Twenty Year Fan, Three Month Smark
March 3, 2004 by Michael Wayne

Firstly I'd like to address Kane (aka Glen Jacobs) and his arrogant remarks against internet fans. Firstly, how can people expect internet fans to NOT have opinions" We watch the show from home. WE are the reason there is such a thing as RATING. You know, the thing that WCW and WWE(F) competed over" I also find it rediculous that Kane (aka Glen Jacobs) can bash the very people who are in support of him being further than where he is in terms of the product currently.

People in defense of hhh claim that he's going his job because he's got the heat and the fans hate him. There's a difference between the heat (the fans hate you want tune in, in hopes of you losing) and the other kind of heat (when fans see you on tv, they change the channel, or turn it off) which seems to be the common heat hhh is getting. I've argued this on's forums in a debate of the issue of a valued title. Many have said the "Invasion" angle made the titles look like a joke because they changed hands so frequently vs when guys held titles for half a year. Holding a title for half a year when there was like 6 ppv a year, is a lot different than holding the title for half a year with a ppv every month. A yearlong run back in the 80's was like 2, maybe 3 feuds, and roughly 6 ppvs max. Now it's 12 ppvs a year, and 12 opponents. Thus making the title meaningless. The "Invasion" angle brought us the unexpectedness of not knowing who would have it next, thus forcing us to tune in to see, and overall, the product was more enjoyable (cept for the Bagwell/Booker T WCW main event on Raw) While I can't say I see RVD "headlining ppv for the title" Booker T is a different story. From his classic matches with Rock and Christian to his burial against hey, hhh. Booker is main event calbur and proved it not just in WCW, but WWE as well.

WWE has become too predictable in terms of how the world title is handled. I would rather see "Invasion" WWE title changes every week than the McMahon/Helmesly Era 5 year title run. When it becomes a squashfest and no new contenders get the belt for a legit amount of time (see Golberg's title run) I think it does more damage than a Brooklyn Brawler title reign could have ever done. hhh is no bankable no matter how much the WWE thinks he is. And Rock's return on Raw this week proved it. It was mentioned to me the Rock's title reigns vs hhh's title reigns, yet, although Rock, when he won his, got it, he held it like 3 months most. Stayed away for a while, came back, won the title.

hhh's title reign could be best summed up with "hhh drops the title to a guy... He wins in a few weeks later (or ppv for Goldberg) holds it half a year, drops it at a ppv, wins it back on Raw. Holds it a year, loses it to HBK, wins it back in two months. Holds it half a year again, loses it, gets it back in a week" The concept of any wrestler is better on any given night is thrown out the window. And it certainly didn't help that the WWE thrust the belt on hhh out of nowhere. hhh feels threated that Lesnar is younger, faster, and better at working a match, and can do the moves hhh can't. They break up the titles, give one to Lesnar, stick him on SD, give him no one other than Taker, Show, Angle, and recently Eddie to feud with, and they hand hhh the title for no apparent reason. He's had it since. Benoit, if you're reading this, take Batista's advice and go back to SD. Raw is the place where you commit career suicide and lose your overness by jobbing to hhh. Proof is in the fact that every major star that heads to Raw suffers the same fate. Booker T (decimated at a ppv, and made to look weak) Jericho is thrust into a stupid Days of Our Lives Soap Opera with Trish, and to top that, took second fiddle during his HEEL title reign to Steph and hhh. Remember that" Hasn't been near the title since. Kane... Katie Vick. Nuff said. Goldberg... Suspended for a month, stripped of the title, given back to hhh (wadda know), did stuff, and jobbed to hhh. The guy wrecked everyone in the Elimination Chamber, and then jobbed to hhh in like 2 minutes. Talk about looking weak. Benoit gets completely shot down during the infamous hhh contract signing promo. Shawn superkicks him, and the last two, three weeks, he's been laid out by Pedigree's and Michaels right hands (talk about all time, making Benoit look weak. Two knockouts with right hands") Lesnar quickly made hhh look inefficient and was just as quickly shoved to SD. And hhh to Raw. Now apparently the plan is for Lesnar vs hhh at WM 21. Can anyone else say another hhh WM win" Get ready Lesnar, you'll soon lose all your credability too. Welcome to the world of WWE wrestling and talentless roid monsters. And bland workers. While Chris Kanyon gets fired.... Now the rumors are saying Benoit will not win a WM... (oh goodie) But rather at Edmonton. A much smaller ppv, watched by less fans, and ordered by fewer people. I'm already boycotting WM. Don't want. But when you can predict 7/8 of the product, and you predict the stuff you don't want to see, it's time to look elsewhere for entertainment. TNA, here I come. And if all else fails, I'll be looking at indy feds.

Michael Wayne ..



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