Was That Necessary"
As Observed By A Very Clueless New Fan
September 15, 2003 - by Lynn the Elf

When I watched Smackdown! last Thursday I was completely disappointed. I thought the whole Zach thing was completely ridiculous.

Fine, Brock wants to be heel. Fine, Brock wants to be a monster, and hey it's fine that Brock wants to please arrogant and egotistical McMahon, but why do it through Zach" Brock is almost starting to remind me of Kane, and Kane does a good enough job himself being psycho and sadistic.

Does he think going around beating up cruiserweights is monster like, or heel like" What makes that so bad and cool" Anyone Brocks size can beat the crap out of a cruiserweight. I think Brock can be a good heel, he has potential for it.

When he and McMahon planned that whole cage match, and completely screwed Angle, now that was cool, and entertaining. Those are the story lines they should stick to. Him playing evil tricks , and being decietful to other wrestlers, is good heel material. I am sure a lot of fans got a kick out of Brock going psycho on Zach, but quite frankly I thought it was getting boring, and repetitive. Ok, Brock you supposedly broke his other leg, and you wiped his blood on you. Then you tossed him around and threw him down the stairs in the wheelchair. Whats next" You gonna throw him out of a moving car, or run him over" If your going to be a heel, stick to what your good at, and leave Zach Gowen alone.

Zach Gowen, I think, has really good potential. Who cares if he is one legged" I think it makes him very appealing. The constant jokes other wrestlers make about him are lame. That is also getting VERY old. Its like ya, ok, he has a fake leg. Lets hop around a couple times in the ring and laugh at him, however, how many times is one going to do that" EVERYTIME Zach is scheduled to wrestle""" WWE just needs to figure out a better story line for Zach. He is being made to look like a complete wimp, and not capable of wrestling. Which, I think he is good. As I said before, he has great potential, and they should let him show it. He needs to be able to show his talent and capabilities. He keeps being made to look like some wuss, and what I hear, and the few things I have seen, he could do some damage. Story lines that would make him look tough, cool, and not so helpless would be more fitting to the type of wrestler I think Zach could become.

I again, am only the clueless one, but when I see crap like Brock throwing Zach Gowen around, then I will speak up and say something. Smackdown! is my favorite wrestling show, and I dont want to see story lines like that one.

by Lynn the Elf

Someone who didn't leave their name Wrote:

It all makes sense if Zach Gowen becomes entreched in the Brock Lesnar-Kurt Angle fued. Zach will turn heel and help Brock Lesnar win the world title..


Hey, don't get me wrong or anything - Im just as diehard a wrestling fan as anyone else that reads all these internet "articles" - but let's keep one thing in mind. Brock Lesnar didn't throw Zach down a flight of stairs cause he didnt like him - he did it as a part of a storyline that he was paid to perform. Let's not get so engrossed in the world of wrestling that we forget that the WWE IS afterall - "sports entertainment"... Im sure they all had a few laughs together after the show.. This is just my opinion - I could be wrong...


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