A Look At Samoa Joe
April 18, 2005 by Matt P.

Hello everyone, I'm Matt, and this is my second column here on OWW. My first column did have a few mistakes, and I appreciate folks for pointing those out for me. I'm taking a turn in a different direction for this column, straying away from the pure-WWE material. For my second column I'd like to talk about one of my favorite wrestlers at the moment, Samoa Joe.

As many of us know, Samoa Joe is the longest reigning ROH Champion in history. He won the title on March 22nd, 2003 by defeating Xavier. He then held onto the title until December 26th, 2004, where he was defeated by Austin Aries. He had a collection of over 20(sorry, don't remember the exact number) title defenses, in which he successfully defended the title. That's not only the longest ROH title run, that's one of the most impressive title runs in any promotion in the last decade!

ROH is full of great talent, with the likes of Danielson, Low Ki, Homicide, CM Punk, and so many others, but Joe is the only one that, in my opinion, could carry that title for so long. He was not only a dominating champion inside the ring, but he truly looked unstoppable. He's no steroid-freak looking wrestler, which is quite obvious, but the build that he does have can definitely get him over as a strong competitor.

There's no doubt about his work inside the ring. He is truly one of the greatest workers today. You don't have to look any further than his bitter rivalry with Homicide, his series of amazing matches with CM Punk, his hard-hitting feud with Low Ki, or his more recent matches with Austin Aries. His array of moves, along with his hard-hitting style make Samoa Joe a must-see. But, he's definitely no hoss, as he has unbelievable agility for a man his size. Just watching him hit his CCS Enziguri is incredible.

Samoa Joe can get it done in the ring, and he has the intensity of a true champion, but what about his charisma" For charisma, all you have to think about is his Ole Kick. He can get the crowd going instantly with it, and as soon as he sets his opponent up in the corner of the outside, the chants of "Ole, ole, ole, ole!" fill-up the whole arena. He definitely is a fan favorite, and he has absolutely no problem getting over with the fans.

So this brings me to something. Samoa Joe has all the ingredients to become the future of wrestling. He has the moves, the agility, the size, the charisma, the intensity, and the essential 'IT' factor. So what keeps the WWE from signing him" What keeps the WWE from signing Samoa Joe, and possibly adding the future of wrestling from their roster" Well, the reasons are quite simple. The reasons are also quite stupid.

The WWE doesn't want to sign Samoa Joe because they believe he won't get over with the fans. Right away, that makes me believe they've NEVER watched one of his matches from ROH. Joe is over huge with the fans there. Why do they believe Joe won't get over with the fans" Because he's flabby, and he works stiff. Now, these are just my opinions and theory, and I'm not saying this is official.

Just take a look at Joe. Surely he isn't doesn't look like he's chiselled out of stone, and he doesn't look like most of the WWE's current roster. But is that really a bad thing" The WWE needs to add variety to their roster. I can't be the only one who's tired of seeing muscle-bound freaks all over the place. Samoa Joe would add a different flavor to the roster, instead of these 'hosses' that the WWE is so fond of. He also has a bit of an urban-flavor, which would make him a perfect candidate for the SmackDown roster.

He's a stiff worker, which means he hits hard. Not signing him for that reason is just plain stupid. The WWE signed Vader, who has a good amount of similarities to Samoa Joe, and they taught him to tone his wrestling down. Of course, he didn't get very far in the WWE. The WWE signed Tazz, who has similarities to Joe as well. Tazz isn't exactly the best example either, because just look where he is now.

What I'm trying to say is this; since when did these things become more important to the WWE than putting on 4-star and 5-star matches" Since when did having six-pack abs become more important than entertaining the crowd" The WWE needs someone like Joe. Joe can do everything, in and out of the ring, and he could very well fill in a void that the WWE is missing. He could be the next Rock for all we know, but yet the WWE won't even give him a chance.

Well, that about wraps up this column. I'd be happy to hear what some of you have to say about Joe, my opinions, and this column.

by Matt. P ..

John Knott wrote:
good column. But I dont know why the wwe has a probolem with stiff or flabby workers. Goldberg was more stiff than a description I cant think of and Rikishi five words for him. Who ate all the pies. So if the WWE has any sense (that by there recent showing they dont) then they will hire this guy!
Denis Dowdy wrote:
I have to agree that Samoa Joe is the future of wrestling. Whoever says different either has never watched a match of his or is a complete moron and I would like you to wear tin foil so we know who you are. Joe is the future, and seeing him in WWE would be great. I can guarantee if Triple H got put in the corner, no one would be chanting, "Ole, ole ole ole!" louder than myself.
Ben Quan wrote:
This was article well written I wish it had gone longer!!!

Anyways you are RIGHT about how this guy is one of the best workers today. Now does he have what it takes to be in the WWE" NO... why" cause he doesn't have a 6-pack, or ripped arms & he would take away the spotlight from Vince's son-in-law or Marky Mark(thank you Christian).

Mind you there are MANY talented workers in the business today that WWE has not signed like: Low Ki, CM Punk, Teddy Hart to name a few...

A guy like Samoa Joe would be GREAT in the WWE cause he'll show guys like Hardcore Holly & JBL whats it like to work stiff AND actually have proper wrestling skills BUT again the WWE is "Sports Entertainment"... I'm not taking anything away from anybody on the current WWE roster but there are times I would like to see more hard working guys and some wrestling skills in the ring as opposed to flash and muscles...
Serafin Santiago Jr. wrote:
It's quite obvious to anyone that you are quite the Samoa Joe fan. i don't blame you for that. i have the same respect for Joe as i do for Kurt Angle. Everyone has a favorite, but to think that WWE should pick up Samoa Joe isn't going to do much of anything.

Right now, Vince has to work on getting through these next couple of months without losing too much. His dumping of talent doesn't mean that it opens the door for Indy guys to come in and fill in gaps left by those removed. It means that OVW guys have a chance to come up and make a mark for themselves. Plus, even if they got Joe to come over, he would have to go through a stint at OVW just so that he can acquaint himself with the WWE style of violence that is acceptable with the network executives and the FCC.

There is alot involved to the whole bringing in of new talent that people believe should be in Vinnyworld. Just like the military, ALL new talent has to go through a reprogramming phase, and if that's the case you will not see the same Samoa Joe that you and I both respect and admire. I like the fact that someone like Joe exists in the wrestling world.....rather large and imposing yet physically gifted in the ring and respected because of those reasons I stated. But until we have a "Renaissance" of sorts in wrestling, guys like Joe are doomed to stay in the Indy spotlight instead of being out there for the world to see on " the greatest stage of them all".

Here is one thing that alot of people fail to realize......what if he DOESN'T want to be in the WWE" Would he be wrong for making a decision like that" I don't think so. Point being, no matter what we want in the long run of things, it is his decision to stay in ROH or go to WWE. As Mick Jagger said once.."you can't always get whatcha want" .


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