putting on a good feud with DX.

Yes, To tell all of you the truth, I've never watched WCW in the 90's. In fact, I thought Goldberg had long hair, boy was I an idiot or what"

Anyway, all of you please read Part 2, I will talk about The Relationship between Scott Hall and Wrestling, Eric Bishcoff's book, and some extreme hypocritical statures The Monday Night Wars Went to. October 12th everyone, it's getting better all the time. -Jams to the beatles song ironically, lol XD-
Brent Matthew Denny wrote:
I personally would LOVE absolutely love to see the NWO come back. However I would only love it if it didn't turn out the way it did in WCW with loads of different NWO factions like NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpack and so long as the NWO didn't turn out the way it did last time in WWF with HBK and Booker and X-Puke etc being members.

If the powers that be within the WWE are planning on bring the NWO back and even though I haven't seen heard or read any of the rumors that are apparently going around I would assume the reason for the NWO's (second coming) in the WWF is for a feud with DX and if it isn't it sure as heck should be because they where one of the major attractions to WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars and I personally think it would almost be like a dream feud and if DX and NWO did feud and the powers that be decided to expand the factions. I would only like to see them expand with former members.


DX: Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Puke, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Stephanie McMahon or Tori or Chyna

NWO: Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Ted DiBiase, The Giant, Eric Bischoff, and Macho Man

And if they aren't going to have NWO feud with DX then I think they should stick to the three founding members of the NWO that being Hogan Hall and Nash.

Either way I am in full support of the NWO coming back.

A supporter of the New World Order has paid for this response
Travis L. wrote:
I would like to agree with Kevin P. that the nWo would work if they used the name but build it around a new group of young talented workers who just need the opportunity and push to get over big time.

You may want to use a couple of the old members, Hall, Nash, Buff, or X-pac, as part time or special attractions, but the crux of the angle would need to revolve around current talent. My suggestion would be to have Bischoff leading the group against McMahon and the rest of the WWE. The nWo should not only battle DX but all of WWE, Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. There should be members from all three brands joining the group as well as bringing in older names and new talent. My roster would be: Edge, Nitro, Benjamin, Kenny Doane, Chavo, Elijah Burke, Shane Twins, Test, Derrik Neikirk -- There you go all new and better, thats right all better. Any of the old stars you would like to use should be one shot deals just to add to the mystique of nWo.
Danny Carrisosa wrote:
Jonathan Preston, when they said that Nash's last match in WWE was against Shawn Michaels, they meant pre-second-run in WCW, not last WWE match ever.





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