The Exciting Things In Wrestling
August 17, 2005 by Michael S.

This is my first column and I really hope that everybody likes it. I have only been a big wrestling fan for nine months now and I know everybody else who writes in on the website has been a wrestling fan for like 10 years but hey, I'm trying my best. In the last nine months I have watched every pay per view and I have bought ten DVDs and six books on wrestling. So you can say I've become obsessed with wrestling and besides that, I one day hope to become a professional wrestler. Lets go on though to the main topic though.

Most people think that wrestling is just a big phoney organization that has had some big spoofs in the news, like the Owen Hart tragedy, and has had some guys that every one knows about, like Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Right now wrestling is in a grim stage that most people just think it is phoney and stupid.

If these other people could know that wrestling was not anything like that, maybe without all that negative input the wrestling world would be much more successful. If people could get into the matches and into the story lines they could find out that the things that they first thought were phoney and dumb are actually exciting. Right now I will tell you what I think the most exciting things in wrestling are...

1. Shawn Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere

Nothing is better than watching HBK's superkick.

Examples: Vs. Bret Hart | Vs. Shelton Benjamin | Vs. Kurt Angle

2. Rey Mysterio reversing a move. Not only does Rey reverse a move but also does it with a remarkable style and amazing ability.

Examples: Vs. Juventud Guererra | Vs. Eddie Guerrero | Vs. Kurt Angle

3. Undertaker sitting up after a beat down. How many times has the Undertaker got the hell beat out of him and then did his sit up move"

Examples: Vs. Jake "the snake" Roberts | Vs. Kane | Vs. Mark Jindrak when Taker got hit with a camera.

4. Chris Jericho hitting the Lionsault. When Y2J hits the springboard moonsault it's all over.

Examples: | NEW YEARS REVOLUTION Elimination Chamber on Edge | Vs. Christian | Hit it on John Cena

5. When Ric Flair has the Figure Four Leg Lock hooked in. When the Nature Boy has this locked in it's all over.

Examples: Vs. Sting | Vs. Triple H | Vs. Kurt Angle

Those are the most exciting moment that can happen in matches. This was also my first column and I hope everyone likes it a lot. Next time I think of something good I will be sure to write it down. In the meantime please send me feedback and if you have something exciting that happens in matches please send it to me.

by Michael S...

Josh Moran wrote:
I am 12 years old. I have casually watched wrestling since 1998, and been a full time fan since 2002. I agree with you on these points

Shawn Michaels hitting Sweet Chin Music, Undertaker sitting up... I have these ones as well

1: John Cena fighting back after a beatdown, The best bit is the 5 knuckle shuffle, etc vs JBL @ WM21, vs Carlito and Chris Jericho

2: A frog splash by RVD, Because he gets so much air time, etc vs William Regal @ WM X-8, in the ladder match against christian in 2003


3: The worm by Scotty 2 Hotty, I saw him do it the crowd popped so damn loudly.. no examples come to mind

4: MR SOCKO!!! the funniest thing ever to come from Mick Foley /// etc when Mr. McMahon was in hospital, whenever hs sticks it someone's mouth
Michael3261 wrote:
Yep, the most Exciting things in wrestling. There are some good points except about john cena. Yes there are many "Good Things" In wrestling. But there also bad things in wrestling (I.e. Batista, and John Cena) Batista and John Cena are fan favorites yes, They get enormous pop's with the crowd, why. I'll tell you why. John Cena is full of charisma. Yes I know that, but the only reason he is the biggest man on Raw is because of his Hip-Hop Gimmick. I like Hip-Hop music abit. Not much but just enough to know that everyone else loves it. That's why he is so big. He does not deserve to be where he is today. Stephanie McMahon agrees with me and she tried to get rid of Cena's Push. But it was inevitable. As I hope Cena will lose to Jericho this Sunday at SS, I know it will not happen because of Jericho's leave of abstinence. My dreams will hope that Angle takes that title from him at Unforgiven.

Batista: David Batista, what can I say about him..Ahh I have a word. Crap. He can not wrestle, and Vince McMahon has noticed that in his match with JBL, HHH was the only man that could carry Batista in a match. I have no idea why Batista is such a HUGE guy in WWE, The fans love him because WWE Has crushed Batista into the throats of the WWE Fans. And thats sad when the fans don't see real wrestling. They see Mr. Batista, a sorry wrestler, and a man who has shamed the World Title. But let me get onto the GOOD Things in wrestling: Yes HBK and Undertaker. I love seeing there matches, the superkick and the Undertaker sitting up is awesome. There is also the lovable Chris Jericho move which is one of my favorites. The good things in wrestling.

The occsional great Ladder Matches like the WM 21 Match, (other than Kane it was a great match) The Hell in A cell match at Vengance was one of my favorites, but I haven't seen HHH VS HBK, and that is the only one I haven't seen so I can't rank it with the others. The HBK Promos as of late have been awesome. I love Hulk Hogan but HBK Brings up great points, The two men really don't like each other and these are SHOOT promos. The Occasional Rock, or Stone cold Apperences. Those are great when it's a surprise. I love to see the old guys (not really old) make a short appearence. Some of the new guys. Randy Orton is one of my favorite wrestlers, I love to watch his matches because he could be the next best thing.

TNA. Tna has the wrestling, WWE (Sorta) has the storylines. Once TNA Gets the 2-Hour Impact slot, things will get better for TNA. Thats about it with the best things in wrestling. Because really there aren't much.
HelenGrffn wrote:
In my view, every bit of what you said is true. But i think to make the wwe just that little bit better and more appealing, the brilliant match types that we saw in wcw and ecw should be introduced. The 3 tier cage match from wcw slamboree was unbelievable and would be a great to the hell in a cell and elimination chamber. For the real hardcore guys that still exist in the wwe today, the barbed wire ropes match would be superb and Entertaining.
mayur reve wrote:
Hey Michael I must say this article is fabulous,it's different from the other articles I've read till now.Well as far as my opinion goes, I find everything in wrestling exciting cause I'm a real wwe fan & i like everything in wwe no matter it's a WM moment or from RAW or SMACKDOWN.But my favourite moment ever was at WM 20,everyone was awaiting for the return of Taker & boy was it great.Taker came out on his old entrance with druids holding flames & Taker walking between the flames,the entrance,the music,the attitude was all reflecting taker's old phenom days and i was so excited to see taker finally come back as phenom and that moment will always be treasured.Also it's feels nice to see an article so nice besides other articles where they are bitching & underestimating few wwe superstars (like cena,batista).This without a shadow of a doubt is an excelent article.Good Work.Keep it up.





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