What You Don't Know, Can't Hurt You
December 19, 2004 by Matty G (Sydney)

I see a number of people here who only bag the WWE. I'm guessing they are new (ish) fans who haven't lived through the best and worst that Professional Wrestling has to offer. I'm 34 years old and I live in Sydney Australia. When I was a kid I had the priviledge of seeing Andre The Giant, Killer Kowalski, Ox Baker, Mark Lewin, Waldo Von Erich etc week after week...

Moving on...I can see why you're all moaning...pissin...whinin...Because you've all heard about the golden era but many of you haven't seen it - but what you don't know can't hurt you - support your Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Rob Van Dam etc coz it's all we got right now and it's not a bad thing - it's a damn good thing !

And I'll tell you why - coz we've all been spoiled by the WW(E)F. I've recently been looking back on some old tapes from the attitude era, circa late 98-early 99. And you know what I found " WHAT " What I found was that every single damn week there was a main event you cared about ! And sometimes not even a main event - sometimes there were two or three matches a night that were must sees.

This week I've watched RAW from Nov 98 up to Feb 99

I have watched in that time, 1) Stone Cold & Mankind V The Rock & The Undertaker; 2) Ken Shamrock & Big Boss Man V New Age Outlaws for the TAG TITLES; 3) Kane V Mankind; 4) Triple H V The Rock; 5) Mankind V The Rock (World Title - Mankind's first win); 6) Mankind V Kane (World Title); 7) Kane V The Rock; 8) Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart V Ken Shamrock & Big Boss Man (Tag Titles); 9) The Rock V Triple H (World Title - I Quit Match); 10) Stone Cold V The Corporation in a Gauntlet Match; 11) The Rock V Mankind (World Title - Ladder Match); 12)Undertaker V Kane (Inferno Match); 13)Triple H & X-Pac V Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (Tag Titles); 14)Kane V Steve Austin

All this in the space of three and a half months ! You want to know why you think WWE sucks " 1) Coz there's never any important matches on non-PPV's these days (When did you last see a World Title match on Raw or Smackdown ") 2) Coz all these guys were at their peak at the time (except HHH whose best was yet to come) and 3) Coz you've been spoiled by the golden era ! Wrestling has it's peaks and troughs. When I watched JBL in the Ministry of Darkness I could not believe he was now the champ and beating Undertaker "Lord of Darkness" as the champ ! But that's how it goes. Since this golden era we have seen Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero etc come in and turn the WWE away from storylines a little to more wrestling - but Jeez - you're a fan damnit ! You stick with it ! It can't be like that golden era every week. I'm happy to see Eugene V Batista or whatever coz every damn one of em still puts in every single show. There will be another peak soon enough - just be patient - and if you need to in the mean time just watch 1998-99 RAW.

by Matty G (Sydney)..

Jay (14) wrote:
I must admit.. Even though I did watch WWF during the Attitude Era, I have since forgotten most of what I saw. I guess it's because I was 8.. But hey, I've read up on Raw around that Era and I must say almost every match on the card is a match I would love to see on Raw or Smackdown next week. Im sure I recall even the NWA World Title being defended on Raw in the late 90's (Dan Severn vs Ken Shamrock me thinks). Reading up on Raw results from the Attitude Era makes me wish we still saw The Rock, Austin and Hunter without Rock making rare appearences, Austin being given non-wrestling jobs and HHH being over-pushed all the time.

There's only one mistake in your post thingy, I don't know whether you watch much WWE, but you said "When did you last see a World Title match on Raw or Smackdown"" Well, last Smackdown (Before Iraq) we saw JBL vs Kurt Angle (Great performance by Angle, usual crap from JBL, apart from that spinning Sidewalk Slam.) And 3 weeks ago on Raw we had the Triple Threat with HHH defending his title against Edge and Benoit, which all came out of a great Battle Royal at the beginning of the show. Those were both good main events, but I would've liked to have seen the World Title actually defended in the Battle Royal. But because of all that, we have a great main event set up for "New Year's Revolution", which I hope I will be able to see.



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