The 50 Greatest WWF/E Wrestlers
February 26, 2004 by Scott Latham

First, let me start out by saying I have been a huge fan of your site since I stumbled on it a year ago. I have enjoyed the wit and insight that your writers provide to the sport that I hold in such high regard. I would like to address the March 16th, 2004, 50 Greatest Superstars of the WWF Magazine. Granted, this list is very subjective, however I personally have a few issues with it. Let me start by stating I have been a huge wrestling fan for almost twenty five years and have seen the vast majority of these great athletes perform. Most of these wrestlers certainly deserve the recognition of being on this list, however there are a few that made me say to myself, "What the..."" This magazine also disgusted me by putting the boots once again to one of the all time greats by omitting his name from this list. First let start with my "How in the... did that guy/gal make the list" list.

  • Wendi Richter - Ok, I understand that she defeated The Fabulous Moola who held the Women's title forever, and the whole "Rock n Wrestling" connection, but if the "Wrestling Insiders" wanted to put a female on the list aren't there a few more qualified than Mrs. Richter" Wendi Richter, wasn't she around for about a day" (note the sarcasm.) How about Chyna" The other original DX members are on the list and she actually held the IC Title and competed in a Royal Rumble. Wasn't it DX that helped WWF win the Monday night wars with WCW" Oops, I forgot, Chyna could never be on this list, she is on Vince's shit list for writing that tell all book. Sensational Sherri, now she was a woman who was a lightning rod for controversy during her entire WWF career, she also held the Women's title and had far more charisma and was much more memorable than Mrs. Richter. Not to diminish Wendi Richter's accomplishments, however I feel that Chyna or Sensational Sherri would be far more qualified and deserving to be listed among the greats.

  • Brock Lesnar - It's interesting that a wrestler with exactly two years ring experience is already listed among the pantheon of the greatest wrestlers of all time. I understand that the WWE wants to promote the "Next Big Thing", but how could any of the "Wresting Insiders" who allegedly voted for this list even consider ranking this "newbie" with the likes of Andre, Bret Hart, Ernie Ladd and Randy Savage. If there is to be a list printed ten years from now, or even five, I am sure with Brock Lesnars work ethic and his in ring performance (if he can keep up the pace) would easily make the list. However, consider this, if Brock were to get fired tomorrow, in five years would he be considered one of WWE/F's greatest or would he be considered a flash in the pan, i.e. see Lex Lugar.

  • King Kong Bundy - Are you kidding me" What the hell did this guy ever do to be considered one of the 50 best" Was it the "Bundy Splash" at Wrestlmania 3 on a midget" Aside from getting his ass kicked by Hogan at Wrestlemania 2, I vaguely even remember this guy, oh I am sorry, it must have been his stellar performance on "Married with Children.

  • Yokozuna - I do not wish to take anything away from Yokozuna, the guy was very athletic for his size. However, what did he do to be on this list, was it getting his butt kicked by Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 9 to only win the WWF title by Mr. Fuji interfering, or was it that he holds the record for shortest title reign in history when he lost to Hulk Hogan 30 seconds after he won the strap. How about that horrible and very forgettable casket match at the 94 Royal Rumble with the Undertaker" In my opinion, Yokozuna's short career was moderately successful. He did whip Hogan's ass at King of the Ring '93 for the title, and he certainly made a good heel, however he does not warrant even consideration of being on the 50 all time greatest list.

  • Kane - Is Isaac Yankum (or the Fake Diesel) really considered one of the WWE/F's greatest" The guy is a mid-card wrestler at best. His feuds with the Undertaker & Stone Cold (both of which are deserving to be on the list) were entertaining, but damn, is he one of the greatest" I personally don't think so, Taker & The Rattlesnake carried this no talent buffoon through those matches, later the same can be said for Shane McMahon. Kane has shined simply by the talent that has surrounded him. I really believe that this is a far reach to place Kane among the elite of the WWE/F.

  • I would now like to address the WWE/F's continued disrespect to a wrestler whom I feel is one of the greatest of all time, Curt Henning a.k.a. Mr. Perfect. If the "Wrestling Insiders" who voted for the 50 Greatest Wrestlers think for a minute that the four male wrestlers I noted above are even close to the caliber of Curt Henning, then they need their heads examined. Not only was Curt Henning left off the 50 greatest list, he was not even shown on Judgment Day when they re-introduced the IC Tile and had highlights of the previous title holders. Curt was without a doubt one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, if you need an example of this, watch Summer Slam 91' or The King of the Ring 93'matches with Bret Hart, both considered to be classic matches, the Summer Slam match has been ranked as one of the greatest matches of all time. For Curt Henning not to be considered one of the greatest IC Champions and shown as a previous title holder on the Judgment Day pay per view is absurd, he held the belt twice for just shy of ten months each time. I understand that the WWE/F wants to distance themselves from the events that surrounded his death is understandable, however this does not diminish his in-ring accomplishments. Curt's cockiness & arrogance made him one of the most notorious heels. I ask this question, have you ever seen so many articles written about another wrestlers after their death as have been written about Curt and the way he touched people as an entertainer" For Curt Henning to be left off of this list of the 50 Greatest Wrestlers of the WWE/F is the final tragedy in the life of this superb athlete.

    Naturally, the above comments are simply, my opinion.....

    by Written By Scott Latham..

    Bobby Quinn wrote:
    Hey, I was checking out your column on and I certainly do agree with the fact that Kane had no buisness being in that list, being that he never himself really put any asses in the seats, he's good, but not the best in history. I also agree with the others.

    BUT, I do have to argue with the fact that you thought Brock Lesnar shouldn't be in the list. For a couple reasons, first of all no superstar has ever come to the WWE and done all of these things in so little time - Win the WWE title in 5 months (most guys would be getting a decent push in 5 months), win King Of The Ring, win The Royal Rumble, Main event Summerslam, and the biggest reason - main event the Wrestlemania he debuted on (remember the time period). Sure other guys have done all of these...but how long did it take them" He is definetley one of WWE'S top 50 stars.
    K.J. Keehan wrote:
    Hello, this is in response to the article you posted on you're website The 50 Greatest WWF/E Wrestlers. I would like to point out that the list of the top 50 greatest wrestlers of all time that the WWE produced was made for people who understand how Professional Wrestling really works. This list was made to be seen and taken seriously by people who understand that Pro Wrestling is not "real fighting", instead it was meant to be seen by people who understand that the sport of Pro Wrestling is about how well a wrestler works with his opponent. The people on the list are there because they know how to take moves with as little pain as possible being involved. They know how to execute moves while inflicting as little pain as possible. They know how to work a crowd. They know how to make things look believable. They are there because they have love for the business. This list was meant to be enjoyed by educated wrestling fans, not stupid marks..

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