John Cena: The Greatest Wrestler Alive Today
July 1, 2006 by Kym Charles

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In this post I will document the reasons that should convince anyone that John Cena is the greatest wrestler going at the moment. I am sure it will evoke ridicule and mirth from fellow boardees but I made a bet and I intend to honour it. So this is the reason behind WWE's gigantic push of one John Felix Anthony Cena.

John Cena started out in OVW in 2001. He quickly became one of the top guys there and was ready to make his WWE debut. On June 27, 2002 on SmackDown he made his debut by accepting Kurt Angle's open challenge. Cena did very well but was defeated by Angle. After the match he tried to get a handshake from Angle who blew him off. Later, backstage Cena was confronted by Undertaker who did give him a handshake and said well done. High praise indeed and a foretelling of what was to come with the WWE.

Cena then quickly entered into his first feud in the WWE with Chris Jericho. On July 4th 2002 he had a match with Jericho which was won by Y2J. Jericho then held out his hand in congratulations to the rookie for a job well done and when Cena went to accept he got sucker-punched. Thus the feud had begun. The next week on SmackDown was a tag match with Cena matched with Undertaker versus Jericho and Angle. Cena got the pin on Jericho for his first victory in the WWE. This led to his first appearance on a WWE PPV:Vengeance July 21, 2002. After a hard fought match Cena had his first PPV win.

After this match he had a few more with mid-carders going nowhere. It was during this time in the middle of 2002 that the WWE Rebellion Tour took place in Europe. On one of the many bus trips from place to place a bunch of the guys who were in to hip hop got together down the back of the bus. They started to freestyle to each other and when it was Cena's turn everyone was going nuts over it. Fortunately for Cena down the front of the bus were a few of the WWE hierarchy. They heard what he could do and the reaction it got from his peers. They immediately thought of the potential for a character there.

On September 19 2002, SmackDown allowed Cena his first opportunity to go at it with a current champion. Brock Lesnar was the Undisputed Champion at the time and in a non-title match Cena put up a good effort. He showed he could match it with the big boys and not look second rate. Late into 2002 and into 2003 Cena had a major feud with Rikishi. This was the real start to his Thuganomics character. Towards the end of this feud the Guerreros got involved which led Cena straight into another feud with them.

March 27 2003, the first real sign of Cena's "amazing" strength. He delivered what would later become known as the FU on Rikishi. This was the start of Cena's first major push towards the Title. He was entered into the #1 Contenders tournament. His first match was against Eddie Guerrero (RIP) and he was victorious. Second up was The Undertaker. Also a win for the young up and comer. The final saw him matched against The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit. After an excellent match Cena was now the #1 Contender for Brock Lesnar's title.

April 27 2003, Backlash. John Cena, a heel at this time busts Lesnar open with the title belt. He then goes for his chain to wrap it around his fist before being stopped by the ref. Distracted, Lesnar takes advantage and picks up Cena for the F-5.

After this first shot at the title, Cena was demoted down the order again and had many feuds and matches with differing opponents. Spanky, Benoit, Billy Gunn, Undertaker, Eddie all took their shots at Cena and more often than not Cena had to do the job.

In October Cena was elevated once again to the top. He entered into a major feud with Kurt Angle. This went through many matches and some of them had Cena matched with A-Train in a bizarre Tag Team. But this was all to set up Cena turning on A-Train and joining Angles team for Survivor Series in November thus completing his Face Turn. On that team Benoit and Cena were the only survivors and led Angles team to victory over Brock Lesnar's team.

Late in 2003 Cena was again in the title picture but also was starting a feud with United States Champion Big Show. He was entered for the first time in the Royal Rumble and was eliminated at number 6 by Big Show. On February 15 2004, at No Way Out Kurt Angle defeated Big Show and John Cena to become #1 Contender at WMXX.

On March 14, 2004 at WMXX Cena defeated Big Show for the US Title thus beginning his first major title reign in the WWE. Contenders came and went until on June 10 2004, GM Kurt Angle decreed a triple play challenge to decide who would be the #1 Contender for Cena's title. John Cena went the full 5 minutes with Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Rene Dupree. Angle then made it a Fatal Four-way for the title at The Great American Bash.

On July 8 2004, Cena was stripped of his title when during a match with Booker T he accidentally collided with Kurt Angle at ringside knocking him out of his wheelchair. The GM flipped out and stripped Cena of the title. On July 29, 2004, Booker T defeated Cena, Suzuki, Dupree, Haas, Gunn, Raines and RVD to capture the vacant US Title.

On August 5 2004, Cena defeated RVD to become the #1 Contender. He was then entered into a Best of 5 series with Booker T to decide the US Title. Wrestling everywhere, even in Sydney here in Australia for match 3, it went to a final and deciding match. October 3, 2004 at No Mercy, John Cena won match 5 and regained his US Title belt. October 7 2005 SmackDown. A new face on the scene in his debut challenges Cena for his title. Carlito Carribean Cool wins the US Title in his very first match in the WWE. Shortly afterwards Cena's storyline has him being attacked by Carlitos bodyguard, Jesus and out of action for a few months, but this was to allow Cena time to film his upcoming movie. He returned in late 2004 to defeat Carlito and regain his US belt.

After a few defenses of his title it finally came to January 30, 2005, The Royal Rumble. Cena entered at #25 and got down to the final two with Batista, the other big mover in the WWE. After a somewhat farcical end to the Rumble which saw Vince McMahon stride down to the ring and end up tearing both quad muscles off his legs, Batista was crowned Royal Rumble winner and #1 contender for whichever title he wanted.

During February there was another #1 contenders tournament, this time for JBL's WWE Championship. At No Way Out, Cena defeated Kurt Angle in the final to secure his shot at the title at WM21. On April 3rd 2005, John Cena defeated JBL to win his first WWE Title belt. He proclaimed loudly "THE CHAMP IS HERE!"

On SmackDown April 14 2005, the moment that made half the world of wrestling fans cheer and the other half moan. He unveiled his new and improved WWE Title belt complete with Spinner and Pimping.

May 22 2005, JBL gets his first shot at redemption at Judgment Day in an I Quit match. People say this was as good as the Foley/Rock match, some say better, some say worse. But one thing you cannot deny is both men gave everything they had in that match.

June 6 2005, Cena is drafted to RAW and appears on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. He is confronted by Christian which leads to a tag match with Christian and Tyson Tomko v Cena and Jericho. After the match Jericho turned on Cena which led up to his first title defense on RAW. June 6 2005 Vengeance. Cena defeated Jericho and Christian to retain his WWE Championship. Cena then continued his feud with Jericho until August 22, 2005 on RAW. One night after their match at Summerslam, Eric Bischoff put them in a Loser gets Fired match. Jericho was the loser and left RAW never to be seen since.

During the later part of 2005, Cena saw off many an opponent including Angle once again (has Kurt Angle ever beaten Cena""") On January 8 2006, New Years Revolution, Elimination Chamber match. Cena outlasted all 5 contenders only to be confronted by Mr. McMahon on the stage demanding the chamber be raised as Edge wants to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. After two spears Edge pins Cena to gain his first WWE title.

Edge did not have long to savour the victory as on January 29 at The Royal Rumble, John Cena defeated Edge to regain his title. HHH injected himself into the title picture and it was at WM22 that John Cena defeated HHH to retain his title.

This sparked off a very confusing 3 way madness deal. Cena, Edge and HHH each took turns being the handicapped in 2 on 1 match ups with the other two. Everybody got a pin on everyone else. Nothing resolved there. After a few run ins with the Spirit Squad, Backlash and the Triple Threat Match to decide the title. Cena defeated both HHH and Edge to retain the title.

May 15 2006, Texas Tornado Match with HHH, Masters and Benjamin on one side and Cena and RVD on the other. Whoever was pinned out of Cena or RVD would lose their title. In a bizarre finish, both HHH and Benjamin pinned their respective opponents. Benjamin got the win and reclaimed the IC Title.

Soon after RVD proclaimed he was cashing in his MITB contract at ECW One Night Stand. On June 11 2006, Cena entered the lions den and with the help of Edge was defeated by RVD.

So as you can see his short but illustrious career in the WWE has been one of many highs and a few lows. He has fought many different opponents in size and style and has been able to adapt well to all. He has had the ability to remain a firm believer in his ability when half the arena is booing him and some of the others don't care one way or the other. He has a unique way of being able to control a crowd in anyway they are going. If they are getting on his back, as was the case at ONS, he can use that to his advantage. As an entertainer, Cena is right up there at the very top.

He may not have the technical ability of a Benoit or the presence of a HHH or the aura of an Undertaker but what he does have is a complete package. He has decent wrestling skills (not great but decent), is great on the mic, is able to compete in a wide variety of matches and he made his title reign interesting. WTF, I hear you say. Well look at this. Benoit had a four month reign and does anyone really remember anything about it" Orton had the belt for about two minutes but does anyone really care. Was he really ready to carry that burden and did he do a good job" The answer to both is no.

Cena after the first few months had everyone wanting him to lose. You would tune in just to see him lose and it would infuriate you that he would keep winning. That's what the business is all about. Making you tune in. Benoit has the title. Orton challenges. Probably going to be a pretty good match but it doesn't really matter who wins or loses unless you are rabid fans of either one.

But Cena on the other hand had everyone jumping up and down for him to be beaten. Maybe Jericho can do Oh well maybe Angle can do Awww come one someone beat him for the love of God. And you tune in every week and you buy the PPV in the hope he will finally lose. That what makes HHH so great. You crave for him to have the belt just so you can wait for someone to take it off of him. That's what makes great storylines and great buyrates for the PPV's. You need Cena as champion so you can have someone to hate or if he is challenging you need someone to cheer for against him.

Without him or HHH it is just another match. This is why when HBK gets back in the title picture he injects instant sparks into whatever feud he is in because he gets a reaction. His is positive, at the moment Cena's is negative. But it is still a reaction. The Rock had the most negative reaction when he first started moving up the card. And what did he do" he used it against the fans. Cena really should be doing this as well and I am sure it is in the works. But whatever happens just so long as Cena gets a reaction whether positive or negative, he is doing an excellent job.

I don't know whether this is going to change your perception of him but just keep in mind that as long as you are reacting to someone, they will remain in front of you.

by Kym Charles ..

Jesse Lee wrote:
Now, I didn't read the whole column after the first paragraph. The opening statement said that the writer would try to convince the readers why Cena should be noted as the best wrestler going on today, then goes through the career. I'm sorry, but just writing out results of matches won't do anything to help change minds, what would have worked is by writing out his positives. Such as...

*working well with others backstage
*quick to note fan reaction
*amazing workrate
*a sense of passion for business (at least more than most have at this time.)

I'm not a huge Cena fan, but I've been finding him more interesting as a challenger and as that tweener between heel and face. I think he'd work well as a heel, WWE just needs to give him the go-ahead. What the author said is true, any reaction-whether good or bad-is a reaction. Charlie Haas never had much reaction, Shelton was getting zero unless he's wrestling, and Hardy had to go through personal problems with Edge to get any type of decent reaction (which has now faded.) Cena can pretty much make a reaction and run with it... but it's bad if you're the face and you're getting booed.
Nate Speckman wrote:
Well Kym, you did change my perception of John Cena. I hate him even more now. You proved nothing in this article except that there is an even more boring way to waste time besides watching Cena wrestle. All you did was talk briefly about Cena's career. You didn't tell me anything I didn't already know from watching WWE tv. And the part where you described his reaction to how the fans cheer or boo him was stupid. If you're any kind of entertainer at all you should be able to adapt to your audience. It doesn't take an amazing performer to do that. Cena doesn't deserve to be pushed so high so fast. Cena sucks and that's not ever going to change.
Ben Reynolds wrote:
I don't know why I'm replying to this. No offence, but there's nothing that I can say that hasn't already been said. I mean you never see any articles about any other wrestler (other than John Cena) having their wrestling skills defended by fans, so that should tell you something right there.

But good on him! I mean he's found a great way to make a buck and his made more of his life than most people ever will while being somewhat of a role model along the way. He's found something that people like and he's sold it to them. WWE has put him on the treadmill, in terms of appearances and being the face of the company and so on and he's done the company proud, keeping his nose clean and being a champion that kids and parents can look up to along the way. He has sold people a hero and the people bought it, making him a millionaire along the way. Good on him!

Wrestling needs a bit of everything. Hardcore wrestlers, technical wrestlers, high flyers, power wrestlers, promo guys, pretty boys, fat guys, women and so on and so on, even wrestlers who kids make into heroes which translates to t-shirt sales, otherwise wrestling would just end up in pubs and clubs instead of arenas.

Steve Austin could wrestle but he traded healocks and wristlocks for punches and kicks and Hulk Hogan can mat wrestle but he rarely did it in the U.S. because that's not what the U.S. fans wanted to see from him. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and The Rock have made millions of dollars more than Bret Hart, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit (despite having less wrestling skill) have and ever will hands down. And truth be told John Cena will one day join the Hogan, Rock and Austin list. It's ironic that what sells in wrestling and wrestling abillity have absolutely nothing in common, but there you go.

When he was wrestling Jericho, Angle, Edge, Triple H and RVD I was going for them because they are better performers in the ring, but when John Cena left as the champion night in and night out for over a year I could understand why.

Once again, John Cena is a money making machine for the WWE who runs the treadmill, represents the company proudly and conducts himself the way someone in his position should represent the company, making the company and himself millions along the way. Once again, Good on him!

Pesonally John Cena is not my favourite, but I can understand and respect why he is where he is and I can go with it. I'll leave it at that.

Now about your article. Lists are boring. I didn't even read it. Especially when the list is a list of John Cena matches because they are all the same, (if you've seen one John Cena match you've seen them all). Oh and just because you list a whole heap of matches a wrestler has been it doesn't mean that wresler is any good in the ring either. But that's just my two cents...
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Wanna add that the Guerrero feud is one of my favourite feuds up to date. It was brilliant, from the humiliation of Eddie in his hometown to the awesome Parking Lot Brawl which unfrontunately isn't used anymore(tna here is your chance)
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Well, I wouldn't say that John Cena is the greatest wrestler alive today. But I will say this. He's got a lot of heart, fire, and passion about this business. Triple H made a good comment about John Cena after John beat him at Wrestlemania. He said that he's like Rocky Balboa. He has so much heart that no matter how badly he gets his you know what kicked, he keeps coming back. That is a perfect description of John Cena. Rocky Balboa wasn't the greatest boxer but he had so much heart and passion that he couldn't be beat. John Cena is the same way. Unfortunately, I knew he was going to get beat at ECW One Night Stand because the odds were stack against him. But if you saw that match he punked RVD until Edge interfered and he punked RVD again this past Monday until Edge interfered again. The only thing I wish for is that John Cena develop some more exciting wrestling holds!!! Those same old holds are getting a bit ridiculous. Keep the 5 finger knuckle shuffle, I know it's like the people's elbow, but get some other holds in between!!!!!
Gus wrote:
What made me chuckle a bit was the comment you made in the beginning of your article "In this post I will document the reasons that should convince anyone that John Cena is the greatest wrestler going at the moment." Those are actual quotes in your article. Let me begin, Cena is a horrible wrestler, every match involves him getting his ass kicked, a comeback that involves a running shoulder block, a spin out power bomb, 5 knuckle shuffle, FU, STFU. URGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Next every promo he has involves him making a gay joke about the his opponent, well maybe not every promo but most of the time. Next involves the fans of him betraying RVD, This past Monday on Raw, RVD was booed but his women/kid fans. That must be a complete slap in the face for what everything RVD has done to deserve the WWE title. Lastly, Im begging the WWE creative team, lord knows they dont give a crap about me, give someone else the title for ONCE!
Ernesto Diaz wrote:
Very good article but I have a problem with what you are saying. John Cena is not the greatest wrestler alive today. He has only held 2 titles in his whole career. I don't know how it is that you go from U.S. Champion to WWE Champion. He just got a very big push. VERY BIG. I don't hate Cena. I think he is a great wrestler but I think he should have held more titles before going on to the big time. He could have made a great WWE Tag Team Champion on SmackDown with Chris Benoit back in 2003. But what I'm trying to say is that the WWE should have given him more time before they gave him the WWE title and that John Cena is not the greatest wrestler alive today.
Q wrote:
I STRONGLY disagree with this article, as there is other wrestlers that can wrestle circles around Cena. Sure, Cena was great when he got started in 2002 and only grew more popular in 2003, 2004. and most of 2005. A 5 year old could watch Cena for a year and then predict every move Cena makes. I think the ECW fans at One Night Stand II said it best " You Cant Wrestle ".
Mid Hayder wrote:
The real reason why people don't like Cena is because he is a bad wrestler. Measly punches,weak hip tosses and useless over-gimmicked fistdrops that are really un-exciting. His mike skills are useless (all he does is imply that everyone is gay) and has about the same charisma as Giant Gonzales. He has very little star power and for some one who has the top spot in a multi-million dollar company he really should be a hell of alot better. I can't deny he does try his best but at this level trying isn't good enough. And as for interesting to watch" are you kidding me" The only interesting thing about him is the fans who boo him out the building. And I only find this interesting as I have never seen this before on such a large scale. Cena has had many chances to prove himself and has failed each time. They did everything they could just to make him look like a hero and failed each time. They made him beat angle over and over again and yet he still could not get over. Cena can be in a good match depending if his opponent is willing to carry him. Cena is not worth his price tag and that money could be used to find new talent. Thats the way the wrestling world works.
Kevin wrote:
OK that said nothing on why John Cena is the greatest wrestler today. That was just a history of his career. John Cena will never be the greatest wrestler on the clear cut fact that he sucks. I am sick and tired of the John Cena era. All of his matches are pretty much the same. It's back and fourth, he gets beat up, he counters a move, hits the six moves of doom combo then wins. All his moves are glorified I mean come on it's a fist drop and a firemans carry slam, like they could do that much damage to a guy. Now I've heard the "oh he's just doing what the WWE tells him to do" come back but come on he has to have some input on what he does he a top guy. And that's another thing that annoys me about him. Even when he's not in the title race (which he pretty much has been for the past year) he is still the top guy. The fact that his little match with Sabu who had to job to him (which was bullcrap) over shadowed the WWE-ECW title match with RVD (who IS one of the greatest wrestlers to and and ever) disgusts me. He's the new generations Hulk Hogan. Can't wrestle, nothing more than an entertainer, and has to win because it will make money off the little kiddies(who are most of his fans), I can't stand how much the WWE shoves him down our throats either. Also, I don't need him to hate someone. There other wrestler that I can hate and I do. But I don't hate them like I hate Cena. Ok and I also stopped tuning in to see him lose, why because he never does which that is complete bullcrap!
Jon Rosaler wrote:
I feel kinda embarrassed for you. You are going to get a lot of "Cena sucks" this or "Cena sucks" That. This is a message to Cena fans and Anti-Cena fans, ok.... .... .... SHUT UP!!! One side is like Cena has no talent and never has or will and another side says he works hard and deserves respect. Whether you like him or hate him, he's a Wrestler. In the end, isn't it all that matters" I like Cena as much as the next guy or girl, but please, Haters, stop trying to convert Cena fans and Cena fans vica-versa. Everyone has their own opinion and one person just gets mad at the end.

Well, this corny speech won't change "THE WAR ON CENA", but I am unbias and I respect Cena, I don't expect him to get hugged by a naked fat girl or shot in the head by a street gangsta, I just expect him to listen to the fans and just do what he does. There probably is a few comments before mine that say how much they think Cena sucks, maybe even the opposite, but either way, It's not going to change my mind and I will never boo Cena, he's not that bad.
Andrew K. wrote:
In my opinion, John Cena is not the greatest wrestler alive today although I do respect him as a wrestler and as a headliner for the WWE. For those who don't know, the WWE is personally and surely making John dumb down his move set. Did anyone see his debut back in 2002 (or 2003, I can't recall) against Kurt Angle" He was friggen amazing with what he could do back in that match. His skill was spotted then, you can believe, by the top brass of the WWE company. From there, he got into amazing feuds and also won the U.S. Championship in the bargain. I don't believe that he deserved the WWE title over much more skilled people such as Chris Benoit but his workrate is of one who has extreme passion for the buisness.
Harry Sassoon wrote:
Since wrestlemania XXI I haven't liked John Cena. I'm not a fan of his but I don't hate him. He started off around the same time as Randy Orton and they were both Rookys and they turned into stars. Cena is a two time USA Champion and a two time WWE Champion.

At ECW one night stand I was supporting RVD but now I regret it but I am still not a fan of Cena.

Cena made a brave debute against Kurt Angle but lost and offered a handshake and got an ass whipping but later the WWE champion Undertaker went up to Cena and congratulated him. I respect Cena, I just don't like him.
Dev Hassan wrote:
I wasnt going to post, but after reading some comments, I must.

I don't usally reply to these things as I think most of the people on here say what others want to really want to hear.

I know most of the people who post doesnt want to look stupid posting what they really feel, so they want to post what geeky wrestling nerds want. Well like the late Owen Hart would say "enough is enough" so I'm going to speak.

------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------

Firstly, I'm not an obsessed John Cena fan or anything, tho I am a fan of John Cena. You can't take away his hard work. He might not have the same wrestling skills as Bret Hart or Chris Benoit, yet the guy still makes his opponents look good. He made Sabu do crazy stuff on him on RAW, he had excellent matches with Chris Jericho.

Wait...I'll get someone replying here saying "HE NEVER HAD A GOOD MATCH WITH CHRIS JERICHO, HE IS AN AWFUL WORKER!"

Sure......and Chris Jericho stated on his long commentary that John was one of the best workers he has ever worked with, yet some of you who aint even had 1 wrestling match in your lifes want to say otherwise....I think its easy to figure out here that Chris Jericho would know about wrestling and working with other wrestlings than ANY of US. And that is a FACT and whoever argues with with that FACT should not watch wrestling again and is CLEARLY Dumb.

John Cena's run with the title went a little longer than everyone wanted, which is why people didnt like him after. If your a main eventer in the WWE, they will cut down your move sets like they did with Stone Cold and The Rock. Rock used to do a heep of moves and locks and stuff as Rocky Maivia, yet nobody complains.

Ric Flair didnt do much crap in the ring, all he did was the same routine as Stu Hart said everynight and it was boring. And most of the geeks over this thing class him as the "Greatest wrestler ever" I think your forgetting people 100x the better wrestler like Chris Jericho. OR The Rock who is like the Muhammed Ali of wrestling. I got bored watching the same crap as chops...chop blocks....wooo's....chops.....figure four...chops again......

If I want to see a good wrestling match, I'd rather see Chris Benoit vs John Cena or Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit - not some crappy chops. Nobody here reply telling me to go watch some of Flair's tapes cause they are all the same crap that Ive seen and its boring as hell.

Cena is the new young talent of the WWE so is Randy Orton. People need to realise this, the sooner the better. I don't really like Randy's off-style personality, but his heel gimmick is cool and he gets the job done.

If you all think you can do a better job than Cena, please join your asses at a wrestling school and develop yourselfs into something bigger than Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock!

Till then, your going to sit behind a keyboard and type with your little fingers cause your fat bellys won't get you anywhere else, maybe Mc Donalds, but thats the most.
Kyle Gurrent wrote:
Wow, Cena columns sure do get alot of responses don't they, hmmmm.... maybe I should start one. Anyway to the point, since pretty much everything I was going to say was already said I'll just say that your wrong majorly in one area and that is that John cena is not the ''greatest wrestler alive today'', he'e the ''greatest entertainer in the business today'' just the business not alive today, the greatest entertaniers alive today are rock,austin,taker,hogan,triple h,and kurt angle. And angle,taker,benoit are the true ''greatest wrestlers alive today''. Next time before you post don't let your admiration cloud your common sense.
Zuhaib Khan wrote:
Everyones got their own opinion. Cenas said many times that he'll work his *** off for those who ride with him. In my opinion John Cena rules and I definately ride with him! ChainGang 4 life! Hes great on the mic and his wrestling ability is good too. I think he deserves the push he got because now hes a household name. Men, women and kids like him so he appeals to many fans. I thought his title reign was great. Think about why you hate him. Is it cos of the long title reign" Or his character" If yes you're forgetting that the creative team controls that sort of thing. In closing I hope Cena has a long and prosporous career because he deserves it. ChainGang 4 life!
William Olson wrote:
Holy crap, wow do some of you people watch wrestling ive waited and waited but never replied until I saw the comments of Zuhaib Khan saying that his wrestling ability is good to. Wow ive seen Cena doing the same old thing every week. Ive been watching wrestling for more than 16 years honestly, and ive been a taker fan for a long time, but as an example against cena, taker is the complete package great on the mic but will wrestle a great match for every dollar you spent to see him wrestle. Ive heard from plenty of people though that they went to see cena wrestle and thought the show sucked. Why cena only has mic skills but zero wrestling ability. The greatest wrestler no way, cena is the ultimate warrior rapping and has no face paint on. And you can understand him. Cena at the best is only worth a tag team title not the wwe title he is a disgrace to that title. If cenas the best wwe has they proably should go get a real WRESTLER from TNA.
Floyd jobbongs wrote:
John Cena is the best. I agree with you he has fantastic wrestling skills no matter what anybody says. He is better on Raw because Smackdowns the most boring wrestling show ever.He has terrific mic skills. He is better than the R RATED LOSER Edge.

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