5 Defining Moments Of Pure Rated R
July 15, 2006 by Michael Stone

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Hi my name is Michael Stone, and I am having my first try at writing columns for OWW. I am going to write a column about my favorite WWE Superstar right now, Edge (following Christian and Y2J, who are former WWE wrestlers). The following column is my view on the best 5 moments in the WWE career of Adam Copeland. Now that the rated R superstar had won the WWE title for the second time! (The Second Heel in the history of RAW to win the brand title more than once, behind HHH). These are in no particular order. So read on and enjoy!

1. Sleeping With Amy Dumas - Ok some might say that Lita is a home wrecker, breaking up the marriage of Adam Copeland and Alanah Morely. Don't worry I'm not denying the fact that she did, it was wrong, but it was wrong on a personal level. On a career level it was one of the best things that Adam Copeland could have ever done. When the bit of information slipped onto the Internet that Lita and Edge were sleeping with each other, the Internet exploded. Matt Hardy came forward and began to mope and cry on the fact that he loved Lita, and she cheated on him, now once again I'm not saying that she was right to do it, she wasn't. When WWE got whiff of this news they fired Matt Hardy, and Edge was thrown to stardom, and also the recipient of huge "You Screwed Matt!" chants. As Matt Hardy made his WWE return about a year ago on the July 11th edition of WWE RAW. But I'm not here to give a history of the Edge/Hardy feud. My Point Sleeping with Lita: HUGE Heel Heat, putting him as the biggest heel of WWE today.

2. WrestleMania 21, MITB Ladder Match - Now did you expect this list NOT to have this moment, this may be the biggest moment in his career! At this point edge had never lost a match at WrestleMania. Chris Jericho had came up with the idea of a 6 man ladder match to take place at WrestleMania 21, for a world title shot in the coming year. Well Edge went in, facing Y2J, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Christian (w/Tomko), and Chris Benoit. Edge beat the odds, smacking Chris Benoit with a chair and climbing to the top to take the briefcase, with a title shot inside. Which he carried around for the next year, using it against his opponents. With his biggest win yet in WrestleMania, it set him as a master of ladder matches. I can't wait to see a face off, to see who is the king of ladder matches - HBK vs. Edge - but hey, that's not what the column is about.

3. New Years Revolution, Jan 2006 - And cash in that Money in the Bank he did! After a gruelling Elimination Chamber, John Cena defended his title, defeating Carlito, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Kane, and Chris Masters. Suddenly Vince McMahon made his way out to the stage. He called for the ring to be raised, as a certain individual was "Cashing in his Money in the Bank". The beaten John Cena looked in awe as Edge and Lita made their way to the ring. After Edge had just defeated Ric Flair in a brutal No DQ match, the bell sounded as Edge quickly speared the bloody Cena, and pinned him, but to no avail. Cena stood as Copeland speared him again! Edge then pinned John Cena, as he got what was 9 years in the making. The WWE title! Edge quickly became the most viewed WWE champion since Stone Cold Steve Austin! And his live sex celebration following on RAW, brought in the biggest ratings in years! Edge held the title for 3 weeks, then dropping the coveted strap to John Cena at the Royal Rumble.

4. June 24th 2001, King of The Ring - After going through Test, Perry Saturn, Rhyno, and Kurt Angle, Edge won the King of the Ring Tournament! Won by past greats like Stone Cold, Bret Hart, and Kurt Angle, this was the opening to a great singles career. Edge now had all of this before him. He took home the trophy, but sadly, like with King Booker, WWE forgot that the KOTR tournament comes with a World Title Shot, which Booker T had to win, and Edge never got. If it wasn't for Edge's win, he would not have split with his tag team partner Christian as soon as he did, and opened the door to the singles career which has brought him two WWE titles! And all the success which comes with it! This night put Edge's name in stone, promising him like it did ever-other winner of the tournament (except for Billy Gunn) success in the WWE.

5. RAW, July 03, 2006 - Now if only there was another week in February, if only there was another Monday in February I would have been at the live RAW tapings. But alas, I was there the week before, when Edge broke up the STFU, which John Cena had on Rob Van Dam. Anyway, this Monday we were promised a three way "Pick Your Partner" Tag team match, but Thanks to Sabu's and Rob Van Dam's "Road Trip", plans had to change. The Show opened with Edge and Lita (well it opened with DX, but the in ring action opened with Edge). Edge proclaimed that this was the "Summer of Rated R!" He was throwing around hints like crazy, of how he was going to go home the world champion. And Adam Copeland did just that! As John Cena threw Edge over the top rope I got flashbacks of WM 20, when Chris Benoit was slammed through announce table, and then I knew he was going to win, as HHH and HBK duked it out in the ring. But then as I still watched the live RAW show, I got flashbacks to the 100 other John Cena matches where he ended it with Hip Tosses, and Five Knuckle Shuffles. When I cringed as Cena landed the FU on RVD, suddenly Edge slid into the ring and rammed the WWE title into the head of Cena, and then pinned RVD. I stood from my chair as the Ref counted 1 2 3! It is the beginning of the Rated R Summer!

Now If I could only re-post this as the 6 Defining moments! 6. Edge gets rid of that damn spinner belt!

by Michael Stone ..

Chris Reed wrote:
I liked your article it was very good, but I feel you're leaving out a key to Edge's such monumentle career so far, and thats Winning the Tag Team Titles with Christian for the first time in a Three Team ladder match. That match in many peoples eyes is the best match of all time, and thus it launched Edge and Christian to winning those belts 6 more times after that, becoming 7 time Tag Team Champions, and becoming maybe the greatest WWE tag team of all time. Which that lead him to the King of the Ring, Four Intercontinental Titles, and The WWE Title.
Gus D. wrote:
Ok, I'll admit the sex celebration Edge had with Lita was interesting. Hell it got ratings gold I heard. Im enjoying the "R-Rated" character Edge has. It fits him well. Im just glad he has the wwe championship now.
Brandon Buckner wrote:
Michael is obviously a big fan of Edge, highlighting some of the bigger moments of his career. I enjoyed the article, and let me just state I am not a fan of Edge at all. Having said that however, I believe Edge is doing just what a heel is expected from him/her by having fans dislike him/her. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing Edge get it handed to him by John Cena, and I'm not evening a Cena fan, either. Edge does nothing that appeals to me, from his pompous attitude to his long pretty boy hair. At the same time I do understand and realize he is a MAJOR historian of the sport whether he admits it or not, and I do admire that. While he holds the belt I tune in just waiting to see him lose it, but that is exactly what he wants. Brandon Buckner
Jason Pritchett wrote:
hey i'm a big edge fan and i agree with what you said, but when lita and edge hooked up edge wasnt married to Alanah Morely (Val Venis's sister) he was married to Lisa-Something-i forget her last name...So i just thought i'd let u know.
187 Smith wrote:
I agree get rid of that spinner belt just like Orlando Jordan got rid of the United States spinner Title Edge! That is the only thing I agree with because this article was just Rated "BS" for Bulls*hit!!




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