RAW vs Smackdown!
As Observed By A Very Clueless New Fan
August 28, 2003 - by Lynn the Elf

This fan's favorite wrestler.

Wrestling these days. I hear so many different opinions by die hard fans, that have been following and watching wrestling for years. Most seem to be uninterested, and generally disappointed in how it's be going lately, however my perspective is quite different.

I have actually only been into the WWE for about 5 months, so needless to say, I don't know much about it all. One thing I do know, is that I actually like Smackdown!. I like most of the wrestlers and the storylines. Yes I, even the clueless one, knows that wrestling is not real, however I do enjoy the gimmicks and the humor.

Being the new fan that I am, I look for wrestlers that are energetic and entertaining. Storylines that grab your attention, and make you want to watch week after week. What is up good ol Mr. McMahon's sleeve this week" I feel that if you can tell a wrestler enjoys his or her job, and is into what they do, those are the ones I like to watch. Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, Tajiri, Zach Gowen and Kurt Angle to name a few. I believe those guys generally have good moves, and I like their attitudes. They seem to like what they are doing, and they are fun. That is what makes me want to watch. I figure if you can get excited and get wrapped into whats going on, even knowing that its fake, then it's good. I like the adrenaline, and the cheering when you see an eye catching match, or storyline.

I do like RAW as well. However, I honestly dont follow many of the wrestlers on that show. The storylines seem decent. I think the Kane thing is funny, and I think Eric Bischoff is a moron. Rob Van Dam is awesome, and yes, being the woman that I am, I enjoy him for his looks as well. He is also a good wrestler though. I like his moves, and his attitude. I also like the Dudley Boyz. La Resistance is lame, Chris Jericho, HHH, and the rest of Evolution are cocky and arrogant.

Most true fans will think my opinions or views are retarded or goofy. Trust me I hear a lot of slack from know-it-alls that have watched wrestling for years. However, I feel confident in knowing why I truely am starting to get into wrestling. It's quite simple really. If you like your job, and you act like your into it too, then I will be into it as well. Good moves are a plus, but in general it's the attitude, and how one carries themselves either it be actual wrestling, or following the story guidelines.

by Lynn the Elf


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