The Start Of A New Era
May 23, 2005 by Matty A.

I am 13 and I have been watching the WWE for about six years now. I have been fortunate to see the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker at the peak of their careers, but now I feel we have to look to the future and at the array of talent the WWE has at its disposal.

First of all, I think the reigning Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin has a bright future ahead of him. I personally hope he breaks the record and becomes the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion ever. The draft has certainly benefitted Shelton and he will most certainly go on to bigger and better things.

The WWE Cruiserweight Division has not looked very promising in recent months, but the man who has held it together has been Paul London and now that he is Cruiserweight Champion I think he will bring the best out of the other cruiserweights, such as Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero. With the expected debuts of Psicosis and Super Crazy, I think the Cruiserweight Division is going to improve immensely.

Randy Orton, now what can I say about this third generation superstar. He has only been in the business for three years and has already won the Intercontinental Title beating Rob Van Dam at Armageddon in 2003 and the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam 2004 defeating Chris Benoit. Although he is out injured at the moment, expect him to come back hungry for more gold.

Dave Batista is also one to look out for in the next few years. In the short space of time he has been in this business, he has been a World Tag Team Champion and is the current World Heavyweight Champion. Although he needs to improve on his in ring skills and microphone skills, I think he will become a valuable part of the WWE.

Finally, I am going to talk about the man I think will dominate the WWE for the next ten to fifteen years. His name is John Cena. Like Orton, despite only being in the business for three years he has already been the WWE United States Champion and is the current WWE Champion. He has got the ring and microphone skills and nothing is going to hold him back. This man is only 28 and I feel he could be a future Hall of Famer. I feel that these superstars who I have highlighted are the future of this business and will become major stars in the whole world of wrestling. Any feedback on this column would be really appreciated so I can develop my writing skills.

by Matty A...

CyberJackhammer wrote:
Matty, Matty, Matty. Well done. Great start. It's really interesting seeing how the younger fans view the business (admittadely I'm not that older then you.) In terms of writing skills, don't worry. You got talent. However just wanted to point out that I don't think Batista is the future of the business. Although WWE promotes him to be, his age may effect it.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
"Have a brief opener, get to the point, support your information with details, and wrap it up." Finally someone actually reads that part of 10 commandments because i think this was nicely written. Now to the point, i have to disagree with you on Shelton Benjamin (Benjamin Shelton=BS). IC title was doing good with many exciting feuds such as Mick Foley vs Randy Orton, Randy Orton vs Edge, Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Batista and the ladder match consisting Jericho vs Christian. Now of course all of those matches were great but since Shelton Benjamin took over it has been downhill. Sure the man is a great athlete but where is his character. He doesn't get any reactions and WWE gotta do something about it. He is just another guy who is ripped and amazingly talented wrestler but that is not enough for some people. Atleast a gimmick for him, would help.
Brandon Gnetz wrote:
I think it's great you are trying your hand at writing at such a young age. While I thought the content was a bit too much of stating the obvious, I was impressed by your writing. I would expect a thirteen year old to be really impressed with John Cena, he appeals to a younger crowd, and the thing is, you may be absolutely correct about his career. It doesn't really matter whether I agree or not, but I encourage you to keep up the good work.



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