Please Don't Bring Back The nWo Part II
October 21, 2006 by Jon Rosaler

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Man, What a month! Eric Bischoff dissing DX, Edge and Randy Orton teaming up, the return of Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle in TNA, this is unbelievable stuff! Before I get started on Scott Hall, I have some bad news. Since Bischoff's book isn't coming out until the 17th, I will have to write about it in Part 3. Oh, and another thing. Kudos to the sort of Four Horsemen reunion with Arn Anderson and Ric Flair last Monday. I never got to see the Four Horsemen live, but I have seen their matches, fantastic story-tellers in my opinion.

Now, on to Scott Hall. Vince told everyone what he does is for entertainment, not for stereotypical racism. Well, Scott Hall's "Latino" gimmick, Razon Ramon, shows that Vince is not trying to make fun if Hispanics, but parody them. They even managed to not mention Ramon's ethnicity so that way people couldn't be offended. When Hall formed the Outsiders with Nash, he still had that damn 2-pac looking dude ragged bandana. World Championship Wrestling I'm sure had their reasons to still use the trademarked bandana, unless it was Hall's decision. I don't know, it's complicated from my point of view. If Bischoff can bash Luger and say he can't draw a dime, I'm dying to know what Bischoff will say about Scott Hall in his book. Now, I remember saying that Hall was best buds with Nash, Michaels and Hunter. Well, some friends, Hall has gained weight and was last seen as a heel in TNA. Will we ever see him again" I have no clue.

Now on to important matters. Since Nash re-signed with TNA, nWo vs. DX will in fact not happen. Instead, it will be...what's the name for those two former World Champions" RKEdge" Young Guns" 2 pimps and a hoe" Anyway, Edge and Randy Orton getting jobbed by DX will be an interesting experience for all four men. We haven't had a decent main event tag team feud in WWE since Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho squared off with The Power Alliance (HHH and Austin). There may have been greater feuds, but please, I heard a lot of interesting points on why the nWo should come back, although Shawn and Hall could slow down the feud if it were to ever happen, but what about Hulk Hogan" Would he get back to form the nWo" God, I hope not, he doesn't have what it takes to be heel anymore. Undertaker has a better chance of turning heel. If New World Order vs. D-Generation X were to ever happen, it would be a tag team feud with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash from Smackdown heading over to feud with Raw's own DX, HHH and HBK.

Another matter I would like to discuss: Bischoff claiming that DX was a cheap imitation of the nWo. I would have to disagree, nWo had "300" members as someone would put it. DX had like a minimum of 15 people in it. DX barey would manage to be ahead of the bWo. Not like Blue World Order can't put on a good feud with DX, look how well they feuded with The Mexicools. Eric Bischoff's book is a big topic right now I would want to discuss more with this.

by Jon Rosaler..

Jomoh wrote:
Even if Kevin Nash did come back I personely don't think we would be entertained by him using a hasbeen gimmick and joining the hasbeen faction that is the nWo by the time triple h said are you ready he would get a knee injury I agree with D-X vs Orton and Edge. RKEDGE IS SUCH A CRAPPY NAME there name will be 2 guys a girl and a wrestling ring no i'm just kiddin they will either a new nWo and will be managed by Eric Bischoff (that would start at Cyber Sunday if Eric is voted as ref) or some crappy name like Rated R Tag team or The Future or a play on words of D-X like rko-Generation Edge.
Shawn Gallatio wrote:
A minimum of 15" DX had a complete roster (from beginning to end) of 7 people (HBK, HHH, Chyna, Rick Rude, Billy Gunn, Road Dog, and X-pac). Scott Hall didn't wear a bandana in in the WWF. He started that in the nWo. Oh my gosh! Please do your research before you write these stupid columns. Step your game up mark.
Noel M (Australia) wrote:
Jon you raise some very good points in this article, however i dont see the n.w.o coming back on anying grounds seeing as their are all too old and working with different companys. I have to say that the DX is a rip off of the n.w.o, during the monday night wars period both companys where doing anything to get it front. Hall & Nash & Hogan formed a group like no other group, this group was rebellious and did things never done before in wreslting. The WWE countered that; by doing the same thing but DX was more like a bunch of teens just gone wild. The only reason why n.w.o had "300" members was when black & white and wolfpac where formed and people never even heard of before joining. I dont think that n.w.o will come back and let alone have a feud with D-X because people (Hogan, Hall, e.t.c) are over all this n.w.o.
Maxx Misery wrote:
What does this column even mean" I didn't take anything out of this that was useful. It sounds like you are just ranting in a rasslin forum or something. Please don't have a Part 3. I BEG you.
Tom Storm wrote:
I for one would like to see a return of the nWo and a feud with D-X !!! Un fortunatly it look's like Kevin Nash is more interested in playing backstage politics games between WWE & TNA [for what purpose is beyond me!]

WWE has put those nWo T-shirts and other merchandising bak out during shows, etc... It seems to me that they may be putting together another version of the nWo using Edge & Randy Orton, with Eric Bischoff managing, which doesn't seem like all that bad of an idea...although, I still think they need an original member of the nWo involved, the likely choice being Scott Hall, since Nash is busy with TNA, and Syxx-Pac Sean Waltman is involved with MTV's Society X., Although, since Waltman would be a good referee in a D-X -Vs.- nWo "Final Showdown" type match because he was a part of both of these groups, and it would be interesting to see if he would "call it down the middle" or side with one group or the other...

On the other hand...put Waltman in with the nWo, and maybe add someone like say...Jeff Hardy to D-X, and there might be some good matches in the feud there!!!

Hall would be a good manager ...who wrestles once-in-a-while....for the nWo !!! Maybe have Hall appear/maybe wrestle on "RAW" and pay-per-view schedules... and let Bischoff do house shows...

Although I did like Hogan as a heel better than a face, I would not want to see him back in the nWo, because REALLY enough is enough with him already, and last time they brought the nWo to WWE, he turned face way too quick !!!!

You might disagree with this, but I would even go as far as to bring back Vincent/Virgil [Mike Jones] to the nWo, because I though he was a good "Spoiler-type" of character who went and shot of his mouth only to let the nWo fight his battles for him...he was funny like that !!!!
Bareth F. Martin wrote:
In response to Shawn Gallatio - You claim that there were only seven people in DX over the course of its history, however there are two glaring omissions from your list. First of all, Jim Neidhart became a member of DX in late 1997. It was his last angle in WWE before leaving for WCW - Shawn Michaels convinced Jim that Bret Hart couldn't care less about him, and he eventually agreed and turned his back on the Hart Foundation by joining DX. He was later jumped by Shawn and Triple H and was never seen in WWE again. Secondly, Mike Tyson joined DX upon his arrival in WWE, only to turn his back on them and assist Steve Austin in victory at Wrestlemania 14 with a fast count, then knocking out Shawn Michaels following the bout.
Jon Rosaler (Original Author) wrote:
Sorry, Max Misery, but as the old saying goes "When you start something, you have to finish it." This is the opposite of what people said about my 2 part column, We Have Alpha, but where's OMEGA. They want a part 3 and in time I will give it to them. I promise you, Max that part 3 will be more appropriate o and as for Shawn, I'm not a mark, I just don't much WWF matches from 91-93, so cut me some slack (which I don't get much of these days ^_^ heh heh)

Well, Bareth, there were more women in the group as well. Stephanie Mcmahon and Tori were also in the group most of 2000. Man, I should right a column about Valets one of these days.
ROTCSergeantE4 wrote:
OK, Jon, you have got to have some sort of mental issue. Scott Hall did not wear a do rag until he got into the nWo. And how how DX not a rip off of the nWo" It is a cheap imitation of the nWo. There is no way they are not a rip off. WWF knew it was going under, and they knew what was making the WCW so successful. So Vince made his own nWo. Then when that didnt work, he just buys the company. Then, he brings BACK the nWo" Coincedence" Yeah right. WWE/WWF has been ripping off WCW storylines and personas for years. The Randy Orton VS Undertaker feud was very similar to the Hollywood Hogan VS Warrior feud from WCW. Next time you decide to write a column, make sure you get a cat scan first son.





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