Wrestlemania 21: WWE Not Showing Any Care
February 16, 2005 by Matthew Toy

First of all Wrestlemania is the grandaddy of them all. WWE fans have always waited through the year to get to this point. One day in March or now April where WWe would save up the best matches. It would be 4 hours long and held in the biggest cities. New York City, Seattle, & Toronto were the cities that held the most recent Wrestlemanias. Wrestlemania would always be great where the WWE would focus onit for months building up storylines & making sure the show was perfect. Then it comes to Wrestlemania 21 & it looks like the WWE is just trying to get past it to get to Wrestlemania 22. They have someone like Batista win the Royal Rumble who will face Triple H in the main event. It's like wwe just picks any guy and gives him a push.I would much rather see the Smackdown wwe championship match of JBL vs John Cena in the main event slot. Those two could carry a main event spot. JBL being the champion & had been pushed nearly a year ago & John Cena whos been getting pushed since November 2003. Triple H could carry a main event spot but Batista is a wrestler who is slow a boring & power moves all the time.I would rather see him jump to Smackdown to ahve JBL vs John Cena vs Batista as the main event. Triple H vs Batista seems like a main event for raw or a lower PPV like Vengeance. Not Wrestlemania! WWE should have never made the tournament on Smackdown at all and had it JBL vs Batista.

Also rumours are saying it's going to be Randy Orton vs Christian at Wrestlemania. I do not want to see something like that on the card at Wrestlemania. I think all the matches should be wrestlers with similiar stature. Like Randy Orton vs Shawn Micheals or Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit. Christian should face Edge someone who has a higher stature but would have a great match with Christian. Randy Orton is a former World Heavyweight Champion & Christian is just at a Intercontinental stand point right now. What WWE should have done is have Randy Orton vs The Rock at WM 21. Only Rock now is almost confirmed gone from the WWE. That would be a match two 3rd generation superstars squaring off at the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

WWE have decided to have The Undertaker & Kane vs John Heidenreich & Gene Snitsky. Here I would like to see instead John Heidenreich vs Gene Snitsky. This match would be big. For Taker & Kane I think they should just have singles matches with people from their own brand. such as The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle for the 1# contendership, and Kane vs Ric Flair which would be good because Taker vs Flair at 18 was awesome, or Kane vs John Heidenreich which would be a great match.

My prefered card for Wresltemania 21

World Heavyweight Title: Triple H (c) vs Chris Benoit

WWE championship: JBL (c) vs Batista

WWE tag team championship: Bashams (c) vs Dudleys ( elimination table match)

world tag team titles: Regal & Tajiri (c) vs Edge & Christian

Intercontinental championship: Shelton Benjiman (c) vs Chris Jericho ( Ladder match )

John Cena vs Randy Orton

Shawn Micheals vs Kurt Angle

Kane vs John Heidenreich

The Undertaker vs Gene Snitksy

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

The Big show vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns

Crusierweight championship: Paul London vs Funaki (c) vs Spike Dudey vs Chavo Gr. Jr. ( eliminatin F.Fourway)

by Matthew Toy ..

ShaunCl wrote:
What the hells wrong with Snitsky/Heidenreich VS Kane/Taker. I admit it would be better if it was a gimmick match like a cage, cell, TLC, inferno etc. But here you have 4 powerhouses going at each other and youd much rather have Kane fight Ric 'The D***' Flair or Heidenreich and Taker vs Snitsky. Kane and Taker are two pissed off brothers, and you think they should fight the opposite rivals. Please.
Erkka Järvinen wrote:
Dude, i like your match card because there is some matches i have been thinking too like Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle or John Cena vs Randy Orton. The Undertaker vs Gene Snitsky or Kane vs Heidenreich would look good in the ring but as a storyline" I dont think WWE could invent a reasonable storyline for these two matches. To the main events, i think Batista aint ready yet. He might be impressive in his entrance but in the match" Batista just dont fit to be 40 minutes in the ring and then win with a...clothesline""" Besides, i cant imagine batista look like all broken down that he couldnt stand up any longer etc. I think WWE made a mistake with letting Batista winning the Royal Rumble. I hope that there will be a day that they
John Knott wrote:
Great wrestlemania card exept for one match. Wht Triple H v Chris Benoit. I have no probolem with this match exept for the fact that it would be boring. I mean who remembers Triple H v Chris Benoit at vengence... no one. Get someone more interesting to against Triple H like Chris Jericho or Rhyno (who has to stop jobbing)
Brian Bertrand wrote:
How can you say Batista is a bad idea" I feel it's a good storyline. But if you look at it more, he might jump to Smackdown! Now this may not be a good idea as opposed to Batista staying on Raw to take on Triple H but it would get more of a crowd pop than if he kept it on Raw. In fact, the storyline can go that Triple H planned the whole thing about but it would keep within the Evolution stable gimmick that is working pretty good in their favor.

As far as your preferred card goes, every match that doesn't have a title in it are pretty much Raw vs. Smackdown matches. Now I definately love the idea of interpromotional matches taking place but the problem is that it doesn't work for any storylines. The only one that would be good that they can build the storyline for is The Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns. Save the Guererro/Misterio match for a regular Smackdown! match because none of them have a title or make one of them heel and make it a gimmick match. Better yet, bring Puma up to WWE out of APW and put him and Misterio as heel. Then they can put Eddie and Chavo back together and then they can make a tag match pitting Puma and Rey Misterio against Eddie and Chavo Guererro. But even that match would have to wait for like a No Mercy or Smackdown! PPV
mark0217 wrote:
I think most of the stuff you've said is just crazy. let's have a look at the card:
1) World Heavyweight Title: Triple H (c) vs Chris Benoit : absolutely not. A person mentioned a previous encounter with these two men, and it was a total letdown. They are excellent wrestlers (some of my favorites in fact), but they do not mix up well.
2) WWE championship: JBL (c) vs Batista : Yeah, they're kinda building up the storyline for this, but the Triple H vs. Batista thing has been going on for a while now. Plus, we really don't want to see Batista jumping to Smackdown!... Maybe in WM21 Batista will have an actual 30-40 minute match with Trips...
3) WWE tag team championship: Bashams (c) vs Dudleys ( elimination table match) : could've been, if it had the proper storyline to it. I believe a month is too short a time to get an actual decent storyline working.
4) World Tag Team titles: Regal & Tajiri (c) vs Edge & Christian: I don't see Edge rejoining Christian anytime soon. Christian & Tomko are fine IMHO.
5) Intercontinental championship: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Chris Jericho ( Ladder match ): This is one of only places I agree with you.
6) John Cena vs Randy Orton: MAYBE if they were on the same brands. I kinda want this since seeing the intro for the PS2 game Smackdown! vs RAW, but it's just not possible.
7) Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle: nah, they just got the Royal Rumble thing going on, didn't go much further.
8) Kane vs John Heidenreich & The Undertaker vs Gene Snitksy : did you mix these up" Because they make no sense AT ALL. Kane & Taker vs Hendenreich & Snitsky looks promising enough. It MUST be a gimmick match tho.
9) Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio: could be, too. They've been developing a small feud for some time, and it should escalate with Eddie doing a heel turn or something like that.
10) The Big Show vs Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns: don't think so, since Reigns' gonna be coming out of the 'Taker thing... Show should get a rest btw, he's not THAT entertaining. Kurt and JBL are better off feuding with Cena.
11) Cruiserweight fatal 4-way: decent enough, seeing as the cruiserweight division has shrunk considerably since the last WM. They should put ALL of the cruiserweights on one show, so that some like Tajiri don't get reduced to jobbing tasks at Heat.

I agree that the WM21 card won't be looking too good this year, but the one you suggested is absolutely a no-no. WWE fired a lot of good talent last year, and aren't covering their bases properly. I mean, yeah, CCC, Simon Dean, Muhammed Hassan and Chris Masters are a good bunch of new talent, but they do more talkin' than wrestlin'. CCC is going around with a ''broken arm'', Simon Dean is promoting his ''Simon system'' and getting hit in the lower parts, Muhammed is beating THE KING and J.R. for Austin's sake, and well Chris Masters hasn't even made his first appearance on an actual RAW. This is what I see. Sorry if this sounds like I'm being an ass of if it doesn't even make the website.
Al Fucsko wrote:
Why oh why is everyone wanting Dave Batista to win the gold so bad" Look at all the great champions in WWE history and very few of them got the belt in the first few years of their career. Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Benoit, Booker, 'Taker, Steve Austin, HHH etc. never were rushed into a belt like WWE's trying to do with Batista. Most of the greats paid their dues for many years before getting the 10 lbs. of gold.

When they rush guys into the world title, the fans don't always buy it, and then where do you go from there" It makes a 'flash in the pan' type feeling and cheapens the wrestler. Look where Orton and Brock are now; both are great talents, but were put into the title scene too soon and it screwed their careers up.
Jess wrote:
I really don't think a Kane.Taker vs. Snitsky/Heidenreich match needs a stipulation. People are tired of watching three of these four.. come on, you know people complained about Kane during the origional Snitsky/Kane feud and there are still people complaining about Heidenreich. You don't see a wrestler reading poems" He's crazy, it shouldn't matter what he does, because the simple gimmick isn't reading poems, Rico would do that, Heidenreich's gimmick is simply being on the brink of insanity. People (not many anyway) don't mind Undertaker, because, well, he's always been a favorite. A tag match with them teaming and actually tagging can be interesting. All four can get a rest when they need to and it'd be interesting watching one of the brothers have to stay on the sidelines while watching the other fight. The problem is the ending, sense it's an interpromotional match, it can't stay as a feud, so I find a reasonable way for Taker to win the match by beating Heidenreich. If he pins Snitsky, then they should send Snitsky over to Ra to feud with taker.

I don't mind Batista winning the heavywegiht title, thing is, he should stay on Raw. Smackdown is wanting to make a triple threat match between Cena, Big Show(JBL), and Batista. Now, you should all know my opinions on Cena now if you read "The Birth Of A Star..." If you look at big Show, can he possibly lose any triple threat match when he's focused. If you think about JBL, he's a good wrestler, but I don't see him in a triple threat match at a WM card and making it interesting (Taker dominated the fatal four way match.) Batista is, again, a good wrestler, but a triple threat match isn't his greatest type. Also, all three (not counting JBL on this one) have been "known" to being able to dominate others, it'd be interesting to watch Batista get dominated by Big Show or to watch Cena actually have to sell for more than 30 minutes against Batista. If Batista stays on Raw, then he can make that final deal with Trips and have a decent match. I'd rather watch them go thirty minutes against each other rather than a triple threat match. That's my opinion.
Matty G wrote:
First up, I gotta agree with Al Fucsko - I couldn't care less about Orton (as champ anyway) and Brock Lesnar. And I don't think Batista should win the title at WM 21. Lest we all forget that he was the 4th member of Evolution. 4th. Last. I think he has a big future, but just don't ruin it by putting the strap on him too early.
-Rhey wrote:
HAHAHA!!! Looks like my "Birth of a Star..." article has acheived it's purpose... it looks like Cena-bashing has become the new trend in columns and about the card, Brothers of Destruction v. Snitsky and Heidenreich needs to happen...a gimmick match would make it truly outstanding (especially a tag-team buried alive), but a regular match would still probably be the sleeper hit of the night. Batsista should jump to SmackDown! so Cena won't get the belt and JERICHO will get a shot at Triple H's belt. And thats my say on things.


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