The Dislikeness of Jeff Hardy
July 19, 2004 by Kirk Degunya

As I go through message boards, chat on chat rooms, and just talk to wrestling fans in general, I'll mention something about Jeff Hardy. What do I get in response" "Jeff Hardy is just some hick trying to break his neck", "What Jeff does can never and will never be considered as wrestling", and "Both Matt and Jeff are just some yard tards that got lucky". And that's just a few.

Now, I like Jeff Hardy. Matter of fact, he's one, if not my favorite wrestler. But, I could not believe the hatred towards him as I travel throughout the internet.

I understand that he did send the Asylum into a craze, but people still think that he sucks.

Like, for example, I mentioned something about Jeff signing a TNA contract on a message board. Someone responded -

Yay! Can't wait for Jeff Hardy to sign a contract!

Just you wait. Jeff will end up signing a contract, they'll push him to the main event like we all know they will, and we can watch the TNA main event status fall strait on its face.

What do I say to these people" Well, I gave up a long time ago, but the following are some of my best arguments - read a long them like they are...something to think about before you call him a "crappy, worthless, waste-o-contract".

You go out, get a 10 ft ladder, climb to the top of it and try to stand strait up. Now, if you're 10-13 (not advised), 14-16(still not advised), possibly 18, this will scare the crap out of you. Now, look at the stuff that Jeff does. I'd like to see someone other than yard tards pull the type of stuff he has. Of course, yard tards are doing the stuff he has, but, that's because they're yard tards.

Jeff's trained. He knows what he's doing. Of course, there's been times when he's gotten a little "out of hand" (if anyone has read their book), but that's because of all of the ideas he's getting. And, WWE likes that.

Look at what he's done for and in the WWE. Jeff, along with Matt, put the TLC matches on the map.

Just because he's had other interests (his band, Peroxywhy"gen) doesn't mean he's totally forgotten about wrestling. Wrestling fans acted like Jeff turned his back on them for trying to do what entertains him. God forbid wrestlers to have a life of their own.

Jeff's style of wrestling is Jeff's style of wrestling. Everyone talks about how he sucks because what he does is "nothing close to wrestling". But that's because he's Jeff Hardy. Think about it, you won't go down in the record books for trying to copy someone else's style. To be innovative, you must create your own. And that's exactly what Jeff does.

He can get the crowd going. Just looks at his return to TNA. I, my friends, and the fans at the Asylum went crazy. You know once he goes to the top rope, something spectacular and/or breathtaking will take place. The crowd goes wild when he calls for the Swanton.

And last, but not least, on a recent "Byte This!" J.R. was questioned about Jeff's appearance on TNA. J.R. responded in some sort of fashion "It's great to see him wrestling again." Then, he mentioned something about WWE's door to Jeff Hardy is still open. Might I remind you, this is after his appearance on TNA.

Now, like I said, read and think about these before you call him a "hick who's just trying to break his neck at any given moment" or "a biggest P.O.S wrestler that the WWE has ever had".

by Kirk Degunya ..

Brian Floyd wrote:
Jeff Hardy, at one time, was a fairly good tag team wrestler. But once he and Matt split up, Jeff began to fall apart. If you look at Jeff's matches in the latter half of his time as a solo wrestler before he departed, its obvious that after awhile he just stopped trying and became a spot monkey. Even worse, a spot monkey who blew the majority of his spots.

The last Jeff Hardy match I actually enjoyed was his ladder match with Undertaker on RAW, and I couldn't tell you the last Jeff Hardy match that I enjoyed prior to that, because when I look back, all I see are the blown spots that could have gotten him paralyzed or killed.

I don't know if it he just stopped caring or if something else was to blame, but it doesn't matter. When its hard to watch someone perform because you're worried they are going to blow a dangerous spot and end up with a broken neck...or worse...then its time for them to hang up the boots.

There's a reason he got booed out of Ring Of Honor during his only appearance, and its NOT because he was an ex-WWE wrestler. Crap is crap, and that's what Jeff was in the ring when he left the WWE.

Signing Jeff Hardy could be good or bad for TNA, and for Jeff himself. It all depends on whether or not he stays focused. If he doesn't go back to being a clumsy spot monkey and actually tries, then it will be good for both sides. It'll help him possibly get back in the WWE once his contract with TNA is up, and will bring in a lot of teenage girl fans to TNA, as its obvious they make up the majority of his fan base. If he does go back to being a clumsy spot monkey, then I hope the TNA management has sense enough to leave him out if they ever do another Ultimate X.
HULKAMANIA225 wrote:
Like him or not he does what he does well. I respect him for that. He taught me a new style of wrestling that I thought was crazy but yet cool because no body is that welling to do that to their body day in and day out. Jeff Hardy my not be a good wrestler to some people but he has his own style. So what if he does music every now and then" The Rock does movies does that mean he sucks" So Jeff wears paint on his body and does wierd things its Jeff Hardy for christ sakes. This man is the best at what he does and that good. So all the haters can shut up and deal with it. I would like to see them do a swanton off the ladder and do the carp he has done..
Curry Man wrote:
I have to say that you are right on the money when it comes to what Jeff Hardy contributed to the WWF/WWE, he was fantastic in Gimmick matches and I even enjoyed watching them and In fact I still do. However if jumping off of a ladder and through a table made some one a fantastic wrestler then all the "yard tards" would be held in higher regard than a wrestler like Chris Benoit, Jushin Lyger, etc. , but taking a swan dive off a ladder doesn't make you a good wrestler. Everyone who watches or watched the WWF/E when he was there was exposed to how weak of a wrestler he was I mean HBK had a hard time making Hardy look good in a gimmickless match. Yeah, HBK!! So sure the funs might go nuts for him, sure girls may love him. Hell I even respect him for laying it all on the line, but the bottom line is he could not wrestle a decent match. On A Side Note This Was A Really Good Column. It even got me thinking keep up the good work.
XtremeFalls43 wrote:
Yes Jeff Hardy does take way to many risk, but that isn't his problem. Jeff Hardy some where down the lines got into drugs as we all know he was released by the WWE for that and he won't go to rehab. I think TNA should be a shamed to the fact that this kid has some problems and signs him just to make a quick buck. Hopefully Hardy won't become Scott Hall who has so much talent but let Demands end his career pretty much
Noel Di Maggio wrote:
Hello everyone, this is Noely D from Absolute Wrestling™.... You might not know who I am yet, but you will soon, and trust me, you'll be wanting more of what I got to say. First off i want to say thank you to Online World of Wrestling for giving me a platform to let others see my views. Second, i want to tell you why i'm even writing this.

I am more than an average fan. I run a local TV show, i've invested thousands of dollars to this industry and im also training to become a wrestler. I want to make an impact on wrestling, and if this is a way, than so be it....

This column is going to deal with Jeff Hardy. I know what many of you are thinking... "screw him, he is just a backyard wrestler that got lucky".... guess what... you are sorely mistaken. Matt and Jeff Hardy are responsible for bringing "Hardcore Style" wrestling to the mainstream WWF crowd... i dont mean hitting someone with a chair... I mean the style of wrestling that is WRESTLING.... to the extreme.... they took ECW's Style... and made WWF fans appreciate it.... It was a dream for jeff to wrestle, and it came true.... his other dream was to be a rockstar..... and he wanted to go persue that.... if anyone saw Jeff's last few matchs in WWF or ROH they saw how sloppy he was.... he didnt seem like he wanted to even be there..... LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE... dont hate him because he wanted to stop....

There will be more columns soon, if you liked what you read email me at [email protected] - Thank you everyone... Till next time.... Absolute Wrestling™
Bradley wrote:
I think Kirk Degunya is totally right. People have the nurve of calling Jeff those things.I would like to see those people that did say that and watch them get in the the ring and bust there butt 3 days a week, every week.Jeff did not turn his back on anybody.Jeff did entertain all of us.No, hes not a Chris Benoit or a Kurt Angle, hes Jeff Nero Hardy.Like Kirk said, Jeff has his own "style" and thats what makes him so cool and special.So next time before you even think about calling him a "yard tard" why don't you step in the ring for one day and try telling me that Jeff is a sissy on top of all the jumping off ladders and crasing through tables.Thanks for bringing that up Kirk.
Brian Gross wrote:
Jeff Hardy...How's does one describe someone as respectable as Jeff Hardy" His haters call him "Lazy, an addict, etc" Hell, even his loyalest of fans (myself being one of them) had noticed him getting unfocused by the end of his WWE career. But to say "yard tard"" Like Kirk said, try jumping off a 10 foot ladder. I should know, I practise wrestling 4 times a week. I have the same style Jeff does. I've jumped off a ten foot ladder. I suppose I am a "yard tard" then.

Jeff Hardy, for all of his faults, should be respected. He helped bring in the TLC match. He showed the world that wrestling doesn't only mean on the ground("whisper in the wind" anyone"). I suppose you can argue that he is stupid for performing so many dangerous stunts. THAT IS WHAT HE IS!! He is the one that flies when everyone runs.

TNA wasn't the best choice..I would have preferred him returning to the WWE, because I don't get the channel TNA is on (I'm stuck going to the site to update myself)

Perhaps it is because I am partial because the charismatic enigma is my icon. Perhaps it is because his signature move, the Swanton, I was performing when I was younger (9-10 years old). Whatever the reason, you cannot deny Jeff Hardy. Diss him, hate him, spit on his legacy. But respect him. Next time you decide to call him a "hick who's just trying to break his neck at any given moment" or "a biggest P.O.S wrestler that the WWE has ever had" " think about how much he has given his body to try and give the world the best performance they've seen.

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