Kane: The Fire is Still Burning
July 21, 2005 by Kashka Labbe

SUCCESS: When you hear the name of Kane in WWE, what comes to your mind" The first thing that comes to most fans' minds are a hateful freak, a big bully, a deranged psychopath, and an evil being who lives off pain and misery. Yes, we've all heard it before for eight years. But this column I'm writing is to basically inform people who don't know that this same Kane character is really a big asset to WWE. The reason why is because he is such a good actor in his storylines and he knows how to entertain his face/heel fans.

As a face, Kane has had one of the biggest successful title reigns in WWE history. He has held the Tag Team Titles (WCW & WWE) at least 9 times with different partners like Rob Van Dam, The Hurricane, Mankind, X-Pac, and last but not least, The Undertaker. He has been a two-time Intercontinental Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, and WWE Champion (sadly a short reign, although he was heel). As a heel, he has had memorable feuds and usually when he is a heel, he always does. Kane has had unforgettable feuds with the likes of X-Pac and Degeneration-X, Mankind, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Matt Hardy, Chris Benoit, Vader, and others I can't seem to remember. Even during the ECW and WCW vs. WWE storyline, Kane, along with his brother, The Undertaker, was one the highest prolific superstars during that time since The Brothers of Destruction was defeating every tag team that got in their way and they were unstoppable.

Now as I watch recent episodes of RAW, some fans may think that Kane may be overlooked sometimes for a good WWE Championship reign, but if you're a fan of Kane like me, just be patient and its just a matter of time before we could see a new World Heavyweight Champion or even a WWE Champion, and since he is so good in his storylines, the creativity of this character will never be wasted in the near future. Due to the creativity of the Undertaker, since Kane was after all his idea, the Undertaker probably did not realize that his creation would become similar to him as far as success is concerned. Some people may feel that Kane has been misused too much to the point where WWE should just release him, but Kane is one of those characters where we as fans don't understand the full potential of Glen Jacobs' persona and feel that Kane is just another veteran who they just decided to keep around but Glen Jacobs' is just like Mark Callaway, he works his behind off just as much as Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, The Dudleyz, etc. I've been watching him on T.V. and at live events for the eight years he been with WWE so I know a hard worker when I see one. (An interesting storyline in the future COULD be is when The Undertaker decides to retire the Undertaker character should die by Kane's hands because Undertaker has laid to rest everybody including Kane, although he thought about his own flesh & blood killing him.)

The Mask: When Kane took off his mask, which I knew he would some day, this opened the doors for what was the biggest issue in the Big Red machine's career. Ever since Kane showed up in WWE, the mask of Kane was not just for hiding his screwed up face, but it really it showed us fans that the mask was a way of holding him back from being what he really was. A man who lives off of misery and evil and suffering and sometimes I think that this level for Kane's character at times still hasn't been achieved yet even without the mask. Now the Lita/Snitsky/Kane storyline was enjoyable, but yet it showed me how Kane can lose something he loves and become so strong from it physically, but yet at the same time, mentally, he is weak. When Lita hooked up Edge with WWE showed me that. So even without the mask, Kane can still become weak and still forget that there was a certain reason why he took off the mask.... TO BE AN EVIL, STRONG MONSTER, NOT A GOOD ONE.

Now like I said before this is my first column and I hope you like reading it. I don't hate Kane, I just acknowledged some good things and flaws in his character and remember ........THE FIRE IS STILL BURNING!!!!!

by Kashka Labbe ..

EJO10488 wrote:
I think taking the mask away ruined the Kane character. Since his debut, it was said that Taker started the fire that BURNT Kane's face. Kane also wore black make-up which, back then, was the burn marks. For years it was said that Kane's face was burnt. And to have Kane take the mask off and only have a little bit of "black smoke" on his face and a wig was stupid and ruined Kane. And the minute they said the burns were in his head was even stupider. Maybe I see it this way because I remember way back then and that I can't be fooled into these kinds of things, not saying you or others who like Kane post mask are stupid or anything.
Simon Flack wrote:
Glen Jacobs is one of the most under pushed stars the WWE has, and in my book one of the all time great 'Big men' in the WWE's history. His mic work is always good and he seems to throw himself fully into any of the dumb gimmicks and storylines ever lumbered on him. Only he could carry something like the Isaac Yankem gimmick and work it. I feel sorry for him though, his recent cage match with Edge was great, the shots of him bleeding and laughing truly made him look like a real monster yet all the crowd shouts about is that idiot Matt Hardy Mr Jacobs, I take my hat off to you and look forward to you entertaining me for many years to come.
Barker wrote:
to me the mask was holding Kane back. If you wanted to beat Kane then move his mask to one side. Yes there would be things that I change, like his hair let it grow back out. he looks stupid with that hair cut. Though they changed him a lot he still is a big RED MACHINE. Letr the ember starte back into a fire.
summerslam2000 wrote:
I agree with you EJO10488 it did ruin Kane.I mean you have got nothing to wonder about Kane now when he had the mask on you wonderd what did he look like was he going to take it off so it did ruin it.
KCK9284 wrote:
I also thinkin the removal of Kane's mask was a bad move. Kane is not a true monster without his mask. I remember the day Kane made his first appearance, the look Undertaker had on his face told the whole story. Kane was an industructable force, but it seems after he lost his very first match to the Undertaker it went all down hill from there. He was a good champion when he defeated Austin, but to hold it for one day" Come on now, a character like Kane's is truly underestimated and needs to be recognized how great of an asset the character truly is. I mean the name tells you alot about him already. When he had feuds with Mankind and Rock he was good, but always lost to Rock and maybe a few times beat Mankind, but Kane has sort of been a "Wipping boy" for other characters' careers. He's not used to his ful potential yet, he tends to be used to give other characters a push. Then again that is my opinion, I could be wrong.
Freddy Sturguess wrote:
Although I love to see Kane brutalize the likes of Edge, Snitsky, and others we love to hate, I have to say that his in-ring style sometimes drags down the match; it's just way too similiar to that of the Undertaker's. Of course this was natural, Kane being the Undertaker's brother; so I guess if my brother and I began wrestling we would have the exact same mannerisms and finishing holds. The chokeslam, the Tombstone, and the classic sitting straight up after being knocked down. Kane would be much more entertaining in the ring if he would develop his own wrestling style, rather than imitating the Undertaker; that storyline was faded a long time ago, it's time to move on.



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