Best Main Event For The Great American Bash"
July 28, 2006 by Michael Brown

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The Great American Bash is a pay per view that was started back in the World Championship Wrestling era in 1985. It was pretty much an answer to the WWE's biggest pay per view of the year, WrestleMania. It had a successful 11 years with WCW but it wasn't seen for another 4 years as the company went out of business. Now with the event happening this year in the World Wrestling Entertainment era, I wanted to know what the fans thought was the best main event in the past ten years and why you think that. I'll go through the main events to help fans either remember or even learn some facts that they didn't know. The first main event that I will start with is from 1996 all the way to this year's big title match.

In the main event in 1996 for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Giant a.k.a. Big Show defeated Lex Luger to retain the belt. In 1997, there was a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the World Heavyweight Title, Randy "Macho Man" Savage beat Diamond Dallas Page. 1998 saw another good main event only this time the winner would take both of the WCW Tag Team Championships. It was Sting against The Giant and after a pretty long match, Sting won with countering a choke-slam and hitting a third Scorpion Death Drop for the pin. That means he was able to capture both the World Tag Team Titles by himself.

In 1999, the World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash defended against Macho Man Randy Savage. Big Sexy had the win after a Jack-Knife Power-bomb but then Macho Man's women all interfered. Then a returning Sid Vicious came to the ring and took down Nash with his own Power-bomb and they fans cheering him on. At the Bash in 2000, World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett faced challenger Kevin Nash. Jarrett tried numerous times to cheat with Konnan and The Animals and even The Cat who became the referee but Nash held his own. Then Big Sexy Jack-Knifed the champion but with no one left to count, a big monster truck came down. Then Goldberg came out and gave Nash a huge spear and helped Jarrett retain his title. Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff came out and both hugged Goldberg as he was a new member of the New Blood group.

After a 4 year hiatus because of WCW going out of business, WWE brought back The Great American Bash in 2004 and it's first main event while holding this event was a first ever Live Free Or Die Handicap Match with The Undertaker beating both of The Dudley Boyz and then shockingly burying his own manager Paul Bearer alive. In 2005, World Heavyweight Champion Batista defended his title against John Bradshaw Layfield but lost by DQ when he was caught by the referee hitting both Orlando Jordan and JBL with a steel chair. He retained the title even though that happened but obviously not how he wanted to. This year at The Great American Bash, the main event will once again be for the World Heavyweight Title as the champion Rey Mysterio defends against King Booker who is just coming off winning the King Of The Ring.

So which main event of The Great American Bash was your favorite and why"

by Michael Brown ..

Jon ROsaler wrote:
Well, The Partners that weren't there in 1998 was Kevin Nash as Sting's Partner and Scott Hall for the Giants Partner,right" I never really watched WCW that much, but I'm pretty certain those were the Partners that weren't there. This probably was a pretty bogus main event. WCW kept having completily different partners. It was Sting and The Giant as Champions before their feud, so I'm putting this as my least favorite.

I guess my favorite would probably be 2004 Undertaker vs. The Dudley Boyz, because I was not really a Paul Bearer fan when I first discovered him in 1999. He was this gothic fat guy who really needed to get out of the sun more and I'm glad Undertaker turned the cheek this time instead of Paul Bearer doing so. This year's was not too bad, but the PPV Buy was really awful since 2004. "I'm Sorry Paul, but I have no other choice." I enjoyed that line and ever since, Undertaker has done really well solo.
Collin wrote:
1997 Falls Count Anywhere Match is mi favorite. I have the best of The Great American Bash video tape and that match was mi favorite. The hardcore part was good and when Scot Hall ran in it just makes you thank how much you hate the nWo
Jose wrote:
YOU FORGOT THE ONE WHERE EDDIE GUERRERO LOST HIS MATCH! That has been the biggest main event at the BAsh ever since it was brought back into the WWE. What's wrong with you" Why"(making a jab at your column if you didn't recognize).
Michael Brown wrote:
Well Jose, you must of not have seen the Great American Bash in 2004 because Eddie Guerrero's match against JBL for the WWE Title wasn't the main event of that show. It was Undertaker against The Dudleyz which is why I named it as the main event in 2004. Learn your history man.
Frank wrote:
My favorite main event for the Bash wasn't a WCW Bash. It was for the NWA. 1989. Terry Funk vs Ric Flair. Flair was face at the time and champion. Funk was the tough redneck-ish heel. The two fought there butts off. Flair won with a small package reversal in about 30 minutes. Just an awesome match.
Michael Brown wrote:
Sorry Jose but the Eddie Guerrero vs JBL match at the Great American Bash was not the main event, the Undertaker against The Dudleyz was. Thats why I didn't list it.
[I Did Not Sign My Name] wrote:
Yo my man the Savage vs. DDP match in 1997 was not for the world belt. Hogan was then the champ. i liked the 2006 main event between Booker and Mysterio. Great ending...simple but effective.
Stephan Hall wrote:
The best main event for the Great American Bash in my opinion is Ric Flair vs Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. This occurred at the Great American Bash 1990. This was one of the greatest "pure wrestling" matches I have ever seen.
Dalton ODell wrote:
Alright, first off you have tons of wcw facts wrong. You say The bash was wcw's answer to wwe wrestlemania" Your wrong. Wrestlemania was an answer to wcw(nwa) starrcade which had been going for 2 years at the time. You forgot to mention that the great american bash went away after its 1992 show and didnt come back untell 1995. Sting/Giant a long match" it was 9 minutes tops. I could go on somemore, but I dont want to bring you down.

But to answer your question, the best main event ever at a great american bash was Ric Flair vs. Macho Man, an 10/10 match. It was a great feud and the best part " It was in 1995 and Hogan actually stepped out of the way to let Macho and Flair take the main event spot since people cared about that more then they did the Hogan/Vader feud.
Michael Brown wrote:
Dalton, you don't seem to pay attention well to facts as Eric Bischoff himsel clearly stated in an interview that The Bash was WCW's answer to WrestleMania. Its ok though, I forgive you.



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