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September 21, 2006 by Josie of

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With Michelle McCool's second anniversary since becoming an official WWE Diva (she made her pro-debut November 18, 2004) a little more than a month away, I take a trip down memory lane, as we explore and examine Ms. McCool's long journey from a WWE Diva hopeful in Palatka, Fl. to a glorified, bonafide bombshell known world-wide, in a journey that has only just begun.

Since before she could remember, Michelle Leigh McCool-Alexander had always been involved with sports. Anything that could keep her busy, and challenge her, she did it... and succeeded. More importantly, for the readers, she had always been captivated and intrigued by sports-entertainment. By the tender age of five, Michelle had already scouted out her favorite wrestler (Ric Flair), and by age seven, she had already mastered the figure four leg-lock on her older brother, Jeff. A tomboy at heart, Michelle grew up enrolling in sports-activates, and excelled at nearly every sport imaginable. Those that know her personally know well enough that she is one hell of an athlete. Her highest credentials range from her skills in gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, and softball, for which she received a college scholarship for.

It wasn't until she was already well off into her teaching career, that the avid WWE fan finally had opportunity knock at her door. As an ad for the "2004 $250,000 RAW Diva Search" ran during a WWE program, Michelle jokingly made a comment that now was her chance to finally become apart of WWE. Told that she wouldn't submit an entry, was all it took for Michelle to submit her information to WWE headquarters. Little did she know, that she would be called back to take the next step. Michelle made the trip to New York for her audition, and just as though it were any sport, she had excelled. From there, Michelle had made the grade to advance yet again during the WWE Casting Special, where she became one of the ten finalist to compete in the 2004 $250,000 RAW Diva Search.

Week after week, Michelle would compete as a Diva hopeful, competing in challenges and tasks that included anything and everything from selling the audience ice cream, seducing a robust WWE Superstar, to giving speeches about why the fans should vote for her. But it wasn't until the Diva Dodge Ball contest between the contestants and the full-fledge Divas did Michelle finally shine and make a name for herself. During the battle, taken place at the 2004 Summer Slam pay-per-view, Michelle would eliminate nearly every WWE Diva, declaring her the MVP of the bunch. Unfortunately, Michelle was eliminated the following night live on RAW. Michelle left declaring she would continue teaching back home in Palatka, but she wouldn't give up on chasing her dream. The date was November 18, 2004: Michelle McCool, Amy Weber and Joy Giovanni had just made their pro debut as three rookies, joining the Smackdown brand. Michelle had just returned to WWE television, after being the forth cast off in the 2004 $250,000 RAW Diva Search several months earlier, only this time, Michelle had returned as Smackdown's personal trainer. Weekly skits of Michelle preparing numerous Superstars before their match were quickly forgotten before the segment was even finished. Even then, Michelle gave 110%, living out her dream by being apart of the WWE roster.

Michelle had first gained notoriety since her return to television as a participant (with Joy Giovanni, Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen) in WWE's "Smackdown Rookie Diva Of The Year" contest, during the No Way Out pay-per-view, hosted by Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie. In a competition where the Internet fans would decide "the next great Diva," by casting their votes simultaneously during the broadcast, each Diva was expected to compete in three different rounds: evening gown, talent, and bikini. It wasn't until the talent portion of the competition, that Michelle would finally make a name for herself: she body slammed a trash-talking Dawn Marie. With the fans now behind her, she was quickly a front runner. Though, in the end, not even a back hand-spring flip in her bikini could garnish the votes quick enough to secure the win. Michelle finished second in the competition, just behind Joy.

In the following months, WWE had began to capitalize on Michelle's athleticism, by making her the first Diva Search contestant, since Christy Hemme (the actual winner), to finally mix it up in the ring on broadcast television. A feud between Dawn Marie and Michelle had picked up, thus leading up to Michelle's in-ring debut. In Michelle's first official match, she teamed with The Big Show, taking on Dawn Marie and Renee Dupree. Michelle and Show walked out victorious. Always one to get even, Dawn would later challenge Michelle to a one-on-one catfight match, only to brutally beat Michelle down, finally picking up a win over Palatka's Pride.

Michelle would later escort Nikolai Volkoff during the Hall Of Fame segment for WrestleMania 20, one of Michelle's personal favorite career moments. In the weeks that followed Michelle, and the rest of the baby face Smackdown Divas had developed a close friendship with Heidenreich, this making a feud with Smackdown's then hottest team: MNM(Mercury, Nitro and Melina). For weeks, fans would be amused by the build up between MNM's dominant Diva, Melina, and Heidenreich's good friend, Michelle. It was only a matter of time before Michelle would bite off more than she could chew, as Melina would challenge Michelle to a special one-on-one match, with Michelle accepting. During their battle, this match would become a milestone in Michelle's career, as this match would prove not only to be Michelle third match since her return, nor her second loss, but instead, her last match before relocating down South.

Unlike many of her fellow Diva Search alumni, Michelle had taken a good amount of time off from television, to work on everything ranging from horning her in-ring skills, to learning more about the wrestling business. Michelle was learning the ropes, so to speak. Time and time again, fans and critics would praise Michelle, citing her with the potential of becoming a pretty good wrestler, and all-around entertainer. A risky move that had many believe Michelle had been released from the company, Michelle would be written out of Smackdown storylines, only to keep a low-key profile as she made her transition from eye-candy, to wrestler in training.

Under Bill DeMott's surveillance and training, Michelle worked for Deep South Wrestling (an Atlanta-based wrestling felicity), spending months putting up with the rigorous training, and the agonizing hours of becoming a full-fledge wrestler. Michelle began picking up on the basics of wrestling. She even made new friends, and re-located, getting an apartment and new dog (Jonah, a golden retriever, Michelle's ultimate pride and joy) in the process. Michelle would not only gain further respect from her fellow wrestlers, but from her fans and critics that knew about her whereabouts. It wasn't until an ill-fated allergic reaction to medication, prescribed by a doctor, which would place Michelle's career on an abrupt halt. Sidelined, Michelle was bedridden, forced to travel the long and mysterious road to recovery: every wrestler's worst nightmare.

During her time away from the ring, recuperating, Michelle surprised the Internet as she picked up a new hobby; becoming a daily visitor of With news breaking of a WWE Diva in contact with her fans, Michelle's bandwagon hit an instant boom of popularity with the curious fans and critics of wrestling. Michelle would often answer questions sent in by the fans and participate in exclusive interviews with the website, and loving every minute of it. Michelle gratefully thanked her fans for their well wishes, and promised she'd return to the ring, working harder than ever. During her time spent away from the ring, Michelle developed a close relationship to her loyal Internet fans, and in the process, it kept her name in numerous Internet news sites. Michelle was even often mentioned more times, than the average WWE Diva on television. Within time, not only Michelle noted of becoming a frequent visitor, but so were her close family and friends! had finally become the "hang out" for the aspiring Diva and her loyal fans.

It was only a matter of weeks before Michelle was finally cleared to step back into the ring, and when she did, fans that attended the Deep South Wrestling live events, had noticed a new fire in Michelle McCool. Fans would often find a new aura of confidence from Michelle and witnessed and all-new aggressive side of Michelle during her matches. Speculation and interest had transpired, as fans and critics alike began to ponder the question: "When will Michelle make her WWE return"" Numerous Internet reporters began posting stories of Michelle's big move from the Deep South, to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Michelle would often manage the likes of Amish Roadkill and K.C. James, OVW Tag Team Champions, one week, only to reappear at DSW tapings the following week. In one week alone, Michelle had made three amazing trips from a DSW taping, to an OVW taping, and then the biggest shock in a while, she made her return to a WWE arena, as she managed her team of Roadkill & James in a dark match for Smackdown! The ball was up in the air, and it was anyone's guess as to where Michelle was headed, and with whom.

In the summer of 2006, many fans were surprised and delighted to find the Pride Of Palatka making her official return to the small screen, this time, with an agenda, to say the least. She had returned to Smackdown, and this time, with a new alias: Ms. McCool. The former school teacher had finally found herself a gimmick that wasn't too far from home, only this time, she wasn't the loveable Southern Belle we had all grown to love and enjoy; she was now a heel from hell! Ms. McCool had returned indeed, and this time around, she promised that things were going to get a whole lot hotter.

Today, Michelle finds herself directing her two favorite "Teacher's Pets," K.C. James & Idol Stevens, to tag team gold. Week in and week out, you can often find Michelle ringside, and even often mixing it up within the squared circle, doing whatever it takes to assure her boys reach the top of the tag team division. A recent feud has also embarked between Michelle and Ashley Massaro. Becoming the latest Diva that must abide by the rules, the 2005 $250,000 RAW Diva Search winner just may have to

Since her return, Michelle has out-lasted the likes of past Smackdown! Divas including: Amy Weber, Joy Giovanni, Lauren Jones, Rochelle Loewen, Jackie Gayda, Hiroko, Dawn Marie, and the 2004 RAW Diva Search winner herself, Christy Hemme. Within the 2004 Diva Search alumni, remains not only McCool herself, but Maria Kanellis and Candice Michelle as well, each girl making a name for themselves in their own particular fashion, each different from the other. Michelle is indeed a rare breed of talent, especially from the Diva Search generation.

With Trish Stratus recently retiring, and the Women's Division up in the air, one can only begin to guess as to which direction WWE may head into, and what will become of the Women's championship. It's no doubt, Stratus had a major influence and a very important role in the division, but one must also ponder, which Diva has the ability to carry the championship and bring in a new sense of style, yet the same kind of commitment as Stratus.

One must take into consideration; Michelle has indeed put in the blood, sweat and tears to earn at the very least, some respect from the WWE viewers and her fellow peers. It still may be too early to tell, but in an interview Michelle had given this past spring, she declared her ultimate goal is to eventually capture the WWE Women's Championship. It's merely only a matter of time before the world may witness Michelle exceeding another goal, her ultimate goal, in perhaps capturing the Women's title. Throughout Michelle's history, she's always been able to succeed every challenge set before her. Could Michelle McCool very well be a future Women's Champion"

We'll just have to stay tuned to her ever evolving journey, as she continues to live out a life-long dream. Until then, we'll happily sit tight while she's directing her Teacher's Pets to tag team gold, because behind every great man, or in her case, men... there is a powerful woman.

by Josie from

Seymour Furburger wrote:
Michelle McCool isn't anything special... just another generic "diva" on the WWE roster.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
Oh, WOW. Michelle Mccool's legacy. -_- sounds almost as boring as hearing about how socks were invented. No offense to Ms.Mccool, she's hot, but she has no in-ring potential as such girls as Ashley (I know, bad example, but she worked more in the ring than a ringside girl) Mickie James, Melina, Jillian, Lita, Gail Kim, Ariel, Trinity etc. She is just another pretty face like Maria and Candice. Myabe I'm being to critical, but Michelle Mccool has to show people more than her implants, She needs to show some Backbone in the ring and out, The "Ms.Hancock Jr." gimmick isn't working for me.






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