Stacy Keibler's "Pink" Slip
December 6, 2003 by Andrea Kaufmann

The WWE Raw divas. Most people say they have imporved since the days of Sunny and Sable and Trish Stratus barking like a dog for Vince McMahon. And for the most part, they have. Just take a look at Lita, Gail Kim, Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria and Jazz, but then look over at Miss Jackie and Stacy Kiebler.Now at least Miss J has some character development, but what does Stacy have" Nothing, thats what.

Stacy started out as an untalented, uncharismatic slut in WCW as Miss Hancock and came to the WWF as an untalented, uncharasmetic slut as Stacy Kiebler. Somehow after the Alliance she came back and won the fans over. How" I'm not sure. Stacy has got nothing going for her, and I'm here to prove all the tons of arguements I've heard defending Stacy wrong. I know I will get negative feedback and be considered unpopular, but I dont care, I want to get my oponion out there and heard.

"Stacy isn't a wrestler, she's a valet"
This is the most common one I hear. True, Stacy is a valet, but so is Victoria. Valets should have mic skills if nothing else. Stacy gets on the mic and throws her whiny, boring, unemotional voice out for the whole world to hear. Other then that she does, well, nothing. All throughout wrestling history valets and managers have been talented on the mic, Paul Heyman, Jimmy Hart, Victoria and all the others.What happened to this part of being a valet"

"The main target of wrestling fans is men"
Yes,it is, I never said it wasn't, but how come in targeting straight men the WWE seems to isolate the women and gay men" Women and gays dont want to see a woman who can do absolutly nothing but prance around acting like a slut, and I even know alot of straight guys that wish she would either learn to wrestle, get some charisma or get out. Trish Stratus brings in alot of perverted male fans, but she still wrestles. Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim all bring in perverted men but guess what" They can wrestle too.

"Her job is to prance around like that"
Maybe so, but how come her job doesn't need any skill in wrestling" Let's face it, Stacy should either learn to wrestle and prance around or leave. It is possible to be strong and be slutty, see paragraph above.

"Nobody cares how she dresses, she's hot!!"
Well obviosly I care. And Stacy really isn't that good looking. She has long legs and an OK ass but other then that she's pretty much average looking, I know alot of people who look like her, whats the big deal"" Not to mention she's freakishly skinny, eat something for Gods sake!!!!

Send me any other arguements and I bet I can come up with a counter. Anyone who thinks Stacy is actually talented is obviously a fan follower. If she got fired, honostly, how many people would stop watching. Now if Lita, Trish, Shaniqua, Molly, Gail, Victoria and/or any of the other fighting divas, I know a shit load of people who would stop watching. Go ahead, send me you negative feedback, send me your complaints, stick up for Stacy, like I said, I will stick to my arguement, I only want to get my voice out there and heard.

Im not sure if I got all the mistakes because Im half asleep but let me know if I did or not.

by Andrea Kaufmann ..

Brad Dykens says:
I agree, Stacy Keibler should be working for Rob Black - and I don't mean XPW.
Ite Lemalu (aka Shockage) says:
Bravo Andrea, couldn't of said it any better myself. I would like to elaborate further on the "Stacy isn't a wrestler, she's a valet" section. I don't think much of this new generation of valets/divas. Apart from the women wrestlers, the majority of these valets are talentless and serve absoloutely no purpose being 100 feet near ringside, especially when they are nothing more than props for lower mid carders. Stacey Keibler most definitely stands out from the lot. If Stacey wishes to dance her heart out, then maybe she should try stripping as a career alternative. Hopefully if she changes 'professions' now, there'll still be something left to the imagination.

Get rid of the valets and bring back more managers.
Anonymous says:
I like Stacy Keibler, but what you said was true. Although I do not want her to be fired, she is doing nothing.

Also, when you stated that people would leave if Shaniqua, Gail or any other fighting diva left. I have no idea who would leave. Trish Stratus is the major blockbuster for Raw Divas, everyone knows that, but even if she left, I doubt anyone would leave.
Jasper J Sha says:
You're right, she has no mic talent and she has no wrestling skills. If she were to be released from the WWE, no one would stop watching and the show would still continue on monday nights.

However, for the WWE, she holds the part of being a valet (yes, I know you can counter this, just give me a moment) and arm/eye candy for whoever she's with. However, it's due to the fact that she can't wrestle, has no amazing mic skills that she may potentially be needed. She's serves as a storyline lump, and if the storyline gets a little bit boring, she simply bends over. Think about it; all the other women have some wrestling talent and a developed character. Stacy's character is flexible for the very fact taht she doens't get in the ring and a storyline for her can pivot in many directions. Consider the Test/Steiner/Stacy storyline, it's been going on for a good three months and I don't really see it dying out too soon. Again I'm not too keen on WWE writing so far, but this storyline at the very least has been decent, I'm just curious as to who's gonna come to Stacy's rescue (I was pondering if it could be the Dudleyz and Stacy could remerge again as the Duchess of Dudleyville).

I'm not saying that Stacy isn't expendible, but if the WWE wants to find a woman who isn't going to wrestle and be nothing but eye candy, they found it in Stacy. That and I'm sure Test wouldn't be too happy if they fired her. Also, it is true, many men find her attractive, that's just part of it too. Regardless of her being "freakishly skinny" (although i can see that) and all she has is legs, that's what the guys gravitate toward and enjoy.

I'm also half asleep and I can't think of anything else at the moment.

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