The WWE Women's Divison: Useful or Useless"
February 14, 2005 by Lewis Cole

Recently I read an article entitled 'The Good in the Diva Search'. I both agreed and disagreed with different points on this article and wanted to write something about the whole 'WWE Divas' (God, how I hate that phrase!) product altogether by looking at each current woman on the roster:

Trish Stratus: What can I say about Trish" In my view she is probably the hardest-working woman currently in the WWE, really attempting to bring the women's division back to how it was about two years ago. I was amazed by her match with Lita (December 6th, 2004) and the feud they have built up over the years, especially the climax of it in the last few months (even though the circumstances in which the feud came about are subject to review). I hope that Trish soon comes out of that damned neck brace and begins to wrestle once again!

Lita: It's almost a given fact that Lita is a 'worker' in the ring and always has been, and I admire her for that fact, but after her nearly crippling suicide dive in her match against Trish, (December 6th, 2004) it showed me what real love she had for the fans to put her body on the line like that, especially after she had broken her neck just a few years ago. I predict that Lita will come back from her torn ACL with even more fire than before and hopefully she will re-ignite her feud with Trish and win the WWE Women's Title at Wrestlemania 21. The only doubt I have in my mind is whether she will have fully recovered enough to make it to Wrestlemania.

Stacy Keibler: A few months ago, I would have been writing to praise Stacy for her improved performance in the ring and how I think that she would soon be one of the 'top contenders' for the women's title. Oh, how times have changed! Now, Stacy has, in my view, returned to her regular monotonous self. She only appears to advertise something or to almost get attacked by a WWE Superstar and then get saved by some other Superstar. Currently, her character is probably the worst character she has ever played, as she is constantly fawning over Randy Orton and not wrestling at all! All I can say is either give her the 'marching orders' or get her back in the ring!

Candace Michelle: This ought to be good! Now then, let me just make myself clear: I don't have anything against Candace Michelle 'the person', but Candace Michelle 'the WWE Diva' infuriates me! She is probably the most useless woman ever to walk the halls of the WWE, as all she does is appear when nobody wants her to walk under a limbo stick or to referee a pointless lingerie pillow fight! I would definitely be impressed if I started to see Candace actually wrestling, but I don't think that ever will happen and soon enough she will have to be released from WWE's hands, thank the lord!

Victoria: I used to love watching Victoria in the ring with her psychotic attitude and aggressive wrestling style, now I think to myself "BRING THE REAL VICTORIA BACK!" Now, even though she is an impressive wrestler and actually can wrestle, her current 'wiggly-jiggly' gimmick is irritating to say the least and recently she appeared on Raw in a dreaded 'T & A' segment. Now we all know what Victoria's potential is, so why isn't the WWE letting her show it"

Maria: This diva is both useful and useless at the same time. Even though her 'backstage interviewer' role is needed as a replacement for Terri Runnels, she cannot conduct a single interview without laughing and yet again is a 'T & A' diva, all too happy with taking her clothes off in public! I do think that with the right training in wrestling and interviewing, Maria could be a promising prospect for the women's roster.

Molly Holly: Probably the most under-used and technically sound woman in the WWE is Molly Holly. Currently, she is the perfect example of a 'jobber', constantly getting put to the side and wrestling (and losing) a match once in a blue moon. In her heyday, I loved watching her 'anti-diva' antics and her matches with Trish Stratus. I think that if Molly is put back on the mainstream roster and allowed to wrestle every week on Raw, she can become the dominant female once again.

Christy Hemme: Yes! I don't care what everyone else thinks; I love Christy! Right from the beginning of the Raw Diva Search, she was my favourite to win, and she has been a presence in the WWE ever since. Even though she stands for the 'T & A' that I despise, she has this aura of energy about her and a willingness to study the wrestling business just to please the fans. I found her 'crotching' of Simon Dean recently to be a true 'Girl-Power' moment and showed her tenacity and aggressiveness, something of hers that should be shown a lot more. Watch out for this woman!

Miss Jackie: Personally, I have never thought that Jackie has ever had good characters to play. Even though she does know how to wrestle, her looks apparently override that fact, and the only storyline she has been involved in is countless catfights with another diva over a man. I am of course talking about the Miss Jackie Vs. Dawn Marie feud over Charlie Haas. It contained no good wrestling, lots of worthless flesh and a sub-par conclusion. All I can say is the WWE released the wrong female Tough Enough winners (Nidia and Shaniqua).

Michelle McCool: Another diva with potential that is not letting it be shown. I think her only problem with her short-lived feud with Hiroko Suzuki was that Torrie Wilson already had the character of 'Blonde Bimbo' covered. I mean, she's 5'10'' with an athletic build; surely she can be involved in any female storyline without having to take her clothes off" Once again, either use her or lose her!

Dawn Marie: Where is she" The last time I saw Dawn was in a tiny segment in which Amy Weber and Joy Giovanni dominated. I think that ever since her embarrassing feud with Jackie Gayda ended, the WWE hasn't found a suitable outlet for a storyline. She used to be an effective b*tchy character but as soon as she turned babyface for the first time, he fate spiralled downwards. I would just put her as a valet for someone until a suitable storyline has been found, do not waste a diva with as much experience of the business as Dawn Marie!

Joy Giovanni: This woman definitely has potential, but her current storyline with the Big Show is completely wrong for her. To me, she seems to be the perfect heel character, and she should play the aggressive sl*t that you love to hate in the ring. I did enjoy her feud with Amy Weber, but to know that their trying will now come to nothing must be demoralising for Joy, especially the circumstances that Amy Weber has handed her notice in. Hopefully Joy will learn to be stronger (mentally) than Amy and will achieve her full potential.

Torrie Wilson: I am undecided as to whether I like or dislike Torrie Wilson. She has done what the company wants her to do for so long and has acted as pure 'T & A'. I think now is the time for Torrie to break the mould and finally develop what wrestling skills she already has and become a strong and confident wrestler. She has been put in the vilest of storylines, but her current one with Hiroko is probably her best to date. I admit that their kimono match was abominable, but they really should have a proper wrestling match at some stage (most probably at a PPV) and show the fans what they can do and just how aggressive they can be.

Hiroko Suzuki: I am impressed with Hiroko's journey so far in the WWE. I think that she is the only valet (except for Elizabeth) to actually be more popular than her wrestler. I for one despise Kenzo Suzuki's current "I Love America!" storyline, as he fails to get his true attitude across to the fans. On the other hand, Hiroko is a highly amusing character to watch in the ring, as her tiny frame and big attitude contradict in the most comical of ways. With an improved wrestling skill, this woman could go far in the WWE!

Final Note: Even though Amy Weber is still on WWE Television for a while, to me she is no longer part of the company as she has already handed in her notice. I am upset by the fact that she was forced to resign because of blatant bullying on the WWE Superstars part, and am angry that they could not have acted in a more professional way, especially around a woman. For God's sake guys, have some respect!

by Lewis Cole ..

[Anonymous] wrote:
I am writing this response mainly about the diva search losers and not the actual divas who worked hard to get to where they are today and deserve to be there. I dont have anything against the girls themselves, I just think that they have no place in wrestling and as has been pointed out numerous times, they are only here for T and A. They did nothing but flaunt and embarass themselves and yet they have contracts. And they wonder why they arent treated with the same respect as the other divas. As everyone knows some of the new divas are former (or still are) models and such and WWE has carried over there current "luxuries" as a way to keep them in the business and I dont understand why.

I for one hated the diva search and all the participants. They were worthless then and they're worthless now. The WWE superstars have been complaining about their recent abundant overseas trips and have seen nothing in return for all the work they have done, yet Amy Webber (the most worthless one of them all) gets a whole row of seats on the flight to Japan because her back hurt...(Plays the worlds smallest violin) The superstars put there necks on the line everynight and in my opinion the WWE should address their superstars before attending to the selfish needs of some washed up lingerie bowl ass clown like Webber.

One last thing before i go. I must correct a major misconception with your article Cole. The WWE superstars were not bullying Amy. They were just ribbing her about a poster which stole her image. She couldnt take a joke and left. She got on an airplane, did the show in Anchorage, and went home while all the other superstars stayed on the tour. In a business where ribbing in a natural occurance, about as re-occuring as Triple H holding the title, it really surprises me that Amy would quit all because she couldnt take a joke.

You can disagree with me on this but naturaly i wont listen as I feel strongly about this topic and dont feel as though i am wrong.
#### ######## wrote:
wow! where do I start" ---- Trish Stratus/Molly Holly/Lita/Victoria- The only women currently with WWE that have any buisness in the ring. Period.

Stacy- She is currently doing the only thing she should be allowed to do and that is stand there and look pretty. She's not good for much else.

Candace- Must leave! NOW!

Maria- What makes you think that with the right training she could be a "promising prospect"" When has she ever shown you that she has what it takes to one day maybe make it as a womens wrestler" The only thing that she's shown me is that she's good for nothing. She needs to get to steppin'.

As we get to this point I'm getting really tired and pissed off that these girls are still filthafying my television so I'm just going to go ahead and say that with the acception of the afformentioned divas that can actually wrestle the rest of the girls are good for absolutley nothing. And furthermore they all need to vacate my television set immediatley. "But Nathan what about Torrie Wilson. She's hot and she's yada yada yada" Dont care. If they can't wrestle they're worth nothing to the buisness. And by the way it's Amy's own fault that she's leaving. WWE tried numerous times to make her stay but the bitch can't take a joke and ultimately she made the decision to leave. She wasnt forced to go. And I couldn't be happier.

P.S. Torrie vs Hiroko on Pay-Per-View...real funny joke.

P.S.S. I may sound like a harsh son of a bitch but it just makes me so mad to see wrestling turn into what it has become. People already look down on it because it's fake... which is a crock of shit. So we dont need anymore people making fun of wrestling because it's now become, if I may steal a line from Mick Foley, "the world's damn biggest puppet show".
Superman's Pal wrote:
You know, for years I've been trying to defend the WWE to all of my (male) friends who are frankly embarrassed by the T&A quotient. Sure, it can be tacky at times but at least it's better than it once was. Well, that was my answer a year or two ago. Now, it's exactly as bad is was back in the Attitude era, if not worse.

The Diva Search may have been a collassal waste of time, but we all assumed that after it had crowned one champ, we'd get back to business as usual in the women's division, kind if the same way the Tough Enough thing crawled back into the woodwork when it was done. Was anyone really expecting that when the Diva Search had crowned Christy Hemme, that suddenly they'd fire Gail Kim, Nidia and Jazz only to hire in a bunch of the Diva Search losers" And then to hire in about 4 more totally useless models on top of that" I wasn't.

It's a sad state of affairs when I have to turn to a bottom-of-the-barrel, hard-R women's fed like WEW to find a decent women's wrestling match but lately, they've fielded a helluva lot of more decent matches that WWE. That's an embarrassing statement to make, but unfortunately, it's true.
HeartBlakasNight wrote:
I agree with Superman's Pal on that last statement. It's sad that there are indy feds out there having better matches and even better SHOWS than WWE.But its the truth. And they have a TV deal for god's sake. But even in the indy's women's wrestling isn't being taken that seriously. I'm a female, and I'm training to wrestle right now, and my ultimate goal is to be so kick-a$$, that I'm taken just as seriously and given just as much (if not more) respect as the guys in the locker room. After a match, I want to hear, "dude, that was a great match!" or "dude that move was SICK", not, "nice butt".... seriously. I respect the true female WRESTLERS in the WWE, but if WWE wants actual WRESTLING fans' attention, they're going about it the wrong way. The WWE is making wrestling out to be a big joke to people who don't know about pure wrestling and indy feds. So, to all the girls out there who really want to WRESTLE, get to your nearest training school and get to work, so we can phase out these porn star wanna-be's.
AlaskaCowboy wrote:
I am writing about the post that [Anonymous] wrote.

Lewt me start by saying that I have been a big fan of wrestling since WM I. I have also come to be a big supporter of wrestling just here recently.

I am sure that if you are willing to write and post messages anywhere on any given website about any kind of wrestling, you are keeping up with it in some way or another.

Now, I have just found this website (OnlineWorldofWrestling) so this is why this post is so late regarding my post about the house show in Anchorage that was on the rajah website. Also, as much as I love wrestling, I am not on the computer as much as I usually have been in the past because I do have a life elsewhere that does not involve spending all my time looking for every single wrestling website there is. After all, the www is vastly huge.

I have only read the posts about our be loved Divas of the WWE and I beg to differ with the two Speckamn posts.

First, Johnny.... I really hope you keep up with wrestling like you think you do. Go to the rajah site and look for my post about the Anchorage House show that took place on Feb. 6th. You will see that in fact Amy Webber did come to Anchorage, but unfortunately didn't even stay at the same hotel as everyone else. TRUST me, I know first hand becasue I live here. Matter of fact, I have lived here all of my Adult life and have more contacts areound Anchorage than I do close friends. I guess you could say that I know my Shiznit when and where it happens in Anchorage.

Amy stayed here and then returned to the airport the next day. They flew in from over seas, she went to a totally separate hotel and got up the next morning and flew out to where ever she went. She WAS NOT in the show here like you claimed. Get your facts straight. She was no where near the show. In fact, she was gone, long before the Super Bowl pre show even got started, which was almost 10 hours before the house show started. Thank You for trying!!!

My second grief is with the other Speckman. What's your name"...... Nate"

Let me start by saying this.....How would you fell, being of the opposite sex, having the male gender and testosterone flaring, then being poked fun at because of some digitally enhanced photo or likeness and also having tomato juice poured on you while you are flying for more than 5 hours, not to mention being uncomfortable the whole time because of a back injury or something" HMMMM"""" No brainer....

BEing picked on all your life while you are growing up because you have low self asteem, isn't fun. As I said in my post for Johnny, I know FIRST HAND, how it feels. That was me until I was in High School. Only one thing separates me, I am now 6'8, 280# and have over 8 years experience in the Law Enforcement/Security field.

Needless to say, or maybe John Cena could tell you, you don't want to Ruck the Fules with me because I will drop you on your ASS in less time than you could blink your eyes once.

Anyhow, the point I am trying to make is, that you all need to get your stories straight before you open your mouth and stick you feet in it.

Wether this gets posted or not, I don't care because I know what happened here and really understand now why all these businesses wish websites like these would go away and not spoil what happens or better yet, what people think or wish might happen.



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