Imitation: The Ultimate Form Of Flattery
November 10, 2005 by Lance C.

Lance here, with another attempt at a column. This may end up in the FanJam like all my others, but if you're reading this, then that means you care enough to take time out of you're day, and I thank you. But onto the point, in this column, I'm going talk about a sketchy subject, Backyard Wrestling...

Most people shun Backyard Wrestling. Some for the point that it is dangerous, while others say it's a waste of time. But some say they like the Backyard product, myself included. I'm a Backyard wrestler, so throughout the column, I will be taking a completely biased stand point. Backyard Wrestling has been around for a while, but it never really took off until about 1994, around the Era of Attitude. I remember sitting at home, watching WCW Monday Nitro, a commercial came on, showing some kid jump off his house, with a Leg Drop, putting his friend through a table. I was amazed, I never though somebody was crazy enough to jump off a house, with a Leg Drop of all moves. The commercial was for the popular Best of Backyard Wrestling videos. I went out and bought me a tape, got home and popped it in the VCR. As I watched I did something I had never done before, I fell asleep while watching wrestling. I tried watching the tape again the next day, but I was bored to tears. The tape was full of nothing, but blithering idiots, with the exception of a few, they were just grabbing the nearest object, and smacking each other in the face, it certainly wasn't the best wrestling I had ever seen.

But a couple guys did catch my interest. A kid named Nightmare and his friend Commissioner. They battled from a park, to a parking lot, to inside of a school, and back to the parking lot. I don't know what happened to Commissioner, but the kid Nightmare, happens to be a current TNA star, "The Original Playa From the Himalaya" Sonjay Dutt. A couple other current stars in the wrestling world emerged from Backyard wrestling, a short list of which includes The Hardyz, Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, Bryan Danielson, M-Dogg20 and more. Back to the point, The Best of Backyard Wrestling Videos sent shock waves throughout the country. Kids began to pick up chairs, light tubes, among other things, and beat the hell out of there friends. This gave the wrestling industry and bad rap and they got a lot of negative publicity, but as everyone knows, no publicity is bad publicity. WWE capitalized on the new found interest in wrestling in the media. They began to run videos, with certain Superstars, explaining their injuries, and telling kid not to do it at home. They didn't listen, but the message didn't totally go in one ear and out the other.

If you go to Google and type in Backyard Wrestling, a number of sites will pop up If you check them out though, it's not all just beatings with random objects. There are some very, very entertaining products out there, some better then others. It seemed WWE's message motivated the Backyarders to actually learn the skills that it takes to become a wrestler. And because each of these kids did have enough love fore the industry, they bumped on the ground, even without an audience, just because they loved what they were doing. People to this day still put Backyard Wrestling down, but in the end, if they are willing to take the risk of breaking they're neck, like any other pro, isn't it roughly the same thing as a pro product"

by Lance C. ..

ant heald wrote:
Backyard Wrestling arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it brings back so many painfull and nice memorys. I remember the 1st of many matches (backyard and pro) i had in a shoppin mall me vs a midget named "the dark destroyer" i battered him n pinned him in seconds. I even have my old backyard wrestlin name as me wrestlin name "the preston powerhouse" Heavy Traffic.

Many people do have a go at backyarders but over here in the UK were either poor kids with not a chance 2 go 2 a proper skool or 2 lazy
ShaunCl wrote:
No. Pro's are trained properly. Bacyarders ar'nt. Case closed. Backyard yardtards are a cancer in the indusrty. If you wanna go pro wait to go to a proper triing establsihment. A $3000 training course is better than healthcare checks for a broken neck. Of course over here in Engalnd healthcare is free but...... thats no excuse!
"Chaz" from Brooklyn, New York wrote:
I wrestle with a "Backyard" Fed called IBW(Insane Backyard Wrestling). We where recently aired on a CNN segment, which had brought on alot of heat from other yarders to us. I have never seen this in my life. I know "Backyard" is looked upon as a shun, or don't do this by the industry... But even yarders go against each other there is straight wrestling against hardcore/deathmatch... But I don't know what's going on now because it seems like the whole BYW world is against us, saying how we have no skill, and that there is no talent in what we do, they sure didn't say that when they watched us wrestle because I remember hearing them talk abought how good we where, and how they couldn't believe that people untrained could wrestle the way we do. And the same thing that happens with every other Fed. a week later after we do a show with them they get some kind of hate for us. And always start fights saying how much better they are, because we used a light tube. Most people do not get to see the inside of "Backyard" or maybe that is just our problem

But i have a question because i seem to notice all the people who always say they are better and always on top of us to bash us. They never get any attention by anyone, no oen cares abought these wrestlers in training who are in schools. The only thing that people seem to be caring abought are the kids with no training, who "Just Smash Lightubes" as they say. And they continue to bash us across the internet. Some have even gone as far to make threats, call in and say we are terrorist. I mean aren't we all in this for the same thing"

And I aim for going pro, and I have to sine online and get everyday of my life and have to hear soem asshole tell me that I'm a loser, and never going to make it or some sort of bullshit. It is starting to seem that they are fearing that this is what people want to see, because i seem to notice that people don't care as much for straight wresting as they do for the more free roaming hardcore.

I need to here what people think abought this and please get back to me I have much more to tell, and I am not going to stop wrestling, and I am going to become a pro, and i am going to make something of this no matter who says what





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