WWE's Triple H and TNA's Jeff Jarrett
March 1, 2005 by Logan Piekema

This is the first column I have written so bear with me here.

Jeff Jarrett is a lot like Triple H...need explaining" Let's review the facts. Jeff Jarrett won the TNA title against four other guys. Triple H defended his title against six other guys. Jarrett has held the title for about eight months. Triple H whenever he has the title will always get a long title reign. Jeff Jarrett practically gives himself these reigns because he basically runs TNA. Triple H's father-in-law is the chairman of WWE. Guitar shot...sledgehammer shot. All of these things lead to the same thing no matter what promotion you're watching. I am not a big fan of these two but they are practically the same.

The titles matches that these two men put on are amazingly boring because you know who is going to win. Whether it's HHH vs. Randy Orton or Jeff Jarrett vs. Monty Brown, you know Double J or Triple H is going win. HHH is always going to win no matter what kind of animal you are. Right now Triple H is set to face Batista at Wrestlemania, where I think that Batista is not ready to be champion. Then there is the next big PPV from TNA...Destination X. Where an old feud is to be restarted. Diamond Dallas Page...the self-proclaimed hardest working man in the business, and Jeff Jarrett the "self-built" champion. If it wasn't for his father and himself running the place we wouldn't have to have old faces compete for the title. TNA can have a whole bunch of people who haven't ever held a world title.

WWE also needs some new people to compete for the World Title. They could bring Kane back to the title picture. Think about it...two years ago...oh yeah Kane lost to Triple H, had to remove his mask, turned heel, feuded with RVD, then Shane, then Taker, then Edge, then Benoit, then HBK, and now Snitsky. Doesn't make much sense does it" HBK is in a good feud right now with the Kurt Angle thing. This will allow him to get a push towards the title with the match against the Smackdown incarnation of himself. And if that doesn't work than they could always give the title to Jericho who hasn't held the World Title in over three years.

by Logan Piekema..

Erkka Järvinen wrote:
I can't see any point in this column except to bash JJ and HHH. I disagree just about everything so i am gonna go on order. Triple H don't have long reigns. Look at it recently. He won it back from Goldberg at 2003 december. Lost it to benoit 3 months later. Got it back finally at Unforgiven. Losing it again maybe 2 or 3 months later. Now it seems like its gonna be only 3 months if Batista puts him over. 3 months ain't exactly long title reign. Stop whining everybody that HHH is married to bosses daughter. Do you all have conspiracy in your mind""" Give me a break, ever thought that HHH might really love steph" Quitar and sledgehammer shot electrifies the crowd so it's not a bad thing. Boring matches" First of all, matches are GREAT which both of these men put in. Secondly, Triple H puts many people over and he doesnt win always. Dear, do you even watch WWE" About your title challengers, i dont care about them you can have your own opinion about them. I just don't like when people trash on HHH who has never turned his back on WWE. I would like to say as well that two of the best rookies in WWE on both shows are Luther Reigns and Rene Dupree on SD! and Muhammed Hassan and Simon Dean on RAW.
Steve Rich (UK) wrote:
Logan has written a good comparison between the two men. Raw has suffered since it has not had a top babyface since Benoit lost the title and as a result most of the wrestlers HHH has ploughed through have simply had a "flavour of the month" feel and have settled back into the upper midcard after HHH has done with them. Just look at Benoit, who was in a tag team match on the opener of Unforgiven and has not looked remotely like relieving HHH of the belt since he regained it, nor had a one-on-one opportunity. Without a top babyface, HHH's reigns just meander along.

Jarrett on the other hand has been booked favourably since day one. TNA's problem was never that they didn't have a top babyface, they just failed to recognize it. For most of the time Jeff Jarrett has had the World title over the last year or so, fans have been clamouring for A.J. Styles to take it from him, and why Styles' second reign was aborted is a mystery to me. Either way, now that A.J. is back in the X division fans have attached themselves to Monty Brown as a viable World title contender. Dusty Rhodes & co now are faced with an intriguing position on how to handle the "Alpha Male" push.

For Brown in TNA, read "Batista" on Raw ---- Unfortunately Batista cannot hide his limitations in long, Championship matches and I forsee his run with the ball, should he get it, to be brief.

In closing, for Erkka, if you think that a Jarrett guitar shot "electrifies the crowd," then you haven't seen fans on Impact chanting "drop the belt" to Jarrett. They are sick of the antiquated manner in which he relies on the weapon to win ALL his title defenses, and so am I.
David Saul wrote:
OK Erkka, let's have a look at your "argument". Firstly, long reigns are something Triple H's loves. As I recall, he held the WWF Title from January through to April back in 2000. He also held the World Title from December '02 to September '03. As far as his most recent loss, since he never lost the title to anyone, you can basically take his title reign as a continuous reign from September through till April.

About HHH loving Steph. No-one ever said he didn't. Maybe you should actually read the article first. Whether he loves her or not, the point is that his title reigns are almost certainly linked to his family ties. Let's face it; they can't be linked to his popularity since he is by no means the most over guy on the RAW roster.

The sledgehammer shot, far from electrifying the crowd, serve to irritate them beyond recognition. And as far as his matches go, you must be easily impressed if you think either man's matches are great. Generally they are boring unless they are working with someone who can carry them.

And HHH puts people over" How exactly. He never lost that world title in december to Edge or Benoit, so never put them over. He has buried RVD, Kane, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, Jericho, The Hurricane and many others so many times I've lost count. And, as the likes of Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker have proven, losing a match is completely different from putting someone over. And since he rarely loses, and when he does he never loses clean, this is besides the point.

And on those "rookies"; you do know that the likes of Simon Dean have been wrestling for years" Far from a rookie.
Lisa Anderson wrote:
Defending Errka, WWE likes it better when a heel has the title so the babyface's can chace it.What better heel then Triple H one of the best of the best.Triple H is a long established heel and has been practicly his whole WWE career.The sledgehammer and the guitar are some of the coolest weapons in the game.He is a ring general and one of the best Heavyweights today.Most of the people you named aren't really Heavyweights besides Kane who does deserve a title.WWE is the land of the heavyweights not little people like Chris Benoit,Chris Jericho,RVD,Hurricane,Jeff Hardy(sucks).Jarret is a chump.The fans chant drop the title because he ALWAYS cheats and reaks of shihitiness it would not matter if he use a chair or a guitar.
junior lizard king wrote:
Erkka completely forgot about Trip's 9 month reign to try and say his title reigns arent long. I agree having the belt on a heel so the face can chase it is a good idea. But after a 2-3 month feud shouldnt the face win. On the subject of Jericho not being a heavyweight contender i completely disagree. Y2J can play either heel or face so he's definitly world title material. Doesnt WWE look at ratings" When the special GM's made Trip's life a living hell back in december the ratings went up. Batista turns on Trips ratings are up again. Get a clue. I hate TNA all together but Double J need to take that guitar out of his ass.
W D wrote:
Hey I agree totally with the whole thing about them getting unfair treatment, but i don't agree with comparing HHH and Jarrett together. HHH does not have long title reigns he wins it and then he losses it two or three months later yeah there are some similarities to them with HHH using the sledgehammer DOUBLE J using the guitar them are some similarities but the long title reigns isn't one of them Vince wants HHH to keep wining and losing the title until he does want some said would never happen and that is break Flairs recored Batista will win the title at WM21 but will lose it or be stripped two months later think about the past year Benoit won the title at WM20 had it May June July and first week of August but he lost it two Orton who won it a month later then HHH had the title stripped then won it back in a pointless math the elimination chamber and now Batista has the chance of a lifetime to win it for what just so Vince can have him lose it two or three months later to HHH so HHH can have number 11 then the whole year will be like last year having HHH win the title so he can beat Flairs recored now that is the WWE side now lets get to the TNA side JJ has had the title for months now there are reasons for that yes because he has relatives that own the company i mean JJ has finally found a place that will give him the championship gold on a silver plate unlike WWE who seen him for who he truly was nothing but a piece of shit that could not even lace up his own boots and now he is in TNA the future WCW that has no chance that is trying to provoke WWE but is anyone loosing NO i mean TNA is so obsessed with trying to be like WWE that now they are Evin having matches like WWE hey TNA RIP cause you have a suxy champion but HHH congrats on beating the recored cause until it happens HHH will keep wining and losing the title about 5 times a year
Dave Saul. wrote:
In response to WD's "reply": WD, maybe in future you should learn how to use grammar before you post any opinion.


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