TNA Can Compete with the WWE
June 20, 2006 by Kyle Benson

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Hello Wrestling Fans, this is my first column for the OWW website so sit back, relax and enjoy!

There has been a lot of speculation from wrestling fans and people inside the wrestling business about whether or not TNA could compete with WWE or not. Well I have seven reasons revealing that TNA can compete with the WWE.

1. Team Canada (faction) All big wrestling promotions usually have a faction. TNA has Team Canada. Team Canada is the ultimate heel faction of TNA. They have big guys (Bobby Roode, A1, Johnny Devine), X-Division guys (Petey Williams, Eric Young), and one of the most annoying mangers in history (Scott D'Amore). These are all the main ingredients to a great faction. WWE used to have good factions (The Corporate, DX, etc.) but then broke them up. Then WWE had a try with the NWO, Evolution, and The Un-Americans but they didn't work out too well. Team Canada will always be enjoyable and amazing and I am not expecting TNA management to screw this great faction up.

2. Jeff Jarrett (maximum heel) There is no doubt in any ones mind that all wrestling promotions have to have their main heel. If there was a wrestling dictionary and it had the word "heel" in it, there would be a picture of Jeff Jarrett. I can guarantee you that there is no hated heel in this industry who is hated as much as Jarrett. He brings fans into TNA so they can speak their mind about how much they love to hate him. He has enjoyable and brilliant promos. Jarrett is just pure heel. WWE's biggest heel right now is Edge in most peoples opinions, but still to me, Edge does not capture the "kick butt" heel ways as well as Jarrett does.

3. The X-Division (TNA's main attraction) If this division could be summarized in one word, it would be "Amazing". It has high flying action combined with a bit of hardcore wrestling and brings out the true athleticism in a wrestler. Everyone loves this division, but if you don't, you are not a true fan of wrestling. TNA is so high on the X-Division that they give the division its own match, The Ultimate X match, which is one of the best matches in the wrestling business today. WWE used to have a cruiserweight division on Smackdown! but it has slowly dwindled down. TNA gets that wrestling fans want to see high flying, flashy, and fantastic wrestling moves.

4. Christian Cage (TNA's Most Popular) Christian Cage is just like WWE's John Cena, but better. Christian cuts great promos, he has incredible in-ring abilities, he is a fan favorite, he is just the total package. Christian Cage gets the biggest pops from the TNA fans because he is a respected wrestler. Christian is an all around good guy that fans like; that is why TNA signed him when WWE wasn't using him the right way. Christian Cage will bring in more ratings for TNA in years to come.

5. Raven (hardcore hero) You either love him or hate him, its Raven! Raven is definitely one of the smartest wrestlers in the business today and he effects your emotions. Raven cuts some of the greatest promos ever written. Once you become a Raven fan, there is no stopping, you feel like you personally know Raven. Then he grows onto you like a disease that you like. And then once Raven fully grows onto you, you HAVE to turn on TNA to see what Raven does, and this gives TNA ratings.

6. Abyss (the monster) Everyone likes a hardcore monster, which is exactly Abyss. He is the in your face type of monster that will bring the pain to you. Abyss definitely brought in ratings for TNA and Spike TV during his feud with Christian Cage for the World Heavyweight Title. Abyss is relentless and is dedicated to whoever he is facing and whatever type of match he is in. WWE used to have the monster known as Kane, but lately he has not been the dominating beast of old. I do not place blame on WWE for this; he just creatively has not had the sort of storylines that invoke insane fear.

7. Sting (the veteran) Sting is on of the most recognized names in the business, and even with his age, he is still entertaining. I am sure that once more people hear that Sting is in TNA, people will stop watching WWE and become TNA fans.

If you utterly disagree, totally agree, or have a comment about my column, please comment.

by Kyle Benson ..

Jason "XtremeFalls" Simmons wrote:
You know not one of your points made any sense what so ever. Team Canada is just the job squad until Jarrett needs back up which completely hurts the group. Maybe a year or two ago you could say these guys were a great faction but now they aren't. Jarrett has X-Pac Heat no one likes the guy his promos are horrible, and when he was thought to have won the Title the fans almost had a riot. Jarrett is one of the biggest flaws in the company. The X-Division is a joke there a bunch of over rated stunt men who thanks to TNA lousy booking have become buried. AJ Styles, Joe, and Daniels are the only wrestlers in that Division who have been pushed hard at all. Thanks to that booking wrestlers like Sabin, Bentley, Dutt, and Shelley have become jobbers. Christian's title reign has been another booking disaster, TNA failed gain on Christian's momentum when he first came over to TNA. They booked him in midcarder feuds while Jarrett vs. Sting continued to bore the crowd and the viewers. Raven is useless right now thanks to Horrible booking that put Raven in a pointless feud with Larry Zbysko and made his title run end in a stupid ass house show for another company. Abyss is just like Kane to the fact he can win until he's in the big match and then botches it thanks to horrible booking. Sting has been useless since signing because TNA has kept him in a stupid feud with Jeff Jarrett instead of putting over an Abyss, or Samoa Joe. Sorry Kyle but your points are horrible.
Judy Murray wrote:
Personally, I don't think you really looked at this in an entirely objective view. This entire article is simply you talking up every wrestler in TNA, and it's just boring! I love TNA (Australia unfortunately doesn't get impact ep's yet, and Slammiversary plays on PPV two weeks late, but I still love what I've seen) but I won't sit here and attempt to tell everyone that Abyss or Jeff Jarrett are the reasons to watch! First, Christian does NOT get the biggest pops, I'd say Styles probably does. This is because Styles can constantly work good matches that deserve the applause he gets, rather than Cage who is simply riding the anti-WWE wave and taking credit for the applause. Second, please don't judge others as not being wrestling fans for not liking the X-division (although I do love the X-division). And last, Jeff Jarrett is a terrible wrestler who cuts boring promos and has an overall character that is like a sad shadow of Triple H. That's all, I simply advise that your next column not be so biased.'
Noel wrote:
Testify my brother, TNA is the way of the future. I couldn't agree more with column its so true. TNA has got everything to be the next WCW (besides the fall), WWE should be slapped in its face of what they're doing, look at "Umaga" he is a copy of TNA's Samoa Joe. Just give TNA a couple months or just a year and you will see who comes up on top. The X-Division draws most of the excitement towards the ring. Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin and all those guys are the future for TNA. The hardcore people of TNA are loved by the audience like Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Jeff Hardy and Raven were all around through out the Monday night wars, so they would know what to do for their company to come out number one. The fact is TNA is comer bigger and better, WWE isn't doing much and it is getting boring (except of reformation DX) that's the only thing that's keeping WWE alive. Were I live (Australia) we are now being able to subscribe for TNA pay per views, but they are like 15days late. TNA will win this war just give them a few years WWE superstars will be leaving and going to TNA.
The Bearded One wrote:
I definitely believe that you are on the money, for the most part, with your column. I myself don't really care for Sting but then again I have never been a Sting fan even back in his early days, so thats besides the point. The main dislike, and pretty much the only dislike, I have for TNA is the announce team. Mike Tenay is ok, but that Don West MUST go. He knows absolutely NOTHING about wrestling. I remember watching TNA on tv recently (can't recall the exact match) but every time a guy would get hit in the head during one of several wrestling moves, DW would always yell "Oh he got it right in the head!" and not even call simple wrestling moves like a dropkick. For christ sakes even my girlfriend could call the moves he missed and she knows less about wrestling that he does! If they'd drop DW and get someone with wrestling knowledge to comment, then they would take more of WWE's fans away.
Alex F. wrote:
While I can see you are a serious wrestling fan I couldn't disagree with you any more on your assessment of TNA. First of all the characters are for the most part old or WWE ripoffs. Abyss is just Mankind with 25 lbs and a manager (even using his old bag of thumbtack routine), Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and Raven are all as old as dirt and perform as such. While I can agree that the X Division is a welcome sight as a wrestling fan, even that is dominated by 1 man (Samoa Joe) and has no real competetion right now. Team Canada is a very good faction to have anchor your heels for TNA and Christian Cage is great on the mic.. but can they really take TNA to a level with WWE"

Please don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for TNA to give WWE a run for it's money and add new blood to the wrestling world, I just don't think it is ready yet, or that it has the star power to do it yet. Here is hoping that TNA can do so in the future.
David Marshall wrote:
Kyle you left out a few things. You made no mention of the Tag Team division, which is way better than the E's divison. You didn't mention A.J. Styles who has been really the face of TNA since it's begining in 2002. He's the only man to be a Triple Crown Champion. How could you make a list without also mentioning the man who in my opinion will be TNA Champion by the end of the next few months, Samoa Joe. He is an amazing worker. The man knows how to get it done. He is becoming the most popular wrestler not only in TNA, but in the wrestling world in general. Christian might be better than John Cena, but Joe is better than Christian. Christian is losing popularity day by day, Overall you did good for your first column and I look foward to reading more of them in the future.
Dylan L. wrote:
I will tell you straight forward. i agree with you. TNA is a great product by NWA. In about 20 years (If it doesn't have some major downfall), then it has a chance to compete with WWE ( If WWE doesn't have a major downfall). I agree with you, but I think you backed up your statement on wrong platforms. Instead of certain superstars. I think it is about sections.

The X Division: WWE's version of the Cruiserweight Division. There is a difference though. TNA has found a way to utilize The X division with the other parts of the show, and not ruin. Like the WWE has basically ruined the Cruiserweight Division. High-flying, in your face, TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION is the X Division.

NWA Heavyweight Division: There is another thing that I respect in TNA. You know, that one superstar is either in the Tag Division, X Division, and Heavyweight Division. There is always certain superstars in the Heavyweight division. They stick to their turf. More grounded wrestling. They don't try and pull stunts like X Division, which is the point of that division. I respect the Heavyweights for their great wrestling.

Tag Division: Not the greatest tag teams. But great chemistry between a lot of the teams. And it is better than the WWE Tag Team Division. Great Division.

Old School/New School mix: You've got the older wrestlers (Sting, Jarret, Rhino, Scott Steiner, etc.), and you've got the newer wrestlers (A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Somoa Joe, Chris Sabin, etc.). And they all work together to bring in the younger and older crowds.

So, you've got this great product, and there are certain flaws that hold it back. Wrestler's entrances are in my view terrible in TNA. I also think that a lot of wrestlers are terrible on the mic. These are stupid errors that could be fixed easily, but the good outweighs the bad. I agree that TNA could compete with WWE in a couple of years.
Lance Crucifix wrote:
Though I disagree that TNA can compete, I don't think TNA will be around much longer, we maybe got another five years with TNA at tops. They are makeing all of WCW's mistake all over again, notfocusing enough on the raw talent, and hiring big names, who are gonna want more money just to even appear. They have messed up the X-Division by giving the title to Joe, who is now competing outside of the X-Division while being X-Division Champion. Not to mention, Joe is highly overrated, he can put on a good match, but now all he does, is the same repetitive stuff, and he's stiff about it. I do Agree with you on Raven however. Raven may not be the best in ring worker, but nobody is mnore of an evil genius when it comes to playing you're character, Raven brought the dark depressive character to life, manmy have tried to copy, none have succeded, Raven natural Charisma and love for the sport has shown for many years and will continue to the day of his retirment. Christian as NWA Champion is something of a joke, picture this, TNA board of Directors. "Christian was just released from the WWE". "Oh let's sign him and give him our title." Nothing wrong with that right" Wrong! There is everything wrong with that, Christian was a former Intercontinental Champion, nothing more or higher, basicly, a WWE midcarder, can come to TNA and take their Main Event title, from their top draw Jeff Jarrett. And here is another mistake of WCW's that Tna has repeated, Jarrett, a former Intercontinental Champion, jumped ship to WCW and won the WCW title, again makeing their promotion's heavyweight strap look weak. I pretty much agree with everything else. Decent Column, for you're first.
Michael Ley wrote:
I have to agree with you on TNA's ability to compete with WWE. I have been a fan of TNA since it's Wednesday night PPV's. With it's ongoing roster changes and in some cases improvements I feel that TNA has grown to be a company that can truly showcase some amazing talent. Of course I don't always like every segment that they broadcast but from a whole I feel their product is more consistent and enjoyable than the typical WWE product. I feel that their PPV's are routinely something I want to buy and I am happy to show them to my non-wrestling fan friends. Overall, I liked your article.
Gus wrote: Not bad for a first column. Although I disagree TNA can compete with WWE, here's why I don't.

Mainly, Abyss is a Kane/Mankind ripoff. The mask, the fire/pyro at the entrance, a manager for the a major part of their career, sounds ALOT like Kane when he debuted.

Another thing, people don't just hate Jeff Jarrett, they want Jarrett to retire. When HHH was the main heel, people didn't want him to retire, they didn't chant boring at him when ever he talked (to my knowledge). Mainly, People are sick and tired of Jeff Jarrett. He uses the guitar every F**king match. Do you know how long he's been doing that"!"!"!"!" I know and its been TOO long.

As far as Raven giving TNA ratings. There ratings are still crappy (.6=1.2 Pure crap) .When ECW debuted they got 2.7 They sure weren't competing then, they aren't competing now!

As far as Christian Cage being the most populare superstar, he isn't 100% committing to wrestling. If he was, he wouldn't of filmed that movie in Toronto a couple months back. The whole arena explodes when John Cena's music hits, with the exception of some men not cheering him, hmmmmmm unusual. But kids, women and some men surely tear the roof off at WWE arenas.

One last thing, DX is back. You said they were they were broken up. But as stupid as the Spirit Squad gimmick is, They are alot better at being heels than Team Canada. Team Canada is an anti-american faction. Hello, we've seen the before, we want something f**king new. Get a damn clue TNA, Create, not Imitate (sp")
Samuel Jones wrote:
I think TNA is entertaining and has great potential as an alternative to the Mcmahon empire. Luckily they air on a different night so far. I think they would suffer if they had to compete directly against WWE. My biggest kick is to see what veterans show up now and again. Bobby Heenan, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell, etc... Also the feud between Samoa Joe and Steiner is GREAT. One thing I don't get is Christian's popularity. He just doesn't do much for me. Maybe it's because I never saw him before TNA. Also, I think it'd be cool if Sting lost the makeup. The Crow thing is kinda stale. I think if he just came in unmasked, all business, no frills it would kick butt. I'll definitly be watching TNA for some time to come.
GB wrote:
Jeff Jarrett unfortunatley is the biggest heel in either company right now but TNA is probably about to shatter the remainder of your points made.
Steven Matthews wrote:
Sorry but TNA will never be able to compete with the WWE. And actually, that is their number one problem. They try to hard to cut promos blasting the opposition's product, when they should be concerned with themselves. Team Canada isn't that great of a faction. None of them are even close to main event status whereas in the n.W.o, Evlution and Degeneration X, there was always a serious threat to the World Championship. I agree with you on the X-Divison and Abyss. I'll say that Christian Cage is not like John Cena, he's much better. However, you talk about how Jeff Jarrett is a great heel. He's a great heel by accident. The fans can't stand him because he always becomes the number one guy and has a problem losing to guys who aren't named Sting or AJ Styles. Jeff Jarrett is the athlete that is shooting TNA dead and he doesn't even know it. TNA will never compete with the WWE and their product will never go beyond their current status.
Andre wrote:
1. Team Canada isn't that good. The only real superstar material is Petey Williams, who usually puts up good matches. A1 and Roode are simply boring, they lack any form of charisma and personality. I've read a rumour on some time ago which suggests TNA management is thinking of splitting them up.

2. Omg, Jeff Jarrett" The guy who everybody despises, the guy who hasn't had a good match in the last two years, the guy who's being voted "most overrated wrestler" every single year" Above that, his finisher is ridiculous. ;)

3. Ok, the X-division is one most attractive point of TNA today. But i'm getting tired of seeing Styles, Daniels and so on doing quadruple moonsaults only to get interfered afterwards by some heel. Besides, the X-division matches aren't as good as of late. You don't see matches like Dutt vs. Clark a lot anymore.

4. Christian has good mic skills, and has the attitude and charisma of a real star. But his matches are boring, there isn't a single thing he can do to make a match interesting.

5. Raven" Come on. The guy looks like he's about 70 years old, and wrestles like it too. The guy wears a garbage bag for god's sake. I really injoyed him back in '98, now he's just too old and tired.

6. Abyss really is one of the most talented bigmen in the bizz today, and Mitchell is great as his manager. These two make an excellent couple. I only hope Abyss tries to do a bit more wrestling and bit less foolish acting in promo's.

7. Sting was a great charachter back in the old WWF/WCW days, along with the current WCW clique wrestling in TNA. But he's getting old too, Stinger Splashes don't connect like they used to, enz. Still, Sting does have his charisma, and I like watching him do promo's and an occasional match.

TNA will eventually compete with WWE, they simply need to get more professional in terms of style, storylines and atmosphere. I personally think it would be great seeing somebody like Goldberg in TNA, they would make the ideal underdogs, like WCW was back in the day's.
The Kass wrote:
Wow you really are a TNA mark. Dont get me wrong, I love TNA, but they will never compete because TNA has no personality. None what so ever. I'll go through your points, and add some of my own.

1. Team Canada: Team canada sucks. They have Petey Williams, and nothing else. Just a bunch of jobbers with the same gimmick. Like the Spirit Squad just not as talented.

2. Jeff Jarrett: Jeff Jarrett is the Don Imus of wrestling. He sucks, gets no heat, yet continues to be tops in the company. It would be nice if he could actually wrestle, but he cant even do that. Plus "the stroke" is the worst finisher ever.

3.X Division: The X Division is great. Cant complain about the Xers, mabye some more personality, but thats not what the X Division is really about.

4.Christian Cage: one word: OVERATED. Decent wrestler, kinda funny, thats about it.

5.Raven: I used to love raven in ECW, and in WCW. Now he's just a fat tub of goo who couldnt wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag.

6.Abyss: Abyss is a mix of Mankind, and Kane. Only he sucks worse than both of them. Sure he can take a beating, but when the guy dishing it out is 1/2 his size is that really impressive" They should rename him Abysmall, because if he aint taking a beating the match is abysmal.

7.Sting: He's still kinda got it, but dont you get tired of him. His "crow" gimmick, is nearly 10 years old. I mean TNA has alot of guys to use, instead they bring in an old man. To wrestle double J. Yeah, that has WWE shaking in their boots for sure.

If you were going to make an argument for TNA why diddnt you bring up any of the young talent they have" Thats probably all they have. A bunch of young talent with the charisma of prostate cancer. The only "real" aces they have is AJ Styles, and to a lesser extent Samoa joe.Until they get more homegrown star power they will play second fiddle, or third fiddle, or wherever they fit in nowadays.
Jonathan wrote:
I'm kind of torn to be honest with you. I like TNA and WWE equally. I like WWE because its entertaining. The storylines are entertaining. But I like TNA because its real wrestling. You see wrestling holds on TNA that you wouldn't see in the WWE. TNA has made some mistakes though. For starters, Jeff Jarrett doesn't need to be the World Champ anymore. Also, the fact that Christian Cage came there and became the Champ is a big fat joke to me!!! Give me a break!! He's good on the mic I will say that. But he's not that great of a wrestler and is not deserving of being World champ, I'm sorry. At least, not as quick as he did. Abyss is a Mankind/Kane ripoff definitely. Not a big fan of his. But Umaga is a big Samoa Joe ripoff. Its kind of interesting to see the once Jamal of 3 Minute Warning is now so dominating in the ring as Umaga. Please!! The thing that TNA has that WWE doesn't is 2 words. AJ Styles!!! He is my favorite wrestler to watch right now. He has the most in ring ability I've seen in awhile. Even more so than a Kurt Angle. TNA is a wrestling alternative. I don't know if TNA can actually compete with WWE considering how long WWE has been around and considering the WWE is that much bigger than TNA. If you notice though, TNA takes cracks at the WWE in promos every chance they get. WWE won't retaliate and that's smart because that would give TNA that much more exposure and people who don't know that much about TNA might start tuning in. So I guess we'll see in the years to come if TNA can compete or not.
Velocifore wrote:
its time for you to hear the truth... first off, i dont mean to spoil your fun but 1. team canada wont last through the month. 2. jarretts a great heel no doubt, but not a big enough name to draw huge numbers 3. the x-division will fade out because everyone will have done everything, 10 years ago maybe 10 guys in america did things like moonsalts and and frankensteiners ( well thats what they used to call it) and 5 years from now 630 splashes and frankensteiners from top of cages will be as common as a bodyslam. 4. Christian Cage is an asset to the company but the future of TNA and blah blah was said about jeff hardy when he came into the company at the end of the weekly pay per view era. and by the looks of the last pay per view the fans werent all with the Captain. 5. Raven isnt my hero. Is Raven anyones hero. Hes a veteran who just doesnt have it like he used to. There isnt anything for him to do once his time with Zybysko is over. A great promo man, however maybe only 70 percent really can understand him, and thats being generous. 6. Abyss is the only one i dont disagree with. He is one of those wrestling big men that just have like the undertaker or a Big Show but with twice the Athlete. 7. Sting has still got it but he alone cant bring TNA to the promiseland. His presence just like Team 3d and Christian will sizzle with time.

Look im not trying to bash you or anything just politly disagreeing. Right now TNA cant even compete with the so far stale re-emergence of ECW. I dont believe they have beat ECW in the ratings yet. If that isnt concerning TNA higher ups,then there is more of a problem in that company then I thought. They have tried everything, they have used the WWE by having team 3d mock them in interviews, they have invaded their privacy with that whole backlot ordeal last year, they showed an imposter HHH and Vinnie Mac on their pay per views. Christian has mentioned unsigned talent like Chris Jericho. Bottom line they have been using unethical procedure to get their ratings. Vince McMahon can be as tasteless as he wants with using Eddie Guerrero as storylines or using God in them. But i dont see imposter stings running around, or I havent seen the WWE try to recreate the X-division, or anything like that.

If they want to compete, heres really whats going to be their sucsess. How could you forget Samoa Joe. Hes the real deal going on in TNA right now, to include Raven on your list and not him is revolting whcih brings me toooo...... AJ Styles. Mr TNA for the last 3 years, he stands out above the x-division and used properly again is maybe their more solid performers. Also they need to get out of Orlando for TV and PPVs. They need to pursure the big names, Goldberg, Lesnar, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, they need to seriously think about bringing those caliber people cause scott steiner isnt going to cut it. Better surprises.. bring in Lance Storm for a night or someone like that for a mystery angle. The whole Raven/Zybysko mystery partner was exciting but disappointing when Kanyon, Justin Credible, and Waltman were introduced. They need to make new stars in the process of bringing in these other names. Alex Shelly, while doing some sub par stuff with Kevin Nash is above that, Sabins above that. AMW is so consitant. These are the real things TNA will need to even have a shot at the WWE. hope I provided a different point of view for you
Jose Aguirre wrote:
While you do make valid points, TNA is cheap and gritty, although I know they're trying to save money but come on, ROH is smaller and they travel even if it is just in the NorthEast where most wrestling fans are. Innstead TNA is in freakin Florida, think back to WCW what great success they had right" JK. The X division is really not that great, because it's oversold and the emphazis is always put on the X division which isn't the main event, and Samoa Joe as great of a wrestler he is he is in a feud with Scott Steiner(have you ever seen him climb the turnbuckle").

Team Canada really hasn't gotten envolved in storylines as of late, not even in the minor pointless feuds such as Team 3d and the James Gang. Christian Cage is a midcarder although I love his promo skills(as a heel), his wrestling skill is not world championship material. Raven should be in the new ECW. Abyss is a knockoff of when Kane was masked and if you haven't noticed Kane will probobaly wear his mask again. Sting as great of a wrestler he was is just helping TNA establish itself a little more, because TNA hasn't really found it's place as what kind of company it will be, and it shouldn't because it's only existed for 4 years, but they're getting there.

Although I dislike TNA i have to admit they're rising, but whatever TNA becomes, only time will tell.
Kareem Clay wrote:
I agree that TNA can compete with WWE. Right now they have all the things that make a great wrestling show. Good stables, great heels, excellent good guys and above all GREAT WRESTLING! Jeff Jarrett is my favorite heel right now of any promotion, and Cage does make a great top face (I wish they would get a better heavyweight belt though, the current one looks weak!). The only thing they are lacking is DEEP pockets, and WWE is a promotion juggernaut. It'll just take time and fan support!
Simeon Hubbard wrote:
I agree w/everything that you have said, TNA CAN compete w/WWE now that their flagship broadcast RAW is back on USA and TNA is now on SPIKE. I mean STING IS INDEED the icon of professional wrestling, I use to watch him everyweek on WCW shows. TNA has some of the best talents we can ask for: I mean WWE they got good talents, but yet WWE doesn't let them show it, b/c they push useless people w/useless gimmicks. TNA has BETTER Tag Teams, WWE has NO great Tag Teams, I mean Kane and Big Show were once the most dominant force in Tag Team wrestling and NOW the Spirit Squad has the gold. TNA has the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Tag Team Championship, and the TNA X Division Championship, WWE has let all their titles go to waste. TNA has the AWESOME X Division and it is much BETTER than the CW Division on SD!. The only thing that they need to do are the following: Bring back the U.S., TV, U.S. Tag, and perhaps bring back the 6 Man Tag Team Belts. Also the only thing that they need to do is get a Women's Division, I mean WWE has disgraced the whole Women's Division by having them compete in STUPID matches like Bra and Panties, Pillow Fights, and even that AWFUL Wet 'N' WIld Contest, also TNA should bring the NWA World Women's Title or perhaps create the TNA World Women's Title and also bring back the Women's Tag Team TItles. I would LOVE for people like Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and even RVD to head to TNA, and I would LOVE for Victoria, Lita, Jillian Hall, and even Jazz to head to TNA as well. Also TNA even has AWESOME Matches, like Ultimate X, Street Fights, and even the AWESOME 6 Sides of Steel. TNA Hardcore War is MUCH better than ECW One Night Stand. and the one thing that TNA also needs to do is profit and get more airtime on SPIKE and perhaps maybe air some MORE Primetime Specials, I would LOVE for them to air more Primetiem Specials on CBS (That's my wish) LOL Well TNA is doing MUCH better than the WWE b/c Vinnie Mac has disgraced the WHOLE WWE. Hey I still have Faith in some of the TRUE wrestlers in the WWE like Chris Benoit and Victoria as always and I slways still have Faith in TNA, but I have no Faith in Vinnie Mac or the WWE.
Timothy Popko wrote:
Take it as a given that the WWE has competition. The time is long gone when Vince McMahon could honestly say that he has no true competition. Since the Monday Night Wars came to a close, Vince McMahon has had been able to not only conquer--but own his leading competitors--WCW and ECW. However, whatever tools of entertainment--whether it be the storylines, the wrestlers, or the booking--wrestling fans have been looking further for their wrestling entertainment, giving TNA and OVW a try. This has led to a more democratic wrestling fanbase, but it still won't crumble Vince's monopoly.

It is true that a great majority of his own company has expressed anger and dismay at the newest storylines and politics backstage, leading to an exodus of good talent (Christian Cage, Christy Hemme, the Dudley Boys, etc.). Whether it be Chyna or Brock Lesnar, I have noticed one thing that always makes me uneasy about McMahon's company; it leaves many departed wrestlers angry or upset about their experience. The backstage politics which caused the downfall of WCW, are most likely at work now at the WWE. It is becoming bigger, trying to enhance itself with the most grand, off-the-wall gimmicks and ideas, while losing its original popularity. Figures like the Hurricane, the Boogeyman, Paul Burchill's short-lived pirate gimmick, and recently, Goldust all seem to lead to failure in the WWE's failing Cruiserweight division.

It is certainly not only the fault of McMahon's that has brought down WWE in recent years or in the past. The recently-released Animal, who looked promising in his tag team with Heidenreich, has now been released after asking for a ridiculous main-eventer push. I have recently heard that Triple H in the newly-formed Degeneration-X, a mainstay stable of the Attitude Era that made many fans fall in love with WWE, is now arguing against starting a feud with Edge. Chris Masters, for example, who was developing good talent, has now been removed from televised events for substance abuse, which was of his own doing. All these struggles and problems lead to ridiculous pains and poor entertainment in the WWE.

But where does TNA fall in" It is more of a Southern/Midwestern establishment, and can't carry on to the same fanbase that the WWE can in the Northeast. It's wrestling base and backstage seem to be a perfect mirror of the old WCW. That is certain from its decision to hire Sting, who is an expensive gamble for a new company (how many years of good entertainment can he still give") And in saying that it has the "whole package" is far from true; WWE, at any time, could still remove its brand extension and funnel its talent into a single roster again. Or it could use its WCW again to make a newer version, akin to the new ECW brand. If it wanted, it could hire more high flyers and make a cruiserweight division again, one that can perform better than the TNA's X division (which has some damn entertaining). To be honest, I have been watching TNA for a while, and I see much of the same potential in the WWE.

Do not be so sure that the WWE is licked yet--it has to compete, yes, and TNA is a force to be reckoned with, but it certainly isn't going to fall from its #1 spot soon.
Kevin Bowers wrote:
I agree with most of your reasons why TNA can compete with WWE, but there's some things I'd like to add. One of the major things that TNA has that WWE doesn't is a decent tag team division, you have Team 3 D, AMW, The James Gang, AJ & Daniels, The Naturals, The Diamonds in the Rough. between 3 Brands of WWE there's maybe 4 tag teams (I'd consider the Spirit Squad a faction not a Tag team). Two, they have Innovative matches, the Ultimate X, King Of The Mountain, Six Sides Of Steel. Yeah they are twists of classics, but it makes those matches different. and, Last but not least, TNA has (in my opinion) one of the best all around wrestlers in the business that being Samoa Joe. at 280 pounds he can fly with the X-division guys, he can beat you on the ground with his submissions, and as you've seen lately he can throw down with the Main Eventers, even making some of them look better then they have in years (::Cough:: Scott Steiner ::Cough::). and one last thing, They're PPV's are cheaper and worth the price over WWE, they actually go to 11 unlike the 10:45 ending for most WWE PPV's.
J.B. (Not THAT One) wrote:
Team Canada- I will bet u $20 that they are going to split in maximum of 2 weeks

Jeff Jarrett- He sucks and has the crappiest finisher ever made

The X-Division- Truly awesome and amazing athletic talents that should shine a bit more in TNA

Christian Cage- Yet another person that couldn't make it in WWE that came 2 TNA(i.e. Rhino, Raven, Jeff Hardy, Team 3D, James Gang, Ron"The Truth"Killings, Runt, Jarrett, Nash, Steiner)

Raven- Sure he is a hardcore legend, but lately he hasn't shined at all. He needs 2 be put in some higher profile matches cause he is great.

Abyss- Great skill and an excellent big man but still no title. At least WWE gave Kane and Undertaker the title.

Sting- Veteran but now he is old and washed-up. He shouldn't be in a a place called Total Nonstop Action cause Sting cant live up 2 that
Pedro Guiterra wrote:
I was reading a wrestling magazine not too long ago, and it had an article that said:"Can TNA withstand a WWE talent raid"" I think it would be interesting to see WWE have a "war" with TNA, kinda like they did with WCW. Vinnie Mac can probably get some of his best people on the mic(HHH, HBK, etc.) to cut some promos on TNA like TNA has done to WWE.
Stephen Kerr-Robinson wrote:
Are you absolutely kidding me, nthere isnt, a chance in hell, of TNA competing with WWE.

(1) Team Canada are a pretty good group, but the writers are burying them, they need a main event level, Canadian to lead the group, to get some exposure.

(2) Jeff Jarretts promos suck, his wrestling ability is appalling, and is nothing but Triple H wannabe.

(3) alright then the X-Division is pretty good with guys like Aj, Daniels and Joe but the rest, are getting buried.

(4) Christians promos are good, but his matches are slow and boring.

(5) Raven was ahardcore hero, in his hay day, when he was with ECW, his promos kicked ass then, now they suck, and his wrestling ability is poor now, WHO IN THE HELL LOSES THE WORLD TITLE ON A HOUSE SHOW.

(6) Abyss a cross between, Mankind and Kane enough said

(7) Sting was great in his day, but now he cant connect with the moves right, his promos arent entertaining at all, and he only wrestles on pay per views.

And TNA dont have the budget to compete, with WWE. And anyone who thinks Goldberg, is good should shoot themselves, his matches are 2 minutes long, and his promos suck. by Stephen Kerr-Robinson
Rhonda Headley wrote:
I agree with you up to a certain point. TNA is definently a competitor to WWE and in my opinion, are even better at times. TNA does have a better Tag team division, even if theres only a few. its still more than WWE. And dont forget, who can compete with the X-division" They definently have the high-flying style that the WWE will probably never have. I, personally, am a fan of both TNA and WWE. I think TNA will one day have enough support and fans to give WWE a run for their money, but i dont think they will ever be able to take fans away from the WWE. I know alot of people, like myself, love to watch both companies, maybe not for the storylines, but for the wrestling.
Kyle Haynie wrote:
So I agree with 4 of your reasons. Raven is TNA's greatest promo wrestler. Christian is a great worker and has a lot of credibility with fans. Sting is for the nastolgistic wrestling fans. And the X division is a "great filler." Now what I don't agree with is Jeff Jarrett as a top HEEL. Jarrett is the biggest hypocrite in wrestling history. He talks about HBK, Hogan and Austin hold him down in WCW AND WWE, he's doing the same damn thing to the TNA roster. And last but not least Samoa Joe; Joe is the single most overrated wrestler in the history of wrestling! He is the fat love child of THE ROCK and Goldberg. Nothing but over exposed bullshit of a undefeated streak. TNA has no chance of competing with WWE.
Bradley Powers wrote:
First of all I would like to say that im a TNA fan, but I totally disagree with this column. I do not think they can compete with WWE and here's why...

1. Team Canada. These guys used to be a great factions back in 2004 & 2005, but now there not doing much of anything except for Bobby Roode. The greatest faction TNA has now is TNA's whole WWF Corporation rip off (Jarrett, Gail Kim, AMW, Abyss, James Mitchell, Steiner & Team Canada)

2. Jeff Jarrett. Although he is a pretty good heel, he is a horrible wrestler and is horrible at promos. (All of TNA's promos suck ex: Styles, Cage, Jarrett.....etc)

3. The X-Division. TNA's X-Divison used to be pretty good, but now they are jobbing to Kevin Nash. The X-Division is being overshadowed by WCW Has-beens; Sting, Jarrett & Steiner. By the way, The Ultimate X match is one of the stupidest matches ever created.

4. Christian Cage. Cage is alright, but Edge is way way WAY better. He is not the most popular in TNA, Styles & Daniels are along with Samoa Joe. Christian's promos are horrible. He pretty decent when it comes to wreslting.

5. Raven. Raven knows how to cut a good promo, but he isn't what he used to be. The bookers were stupid for making him fued with Zabysko. Raven, just like Rhino, was screwed over with his NWA Title Reign, by having Jarrett winning it from them. Ever since Raven's time off, he's gained weight because of his Thyroid problem and is now so boring to watch.

6. Abyss. Abyss is a Kane rip-off. He has had some good matches by the way. TNA Bookers have screwed him over as well (just like Monty Brown.) Both men should have been Champions by now.

7. Sting. I enjoyed watch WCW. His fued with Jarrett is pointless. Sting is another WCW Has-been that is overshadowing TNA's main talent. And because of this, TNA will fail like WCW.

8. Storylines. TNA's storylines, just like WWE's, are horrible. The Nash & X-Division Storyline is horrible. Sting & Jarrett is horrible. Steiner & Samoa Joe is stupid. 3-D vs James Gang is a storyline that started back in WWE in 2000, but was never finished because of Billy Gunn's injury.

9. Annoucing. Let me just say that Don West & Mike Tenay are absolutely appalling. They are horrible. Jeremy Borash, when he is interviewing backstage, is horrible. TNA needs to have an announcer who goes for the good guys and announcer that goes for the bad guys (ex: JR & Lawler, JBL & Cole.)

As soon as TNA gets rid of Jarrett, Steiner, Sting, Zabkyso, Kevin Nash, and start pushing their talent like WWE does. Because if they don't TNA will be dead in a couple of years.

P.S. : I don't see why TNA tries to act like ECW. Or their fans at the arena do anyway. The fans at the arena chant "TNA" everytime something normal happens. I was watching the other day and Sonjay Dutt suplexed Low Ki, and they all freaked out and started chanting "TNA" TNA fans at the arena are no where near as loud as ECW fans are.
Unknown wrote:
In my opinion there in no heel in the WWE right now that can compete with "Double J" except maybe J.B.L the main reason Bradshaw is getting under my skin is his racist comments even though he is not wrestling now Bradshaw is working side by side with Michael Cole taking cheapshots at The Mexicools, Funaki, Vito, and Tatanka all in a nasty in a nasty racist way. Also Triple H is now a face with H.B.K, and oh how could I forget about Randy Orton. Randy can compete with Jeff Jarrett as he is the most annoying Heel in the WWE next to Bradshaw. In order to compete with The WWE , TNA makes Brother Ray (Formally Known as Bubba Ray In The WWE run off at the mouth on a weekly basis about the New ECW. I disagree with the fact opinion you stated about Christian Cage being better than John Cena because back when he was In the WWE Christian cut a promo on Cena picking up the line he now made famous in TNA "That's how I roll!" Cena has more than one catchphrase and can destroy Cage in his greatest day.The Main Reason they made Cage NWA World champ in the first place is because his long time partner was WWE champion in The WWE. The main reason why I like TNA is because they have stars that jobbed to nobodys in the WWE like Raven who was just stuck wrestling matches on Heat Then came to TNA and won world gold and Rhino who In the WWE won U.S gold and Gored Jericho through the first smackdown! set to losing to Muhammed Hassan on Heat. To going into TNA and winning World gold Himself.
Joe Spaz wrote:
As TNA continues to take more and more "shots" at the WWE each week with comments that are made by different wrestlers. One segment really made TNA, Jim Cornette, and Jeff Jarret look like idiots took place at the "Company Meeting" this past week. Cornette said some things that were pretty exciting like the break up of Team Canada and the 6 person tag match between AMW and Daniels and Styles. it's time for the decision to be rendered about the NWA Championship. Cornette goes on to this is not like other organizations where we give titles away, or give them to their neighbor, or give them to their son in law. I thought it was a good comment that would attract attention, until he handed the NWA title over to the Owner of the company and crowned him champion. So I guess this is the way it goes, why make a neighbor (DDP) or a son in law (HHH) champion when you can make yourself champion.



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