Unexpected History
July 15, 2006 by Kevin Hill

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kevin Hill. This is my first column and I plan to do one every month. I thought to myself all Tuesday what to write my first column on. Then around 11:00 pm, it hit me. That's why this column is entitled "Unexpected History."

After WWE bought wCw in 2001, they were the sole company and had no competition. But just five years later, the long time third place brand is back. Vince McMahon and WWE brought back Extreme Championship Wrestling. They even signed former stars from there including Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, Tony Mamaluke, and several others. ECW also gives new signees to get noticed like Mike Knox and others. And, to add to the spice they put WWE stars in ECW like Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, and The Big Show. Rob Van dam is the clear leader of the new ECW as the show debuted with him being crowned the ECW Heavyweight Champion. Everything seemed normal.

Normal, until this past Tuesday Night (The 4th of July.) The advertised main event was Rob Van Dam defending his ECW and WWE Title against Edge, but the previous night on RAW Edge defeated Rob Van Dam and John Cena for the WWE title. Everyone was curious if the match was still going to take place Tuesday night, and quite frankly when I found out it wasn't I was disappointed.

Another match was booked. Rob Van Dam defending his ECW Title against the seven foot tall, 500 pound, Big Show. The night was normal. The match was a normal, usual wrestling match. Then Paul Heyman hit the ring. He started counting out The Big Show, then suddenly stopped. He and RVD argued for a moment then, Big Show whacks RVD with a chair, then chokeslams him on it and Heyman acts as the referee to count out Rob Van Dam and declare The Big Show the new ECW Champion.

As the fans threw garbage into the ring, they didn't realize that they witnessed history. To them it was just a new champion, but that wasn't all that transpired on America's birthday. The second Big Show's hand was raised he became the firs ever man to hold the wCw, WWE/F, and ECW versions of the Heavyweight Title.

So what does this mean"

Well it is as big as Ric Flair holding the NWA, wCw, and WWE/F World titles. It is as big as the Road Warriors holding NWA, wCw, and WWF tag team gold and like the Dudley Boyz holding WWE/F, wCw, and ECW Tag Team gold (and should hold NWA tag gold, but that is another story.)

To be honest, I couldn't be happier for Big Show. This man has worked hard through his entire career. The past two years Big Show has been out of the spotlight, and teaming with Kane, until they feuded for a month or so. Before winning the ECW Title on July 4th, his only big time moment from the past two years was his feud with Triple H, which led to their great match at New Year's Revolution 2006. Now Big Show is on top of the third brand of WWE (ECW) and will be main eventing for a while.

On the morning of July 4th 2006, ECW fans expected a ECW Title match between Rob Van Dam and Edge, but instead that night, they witnessed unexpected history.

Thanks for reading this column. Another one will be up in three weeks time.

by Kevin Hill ..

Randall Flagg wrote:
They are way overplaying Shows "triple crown". He held the WCW title less than 4 months, the WWE title less than 1 month, and wouldn't be ECW champion if RVD hadn't messed up. Plus, let's face it, WWE and ECW are the same thing. Had he held the "real" ECW title, then it might be worth talking about.

If you want impressive, look at Ric Flair holding the NWA (when it was THE company), WCW, and WWF titles. Or, if you want truly impressive, step over to the tag-team ranks. The Road Warriors held the AWA, NWA, WWF, and All-Japan titles (with Hawk also holding the IWGP title). That's total domination of the planet's 2 biggest wrestling markets, and those markets' biggest promotions.
Jon Rosaler wrote:
I guess Big Show would make the most sense to be the first to hold the WCW,WWE and ECW. Team 3D made the most sense to be the first to hold the ECW,WCW and WWE titles. We only had 1 person hold the ECW and WCW television titles and he is on tour with Fozzy (Chris Jericho). Pretty Much the whole King's court and Chris Benoit have that chance of beoming ECW television champion. If Chris Jericho signs with TNA and wins the soon to come TNA Television tit,e he'll be the first person in history to win the WCW,ECW, and TNA television titles. Plus, he is an 8-time IC champion and the first undisputed champion, so he would be a good canidate.
FootballFreeek53 wrote:
I think this columm not true. It is all wrong, see Big Show never became ECW heavyweight Champion. He and Rob Van Dam never beat the real ECW Champion Rhino He was the last Champion so there for they can't be call ECW Champion unless they beat Rhino. And Big Show has only held the WWE and the WCW Championship. Rob Van Dam is the greatest wrestler to never hold a world title.






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