What Will Triple H be Remembered For"
June 28, 2005 by Kao Lor

This is my first ever column and maybe if I get enough positive or constructive criticism, I may continue to write more in the future. The man I'm going to talk about is always at the center of controversy and is considered a corporate champ by many fans around the world, but will this be his legacy" What will he be remembered for" His wonderful matches or his marriage to Stephanie McMahon, thus becoming a future heir to part of the WWE" Will he go down as the next Flair or will he become his own man"

When I look at past champions and those I look up to and respect, I've noticed that the number of title reigns don't really matter too much to me. It's what a performer did during a title reign that matters. How many quality matches did he pull" How many opponents did he make/look credible" How many wrestlers did the champion establish and or pull to get the best match out of them" How many fans did he bring in and actually hook them to the product" I think and really believe that Triple H belongs here. I think that Triple H will be remembered as a great champion by about 50% of the wrestling fans and the other wrestling fans will say that he was good in the ring, good on the mic, but may not have deserved everything he got. It's all very subjective.

As we all know, he did have the title handed to him as he didn't win the "vacant" World Title through a tournament, so there might be some sort of asterik by his name. There is also his marriage to Stephanie McMahon which no one can ignore. If you are the son in law of the most powerful man in the world (the wrestling world of course), then there will probably be a lot of favortism that no one can deny. I look at Triple H and he sort of reminds me of Kobe Bryant right now. At one time (2000) Triple H was considered by everyone as the greatest wrestler in the world (with the exception of maybe Japan) just like Kobe Bryant, but now Bryant's image has been tarnished because of the Lakers fallout and the trial, and now the Malone thing. Bryant may never recover from this, as fans will always remember that when they think of him. Bryant fans will always be Bryant fans but basketball fans in general might look down upon him a little. I see this with Triple H too. He happened to fall in love with Vince McMahon's daughter and marry her, which in turn means that the company he's working for now will eventually be partially his too. This is something that will tarnish his image along with the fact that he got his belt handed to him, which in my view is as despicable as giving Russo or Arquette the World Title. Is it Triple H's fault" Well, I say he has a lot to due with it. We all know that he has a lot of power and is very involved with the storylines as is evident with RAW. He could have said to the writers that he'd rather win it to make the title look more credible and meaningful. Whether he did or didn't we don't know and may never know, but the bottom line is he was handed the title. Just like Kobe, was it Kobe's idea for the Lakers organisation to fire Phil Jackson and trade Shaq" We'll never know but what we do know is that in everyone's eye, it is. Triple H is in the same boat, if you get my drift.

Another thing I see in Triple H that may also tarnish him is that he seems to want to be more and more like Flair, now that Flair has rejoined the WWE. It's great to have a role model and to mould yourself into the person you like as many great stars of yesteryear and today have done, but with Triple H, I just can't help but think that he wants to win more titles than Flair so he can become the next Flair. He's even taking the thumb to the eye the same way Flair did and also the front face flop that is signature. Up until this year, I really believed that Triple H would go down as himself, but now it seems like he wants to be remembered as the next Ric Flair. Has anyone noticed his "Flair flop", "low blow" and "thumb" to the eye that he's done more frequently now" Yes, Benoit has emulated Tom Billington but has been able to come into his own, and I hope that Triple H will be able to do the same, as I know he's capable.

So I will end my first column about Triple H like this. Instead of taking time to bash a wrestler the calibre of Triple H, let's take time to enjoy this guy's work in the ring and go back to being what we were (or I at least was) and that is being a wrestling fan and just sit back and watch the guy work his magic. No-one can deny that fact that he can make us cheer and hate his guts. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and become so judgemental and forget to applaud this man for what he's done for the WWE in the past 7 years. For all those stars who've left for bigger things or have quit because they don't like their storylines, this man has stayed his tenure and made himself a household name among wrestling fans everywhere. Let's appreciate him and just watch him work his magic and then discuss his legacy once he's left it behind him. I hope everyone has enjoyed this. Give me your thoughts both positive and negative.

by Kao Lor ..

Udontknowme6547 wrote:
Great column. I agree with you. He is a great. liked the Kobe Bryant connection you made. Continue making columns, very nice for your first bravo.
Wesley Martinez wrote:
Terrific column. I have been a Triple H fan and most likely always will, but yes, I have noticed that he seems to be trying to be the next Flair, even going so far as using the Figure 4 Leglock. As you said, he really should try to establish his own legacy. He has the skill to put on great matches of his own, why make them seem like Ric Flair nostalgia matches" Come on, Trips, be the man we know you are.
God of Gods wrote:
Its not often that i am able to read a column like this. Most ppl have one basic oppion and cant open their eyes to look at another veiw. Its a nice treat to read the sides that you created.

While the title was handed to Hunter, he has obviously done plenty to make sure he was able to keep it. While it sumtimes got dull and boring, their were allso some of the greatest matchs. (Hell in a cell vs Shawn Michaels) Which was bigger then the world title match at the ppv. I think that the ppl that have followed HHH through his time in the buisness will look at him simply as a great wrestler and/or one of the best ever. While those who only have watched for a few years will not think of him as that great. Then their is of course the die hard HHH haters. I also agree that Hunter most likly is trying to get more titles under his belt the flair. Which i lso like they could turn in to a good story line. (Flair turning on hunter by costing him his 16th tile, makeing sure he never gets it) But as for his marrage to Steph, people seem to love saying that Hunter is only where hes at cause he is 'bangging the bosses daughter' and i flat out hate hearing that. HHH was great long before he started to love Steph and thats somethign that cant be changed. But as for favoritism, since when has Vince gone easy on absolutly anyone" Son-in-law or not, Vince is not going to pick favorites in the buisness just because hes married to Steph.
LanceCrucifix wrote:
Very good column, my friend. I am one of you're Triple H hater, but not Triple H the wrestler, the coporate Triple H. While Paul, has done some terrific work in the ring, I believe the Triple H character would have died out years ago, had not been for the marriage between himself, and Stephanie McMahon. The whole Belt being handed over thing, I don't mind, hell if Shawn Michaels were handed a title(I hate Shawn Michaels btw.) People would say things like, "The WWE are finaly doing something right!", but with Triple H as Champion, everyone tunes in to see when he will lose it, and thats all that matters as long as he brings in the viewers...
Cal Richardson wrote:
First of all I hate triple H one of the reasons is because he is obsessed with the world heavyweight title, I mean Batista flogged three times he needs to get over it. Another reason is because he always uses that dam sledgehammer and interferes with Batista's Matches. But i have to admit Hunter is a great wrestler but Batista is better because Batista beat him at Vengance even thiugh he had never been in a Hell in a Cell match before but Triple H on the other hand has and has never lost before. Also i dont think Triple will stop once he's recovered he will keep trying to take that world Heavyweght title which is really stupid because he knows Batista can beat him which is basically why this all started Triple H saw Batista as a threat and knew at any time Batista could strike and he wouldn't be good enogh to stop. Long story short Batista is much Better than Triple H.
Jason Simmons wrote:
he will never be remebered as one of the greats, no matter how many HHH marks try to say that doesn't make it true. Kobe Bryant he will be remebered as a subpar Basketball player who needs O'Neal to look good, Kobe is selfish ball hog who i've followed and know that he couldn't give a crap about the fans. Also HHH is the same way he doesn't care about the fans and Saying he is the next flair is without a doubt an insult to Flair. HHH has used his power which we know he did, his connections, and his family to get ahead. Also Flair whos lips are now stuck to HHH butt, should remeber back in 1998 when WWE Thought of signing him after WCW Sued him HHH was the man who told Vince he was told too old and useless. His Great matches are also repetative all HHH does is things that happen in 1999, which is what he does on the microphone. he is one of the main reason the WWE has not been able to rebuild there fan base after the attitude era because fans are tired annoyed and fustrated with a guy who doesn't help ratings, doesn't help buy rates, and doesn't help bring in house show attendance
Hb6tHsTrEeT wrote:
I have read many columns on this site but the one wrote by Kao lor was great he made connections and opinions in it bravo to him keep it going 1
Dev Hasan wrote: Jason Simmons....nothing has been good since the "Attitude Era" and as a fact, since Stephanie McMahon started to write in 2002 that's when everything went down hill...Triple H was winning titles back in 1999 till 2000 before he was even Stephanie's girlfriend, so explain that"

As for Triple H using Ric Flair's moves, I don't remember him using the "thumb in the eye" sure he uses the low blow, damn I forgot which heel doesnt use the low blow! Austin, Rocky, Jericho, Christian - they all used it or use it. I guess they are all "Flair Wannabes" ...yeh right...

And I don't know where you heard the crap about how Triple H was the man who told Vince "he was too old and useless" the real story is right after everyone jumped to WCW and the Kliq was no more Vince said in these EXACT words "You have to eat shit and like the taste for a while" during the Monday Night War's and Triple H didn't do anything but do what he was told and worked his ass off and never bitched or complained about being pushed or being a jobber.

As for saying comparing Flair to Triple H, Ric Flair's wrestling was complete crap. Im going to be the only one here who isnt gonna kiss Ric Flair's old saggy ass. This so called "Greatest Wrestler" does 3 moves a match and he gets called that" wow....Ric Flair couldent beat anyone, even in his so called prime and the fact is, he hated anyone who was better than him and anyone who would out-wrestle him or was a bigger star as him - Bret, Savage, Foley being a few names.

Before you ask, no I am not saying Triple H is the greatest wrestler ever, I am saying Triple H isnt no Ric Flair and Triple H is Triple H and Ric Flair is boring, who can't even wrestle technical een in his "prime"

And so what if Triple H wins the belt 16 or 20 times" I'll be happy as ever if he did so Flair can't say he is the damn "16 time world champion woo" crap. to quote Joey Styles from One Night Stand, atleast Triple H won "THE belt" in 1 company and didnt go to WCW and win the belt there then NWA and whever the hell Flair wrestled.

I wish Bret could wrestle, then he'd punch out Ric Flair easily, like I say in every post about Flair - I still laugh my ass off watching Bret out-wrestle Flair in their match for the World Title, you could sooooooooo easily see Flair getting mad as hell cause he couldent wrestle Bret at all...thats why he was mad at him in his book and based him saying Bret can't wrestle and was never a good champion - Lmfao. And yes Im saying it NICE AND CLEAR - Bret carried Flair in that match in "Flair's Prime" yeh right.......Flair was just an over-rated hype and is nothing more than Triple H's b!tch in the WWE and soon as Trip's goes solo he will become a nobody.

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