Divas - Holding Back Females In Wrestling
February 19, 2005 by Maurice Yates

Let's say that you happen to be watching football. As the team makes a valuable play and gets within distance of touchdown with the last phase, some silicon-boobed piece of meat comes out and starts talking about how hot she is. Not only this, but she is a deplorable public speaker, and mispronounces most of her lengthy spiel, and her syntax and timing is that of a hackney B-grade stage production. This, as a fan of the sport, would outrage me to an extent I would be tempted to write a column at a popular website.

Guessed what I'm writing about yet" Ding, Ding, Ding! Divas. I watch WWE for the wrestlers, their athletic ability, and the intense matches. However, I always am too disgusted when some advertisements for the Diva Swimsuit Lingerie Turkeybowl Gimmick #47 match up so I have to vent my anger. Today while watching Velocity I learnt that I would have to endure seeing a "New Diva Contest" to which Josh Mathews added, "The newest divas compete to see who is the best..." THE BEST AT WHAT" WEARING A SWIMSUIT" These women are, within a wrestling context, useless, and are partly to blame for why women's championship matches and actual matches are cut down to about 6 minutes. They do NOT care about the sport at all, they are merely actress wannabes.

Example 1: Christy Hemme: Secured a naked shoot with Playboy. Have never seen her wrestle. Talk about abusing the fans of professional wrestling to try and jump up into a professional piece of meat on a larger scale. This is one 'member' of the roster I wish would make the jump to Playboy model and stop wasting my time on WWE.

These females also set an extremely bad stereotype for females, sending the message that they have to have fake tans, bleach blonde hair and huge silicone jugs to be appealing to males. Also they discredit females in wrestling. I'm sure actual female wrestlers such as Victoria, Molly, Lita, and Trish are disgusted that these people get equivalent notoriety in the WWE and even share the same collective name as these people who parade around, try and fumble their way through promos, do some terrible acting, and no wrestling.

I'm a heterosexual male of 18 years of age, and I know all the 'WWE only' fans who aren't smart and are, frankly, ignorant about real wrestling will try and comment upon my piece with "no w;ay, divas rulez! Wwe 4 life.!!#1!" but really, the divas are a huge chunk of the reason I barely watch the WWE anymore these days, and try and associate myself with promotions that will deliver what I along with other fanatic fans of WRESTLING deserve, stellar matches and wrestlers with fantastic ability, both on the mike and in ring.

by Maurice Yates ..

Brad Dykens wrote:
If the WWE thinks parading Divas around on every show increases ratings, then I challenge them to do a PPV with ONLY divas parading around and see how much money they lose. Seriously, how many lowest rated segments do they have to do before they cut that part of the show.
Jess wrote:
I'm a fan of women wrestling. I like the hair tugging and "crappy tackles they do" and even the slapping. As long as they try to wrestle. Key term.. wrestle. I don't care about looks when it comes to wrestling, I don't care about how big the melons are. Yes, I prefer actual female wrestlers wrestle. Those like Victoria(my favorite), Trish, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Lita(among others.) They actually look at wrestling and do their best to keep their image as beauties as well as keep their skills either at the same level or improving. Remember when Trish started wrestling, I was really irritated, thinking that she wouldn't last long, but.. damn was I wrong. You could watch her improve every match she wrestled in and.. I was proud! I mean, there have been plenty of times where wrestlers turn into managers, but few times (that I've witnessed) where the manager/valet, became a full time wrestler. Sable, I guess you could call her a female wrestler, but she just paved the way for Divas, not female wrestlers.

I enjoy beautiful women, like when I watch football, the cearleaders are the only one's I'm watching in some cases. But when I turn into wrestling, my favorite tv program, I want to see wrestling. I want to see either people getting into deep storylines (promos that are useful, like Kane stalking Lita before they went into the whole, Lita got pregnant SL) or some wrestling. I want to see decent Women's title matches.. not just slapping, hair pulling, and screeching. Not just lingerie and pillow fights, that's not a wrestling match. That's a slumber party, I'll turn into the Spice channel for that stuff. I'd much rather see a bald (at the time) Molly Holly do a Molly-Go-Round onto Jazz or Victoria in.. well.. in every situation.

To end this.. I miss Kim Gail.. she seemed to be full of potential within a few years to come.. that or I just liked her outfits. Matrix-style.. fuah!
Anonymous wrote:
My opinion on this subject is basically a quick explanation of why I agree with M. Yates. I used to watch WWE (then WWF) all the time. I loved it. The matches were great, the gimmicks were awesome, and all the storylines were built nicely. But thats off the subject, what really was good then were the female wrestlers. I support having Divas in the WWE but not like Christy Hemme or all of those new Bimbo recruits. I support the Divas like Trish Stratus, Victoria, Molly Holly, Lia, and Ivory. Much more respect should be paid to those women rather than to the "bimbos". These new girls have horrible matches and their wrestling quite frankly sucks. Everything they do is SLOW and it also looks like it's all planned out to its detail or more like they have conversations while "wrestling". It looks like they whisper to each other, "Okay, come off the ropes and clothesline me." then it takes the other girl about 2 seconds to confirm and understand and that's when the move actually happens. I also am heterosexual and a male. Thanks for reading this and hopefully I'll see this on the site :).
Ditto Robertson wrote:
I couldn't agree more with you guys. If the Divas need guys to say they look hot in a bikini to feel good about themselves" Go to Vegas! They're always saying "oh, I love wrestling and want to learn." Then why aren't you even trying to learn" Having a divas match as far as Lita and Molly Holly go" You've caught my interst. Having a pillow fight between two wannabes who are desperate to show off their bodies in any way possible" Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-thetic! Do they hire guys because they look good" Don't think so! But hey, as long as the girls is cheap and skinny enough, welcome to WWE! Wrestling is for wrestlers. I'm not saying WWE isn't for girls, as I'm a girl who aspires to be a wrestler one day (NOT a diva!) But if they don't know how to wrestle, what in the hell are they doing on a wrestling show" I understand WWE wants to have sex appeal. But this much" NOT NEEDED!
Thomas wrote:
A couple month's ago on Raw, I witnessed what I think was the best women's match I have ever seen.

It was a women's title match between Lita and Trish. It ended with Lita not just winning, but earning the title. I thought this is great! Maybe the WWE is finally taking the Women's title seriously. Maybe we'll start seeing a good Women's title match each week on Raw. Maybe the WWE will bring in or sign some talented women wrestler's from Independant Federation's.

Maybe, I was wrong.

In the past week's I have only seen one good Women's match, it was between Trish and Molly. And it was on Heat. Heat!!! for God sake!

Now I hear there is a rumour that Chisty will challenge (and defeat)Trish for the title at WrestleMania.

If this happen's no one will ever take that belt seriously again.

I know, in 1999-2000 the title changed hand's in Evening Gown Matches, Pillow fight's, Pool match's etc. But it took a lot of talented women, a lot of time, to work hard and make that title something.

This time with the skeleton crew of Trish,Victoria, Molly and an injured Lita. I don't know.

If Christy win's the Women's Title the WWE should re-name it the "Softcore Porn" Title, because that is all it will be.
Brad Dykens wrote:
This is only an observation from me, a fan. I think they've purposely toned down the Woman's division to kind of regroup. Similar to what they did when they put the title on Stephanie McMahon a few years ago. There most likely won't even be a Women's title match at Wrestlemania. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they did a Woman's Tough Enough later this year with REAL athletes from the Indy Circuit. Or maybe I'm just dreaming.
Monica Janczak wrote:
Being female and an athlete I know how hard it is be concidered an 'equal' to men. Females have to almost out due the men, just to prove they have some talent. Every traing session I would pick myself off the ground, wipe the sweat out of my eyes and push forward no matter how bruised, broken, or tired I was.

Professional wrestling has very few of these, which makes me sad. It sickens me to see theses Divas with no actual talent being pushed to the top of the food chain while other Divas who live wrestling and being pushed aside for one reason or the next.

I'm almost ashamed to have gotten my kid sister into wrestling. She does not need to get the idea that in order to succeed, all she needs is to wear short skirts and low cut tops and parade around. Is respect for oneself a value only found in today's men" If so, I fear for the future.
HeartBlakasNight wrote:
I agree with Yates completely. I've stopped watching WWE half because of how they've made a joke out of Women's wrestling, and half because I've realized they don't care if someone can actually wrestle, they just care about looks. If you're a guy, you need to be big, and if you're a girl, you have to look like a porn star, basically. Sure, WWE is the biggest fed and highest paying fed, but it seems to me they are giving Women's wrestling a bad name. It just seems like its a joke to them, and that truly upsets me. The women's matches should be taken just as seriously as the guys', as long as they're not throwing some swimsuit model into it who has no idea what they're doing. Who wants to watch that" Well, not me. So for now, I think I'll just stick with ROH, IWA-Midsouth, and many MANY other more entertaining and more enjoyable feds.
Wes the Wizard of Gore wrote:
The divas aren't used properly they should be spilt up into two groups ones that can wrestle and ones that are just going to be eye candy they can be managers/valets. I watch alot of japanese women wrestling and compared to the so called of the wwe. the japanese women wrestle better the some of the men in the wwe. The ladies of glow and wow put on a better show the some of the divas. Don't get me wrong molly holly,lita,victoria, and trish can put on a good show. But you still can't expect the ladies to go and wrestle but then they have to do a photo shot the next day. That doesn't make sense. You can tell when you watch they act like they have to be careful not to break a nail or get a bruise or something.
Shawn Sommerville wrote:
If you want proof that women's wrestling is going down the toilet, just look at the turnover of women in WWE.

In: Amy Weber (now out), Christy Hemme, Candace Michelle, Joy Giovanni, Lauren Jones, Maria, Michelle McCool, Rochelle Loewen

Out: Gail Kim, Jazz, Nidia

They got rid of two pure wrestlers (not sure about Nidia), to replace them with about 10 'bimbos', of which about half are rejects from the embarrassing 'RAW Diva Search' competition!

The WWE should just retire the Women's Belt, just like when Alundra Blayze dumped it at WCW, wait a few years for more competition and just let all the Christy's and Candace's of this world just duke it out with pillows and handbags in the interim period. The fans should love that (both of them).
Tel Porter wrote:
I have been a fan of wrestling since only 2000, and I've seen in 5 years many changes both in and outside the ring regarding female wrestling. As of the changes we have all seen lately...I must say I have lost all hope for a real and serious competitive women's wrestling division. I am, by no means, a cynical fan who trashes WWE for no reason, but I can't see any way back for the Women's Championship. Victoria is an excellent wrestler, Trish Stratus (my personal dislike aside) has improved many times over since her debut, Molly Holly and Lita are both great workers...but it takes more than 4 solid workers to build a division. The "death knell" perhaps was the release of Gail Kim. I may seem to be a bit biased here, seeing as I am the self confessed "Gail Kim's No.1 Fan" but I remember how excited I was when she made her debut...the music...the entrance...the unique look and was something I'd never seen before, and for the first time I was captivated by women's wrestling. With the release of Gail, Nidia, and the talented Jazz...WWE has lost 3 vital pieces of the puzzle of serious Women's wrestling...I despair for the future..
If Vincent Kennedy McMahon thinks for one second that these "DIVAS" are a huge ratings surge, then he must've had not only two tore quads in his legs but also a lobotomy in his brain. There's a reason why the W in WWE stands for Wrestling and there are reasons why many people consider TNA a superior talent. As many flaws as that company has, it has never emphasized on using useless wooden strippers as part of an entertainment value where's the WWE can do a hell of a lot better than this nonsense.

I was watching SMACKDOWN during a six-way cruiserweight when all of a sudden, the four no-talent bimbos had to come out and ruin the match. Don't believe the canned face heat for a second: the crowd in real life was like "What the hell"" and booed the living hell out of them. To show you how much of a ratings success they have become, the DIVAs' $250,000 Diva Search DVD was ranked as the lowest selling WWE product of 2004, even lower that the messy HBK Boyhood Dream. If that's not enough to convince the WWE that their "DIVAS" provide nothing, I don't know what does.

Then again, this is the company that never listens to their fans so there's no hope of trying to convince them anything. Sheesh, and then to have them hog 30 minutes of time on the PPV when 20 of them could've gone to the Cruiserweight guantlet is simply a disgrace. Forget the fact that they hog the TV time but the fact that they have absolutely no talent in themselves is simply mind-boggling. Not only can these DIVAS wrestle but they can't act, sell or even talk properly. I agree with Brad Dykens and I want to see how much of a "success" the WWE believes the "DIVAS" are when they are put on a PPV by themselves. They shouldn't even be called DIVAS...the real DIVAS are the ones who are athletic, wrestling-oriented and draw a lot of heat. These "DIVAS" are a direct opposite: heatless, moronic and consisting of a personality of a hunk of wood.

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