The Greatest Entrances Of All Time
April 10, 2006 by Kevin Fischer

Welcome to my first article here at Online World of Wrestling, and I think I'll start off with what in my opinion, are the greatest entrances of all time.

The entrance is what makes the wrestler. For example, in WCW, you knew when Goldberg was coming. The music played, the security guards protected him as he walked to the ramp. He had to be a badass to have security guard blocking him. Then he would strike his pose, and the fireworks went off. He was a force to be reckoned with, and he was.

So I'll stop babbling, and present the best of all time.

Ric Flair - Ric Flair once said to be the man, you have to beat the man. And he was the man. The music hit, boos (or sometimes cheers) generated. And when Ric Flair would walk through the curtains, he has his robe on. The infamous stylish robe. He would stroll to the ring, maybe doing his taunt here and there, keep screaming wooooooooooooooooooooo, and always adjust his hair. He would go into the ring, do his taunt, and another wooooooooooooooo. He was the man for that reason.

Goldust - Goldust was the person you wondered if he was gay or not. In the early years, he would come to the ring with Marlena (Terri Runnels), and even in 1999, was it good. You heard the beat start, he would walk to the ring wearing a robe and a wig. As he entered, the TV Screen would go to a movie-like viewing. Gold and Black would be pointing at him as he entered. The music played during the movie-like viewing. He would have a serious look on his face. He was ready to play mind games. He entered the ring, took his robe off, and would rub his chest. I thought he was gay at first. A very convincing character.

Kane- Masked - Before the WWE decided to ruin the Kane character, he was the brother of the Undertaker. They fooled around with matches and set the parents house on fire. He was from parts unknown, he was scary. He was a big man with the mask and couldn't speak without a voice box. When the music hit, it was dark, it was red. Your were wondering. The fire hits and he enters. He walks down the ramp, sometimes fixing his glove, and would go right to the ring, climb on, use all 3 ropes, and then walk to the middle to the ring. He would raise his hands up in the air, then when he put them down, fire was in every corner.

Gangrel - If you don't remember who he was, then you weren't around in 1999 watching wrestling. Gangrel wasn't a driving force in the WWF, but he had possibly the best entrance ever. The music played, people looked to the ramp. He didn't enter at the middle like everyone else, no he didn't, you would see fire coming from the left side of the ramp, and then you seen him rise. He would be carrying an urn of blood, he could be wearing sunglasses, and it didn't matter. His fangs are noticeable. He would walk to the ring with the urn clutched in his hands, and when he went on the steps, with the arena dark, he would drink out of his urn, and spit out the blood out of it. He was a man that always said blood is thicker then water. Best entrance I've seen in a long time.

The Rock - The Rock has the best promos ever. He could be using his famous lines all the time, call other wrestlers "roody poo candy asses", he could be saying "Finally the Rock has come back to ". The Rock was the man. When the music hit, everyone was on there feet, cheering for The Rock. He would keep turning his head to either side of the arena, as he walked, and as he walked up the stairs, he went to one side of the ring, lifted his arm up, and let the crowd cheer. He would go to the other side and do the same thing before entering the ring.

Goldberg- WCW Years - He was the undefeated wrestler. Feared around the WCW, he was a powerful force, so powerful that he would have the guards protect him as he left his locker room. You would see them walk with him to the entrance ramp, the music was playing, and everyone was on there feet. He would then walk to the entrance, hit his head with his arms, and the fireworks exploded. He then strolled to the ring, and would be ready to kick some ass.

Stone Cold Steve Austin - Austin was the face of the Federation in 1998. He was the driving force of the Attitude era. When he entered, people knew. The glass broke, everyone was ready. He could be coming out to open a can of whoop ass on Vince McMahon, he came either way. He could walk in a fast pace, shaking his head. He was ready to fight. He would enter the ring, go to all four sides of the ring, raise his arms, stick out his middle finger, and show how badass he was. Maybe at the ends of matches, you would see him guzzling beer, and everyone would be excited.

Hulk Hogan- Did it matter" - Hulk Hogan is probably the reason why Wrestling is popular today. When Hogan was in the WWF, he was a patriotic American, as he entered the ring with the Real American theme song. He would stroll to the ring with a shirt and bandana on. He would slap people's hands as he entered. When he got into the ring, he ripped his shirt off, and posed his muscles. When he was Hollywood Hogan in WCW, the screen turned Gray on your television, the version of voodoo child played, and Hogan would come out, playing the air guitar, and would be an awesome heel. He would rip his shirt, and wear the bandana. It was cool to be Hulk Hogan.

Ultimate Warrior - OK, so he is now a hated person, but c'mon, who didn't LOVE his entrance" The music hit, everyone jumped on there feet, and were waiting for the Warrior to enter. When he did, he would have his arm in the air pumping, as he ran to the ring, wearing a coat. He would jump to the side of the ring run towards the left side of the ring, and the arms still pumping. When he entered the ring, he would shake the ropes, show off his arms to the crowd, and he was ready to squash anyone. And he did.

Bret "Hitman" Hart - Bret Hart was the man in the 90's. He was bring the WWF back from the ashes of the steroid trials, and brought to the world some great matches, (including my favorite at WrestleMania 13 against Steve Austin), and his entrance was also great. You hear the screeching on the guitar, and you knew it was the Hitman coming out. Wearing his leather jacket and his sunglasses, Hart would stroll to the ring, and when he entered, he would do his taunt, and the crowd ate it up. He would then leave the ring, and hand his sunglasses off to a lucky little kid, and showed how he was a great babyface.

by Kevin Fischer

Bart Nachtergaele wrote: Great article, I'd like to add a few more:

Booker T: Memorable, to say the least. Those first lines (Can you dig it, sucka"!) always get a crowd pumped up. When Booker pops up, looks at his hand as if it were alive and jumps at the same time when a huge pyro goes off, it just gives me the chills.

Diamond Dallas Page: Though his music changed frequently, he always had the same move. Hands in triangle formation, raising them high in the air and then crashing them down. Complete with pyro and all. He always reminded me of some drunk hobo who got into wrestling by accident. Love him for it.

Triple H: Forget his current King of Kings gimmick. Nothing beats The Game. Slowly walking down the aisle, dark arena, focussed look, bottle of water in his hand, wet body. Ready for action he is. Who doesn't love his taunt and the water spitting" It's pure badass.

The Undertaker: The gong. Everybody knows what's going to happen now. Blue arena, a mysterious figure slowly walks towards the ring, guided by monk like silhouettes. When he walks the ringsteps, the arena goes back to its normal color and Taker's eyes turn white. Very eery.
Stephen Rokitka wrote:
Great list. However, how could you leave THIS out: "OOOOOOOOOOOH WHAT A RUSSSHHHH!"This is my favorite of all time: The Legion of Doom. The moment you heard that voice, the Road Warriors were coming to kick your ass! Long live Hawk!
Jesse Lee wrote:
Wow, this is a short list of supposed entrances of "all time." You left plenty, PLENTY awesome ones out. Undertaker has some of the best entrances I've ever seen. From his debut, to simply having the lights turned off, to lightning, to fog, to druids. He also had an awesome 'cycle entrance at WM17. HBK used to have one of the best entrances I've seen. It was rare to see somebody dressed as loud as they can wrestle, dance around, and finish with one of the most imitated poses of his time(prime). Lets not forget DX, who would constantly switch back and forth from titantron to live and back again. I can't recall if nWo did the same in WCW, but they too had an unique entrance. I could list probably a dozen more, but I feel I should end it with none other than Georgous George. I don't recall any actual music, but I do remember the fact that he was flamboyant to the max. He wore robes (long before Flair) and flamboyant long before Goldust. He was the "sissy boy," sort of speak. Often, with his entrance, a referee would try to take his robe of and he'd shout out, "get your filthy hands off me!!" Classic. Well, that's all I have. As I've mentioned, I could go on, but I droned on long enough.
Brad Dykens wrote:
I'm going to blow your minds and say Gorgeous George and Johnny Valentine had great entrances.
Kevin Roberts wrote:
Godd column Kev, I can tell that you are definately a true fan who appreciates the entertaining aspects of professional wrestling. You had some great examples (by the way, the REAL Kane is coming back). When Ric Flair's music hits, it doesnt matter if he is a face or heel, you can count on the woooos from everybody in the arena. THE Undertaker, not American Badass, should be on this list, that gonging sound is classic stuff. The old Mankind, The Great Muta, Sting (Crow), and Papa Shango make honorable mention. We'll break down new school entrances next time.
Rob Scribner wrote:
I don't remember Bret for his entrance nor do I remember Goldberg for his. I remember Bret for being a great in-ring performer and Goldberg for being unbeatable, which like the nWo, was boring since you knew what would happen every week.

Anyways, where is Shawn Michaels and Triple H on this list"" Or DX, for that matter...Their entrance was spectacular! And I CANNOT BELIEVE how the UNDERTAKER gets left off this list, but Gangrel and Goldust make it....The Undertaker was the one I remember as being the entrance that would bring chills down your spine...He would creep down the aisle and the announcers really made me believe a chill came over the arena....At first, when he got to the corner, he would just raise the lights, but later on in his career, he would raise fireworks from the corners when he raised his arms after a dramatic pause....without that, the Kane entrance would have never existed. To me Hogan and the Undertaker battle for the top spot on this list. The Warrior was a dynamic entrance as well...Austin's entrance is stale now, but it was also great back in the day. As I stated above, I love the Shawn Michaels entrance because he was the first to actually sing his own theme music and have fireworks. I respect Triple H's because you just feel how serious he is and he pulls off a spectacular entrance WITHOUT PYROTECHNICS....who else can do that""

I appreciate the effort for getting some lesser known guys out there, but when it comes to entrances, I have to go with the ones I stated above as being the best.
Derek Snyder wrote:
While I do agree with most of your selections I think you missed at least one very important person namly The Sandman. His entrance was amazing when his music hit everone knew what has coming. He just appeared in the crowd and celebrated with a couple of beers with the fans. Now that was an entrance.
Paul Richardson wrote:
Obviously all entitled to an opinin but how can this list include Bret Hart, Goldberg and Ric Flair above Shawn Michaels (zip line WM12), Undertaker and Edge and Christian""
Roy "Rated R Superstar" wrote:
First off, Great column man. Ok I agree with a couple of them but you left off some other ones. What about Triple H, Chris Jericho, or Christian-WWE and TNA. Also, try to include TNA like A.J. Styles, The fallen Angel or Abyss. I also liked sting during his Crow era. OWW is the Best.
Dev Hassan wrote:
I like the entrances you have stated above...but you forgot one man. I thought he must be on the list before I carried on reading. You forgot maybe the best entrance/debut in WWE history and that man is Chris Jericho.

If you think of it this way, Stone Cold and The Rock didn't come to the WWE as what they would become years later on once they won the WWF Title. When Chris Jericho entered the WWE he was someone everyone knew, he was a well-known face. So really he had no character change because that was the Y2J character. It was highly impressive to see someone new for the first time come out and just give a great promo infront of wrestling fans around the world and of course the fans in the arena. Nobody would of thought and probley Chris Jericho himself, that he would of got the big big reaction for his debut. When the countdown began and finally the "bang" happened, Jericho appeared, getting one of the biggist pops ever for a DEBUT. Not alot of guys get big reactions like that for a debut who were not World Champions if you really think about it.
Jeff J. wrote:
Well I would have to agree with Kevin in his article the The Greatest Entrances Of All Time April 10, 2006. However I was a little surprized to see that Triple H wasn't mentioned. In the late 90's Triple H had and outstanding entrance. When the 'My Time' music hit and HHH came out in the green lighting and pause in the light that amplified his well conditioned body he looked like the man you didn't want to get in the ring with. Wether it was Chyna or Stephanie standing by his side he just looked intimidating. Later when he adopted the MotorHead song 'Time to play the Game' the first chord of the guitar would hit and everyone got ready. He'd wait for the right part in the song to spray the bottled water out of his mouth, he was so intence. Standing on the tope rope with his arms streached out almost as if he was giving a primal ROAR he made sure you knew why he is that damn good.
Noman Shaikh wrote: How can you not mention HHH's and Undertaker's(Phenom) entrances"
Larry Dasilva wrote:
great choices, specially with Gangrel couple that popped into my head

the Roadwarriors/ Legion of Doom: whether it was to Iron Man or the Ohhhh What a Rush you knew just by hearing that music that some tag team was gonna get demolished

Rob Van Dam in ECW with Pantera's Walk the crowd would just eat it up anyone that watched ECW anytime they hear that song they start doing the RVD pose

and while on the ECW topic you have to mention the Sandman, whether it be Metallica or Motorheads version of Enter Sandman no entrance has rivalved his, his matches became secondary to his 5 minute plus entrance that no matter how many times the crowd heard it they soaked it up
Justrude88 wrote:
Now I understand everyone has different opions, but I don't think you thought quite hard enough when you said the greatest entrances of ALL TIME. Your choices are long missed and I understand why you chose them. They were so unique and added alot of spice to gimmicks.

My choices are as followed:

Sting's entrance at Starcade 97(WCW)
Undertaker's "deadman" gimmick
Shawn Michaels, Wrestlemania with the rope thing Doink Mordecai The Demon(WCW) "Kiss" gimmick The Godfather "pimp" gimmick

I'm sure theres a bag full more to name, but I'm just surprised those were overlooked.
Jeremy E. Grayewski wrote:
Kevin, I agree with all of these. But, lets not forget these (maybe not the Greatest but worth Mentioning) :

The late "Ravishing" Rick Rude (late 80's WwF): So hilarious! Heenan coming down and the male stripper music playing. Then Rude grabbing the mic and saying "CUT the MUSIC!", pulling some Aqua-net, tight Guess jeans woman out of the crowd, and making out with them. Funny.

"The Million Dollar Man", Ted Debiase: Who can forget that entrance music of one of the most hated heels ever" "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Everyone's got a price!" IF this was not a racial undertone, as Virgil came down to the ring with him as well, I don't know what was. Then Debiase paying off "supposed" fans in the crowd to do things for money, including a very young Rob Van Damm. Also, HILARIOUS.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage: Savage had some elaborate entrances including the one at Wrestlemania VII (Retirement match). When 'Pomp and Circumstances' hit the crowd would go nuts! Savage was the Ric Flair of the WWF (in terms of entrances) before Flair arrived.

DX: Awesome entrance music, cross-chopping at the crotch, Triple H and the Heartbreak Kid.....what more can you ask for. Not to mention the Road Dogg's and Billy Gunn's entrance, which can be in a category of its own. "OH....YOU DIDN'T KNOW""

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper: The bag pipe ensemble that would accompany him to the ring on occasions speaks for itself. This could be Top TEN!
Steve Loewen wrote:
I read the article re: the greatest ring entrances of well as some reviews to the article, and still one man was left off the list. His entrance, as well as his persona and legacy is hardly mentioned this day in age. He is The Macho Man Randy Savage. Albeit his music was a little corny, it was "his", and everybody knew who was coming; the Macho Man and Elizabeth. Years before pyro and light effect, this entrance garnered everybodies attention. Imagine what a spectacle his entrance would be in the WWE nowadays.
Adam Barna wrote:
Ok, I agree that putting people like the Sandman & Undertaker not on the list is very wrong. If you know their coming just within a second of their entrance, then to me its pretty good. Another few wrestlers that people maybe didn't think about.

Sabu (ecw)- The lights would turn totally black and the fans would go nuts. There would be fans pulling out their lighters to see and when the lights came back. The lights come on and you see this madman in the middle of the ring pointing up to the ceiling. It is sweet.

Nation of Domination- The factions theme would hit with it starting, "WE ARE THE NATION.. OF DOMINATION!" The lights would go everywhere and out comes six to seven members at a time. They would walk to the ring like stone men and then stand on the apron or the ring side. Then at one time, they would throw up their arm and salute to the crowd. Very neat.

Edge & Christian (before 2002)- Edge and along with Christian at the time was awesome because you didn't know where the hell they were coming from. The theme would hit and the first few words "YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME.." And then the fans know who it is. Then from the crowd Edge & Christian wouldn't waist anytime coming to the ring.
Edrom41 wrote: this was a cool article, but I'll like to mention a few here:

Triple H - I absolutely love his entrance. The slow walk to the ring, the bad ass song, and of course the water spray whilst thousand of fans take pictures of it. It's one of my all time favorites.

Chris Jericho (cocky "king of the world" version) - This was another cool entrance to me, I liked how he'll be condescending to the fans and showing off his muscles and being disrespectful to any fan, even his.

Hardy Boyz - This was the type of entrance that got everyone pumped. The hard hitting drums in the first few seconds let everyone know they were about to see something innovative and entertaining.

Shawn Michael - Another one of those that gets you pumped up b/c you know you're about to see the living legend do his thing, defying the limit of age unlike others *cough* Hogan!

well, excuse me, anyway's those are some of my favorites and nice article man
Josh Lloyd wrote:
I totally agree with your picks. But you missed off in my opinion the best entrance...ever

The Sandman at ECW: One Night Stand. When the sound of Metallica- Enter Sandman hit the arena and the whole crowd goes NUTS, Joey Styles shouts "The Bar Is Open!" as the sandman crushes a beer can off his head. He Climbs through the Crowd all the way to the ring, and gives the WWE Crusaders the finger while he's at it. Then he & Tommy Dreamer pour beer over the chest of 2 female crowd members and lick it off. The entrance lasts nearly 6 minuets. I mean who else busts them self open during their own entrance...on purpose
Jason Kohm wrote:
One that comes to mind for me is Tazz in ECW. The Black and Orange lighting and him standing head down, arms folded and the towel on his head. He would slowly walk to the ring and then stand in the ring with the same pose. You always new that you were in for a good match.

One old school one was the JunkYard Dog entering to "Another One Bites the Dust". JYD was the second biggest face behing Hogan. Him jiving to the song on the way to ring was always a highlight. They ruined his entrance with that stupid "Grab them cakes" No one knew what that meant.
Jerrry wrote: How did you forget the sandman! It was an awsome entrance! Thats all i got to say!
destrothers wrote:
Not even the current undertaker or the 'badass' but the OLD undertaker when he first started. It used to scare little kids to death , and withPAul Bearer at his side with all of those facial expressions, it was priceless. Everyone also seemas to forget Jake 'the SNake' Roberts. He came out with a stone-cold look on his face and the snake in the bag. You knew he meant business (who else could remember Bad News Brown with the bag of sewer rats ready to eat the snake!!!!!). Currently, Los Guerreros or Eddie by himself with the lowrider made for some great moments too. Eddie or Chavo were lyin' cheatin' and stealin', and the crowd always ate it up in the lowrider.
Mark wrote:
You seem to forget the pioneers of the entrance in the Freebirds. The theme music for wrestlers is hard to find before them. Also, did you not see Roddy Piper's entrance back in the day" How can one forget the regiment of pipers marching to the ring leading Piper"""
mayur reve wrote:
Hey Kevin,great article,I mean there are very few people who concentrate on the entrances of wwe superstars.But just like others I would like to tell you how come you did not mention Undertaker's name,I mean he's legend&his entrance is legendary.Just as Michael Cole says it many times,it's the most eerie,chilling,frightening entrance in sports-entertainment,truly sends chills down everyone's spine.Another entrance you should have mentioned was of the late"Great"Eddie Guerrero.When Eddie would come on the groovy "Viva La Raza"track on his low-rider,it was entertaining to watch.Thanx for putting on such a great article.Hope to see more of your articles in the future.
Mike O. wrote:
Hi, my names mike i think the greatest entrance of all time has to be The Sandman's entrance. Everything was awesome from the beer drinking, all the way to smoking the cigarettes and standing out with the crowd...



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