Lack Of Stables = Unstable Promotion
October 21, 2006 by Matt M.

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Whatever happened to the wonderful world of stables in professional wrestling" Today, the closest thing we get to a stable is the "elementary" version of D-Generation X and male cheerleaders. I don't understand why as a promoter, you would not want to bring back the days of 4 man squads who are actually entertaining.

If you think back to the good old days of wrestling, there were dominant stables in all different eras. You had the Horsemen, you had DX, you had The Nation of Domination, the Corporation, Evolution, The Ministry, and of course, the most successful in my humble opinion, the New World Order. These groups made wrestling fun to watch because you have assembled a group of individuals with all different skills and levels of entertainment.

Take DX in 1998-1999 for example. Some people came to see X-Pac and Triple H have technical wrestling matches. On the other hand, some people came to see the Road Dogg make a 2 minute entrance due to his great microphone work.

Not only that, but you were able to "push" up and coming stars into the spotlight. Would Rocky Maivia turned into "The Rock" without him turning on The Nation's fearless leader Farooq" What about the two random guys that Triple H and Ric Flair took under their guidance in Evolution" Oh that's right; they both turned into World Heavyweight champions who main-evented their own Wrestlemanias respectfully.

Ratings were at their highest during the days of the stable. In today's wrestling world, younger wrestlers are dying for their chance to get ahead. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but there are tons of veterans in this business who have pretty much done it all. So why not take their experience, and help a younger superstar get ahead" Instead of talking over storylines back stage, why not put the veterans and rookies together on camera (connecting all conversations through storylines obviously).

I love the 4 on 4 gang wars (Even if it is the Los Boricuas vs. the DOA). Back then, in the days of stables, there was attitude. That attitude has been long gone. Its time to put some much needed spice into the world of wrestling fans.. So please, give me a stable. That's all I ask for.

by Matt M. ..

Paul Reich wrote:
I cannot agree with your more. The WWE needs to have more stables for people to get behind. I remember the days when we had DX, the Nation, the Ministry, Brothers of Destruction, Two-Man Power Trip, etc, and those were possibly the best days for RAW and Smackdown. I honestly think that the only reason we do not see more stables is because of the brand extension. Is there really any point to have stables that could split up at anytime due to draft lotteries or "Loser leaves " matches" Assuming DX stay around, how long before one of them gets moved to Smackdown or ECW"
Justin McGraw wrote:
NO STABLES""" Man do you watch Ring Of Honor They have tons of stables man.ROH has about 5,10, man I can't even count how many stables they have. Rottweilers, Second City Saints, The Prophecy, The Embassy... I'll be here all night naming them. Man do your research before you post something like this.
Brent Matthew Denny wrote: You know Matt M I both agree with you and disagree with you.

There have been a lot of great factions over the years and you named the top ones I'd have to say them being: NWO - The Four Horsemen - DX - Nation Of Domination - Etc.

An yes factions/stables have helped alot of young guys to get pushed or to get their break in the WWE/WCW/ECW basically in the wrestling business.

However I would like to point out that there have been just as many guys who have not been in factions who have been just as successful as Randy Orton and Batista. The one guy who immediately comes to mind even though I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of his is John Cena.

I mean Cena's first match was against Kurt Angle and he came close to winning he didn't but he came close and after the match the Undisputed Champion and heel The Undertaker came up to John Cena who was a face and shook his hand. An his career has just skyrocketed from that point on.

Also almost every single one of those factions have been "re-created" with different guys

The Original DX Members: Shawn Michaels Triple H Chyna and Rick Rude
DX 2: Triple H Chyna X-Pac Road Dogg Billy Gunn
DX 3: Triple H Stephanie McMahon X-Pac Road Dogg Billy Gunn and Tori

An you say that the NWO is the greatest faction of all time I have to disagree with you there. I will agree that it started off as a great faction Hogan Hall Nash and had it stayed those three guys I think it would have been a great faction. However I'm not totally blaming Bischoff (even though he was the brains behind it backstage as well as onscreen) but unfortunately that faction become too big to be called a faction. It should have been called the NWO Army and when things started to turn sour that's when you got NWO Wolfpack etc.

Personally my favourite all time faction has to be The Corporate Ministry and the reason it's my favourite is because of how it came together. You had Shane McMahon's Corporation and you had The Undertaker's Ministry and The Ministry was feuding (it appeared) with Vince McMahon. An then Shane McMahon and his faction got into the mix and Shane and the Undertaker brought their two factions together and then there was talk of a "Higher Power" and that was revealed to be Mr. McMahon. It was just so well done.

In closing I'd like to get back to the point of this response which was to basically say that what Matt says is true Factions or being apart of a faction like DX etc can help young wrestlers break out. However some superstars (like John Cena) don't need to be apart of a faction to break out.

So yes it would be nice to see some more factions in the WWE other than The Spirit Squad (maybe the Undertaker can turn heel and bring about a new Ministry)

My RHowever I just felt that I needed to point out that Factions aren't a must have as far as making stars is concerned. That's just my opinion
Jamie Cowley wrote:
It likely looks like Monty Brown will sign with WWE and Cryme Tyme has Debuted. I would love to see a Stable with Monty, Cryme Tyme and Bobby Lashley. It would allow Cryme tyme to drop the demeaning gang banger image, Give Lashley some leadership experience and maybe improve on the mic, and allow Monty Brown to ween into the WWE.

I mean come on WWE has no stables, you can say RKO/Edge or DX but in all honestly they are just tag teams. A stable generally has a tag team, a contender for the world title and a contender for a secondary title 4 should be the minimum. NWO was just too big and it almost seemed they were thier own company at times it seemed there were 20 NWO vs 20 WCW.

I think a couple 3 - 5 man stables would spice things up, it could also create some entertaining unexpected tag teams like the Rock and Sock back in the day or force enemies to join to battle a Stable. The monday night wars were exciting because of the unexpected, you wanted to see who was gonna join WWE or WCW, you wanted to see who the 4th horseman would be, who was gonna leave/join NWO, etc.
Mike Orsino wrote:
Well there is LAX in TNA, whom I believe are one of the best thing going for TNA right now.
Diego C. Torres Jr. wrote:
I was reading though the column and following comments and I do believe more stables need to be implemented. I hope King Booker's stable would stays together, that seem more like storyline stable. As soon as Booker loses the title, the stables will be gone. But I like the monkey wrench that always thrown in, Finley is the good member of that faction the right hand man that will fight with Booker but a the first opportunity will turn on the man for his own gain.

I think that faction can also help face characters on the rise. Taking an on the rise mid-carder / or rookie with potential and having him go faction / stable seems to help with there main event status. Bobby Lashley is a bit evidence, taking on different members of King Booker's stable he got a shot at the title. I think John Cena had an extra boost with JBL faction.

I wanted to add my opinion as to the best faction for me it's been the 4 horsemen, except the one version that had Steve "Mongo" McMichaels.
Roland Gilbert Matanza wrote:
Not exactly a comment towards the article but to Justin McGraw's "ill-advised, poke and pick on someone else's article to sound intelligent even if it's not connected to the article" comment... I believe Matt M is solely talking about WWE at present time, and not any other promotions, because if he did, he wouldn't have made this article... Anyway, I agree with Matt's point... There really is a need to have good stables... but the scarcity of talents due to the brand extensions really makes it difficult to accomplish... Pretty much similar to the downfall of the Tag Team scenario in WWE...




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