Great Gimmicks Of The Current Era
November 16, 2006 by Manuel D.

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There are times in wrestling where our markiness gets to us. Sometimes we disapprove and actually feel the heel heat when our favorite face wrestler is getting beat down. Sometimes we forget wrestling's worked and actually bet on matches. Myself, I actually feel the gimmicks of new wrestlers coming out. You're probably wondering "What are you talking about"". Well, within the past 2 years, I've seen some characters, I can't help but love. Despite their workrate, their affiliation with fans, I love them. This column is about gimmicks I love, and a few other smarks like me love.

Latin American eXchange - What can I say about this gimmick" It's truly great. What's greater then two Latino's thinking their company and America is full of discrimination. Well add that with Konnan, and you have one great gimmick. They have the heel heat, the announcer, and recently they have the tag titles, and there's still more to conquer.

Edge - Yes, the guy's not new, but the gimmick of "Rated R Superstar" is. This gimmick borrows from people like Brian Pillman, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels of old. The gimmick, a "shooter", who can really hurt people and be controversial. This gimmick came out just a few weeks before his first WWE title reign, when he "shot" at legend Ric Flair. It continues on during the live sex celebration, and is continuing today.

King Booker - Yes, I've already done a column on this guy, but I never really talked about his gimmick. The gimmick of this is simple used, yet fresh and new. When this first came out, I was a little sceptical about how big it could become, but I grew to love it. The gimmick is supposed to annoy the crap out of you when you hear "All Hail King Booker" multiple times, and when King Booker does the English accent. The King gimmick may be played out, but I don't hate it.

Ken Kennedy - Of course I was going to put this guy here, who wouldn't" And I'm sure it's been explained to you millions and millions of times, but here's my interpretation. The gimmick of Ken Kennedy is of a simple cocky heel, who has an ego the size of Russia. His ring announcing is of a man who thinks no one, but himself, can do it "right." This gimmick, is probably my favorite gimmick, when I first saw Ken Kennedy do it as Ken Anderson during his Velocity debut.

Carlito - Another one you know I'd put on this list. This gimmick is one of WWE's original gimmicks. It's of a man from Puerto Rico, who has his own style of "cool." What he does, is spit in people's faces, he don't think is cool. When he was heel, he spit in faces that were top heels. When he turned face, he spits in faces of hated wrestlers. He uses his trademark apple and afro, so you know who the hell he is.

The Boogeyman - This gimmick is one of my personal favorites. It brings me back to when I was 6 years old and loved this stuff. This gimmick is of a man, who scares the living hell out of even the toughest of wrestlers. And the most disgusting thing about this gimmick, is the man eats worms. The Boogeyman is officially one of the funniest gimmick's I've seen in a while.

Montel Vontavious Porter - As much as we all hate this guy, for being a complete dud, I gotta give the writers credit, where it's due. This is about a man who claims to be a big draw. He has this cockyness, much like Terrell Owens, and the charisma that I've never seen before. He has the cell phone, the suits, and the women, and I love this gimmick for it's originality.

Johnny Nitro - This gimmick is so great and original. Unfortunately Johnny Nitro has the lack of mic skills. But if given the time, this gimmick could blow up. The gimmick is about a man who knows all of the hot spots and all of the celebrities in Hollywood. With this knowledge in Hollywood, he has a beautiful girlfriend, who is the mastermind to most of his victories. This gimmick is truly a great gimmick, not much the wrestler though.

So there you have it, the list of gimmicks me and other smarks enjoy. Like I said in the beginning, it doesn't matter if the wrestler gets injured by lifting a pinky, or can wrestle a fast paced technical or high flying match, these are great gimmicks. And me, I'm glad these are here to help entertain people.

By Manuel D...

Shaggydog307 wrote:
i agree with you 100% becuz i love these gimmicks and my personel fav is boogeyman cuzi would like to see this[altho it will never happen] i want to see undertaker face boogeyman and i want to see boogeyman actually frighten taker i said it will never happen but it would be kool.
Philip Frazier wrote:
I agree with some things you say here. It is true that gimmicks are important in some aspects of wrestling, however some people are better off gimmick-less.

As for the gimmicks mentioned:

LAX, Edge and Mr Kennedy I agree with completely, their gimmicks are brilliant and flawless. And as you said, when Kennedy first debuted as Anderson on Velocity I saw a bright, bright future for him.

The King Booker gimmick at first was stupid and seemed as if it would not last, especially with the fact everyone was expecting him to not hold the title for long. However now I like it, especially when he ocassionally crosses over to his usual Booker T gimmick. I never did find the 'All Hail King Booker' chant annoying, especially when JBL was commentating. I have ocassionally found myself joining in with the chant. Booker's Court was good, but have unfortunately split.

Carlito's gimmick is good, however, it is clearly recycled. BUT, I love Carlito's gimmick. However, you got something wrong, he used to spit in the face of top faces when HE was a heel.

I liked the Boogeyman gimmick before the worms (which I think are stupid, because his whole gimmick is about the worms now, instead of the fact he is a Boogeyman) He was great when he would just hang around backstage and randomly appear backstage, that was funny. Like in the new SVR game, when he randomly appears in the parking lot brawl.

I cannot agree about MVP though, this guy bores me nearly as much as Cena. His gimmick had potential, but it has been performed badly by MVP.

Johnny Nitro is an example of how to pull a gimmick of this kind off successfully. He is not good on the microphone, but he has Melina to do that for him. He has a natural charisma in the ring, and is a pretty good wrestler (I didn't used to think so, but his singles run has shown some good skills) and with his gimmick, Melina and their entrance, what could go wrong other than booking"

Other gimmicks I would have liked to have seen included on this list:

Randy Orton's Legend Killer gimmick, which was great back in the days of Evolution.

Umaga, another recycled gimmick this time from Kamala. However, AAE makes this one far surpass the original, and is brilliant to watch, and Umaga's unique wrestling makes him good to watch.

Matt Striker, I know this guy is not popular, but I think his gimmick and in ring skills are great. He has a natural charisma which has flourished since his heel turn.

CM Punk, I know it is not a gimmick, but his lifestyle makes great promos.

Eye Spy, which is a great gimmick and stable. Shelley, Aries (or Starr) and Nash all have a lot of charisma, and the first two are both excellent in ring wrestlers. Shelley is well known for his camera gimmick now, and I think this gimmick is brilliant, with Nash's charisma and star power a great way to put over these two great wrestlers. Also the fact that they film for main eventers enhances the gimmicks exposure.
Hero From Hell wrote:
Manuel, you have pretty much mentioned all new gimmicks in this article, and i have to say i dont think most of them are any good. King Bookers heel gimmick as a king is not good by any means. A bad guy is someone who you hate but if they left you would miss him, two examples at the top of my head are Mr. Vince McMahon, and Triple H during the McMahon-Hemsley era. If King Booker leaves then the majority of the fans wouldnt even miss him. Montel Vontavious Porters gimmick can be said to be a slightly altered version of Randy Ortons, and Johnny Nitro in my view a little hyped aswell. Boogeyman is very charismatic and has a good gimmick but gimmicks like his are the gimmicks that make wrestling look even fake. Edge has changed his gimmick a little but it is just a little altered version of old Edge. Carlito and Mr. Kennedy, I am a big fan of these too and i think both of them can turn very well turn out to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. Other good gimmicks could be the likes of Umaga, Samoan Joe, Abyss and last but i think its certainly the best Vito "the toughest man ever to wear a dress".
James Kelbrick wrote:
I think the goldust gimmick was well portrayed. Although he has left WWE now, I would love to see him make a return in the near future and finish off his Tag Team Career with Snitsky. I think the worst gimmick in WWE is the gimmick of William Regal and Dave Taylor. Iam english myself, and unlike William Regal, I do NOT speak with a royal posh accent.
George Rutherford wrote:
Manuel, First, I'd like to say that I enjoyed your article, and that I normally hate when people nit pick over other peoples' submissions. That being said, there is one thing I just had to get out there. You refered to Johnny Nitro's gimmick as "so great and original". Great" Eh..not enough mic skills to be great. Original" For Nitro's gimmick to truly be "original", you need to remove three letters from the English alphabet...H, B, and K.
kevin sherman wrote:
well lets see, some of the gimmicks you listed are not new at all. king booker (with a bad english accent)=king macho man randy savage/king harley race, johnny nitro=hollywood blonds, mr. kennedy=the rock, LAX=LWO and Los Boricuas. these are nothing but retread gimmicks.
Louis H wrote:
I find it disappointing that someone who calls himself a "smark" talks ONLY about gimmicks that are in the E. Guys like Delirious and Colt Cabana, among others, in ROH and other independents have some great gimmicks too. Not to mention that Samoa Joe has done a crazy dance at the beginning of his entrances before, and that stuff is great too. Either way, I think it would be nice to give more than just the E recognition in an article talking about great gimmicks. Give some credit to the guys who have to make gimmicks for themselves.
Shannon Turnbull wrote:
What MVP is a good hell but not original. He's a modern day version of 1970's ric Flair. Now Johnny Nitro he's a much better wrestler than MVP, but you're right he doesn't have a lot of mic skills, but could become huge.
Theodore Williams wrote:
Now King Booker is a great Gimmick and original. Now far as Johnny Nitro his gimmick is clearly a spin off of HBK Shawn Micheals nobody dresses like that anymore especially in Hollywood . The Boogeyman is a spin of off Papa Shango. Now that brings me to Umaga, Umaga is great. His gimmick has a little bit of old but with a twist of freshness to the Samoa gimmick unlike Johnny Nitro's gimmick. Carlito Cool, better yet Razor Ramon enough said about Carlito. Now MVP lets say he's flash funk in his younger years.

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