The Clueless Fan Returns
August 27, 2004 - by Lynn Roath (Anaheim, CA)

Hello my fellow wrestling fanatics. It has been a very long time since anyone has heard from this clueless fan. I was at RAW last night, and let me tell you all it was a hell of a show. Not that anyone couldn't have gathered that from watching it on TV, but seeing it in person was well worth the effort it took to get there. The lights, the crowd, the cheering, it was a great experience.

My appreciation for the sport, and dedication to watch it has grown immensely since I first got into wrestling over a year ago. Both RAW and Smackdown! have been enjoyable to watch. I think both shows are producing good story lines.

At first I was bored about watching RAW, but the recent Orton/Evolution conflict is exactly what I think RAW needed. That extremely strong bond with them needed to be broken. I feel Evolution is extremely arrogant, I don't think any of the remaining members are that good of wrestlers, especially to carry their attitudes of thinking they are god's gift to everyone. I wasn't a Randy Orton fan while he was in Evolution, and even now I am still not, but I do think that Randy Orton has good talent. HHH can't handle the fact that a young, good looking, talented wrestler is getting the attention that HHH thinks he deserves. The fact is, at least in my opinion; HHH holds none of those attributes. Vince is very smart in dividing Evolution. I am looking forward to now seeing what is going to happen with that whole situation. The possibilities are plenty. Randy could join Benoit, or any other wrestler he has had conflict with in the past. How cool would it be if Orton, and some other awesome wrestler took Evolution completely down, and out of RAW existence"

The only thing I wish RAW would have stayed away from is the RAW Diva Search. Yes, most of them are very good looking women, and great to look at, but where is there talent" Where is the wrestling" There are some fine looking Divas, but they can wrestle. Sure they may go out to the ring in hot skimpy out fits, but they are strong, and usually kick good tail. The ice cream thing, the pie thing (even though it was extremely cool that the Rock, and Tajiri participated in that), and the general be seductive, and sexy crap. That is what it is, CRAP. No one has seen them wrestle, or do anything athletic. So I wonder what is the point of all of this" If I wanted to see a bunch of women act "seductive", and dress trampy, I would go to a strip club, or hang out on Hollywood Blvd. I wouldn't be so disappointed with it all, if they did something that actually had to do with wrestling. Sure it's fake, but all the wrestlers, even the women, have to have some talent.

Smackdown! has been great. I am big fan of John Cena now. I did not like him at all at first, but he is just a cool guy in general. I like his energy, and the way he gets the crowd involved. The story lines, everything. I look forward to watching Smackdown! every week. Eddie, Kurt Angle, lame JBL, Undertaker, Spike Dudley, Rey Mysterio, Booker T, John Cena, and of course RVD. Smackdown! has the good stuff.

Now its time to end this column. I do plan on writing more in the near future, and more frequent. For even the most clueless fans, like myself, get excited, and appreciate today's WWE wrestling.........

by Lynn Roath


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