Same Old Tired Subject, New Approach
September 26, 2004 by JW Hopper

I am writing this mainly because I am sick of all the whiny ass opinions that many have portrayed over the past few years concerning the demise of WCW. The reason why WCW was destroyed is because of the same reason why many professional sports have gone downhill... It's become more of a who could make more money and not who can actually do the job and keep fans interested. Take for example the Bill Goldberg situation: just look at the proof that someone can work hard and long enough to get in the "big leagues" and when they are finally pushed over, start asking for more and more and still more money. The reality of it is, he's nothing more than one of the many pathetic cry babies of sports period!! The second reason behind WCW's downfall is that management didnt CARE what the fans thought, all they cared about was making sure thier pockets were filled. They certainly didnt care about true wrestling and story lines. In fact. most would say all they cared about was giving their closest friends and relatives the titles and all the glory (if there was any left).

Some even would even say that this is the reasoning behind many suicides and heart attacks that seem to be coming up more often lately. When most of your stars are has beens and still wannabes several things can happen: suicide for giving up on trying to make it in the only thing they know how to do, trying so hard that their body gives up on them, or doing obsurd stunts that lead to their untimely demise. Most of the great wrestlers still trying to make it either do thru clean living or end up back in the same gutter that theyve been trying to stay out of (aka drugs, alcohol, and the like). It's the same as with any sport, the only difference is wrestling has a soap opera approach to it now.

The reason why so many GREAT wrestlers (aka Benoit, Jericho, Melinko, Saturn, etc...) leave organizations is because they are unhappy about the way things are run or arent getting credit where credit is due. Which is another reason why WCW went down in ashes.... The Invasion angle was to salvage those worthy enough to compete in the big leagues. Hell, when you start getting stars who suck at wrestling and suck at promos, you get a suck ass show. Many who were sent for "retraining" at OVW or the like were sent there because they needed to get the suck out of their abilities and start salvaging their careers.

I see the TNA organization going down sooner than the WWE mainly because they are starting off in the same way as WCW had with all the "rookies" mind you most of the so called rookies are actually veterens who havent gotten the chance to be in the spot light or have been in the spot light but dimmed it out too quickly. But none the less, rookies are what is mainly powering TNA mainly because the Jarretts are controlling most of the story lines. If you want to boost the quality of programming for any event, you need three key factors: Management who are willing to work with wrestlers about wrestling and not money. You need to slowly but surely build wrestling characters and not just jump right into a horribly bad character. And finally you need to find a happy medium between Old school and New school wrestling. Without it all you have is a bunch of rookies and has beens (like TNA) and a bunch of fans who will some day hopefully be heard that THEY JUST ARENT HAPPY WITH SEEING THE CRAP THEY TRY TO SHOVE DOWN OUR STOMACHS!!! We all agree that wrestling needs to change for the better, in what way is the biggest argument at this time.

On one final opinion, I would like to point out that many have turned their lives around for the betterment of wrestling and ultimately their fan base. Some for example are HHH (who can win or job out to push his opponent on to the next level), ric flair (who has taught many of worthy people into becoming the greats they are today), and a host of many other wrestlers who all seem to come to the WWE because of what is there........ the fans.

by JW Hopper..






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