Full Blooded Drag Queen
August 23, 2006 by Matt Cooper

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As you might've already guessed, this article is about the toughest man to ever wear a dress. That's right, former (and best known as) Full Blooded Italian (F.B.I.) member, Big Vito.

Big Vito's career isn't well known by many, although it is an interesting one. In his early days, he first started under ECW and later joined a faction called Da Baldies. Later on, he moved on to WCW where he joined up with the more well-known Johnny the Bull in an F.B.I-like tag team dubbed The Mamalukes. Farther down the road, he had a brief stint in TNA as well, appearing in a faction called The New York Connection. In each of these promotions, he was best-known for having some sort of Mafia-related gimmick with the only exception being ECW.

In 2005, The Sicilian Silencer broke into WWE where he remains today. For a while, he teamed with Nunzio as The Full Blooded Italians in a tag team. Throughout this stint, Vito kept a bodyguard type gimmick, and stayed rather generic. Rather generic that is, until more recently. Anyways, Vito had been receiving heat backstage for his attitude and most expected him to get fired in the near future.

In the end, Vito stuck around with Nunzio for a while, until more recently when various superstars told Nunzio that they thought they had each respectively seen a woman who looked just like Vito out and about. This remained a rumor until Vito came out to the ring on Smackdown in a dress after Nunzio lost a match. This led to some comical segments until the two had a brief feud which saw Vito come out on top.

Because of the heat Vito had been getting backstage, most assumed that the gimmick was a sort of punishment for Vito and that he would most likely be a jobber joke that everyone laughed at, but never won matches. However, everyone was proved wrong once Vito started actually breaking out in the spotlight as a singles superstar for the first time in his career. And ever since Vito became true to himself (can't believe I'm typing this), he's remained undefeated.

Although I personally was never a huge fan of Big Vito, I did like his work in tag teams and such in the bodyguard gimmick and thought that he could benefit the lower card. His in-ring work was never very good, but it suited him for tag team matches and lower-key matches fine (The only exception being his finishing move, The Code of Silence DDT which I still think is cool as hell). I also assumed that he should stay in tag teams or at some other wrestler's side for his career...

But I, myself even became one of the many who was proven wrong. Vito has gained about five times as much personality as he's ever had in his career, winning matches, shining in spotlight much more as well, receiving a singles push, and overall becoming a good addition to Smackdown's lower card division ever since he....donned the dress...

by Matt Cooper..

Cruz Barnard wrote:
Being an Italian, I must say Big Vito's new gimmick is a disgrace. He is supposed to be a tough Italian mobster, not a tough guy in a dress! Not to mention this is kind of like what WCW did to Perry Saturn. Another reason I have a problem with his gimmick is that some people get turned off by this(Me for one!) It's like JBL Says "Good God! My Mother watches this show!"
Jonathan Preston wrote:
Man, I hate the new Vito gimmick!! It's stupid. The toughest guy to ever wear a dress" C'mon!! I find it very disturbing, I'm sorry. The Mafia/Bodyguard gimmick was the best one. The WWE could have done something else to make him stand out and shine. He needs to be with the FBI in ECW and help rebuild that faction. That was a good faction back in the old ECW days and now those 2 are almost jobber status. Big Guido is never there, so it's the perfect opportunity to help out Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido/Nunzio.
Van de Casteele Bertrand wrote:
I agree with you on one point : that Vito's current gimmick is a punishment for the heat he's drawn backstage. And although it was comical in a certain sense, it was only comical for a week or two. That's the whole problem with WWE these days, the new gimmicks are either:

a) really bad gimmicks given to good wrestlers (Vito, Simon Dean, Boogeyman, etc...)

b) gimmicks with potential given to bad wrestlers (Umaga, The Great Khali, Mark Henry)

These are just my personal views on the aforementioned gimmicks, not intended to start any discussions.. J

It's just sad to see a good wrestler like Vito, who had to overcome a muscle disease (if I'm not mistaken), and has good wrestling abilities, being put in a ridiculous gimmick and losing credibility along the way.

One note though : it seems like Vito takes his punishment seriously, as he portrays his gimmick very believably, in my eyes gaining respect...
Jose wrote:
Despite Vito's horrible gimmick, he is winning matches. Sure he's beating jobbers, but it's better to beat jobbers then to be one. I think he should of gone to ECW, it would of accommodated his original gimmick well.
Brian Bertrand wrote:
Yes, the gimmick now being used by Vito is beyond stupid, even for WWE. Yet WWE is only doing this because of the fact that the "Vito" character on The Sopranos turned out to be gay. So, since HBO says it's okay, then "HEY LINDA, I JUST THOUGHT OF THE CRAZIEST IDEA!!! LET'S PUT OUR VITO IN A DRESS AND MAKE HIM LOOK AS GAY AS THIS FAT GUY ON HBO!!!" "Sounds good, Vince! Now puff, puff, pass. My arthritis is kicking in!"
Ike Eisen wrote:
I'm sure Mr. Barnard would prefer Vito to be the full-blooded Italian portrayed in Jungle Fever.

My only concern about Vito's transvestite gimmick is whether he actually has the charisma to pull it off. Other than that, I have no real problem with him coming out in a dress. Droz did it. So did Saturn.

And it's not like Vito is going to come out in full drag (with wig and makeup) like Patterson and Brisco for their hardcore evening gown match. Not yet, anyway.




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