Small Guys, Big Talent
September 28, 2006 by Michael Blowes

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There seems to be a misunderstanding here, that being big is better! Let us take the time to honor our smaller performers, shall we"

Big guys have been dominant throughout wrestling history and still are 99% of the time, but that doesn't mean they're the best, just that the little guys are focused on different titles or waiting for their opportunity. On occasion we might see a 'little guy' win the big one here and there. Therefore I'd like to dedicate this column to the little guys who have and someday will reach their goal to hold their promotions top title.

Phenomenal isn't a term you would use to describe anyone or anything that was just alright. It's a term you would use when every time you witness it, you remember that day forever. If you haven't already figured it out already, I'm specifically speaking about The Phenomenal A.J Styles. Now Styles isn't the biggest guy, or the guy with the most muscle, but he can wrestle, and that's what should be most important to a promotion.

How many matches has Styles been in where he wasn't the one everyone was watching" He makes matches, he performs exceptionally, and if need be, he could easily carry a promotion on his back as their champion. Point in case, Total Non Stop Action, better known as TNA. TNA found it fit to make Styles their NWA World Heavyweight Champion, not once, not twice, but three times. Styles has held other titles of course, but non as big as the NWA crown. He set his sights on the top title after competing in, and dominating, the X-Division, which was a style of wrestling no-one would expect to be as great as it was, and still is, and Styles found his place in the NWA Heavyweight title history.

Latino underdog. One of many ways you could describe the 5'4 Mexican lucha libre from San Diego that we know as Rey Mysterio. Mysterio has grown throughout his career in front of our eyes, literally. We watched him from ECW, WCW, and WWE as he moulded and shifted his body, style, and many types of masks. But Rey wasn't always Rey Mysterio was he" No, at one point in time you might have called him Rey Mysterio Jr. This being that his uncle (not his father, as Mick Foley would put it at the first ECW One Night Stand PPV, also in which ECW announcer Joey Styles would correct him) had trained him and prepared him for his wrestling career.

Rey would always be one of the most popular performers due to his abilities, but he had never won his promotions top title. Rey would get that chance at WWE's WrestleMania 22 held in Chicago, IL, after winning and dedicating his Royal Rumble victory to his long time friend Eddie Guerrero, who had passed away that same year not long before the Rumble. Entering at number 2, alongside Triple H who entered at number 1, no one really expected Rey to come on top, but he did, eliminating Randy Orton last to win his first Royal Rumble and chance to go onto WrestleMania where he would defeat challenger Randy Orton and champion Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match.

So now we've covered two men who have defied the 'You must be this high to ride' odds, and won their company's most respected title. But what about all the talent sitting in the dark waiting to win their first one" Many names jump to my mind when I think about future Heavyweight champions, Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, Ken Kennedy, Monty Brown, but none of those guys are what you might call small. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the former OVW Heavyweight and T.V Champion, C.M Punk.

With a wide variety of wrestling skills, C.M Punk makes a perfect candidate for the WWE or ECW Heavyweight title. When in OVW he wasn't expected to hold the Heavyweight title, but did only to drop it to Chet The Jet shortly after his ECW debut. Now one of the 'Extremists' on ECW, Punk has the chance to showcase his skills while being part of a fairly small roster.

Punk has been using his Anaconda Vice submission hold as of late to win his matches, forcing his opponents to tap out. Now the list may not be long, or very impressive, but consider his two victories over Justin Credible, former ECW Heavyweight champion and former ECW Tag Team Champion, I come to the conclusion that Punk is for real.

If I may have your attention for just a few more minutes, I would like to make my last case, one you may laugh at, but every wrestling fan deep down inside wouldn't have a problem with if he were to win 'the big one'. He's mean, he's lean, he's bald....He's Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel has always been a fierce competitor, and has proven his resilience in his matches with A.J Styles and Samoa Joe, and in some cases both at the same time. Daniels would also come out of his Ultimate X match involving Styles and than X-Division Champion Samoa Joe.

Currently both Daniels and former NWA Heavyweight Champion A.J Styles are hunting for the NWA World Tag Team titles that they lost to Homicide and Hernandez, but we all know that good talent isn't kept down long. Whether Daniels and Styles win the Tag Titles back or not makes no difference, The Fallen Angel is too good of a competitor to be kept in tag team matches, and the same goes for Styles. It's only a matter of time until Jarrett, Sting, Steiner, and Joe get their times to shine, but before too long, Daniels will hold Heavyweight Gold.

Watch out for Small Guys, Big Talent pt.2 !

by Michael Blowes ..

David Andrew Irving wrote:
Nice article but just a couple of things concerning your 'should be future world champions' bit. First of all, as you said, C.M. Punk is a former world champ, albeit with some relativly small promotions, but also with ROH. For most fans of 'wrestling', as it were, I would think that winning the ROH World Title says a lot more than the current WWE title (it spins for goodness sake!) and the so-called World Heavyweight Title (let's be honest, it's the WCW Title, which doesn't even exist anymore and it even has a name tag, just in case they lose it!). The ECW Title used to mean everything, but then RVD got done for drugs and now ECW Title matches are rarely even contested under ECW rules (I'll stop talking about ECW before I get too emotional).

I totally agree, Christopher Daniels is amazing (and again, he's won a few smaller world titles) but I do like it when guys work tirelessly for many years before they win their first big one (e.g. Chris Benoit - 15 years and Rey Mysterio Jnr. - 17 years) and I get quite annoyed when others win it very quickly (e.g. John Cena and Randy Orton - both 4 years), but the point I wanted to make was that I hardly think teaming with AJ Styles and going for the NWA Tag Titles constitutes being "kept down".

P.S. I was checking Christopher Daniels' profile for full title history, am I the only person who didn't realise that Christopher Daniels was Curry Man!"!

P.P.S. Only just noticed that the title of your articles makes it sound like it's going to be about well endowed midgits and your surname must be made up! That was too personal, I apologise.
Kevin Michaels wrote:
Hold on buddy, you think big men are dominant because the smaller guys are "focused on different titles or waiting for their opportunity,"" Wrong! The world title picture will always be dominated by either big men or wrestlers with the undeniable ability to draw (I.e. Shawn Michaels, Rica Flair, Edge). Lets be honest, Triple H didn't even get the push he really deserved until he returned from his quadracept injury (Bigger than frickin hell!) Bottom line is that little guys don't draw. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather see A.J perform than John Cena. He's the better athlete. But will A.J ever carry a promotion" Let me quote Mr.. McMahon's theme music: "No Chance in Hell!".





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