The Tower of Doom
October 13, 2005 by Michael Griffin-O'Mara

At the PPV WCW Slamboree 2000, I saw one the greatest match types ever, the Tower of Doom (3 tier-cage, whatever you want to call it.) This match gave a more death-defying feeling than the Hell in a Cell or the Elimination Chamber ever could. Now that the WWE is back with the USA network, almost everything is uncensored.

This match would be perfect to have as a main event for Survivor Series, Armageddon or WrestleMania. The possible bumps that the wrestlers could take are unimaginable. Now obviously if this match was used in the WWE, Triple H would probably be given some special treatment in this cage. I have only ever seen this match used three times. The first at the Slamboree Pay-Per-View, the second in the Vince Russo War Games match on Nitro. The third was much more spectacular.

I shall not promote the company by revealing its name. The two wrestlers were Rob Jeffrey and Gavin Mates. British wrestling was resurrected in this one match. The two were on the top tier and slugging it out for nine minutes tops. Jeffrey and Mates had taken huge bumps from the top tier to the roof of the first tier and the cage was visibly weakening with every bump. Six stacked-up tables had already been set up on the floor inside the first tier and were under the section of the cage that took the bumps. These tables also had chairs and barbed wire on top. Jeffrey and Mates were visibly tired and clearly wanted to end the match quickly. So Jeffrey got Mates in position for his finishing move, the jackhammer. The plan was that Jeffrey would basically throw Mates to the roof of the first tier, Mates would go through the roof and through and Jeffrey would win the heavyweight title. But, it all went horribly wrong. Jeffrey held on to Mates and they fell 30ft to the roof of the first tier, which collapsed on impact, and through the six tables.

In true wrestling style, the first words which came out the 2,000 fans that fitted into the arena was `Holy Sh*t!!`. The commentators, promoters and the fans were all visibly shocked by what they had seen. Jeffrey and Mates got up and battled on after 10 long minutes of lying in the wreck of six tables, six chairs and about 10 metres long of barbed wire. They climbed back to the top of the tower and battled again. The match had its scariest moment when Jeffrey Demon-Bombed Mates through the roof and all the way to the ring, and Mates went through the ring on impact!

Yet again the chants of `Holy Sh*t` rang through the arena. Jeffrey won the Heavyweight title. He then climbed down the sixty-foot cage and went into the ring to check on Mates. After ten long minutes of the paramedics checking Mates, he got up and saluted the crowd, which was going mental with chants of `thank you Jeffrey` and `thank you Mates`. He then saluted his long time friend, Jeffrey. The two men were brought to tears of not only immense pain because the numerous broken bones they had suffered, but the reaction of crowd.

If we could get moments like this in the WWE with chants of maybe `thank you JBL or thank you Batista or even thank you Triple H`, then the WWE could be the industry that it used to be at its peak, and, as ironic as it may seem, all with the help of WCW.

by Michael Griffin-O'Mara ..

Aaron Tolles wrote:
All I can say is that this British match better be pretty damn good.I found the WCW version to be awful.David Arquette...ugh!!!There were also a few variations prior to these matches used by NWA(GAB 88),World Class,and WCW(Uncensored 96) and those too weren't that good.If Vince were to ever decide to use this match I have to quit watching.I would say if Vince uses any NWA/WCW idea that War Games would be great,especially at an event like Survivor Series.I see no money in a match like the Tower of Doom,already having Hell in a Cell.
KAngle3I's1996 wrote:
Thank you so much man. I saw this match once on Nitro many years ago and nobody i ever talked to could ever tell me what it was called and i never saw another match besides that no one on Nitro when Goldberg ripped the handcuffs off when he was chained to the ropes and was about to walk out the door with the title when Bret Hart came and slammed the door in his face getting his "revenge" for hitting him with the shovel (kick in head...goddamn Goldberg screwing one of the greatest careers of all time)...i forget who won that match but the point is that it was a sick match and i havent forgotten it. All of those wrestlers in the 3 layers of the cage with all the weapons located all over and the title at the top of the cage. No matter what anyone thinks of Vince Russo you gotta hand it to him...this guy can create some good shit. If anyone knows where i can download these matches post it cuz the tower of doom is awesome. Also, i would definetly like to see that Jeffrey/Mates match it sounds sick as hell. If anyone has info on how where to get these matches then post it. By the way, very good article dude.
Josh Z wrote:
I couldn't agree more. Truely, I think it's such a waste that the WWE isn't using more of anything from WCW. It's always their own matches and events, or ECW's.

Other than WCW's horrible backstage management and booking, WCW was great. I absolutely loved every minute of it, before I found out things were as bad as they were backstage.

I'd like to see the WWE do SOMETHING with WCW. All they do with it is hire only a handful of WCW talent, use their PPV name "Great American Bash", and replace their Light Heavyweight title with the Cruiserweight title. I'd like to see WWE do more.

WWE should adopt the "tower of doom." Replace it with the Elimination Chamber, which they seem to be neglecting now. Not only that, but I'l like to see WWE replace the 1-ring 30 man Royal Rumble with the 3-ring 60 man World War III. And, replace Hell in a Cell with the 2-ring chainlink cage used in WCW's "Fall Brawl War Games" PPV. Both have the same punishing effect, but WCW's War Games cage is big enough to allow more people fighting in it than Hell in the Cell ever could, allowing for huger, more imaginative caged matches.

I also want to see a WCW reunion show. We got an ECW show, and recently, there were probably plans going around to bring back ECW in some form. Why not WCW" Sometimes, I think the lack of use of former WCW property may be out of spite, seeing how WCW almost killed the WWE.



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