Give Him a Break
August 2, 2004 by Brad C.

DISCLAIMER: This in NO way has to do with Bret Hart's complaining over the Montreal Screwjob. It is STRICTLY about people's views on his opinions of Owen's death. So I ask you do NOT give me feedback having to do with his whining about the screwjob. Thank you.(However, feedback on the actual topic will be appreciated).

I'm sick of this. Fans need to get off the back of Bret Hart.It is unfair that people accuse him of using his brother's death to get attention. Even though we (even me) will never know, I think it's safe to think that he is NOT doing that. Now before you jump on my back for sticking up for the guy, I have to say, I can see where normal fans are coming from when they think this, but after reading Martha Hart's/Owen Hart's book, "Broken Harts: The Life and Death of Owen Hart", I have to say, I truly think all the views saying that he uses Owen's death to his advantage is false. Now, I would like to take this oppurtunity to talk about the book, to try to help myself out here.

Owen's wife, Martha, who knows Owen more than anyone knows him, says that Bret was the connection between him and the other Harts, because Owen was the rebel of the family in a way. Owen was sick of hearing the Harts constantly talking about wrestling every Sunday when he and Martha went over the Hart house, for their weekly Sunday Dinner. Owen always left early because he didn't want to keep talking about it. Bret, who liked wrestling just as much as the other Harts, also understood where Owen was coming from, so in a way, if it weren't for Bret, Owen, and the other Hart's wouldn't have been as close as they were. Bret was the only Hart who kept in touch with Owen, and told him what their brothers were up to, and visa-versa. In other words, Bret was the closest brother Owen had, according to Martha, who, again, is the person who knew Owen the best.

Once Martha found out about the fall, and realized it was legit (she at first thought it was Owen playing a rib), she called the Harts, who called Bret, who, when he recieved the message, was in a plane, on an important ride. He stopped the plane, got off, and got another plane back to Calgary, and ran to Martha's house, to comfort her, proving that he does not just think about himself like everyone claims. He even slept on the couch that night, so he could make sure Martha was doing good.

So in other words, I'm fed up that people think that Bret has a big ego and only cares about himself. It's not true- I honestly believe that. Everyone's entitled to their opninion, and this is the reason, I disagree with the majority of other people's opinions on this matter, but again, it's just people's opinions, and this is mine. Feedback, like said in the disclaimer is appreciated.

by Brad C...

Justin D. wrote:
Yes, i liked your article, and think you are correct in your views. I too read a lot of nonsense about Bret making gains from Owens death. Lets put aside all the glitz and madness of the wrestling world here for one minute, and think about what is real. Bret, more than anyone, having been so successful in a wrestling ring for so long, knew the dangers any high flying wrestler faced. Im sure that when he heard about Owens accident, he knew immediately what had happened, and did the right thing by being there for Owens wife. I know what id be like if it was my brother, certainly not trying for sympathy, but helping out where i could. Im sure it really hurts Bret when he reads these accusations, but i know he is a big enough man to eventually shrug them off. I wish people would get off Brets back about it. How is the family supposed to put it all behind them if these ridiculous comments keep surfacing" Im just wondering if the comments stem from irrational jealousy. Please people, keep a perspective, and separate the wrestling world, with its staged coffin matches etc, from a real and tragic family bereavement.
Brian Bertrand wrote:
I agree with you completely, Brad. Bret cared for a lot of the people that were close to him that died recently. Owen, Hennig, British Bulldog, and every wrestler he had a good relationship with he always thinks of. I, too, am tired of the crap that they lay on Bret because of his views on wrestling. Without Bret of the rest of the Hart family we wouldn't have had many of the great mainstream wrestlers you see today.

The one that I DO believe brought more attention to the Harts is Martha Hart herself. Now I know it makes me sound like a prick but it's true. In fact, in 2003, WWE won a lawsuit against Martha for unlawful practices. Martha, as many people know, sued WWE for purchasing the faulty cables and harnesses that ultimately killed one of the greatest talents that ever graced the ring. In trying to get some sort of her own retribution for Owen, she decides to sue the WWE and then lose a ton of money in the end and bringing a lot of shame to herself and making her family look bad. So, if anyone needs be on anyones back, it's Martha, not Bret. I say that because she was the one that made all the fuss about it. Bret was just the guy in the middle. I feel sorry for Bret being put through all this media BS it just makes me sick. And this is the rare moment where I also feel bad for Vince McMahon being on the backburner of it suffering for an accident that he admits to have mistaken and he felt bad too. He even let everyone know how bad he felt the next night on Raw.

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