The Future of WWE Harry "Bulldog" Smith
February 8, 2005 by Louie John Buluran

Harry " Bulldog" Smith was the son of Late Legendary Davey Boy Smith and Diana Hart. A 3rd generation Superstar. He carries on the tradition of his father, grandfather, Stu Hart and uncles from the Hart family dynasty. A complete package of size, power, technical wrestling, and speed have allowed Harry to become a flag bearer for the Stampede promotion reaching the top of the heavyweight and tag team divisions. Mixes a Japanese style of moves and European technique from his father's influence along with the Hart Family Dungeon training which make him a well versed mat performer capable of going hold for hold with any wrestler. The running power slam and standing hanging suplex in honor of his father are two of his favorite attacks. Also uses Dragon sleeper as a submission. Harry is preparing for trips to Japan and England in the near future. He is a purebred in the truest form today, and a superstar of tomorrow. I guess that this Guy could be the Nexts Big thing in Sports Entertainment with his good looks, arrays of moves and finishing devastator the Running Poweslam that he inherited from his great father the original British Bulldog.

I think WWE and Vince McMahon would signed him a contract because I guess he is the real future of this business give him some WWE storyline or signed him to Raw to be a member of Evolution with veterans like the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and the "Cerebral Assasin" Triple H. He could have great feud with Superstar like Randy Orton, Batista, Shelton Benjamin and his Dad and Uncles greatest nemesis HBK Shawn Michaels. With Wrestlemania 22 heading in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Harry Smith could have an outstanding match with Randy Orton for the coveted Intercontinental Championship. (I think that we must put a storyline and credibility with the Intercontinental Championships but I think we have a great champion in Shelton Benjamin, I guess Benjamin would be a great heel by also joining Evolution or create a New Stable like the Four Horsemen gimmick.)

Living the Tradition:

His father is a great Wrestler and he inherits the great looks and charisma of his late father. Being one of the family members of the Hart clan he has the technical skills and power to be a great star my even surpassed his father who never won a WWE Heavyweight Championship. The WWE needs a guy like that is a him that is a 3rd generation superstar that could revive tradition and make the fans believe that as a wrestler he have the chance to prove that he is the best in the business and not like a guy winning the title 10 times like Triple H that in 10 years that he is in the WWE he has won any title the Industry could offer him being the Boss Mr. McMahon's Son in Law. This young man was born in 1985 like me where Wrestlemania phenomenom was born in the eyes of all the people who are embracing Hulkamania now in 2005 we should see the birth of HARRYMANIA a kid who could be the messiah in saving's WWE ratings and create a phenomenom that we had not experienced since the Attitude Era of 1996-2001. I miss the old WWF where the storylines and great wrestling has been removed. I think Vince K. McMahon must look at real and raw talent and charisma that the new British Bulldog possess to save this declining industry he must save in to the messiah the one and only Harry Smith.

Start as a tag-team Wrestlers:

Having excellent mat skills and High flying styles the 20 yrs.old Harry Smith has the edge to be a great superstar of a great Champion whether as a heel or as a face. His talent at this point reminds me of his Father Davey Boy Smith and Uncle the Dynamite Kid Tom Billington. He would start as a tag-team wrestler maybe with his current partner T.J. Wilson. or Shelton Benjamin he would again revolutionize the tag-team division that has no talent and storylines in right know except in NWA-TNA that has one of the greatest tag team that I have ever seen the America's Most wanted of Chris Harris and James Storm who has the Hart Attack finisher in tribute of Harry's great Uncles the Original Hart Foundation of Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. I think Vince could signed them to feud with the New British Bulldog of Teddy Hart and Harry Smith so that the could reinforced the tagteam divisions who I am sick of watching La Resistance and Rene Dupree and Kenzo does guy has no right of having the tag-titles themselves unlike in those era where the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian and the Dudley BOYZ dominates this division back in 1999-2001.

With the his father legacy I guess we must create a persona like that of an arrogant and powerful Canadian that is why I see him joining Evolution to say that he belongs to the best in the business. He would help Triple H to every title reign he will have and the feuds to get the titles to people who beat him specially Batista who would kick Paul Levasque Ass in Staples Center in April 3 2005.

A few years from now he could be like his late Father. That would make his dad very proud who is now in heaven and guiding his son to be the future legend of this industry that his family has carry through all over the years.

Single Phenomena: As a Master-Heel

After dominating the tag ranks I will put him on a great feud with Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship and he would make a big deal on how his dad became champion and beats his legendary Uncle Bret Hart back in 1992. This is Legend Killer versus Legend Stopper Harry Smith they could have great matches like that of the Rock and Stonecold Steve Austin or the rivalry between Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan. This one is so very explosive with the RKO against the Running Poweslam I suggest to Harry Smith my use the F5 Finishing move of Brock Lesnar that is so very cool and much devastating when you see and think about how that move made an impact to the wrestling ring. . Both guys are technically sounded and Mat worker that this feuds would run for months, as Evolution would be stronger and younger this 2005. With Harry Smith much as a top performer to watch rather than John Cena and JBL who are boring to watch while these wrestlers who only threw some basic punch and over-hyped Clothes Line from Hell. Like this boring Chain-Gang gimmick of John Cena who in my thoughts must be a green-mean rapper to succeed here in the business not this babyface rapper character which make you sick and just watch Minnie Vanillie or Eminem. No pun intended but I think Harry has more youth and charisma than John Cena. Harry could also feud with HBK and tells him that he would avenge his Uncle Bret Hart for screwing him when he was 12 yrs.old back in 1997 Survivor Series. Know dubbed as the top heel " Legend Stopper" by dethroning Randy Orton as the legend killer. He would stop the Showstopper or maybe retires him for wrestling or maybe Shawn Michaels would return and beat Harry Smith and tell him to open his eyes that a great price awaits him the World Heavyweight Championships which his late father wants to have but never given the chance (by Vince McMahon and those creative writers) and that by kissing the ass of HHH all night long he could not attain the greatest gift this business could offer by having the World Heavyweight Championship and make all the peeps out there very proud and respect you even the time you retired from these business.

Future WWE World Champion.

Then as time goes by gaining several experience and gaining exposure to the fans and to the people backstage (maybe to Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, HBK) he now Challenge Triple H and would throw him out of Evolution (This is a different angle between Orton/Evolution, Batista/Evolution.) and they would reformed the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair and a bunch of young wrestlers in OVW who wants to be a part this gimmick. The bottom line is Harry would win the World Title when he turns 22 in 2007 to be the youngest World Heavyweight titleholder and hold the belt as long as he has some competition. Competition is important for wrestler to have an outstanding career whether as a face or heel. As you could see we need some rivalry in the business in order for viewers and fans to tune in every Monday and Thursday to watch WWE. We need guys like him who could have a dedication and passion for the business and could see in his eyes that he really wants the title and the belt like his great Uncle Bret " Excellence of Execution" Hart that became the standard bearer of company who was once a company of Steroids user.

Harry would not ended like the faith of his father because he is in the goodhands of WWE under the tutelage of Jim Ross and maybe Shane McMahon would finally given a chance to have the control of the company due to the fact that he is the sole heir of the WWE I guess Vince McMahon must retire he is 60 yrs. old and leave it to Shane McMahon who could create HARRYMANIA with Harry Smith as his super baby face. We need some talents that this kind of guy possesses, who could wrestle technically and with a dominant force and a charisma that could build if he has a great manager in Ric Flair or Paul Heyman that he could learn from these guys to be a top wrestler like his father and his Great Uncles, Owen, Bret, Bruce, Tom Billington and his late grand father Stu Hart which wrestling today has much something to owe to him. He created stars like Chris Benoit, Y2J, Edge, Dynamite Kid, and phenomenom Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Bad News Brown, and Jim Neidhart and current Wrestlers Chris Benoit, Edge, Y2J these guys has been Train in the Dungeon and Harry Smith as young as 8 has been learning the ropes I just wish that when he enters the WWE he must not be put in the hands of Hardcore Holly that could end his career early. I think Bob Holly has been a bully to young talent realizing that time has passed and great opportunity has been taken away from him. Lets get back in the business I hope the McMahon's and the WWE should listen to me and singed Harry Smith immediately the future of this business awaits him and the rest of the WWE fans.

by Louie John " Legend Stopper" Buluran..

Joe Joe wrote:
I'm down for all the Harry Smith love, but I'm not down for all the smarky comments incoporated and the idea of rushing him to WWE. His father was so great because he got seasoned wrestling around the World. Harry is still very young and has so much more he can learn elsewhere that he might not get to in WWE.
Brandon Gnetz wrote:
This column was an extremely hard read. There needs to be at least a small level of editing before these columns get posted. This was no column, just a series of run on sentences. My brain hurts from trying to get through this, but I somehow managed. I was a huge British Bulldogs fan when I was a wee lad, and am always interested in learning about second and third generation superstars, but seriously, this was painful. This was a random grouping of words mixed together with a load of incoherent babbling. You do not have to post this, I just wanted you to know that you're readers generally like to read a column that has a point or some type of consistent thought process. Thanks.
C3breaker wrote:
I too think Harry has great potenial, but is he really that good to start wrestling great wrestlers like HBK and Ric Flair" Harry does not seem to be the person in which wwe fans and the wwe should depend on just yet. He just doesn't seem like he is ready yet. I don't think that wwe should try to fix their tag teams until they can help season wrestlers like Shelton benjaim, rene Dupree, and many others in to main eventers. The wwe can no longer depend on old wrestlers any more. They should have wrestlers like Chris Benoit take time off to train up and coming wrestlers in the wwe. Harry coul d be great but he has to be taught not to follow hisuncles and dads legacy enstead he should make his impact on the wrestling world.
ꧧv t wrote:
Gosh Louie, you just sold Harry Smith straight out. What a sales pitch man! I could just imagine being Vinnie Mac, and getting a telesales call, and then hearing all this I'd be like ''YOU'RRREEEEE HIRRREDDDDD!!!!!!!!" LOL... But the column really needed a little fixing up. The guy just went on rambling on and on and went a bit too far. This Harry isn't even groomed yet, and the writer already put him in WM22 in Calgary. He's got it all figured out and I appreciate his support for Harry (he isn't Harry himself trying to get a message across is he" *hmm*). But the imagination went a little, well a LOT overboard. I've always been a loyal fan of the Harts and consequentially Davey Smith's, and I'd love to see Bulldog the 2nd, joining the WWE at some point and reminding us all of the talent that's already in his blood. But lets just hold that thought right there for now.... it's a long way to go. He needs to top his game at Stampede and then perhaps spend a couple of more years touring and getting his focus right. He needs an identity, or he'll always be looked at as the British Bulldog's son, or the Hitman's nephew or whatever, and that will hurt his career eventually. Ofcourse he could be initially introduced as the Prince of Harts or whatever, but then has to find his own character whether it be a heel or a face, personally I'd prefer him to be a face. Sort of like this 3rd generation underdog kid with so much potential, just waiting for the right opportunity (anyone reminded of Rocky Miavia at his first Survivor Series"). So to conclude, lets give Harry some time to find himself, work on his own personality, and gather more experience working in the fast lane of international professional wrestling. I'm sure many other fans like myself will be waiting for Bulldog the 2nd to one day entertain us in a WWE show and that God will bless him with the same kind of success and respect that his predecessors have gained in this world of sports entertainment. Thank you Louie for your dedicated towards familiarizing us with Harry.



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